Battle Frenzy
506 Miraculous Reversal 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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506 Miraculous Reversal 2 in 1

One could use footsteps and movements to confuse an opponent's eyes. However, it was impossible to fool the senses honed by a genuine expert in ranged combat. There were many ranged soldiers who were afraid of their opponents obtaining an early advantage, and therefore would be impatient to take action and suppress the nimble opponents from entering close combat range. Truthfully speaking, this was an indication of a severe issue with their mindset. Only through self-confidence would one be truly able to suppress others.

He was the final guard of the ranged soldiers from this era, Alasi Torres!

The atmosphere grew solemn; Alasi's senses were good enough to allow him to go toe to toe with Grai, who was famous for his nimble footwork. Could Grai only wait for an impending death?


The 3rd shot was fired!

Grai's runic sword was raised vertically before his chest. A faint silvery glow radiated out from his left hand, before he proceeded to draw a circle in the air with his sword tip at the centre, with Soul Power flooding into the circle.

A runic shield constructed out of Soul Power appeared in the air!

An illusion? Self-hypnosis? What the hell was that? Could that even block the powerful 3rd shot from Mogren's Guns?

The high-speed 3rd bullet was so quick it wasn't even able to finish its revolution in the air! The Mogren's Guns' runic array had reached its limit of energy condensation for this shot. This was the formidable aspect of this divine weapon, where each successive shot was stronger than the previous one.

The high-speed revolving bullet only took an instant to appear before Grai, appearing as if it wanted to pierce through everything in its path!

However, due to his earlier preparations, when the 3rd bullet came shooting towards him, Grai's runic pattern handprint had already been formed.


The bullet collided against the sparkling "runic shield" in an earth-shattering fashion, before exploding apart. Nevertheless, the Mogren's Guns' unstoppable 3rd bullet had been countered.

Grai's marvellous combat technique had blown everyone's mind!

Everyone had dumbfounded expressions on their faces as they thought, "What the hell was that combat technique?"

How could a Soul Power drawing become a runic shield that could possess such a defensive capability?

Every academy had the same thoughts going through their heads. However, who could really make such a thing happen?

Was the legendary ability of "turning nothing into something"?

Even Ruo Zhi and Chen Yu'er on the caster's podium had blank looks on their faces. It was already shocking that Grai was that handsome; but just how insane was his talent?

The idea to use Soul Power as a base to draw and construct runic arrays was an idea that had been pondered about since a long time ago. However, the time it took to draw and construct the array, and the power of the completed array, were all complications that had arisen. In the end, it was concluded that this was not viable for any military or combat applications.

However, in this very day, at this very arena, Grai's use of a single hand to draw a runic shield in the air had shocked the entire Federation.

The VIP room in the Skylink had also turned silent. Although no one was talking, everyone could feel a strange atmosphere settling in. A runic technique that turned nothing into something. Even the 10 Great Families only had a cursory knowledge about this. However, this Grai... appeared to be somewhat heaven-defying. For what reason was Tianjing able to possess a person with such talent and character?

Unlike Wang Zhong, who appeared to be of the "wild child" type. Grai possessed the demeanour associated with nobility, and quite a few people present here could accept that fact. As for Wang Zhong, he was markedly different from them. Therefore, they definitely had to get their hands on an outstanding talent like Grai!

Even Gui Hao's heart for talent had been triggered. If Grai was able to receive assistance from the Gui family, he would definitely become an extraordinary figure, and that would be extremely beneficial for him in the future. If Grai's unique traits that were previously uncovered were considered to be relatively mild, his current show was more than sufficient to prove that his talent was on par with the Sanctuary Division.

How could a mere Wang Zhong possess such powerful assistance!

Even Wang Zhong had gawked in amazement. Indeed, he was astonished by this move that Grai had executed. Some time ago, he unintentionally shared such a thought to Grai during their chats. This was an idea he had gained from Aiolos, as the genuine method of using living runes should allow for countless transformations and permutations. Ever since he had comprehended this, Wang Zhong did not give up on exploring this method. Frankly speaking, other than gaining the ability to create a small spatial bag, he was still unable to progress in his understanding of their usage.

Never did he expect for Grai to have such an amazing analytical ability, to be able to create a way to utilise living runes! Although he had only created the most basic and familiar of combat equipment, it was already considerably miraculous for him to achieve this.

This was the first time such a combat technique had appeared in the CHF, causing discussions to erupt throughout the arena after a brief moment of shock. What's more, it had been demonstrated by Grai!

"I feel that I'm watching a fake CHF!"

"Are they making a film?"

"Oh my god! Exactly who is this Grai! How can he know everything!"

"I really can't believe my eyes! Frankly speaking, I feel that this is something impossible! However, it is an indisputable fact that this has just happened!" Ruo Zhi was still sighing in admiration as he proceeded to do his job. "As this fantastic display has already exceeded the realms of my understanding, I don't dare to offer any further analysis on this. Perhaps there will be experts willing the analyse and explain to everyone after the end of this duel!"

"It doesn't seem like a Spiritual Soul combat technique, but more like a skill involving runic arrays." said Carolyn with a somewhat shocked voice. Frankly speaking, the interest that the top-class experts and the people behind the scenes of the various S+ ranked squadrons had towards Grai exceeded their interest in Wang Zhong for many occasions in this CHF.

His performances were always immeasurable, appearing as though there was no limit to his abilities. Although he did not display any unique talent or big moves yet, he was already able to obtain victory through his fundamental understanding of combat. Why would people reveal their abilities when they can already win through basic methods? No one would believe that an expert who has attained such a high level in their fundamentals would not conceal his genuine strength. There it was, the things that would shock all immovable objects have finally appeared!

"The experts from the empires excel in such abilities." said Gui Hao as he nodded his head in agreement. Being much more experienced and knowledgeable than most people, people on the level of Gui Hao were able to tell that it was less similar to a Spiritual Soul combat technique than a man-made runic array.

"There's still a slight difference between this, and those used by the empires. The runic patterns used by the empires are closer to that of hieroglyphics and totems. From what I can tell, the method he had used in its construction is more oriented towards our Federation's rune system." said Vladimir in an ever-present indifferent tone. "This brat's slightly interesting. It's not surprising that Tianjing is able to walk this far. Torres might not be able to easily cross this barrier…"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"That's really incredible! Wang Zhong has actually accomplished it…" Laura could not help but blurt out this statement, immediately attracting everyone's attention in this VIP room. "Wang Zhong's the one who discovered living runes. Perhaps Wang Zhong has also found a way to utilise them in combat!"

It was clear that Laura was slightly mistaken about this, as she had assumed that Wang Zhong was the one that had taught this skill to Grai. Truthfully speaking, Wang Zhong had only introduced it to Grai, and it was Grai who had comprehended this technique.

The VIP room turned silent once again… It was Wang Zhong yet again... Divian could not help but to shoot a look at Carolyn. Exactly what kind of person did Carolyn have a crush on? In the past, Divian had always believed that her bosom friend had a better eye for people than herself. However, Carolyn might have really made a mistake this time, as she had basically underestimated Wang Zhong. Truthfully speaking, even if they weren't able to be lovers, they should be able to become friends. With Wang Zhong's character, he would definitely become a great help for the Stuart Family. However, from the looks of things, with Wang Zhong's frankness and resolute decision to leave during their meeting, this person was definitely not the kind to drag his feet in the mud. What a pity.

They weren't the only group of people who were shocked by what had happened on the stage, Alasi was also reeling from what he had just seen.

Frankly speaking, unless one was a heavy soldier with top class defences, or soldiers on the level of Carolyn, Alasi was confident to cause anyone else to feel despair from his very first shot!

In a situation where both parties' complete strength was unknown, Alasi's gun-toting skills paired up with the Mogren's Guns would be considered as invincible moves, to a certain extent. However, his opponent's creation of this runic shield was indeed extremely surprising to him, as the Soul Power of a Casted Soul Stage was basically unable to defend against the bullets from Mogren's Guns. However, it was a totally different thing if it was reinforced with runic arrays. When that happened, it would be on a similar state to the accumulation of power provided by the runic arrays engraved within Mogren's Guns. Only when skill and intellect were combined would it be able to turn a degenerate into a miracle!

A sliver of brilliance flashed across Alasi's eyes, before light blossomed from the Mogren's Guns in his hand. This was the final and most powerful shot condensed by the engraved runic pattern array, one that far surpassed the might of the earlier 3 shots. This bullet was hailed to be the "bullet that could pierce through the world"! It already had such an exaggerated title in the dark era, as it possessed the terrifying ability to penetrate anything in its path. In other words, it was invincible against Casted Soul Stages!


The 4th shot was unleashed!

The powerful recoil shook intensely through Alasi's entire body. Nonetheless, his face was filled with an expression of curiosity. Being a ranged soldier, he really wanted to know if there was anyone who could actually block the 4th shot from Mogren's Guns.

Appearing to be answering his wishes, Grai did not evade at all. Instead, silvery light radiated from his fair hands, before moving along to his runic shield, while his other hand proceeded to construct a runic shield. However, unlike the previous time, he made 3 successive constructs.

3 marvellous looking shields appeared before Grai's body. Clearly, Grai had chosen to meet the 4th shot head-on. Perhaps, this was the greatest show of respect one could do to a ranged soldier.


The Mogren's Guns' 4th shot decimated the 3 living rune-formed runic shields constructed by Grai. Still possessing some leftover power, it rumbled into his runic sword. The runic sword instantly exploded and shattered, an indication of the terrifying might capable of being unleashed by the Mogren's Guns. It was right at the instant when his sword shattered when Grai took action. It was evident that Grai had a good understanding of the unique traits of those guns. If Ma Dong wasn't even able to acquire such information, he should really retire as leader of the squadron.

Grai moved so fast he appeared just like a ray of light, hurtling straight towards Alasi like an arrow.

Upon seeing Grai constructing 3 runic shields, Alasi had already guessed the outcome of his attack. The combat technique used by Grai could be said to be at the forefront of the Federation's Academies. Although the audience was only able to see the liveliness, they were unable to catch on to the potential wave of transformation that technique would create in the Federation.

Although Alasi sighed in admiration of his opponent's capabilities, the favourable situation and judgement of this duel caused him to not get overly shocked by the latter. At this moment, the Mogren's Guns have already been returned to their waist holsters. Being a ranged soldier that was outstanding in group battles, he would generally have other soldiers buy time for him to recharge his weapons. However, there clearly wasn't a time to do such a thing in this duel.

Having no shortage of theorists and analysts, the various academies had already become high from the spectacle unfolding on the stage. It was extremely rare for Alasi to unleash the Mogren's Guns' 4th divine killing shot. However, there had yet to be anyone who could successfully receive it. This was the first time that it had failed! With Grai's strength, Alasi would be finished if this duel continued! Tianjing's legend will continue!

Nevertheless, the question was that Alasi appeared to have given up on all defences and adopted a stance similar to that of Grai before the 4th shot. With a carefree expression on his face, he looked towards Grai as the latter hurtled towards him. Even if he could no longer unleash any powerful attacks, he could still use ordinary attacks, right? Even though they might be useless against Grai, it was still better than nothing, right?

Quite a few people sitting in the participant's viewing gallery were now looking towards the members of the Torres squadron in confusion. Weren't they too laid back? Were they going to just give up after Alasi had failed to win with his 4th shot?

Among those who were left, who the fuck could stop Tianjing?

Grai did not decrease his speed as he advanced towards Alasi. However, he could feel that something was not quite right. Could it be pollen?

Was he purposefully drawing Grai in?

However, truth be told, as long as he held his breath, no pollen would be able to affect him. This was something that quite a few people had caught onto. Nevertheless, Grai was quick to deny such a possibility. Not everyone was like the Divine Dragon squadron, stooping so low as to use such a method to obtain victory. The Torres Family still cared about their faces. With an extremely calm look on his face, Alasi continued to observe Grai as the latter advanced towards his position.

Even though his senses were telling him that there was a problem with this situation, this clearly wasn't the moment for hesitation. Grai wasn't a person who would be frightened by double bluffs.

In the blink of an eye, Grai was already bearing down on Alasi. Moving with his extremely quick Spectre-like Ghostly Steps, he was now only 2 metres away from the latter. The power accumulated for the 100-fold Compounding Strike was waiting to be unleashed at any moment. At this time, even Mo's List heavy soldiers would be trembling in fear. However, Alasi was still as calm as ever!

There wasn't any pollen...

Grai was able to erase this possibility from his mind. However, it was just at this instant when something peculiar appeared. All of a sudden, a gigantic shadow suddenly appeared in the space between the two of them...

Precisely speaking, it was a gigantic mouth….

Grai's reaction was extremely quickly, instantly erupting with a strength that rivalled that of a Mo's List assassin. He changed the frequency of his Ghostly Steps in an attempt to extricate himself. However, he was only able to make a slight change before the giant mouth rushed forward like a bolt of lightning! In a flash, it devoured Grai, before revealing its true form!

Dimensional Beast Summon --- Giant Void Mouth!

A mysterious dimensional life form, it had the appearance of a floating head, and would remain in a sleeping state most of the time. However, when a prey appeared before it, it would devour its prey with a single gulp. Anything could be devoured by it...

Among the dimensional life forms known to men, this was the life form with the fastest attack speed, being capable of executing an attack within a hundredth of a second. Once a prey was within its attack range, there had been no reports of a prey ever being able to escape from its grasp.

The entire arena turned utterly silent, as the actions of those pretty girls, who were already prepared to cheer for their male god, Grai, and strip their clothes for him, came to an abrupt halt. Their male god had been devoured by a frightening head...

Pulling the front tip of his cowboy hat down, Alasi gave a salute towards the arena...

First duel, Torres squadron victory!

Silence filled the entire arena. This… was a complete and utter suppression!

Grai, who had displayed an astonishing technique of turning nothing into something, had actually been defeated! As for Alasi, the strongest range soldier in the CHF, he was unexpectedly also a Soul Beast Master! This instantly caused feelings of despair to surface in the hearts of people. From the very beginning, Alasi already felt that his Mogren's Guns weren't sufficient to end this fight. It wasn't due to his self-confidence, but due to his understanding of the differences between occupations. Being an old-styled ranged soldier, his main role in his squadron was in group battles, and not for duels. However, his Soul Beast could be used to catch his opponents off guard when they least expected it. Compared to Grai, he felt more fear and dread towards Wang Zhong's cross wheels.

After a few seconds, intense cheers and celebratory shouts rang out from the entire arena, while some of the Torres supporters finally breathed a sigh of relief. It had to be said that this black horse, Tianjing, would always pull out various kinds of stunts that make it uncertain as to who would be the final victor. However, Torres had obtained a more wondrous victory, and critically, had not targeted Grai's pollen allergy, showing a greater breadth of mind!

A soldier would be unqualified to be on the Mo's List if he or she did not have any life-saving ultimate moves, regardless of their strength. This was also the reason why Alasi was ranked on the Mo's List, as he was also a Soul Beast Master on top of being a top class ranged soldier.

Possessing a dimensional life form, a Giant Void Mouth. He had really hidden that trump card of his for so long. God knows how the Mo Family had found out about it!

A sliver of a smile appeared at the corner of Alasi's mouth. Truthfully speaking, the Mo Family had only made a guess, as there was no conclusive evidence of his Soul Beast Master occupation to be found anywhere. Nevertheless, he needed to give his all in the match against Tianjing, as this was one match that they definitely could not afford to lose. Not only would a defeat leave their Torres Family in an extremely embarrassing position, the benefits they would stand to gain from this CHF would be affected. Who would have thought that the parliamentary influence would have such a trailblazer! However, the most critical point was that the Tianjing squadron did not have even an inkling of a relationship with them! Nevertheless, if one rode a tiger, it would be hard to get off. At this moment, no one had the energy to care about Giant God Peak. There was no use in talking about the future if they were unable to deal with Tianjing.

Regardless of who their opponents were, Torres would definitely break through all obstacles!
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