Battle Frenzy
507 Power of Love
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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507 Power of Love

Not long after Alasi's victory, the Giant Void Mouth immediately become a hot topic!

Mankind's curiosity towards the investigation of dimensional life forms was boundless. In fact, mutated and dimensional life forms were a rather distant topic for the greater majority of the Federation's citizens. Living amongst the strong and powerful, within the Federation's complete defence system, while having the protection from Heroic Soul soldiers, the Federation citizens truly felt that the outside world was a world of barbarians. To them, the highest chance for them to see such things would be an occasional glimpse from the windows of an armoured train.

Any type of dimensional life form would always be able to attract the attention of the surrounding crowd.

The Giant Void Mouth was said to have no mobility at all, and was unable to separate from its summoner. However, within a 3 metre radius of its summoner, it had the ability to devour anything with a lightning quick speed. As for what happened to its "food", that would have to depend on their level. A Casted Soul Stage soldier would at most be teleported to somewhere else, as it did not possess the ability to digest, or any other abilities.

Although Grai was aware that there was something amiss, he did not expect the danger to be in the form of a Giant Void Mouth. It was a little similar to a life form known as a stone fish. Most of the time, it would not move as it laid on the seabed. However, once it discovered a prey close by, it would devour them at a lightning-quick speed. Grai's speed could be ranked within the top in this CHF, yet he was unexpectedly unable to react to the Giant Void Mouth's devouring speed.

Now, the Tianjing squadron was in a real crisis.

Frankly speaking, this CHF had opened the eyes of many commoners in the audience, while also increasing their knowledge about the strength held by those among the aristocratic families. However, this was just the stuff circulating on the surface, as even the Federation's parliament didn't have any plans of showing the real truth with the commoners. It wasn't that they were unwilling; they did not want to bring too much shock and uncertainty to the citizens.

Even Chen Yu'er and Ruo Zhi were unable to understand what they had seen, and were therefore unable to provide a clear and reasonable explanation for the audience. They did not know exactly where had Grai disappeared to. In fact, they didn't even know whether Grai was alive or not! That was because things like accidental spatial passages had a degree of uncertainty to their construction. What if he was thrown into a mutated beast horde...

However, it didn't matter much if they understood exactly what had happened, as the judges had already made their decision.

Disturbed expressions appeared on the faces of quite a few girls. Nothing would happen to their cute and kind-hearted Grai! Nevertheless, even those ordinary fans did not shout out. After all, this was a different era, and the reason why Grai was well-liked wasn't just due to him appearing handsome and good looking.

With his interest piqued, Alasi looked towards the Tianjing squadron's preparatory area. Truthfully speaking, the Tianjing squadron, and not those laymen in the audience, should be the ones that were concerned about the final whereabouts of Grai.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Alasi was deeply anticipating Wang Zhong personally heading over to ask about Grai. Naturally, he would not reply. Although it wasn't to embarrass his opponent, it was a move to affect Tianjing squadron's psychological state. Not only did Torres want to win today's match, they also wanted to win by stepping all over All Mouthy King's corpse! If Alasi was able to create some psychological pressure and affect Wang Zhong's mind before Bobo Torres's duel against the latter, it would undoubtedly bring an advantage for Bobo.

Being the captain, Wang Zhong needed to keep his composure and stay calm. Going up and asking Alasi would only result in embarrassment and shame. With his understanding towards dimensional life forms and Soul Beasts, the dimensional life forms summoned by Alasi would not exceed the Soul Power control of a Casted Soul Stage. That meant to say that Wang Zhong definitely did not believe that the Giant Void Mouth would be able to destroy Grai just by devouring him. As for where Grai had ended up, an answer for that question could only be obtained after the end of this match.

Shooting a look at his squadron members, Wang Zhong gave a slight sigh in relief, as the Tianjing squadron had really matured. Although he could tell that everyone was worried for Grai, their gazes still remained extremely firm and resolute. This was what everyone in the squadron had to endure and remain firmly standing.

However, Wang Zhong still gave his judgement of this matter, as he did not want this worry to affect the upcoming duels. Nevertheless, the present situation wasn't good for them. Grai was one of Tianjing's trump cards. It could be said that Torres was indeed different from the other 2 S ranked squadrons they had faced in this CHF. Their opponents were extremely confident of their strength, and had also done an extremely deep analysis and dissection of the Tianjing squadron.

They had conducted a complete analysis about Grai. Even if Wang Zhong himself had gone up, he might have fell for the faint too. He and Grai were the type that had extreme confidence in themselves. However, the abilities of dimensional life forms were simply too extraordinary, and it was impossible to be completely prepared for all situations where they were involved. This was the underlying strength of the aristocratic families.

"As of now, Tianjing has been forced into a passive situation yet again. Grai's loss has left them with only a few choices to make. This is also the greatest reason why Tianjing has been labelled as the weakest squadron, no matter which opponents they face."

"That's right. Every squadron needs to put effort into snatching the selection advantage in a match. Sending Grai up as their vanguard was something Tianjing had to do, with no other viable option for them. Furthermore, the way a match will play out is tightly wound around the outcome of the first duel. If Grai had won, Tianjing would have the selection advantage, and they will have the opportunity to use All Mouthy King to deal with Torres's strongest expert, before forfeiting the next 3 duels. This will allow them to push this match into the group battle phase with the lowest cost. However, since Grai has lost, regardless of what selection they make, Wang Zhong would absolutely not be the one the go up for the next duel. That's because there is an extremely high possibility for Torres to send a substitute to "waste" Wang Zhong's chance. After removing the threat that is Wang Zhong, an S ranked squadron like Torres would now have the complete advantage to decimate the other Tianjing mainstay members!" Ruo Zhi explained while giving an emotional sigh. "The matter that happened in the match against Divine Dragon squadron can only be said to be an accident. It is impossible to replicate the miracle Barran had created in his duel."

"There are many among the audience who are still confused about where Grai is. However, for Tianjing, what's more important is to deal with the upcoming duels properly. Let's see who they will choose for the next duel! Will it be Barran, Scarlet, or Emily?"

As Wang Zhong's eyes turned towards Barran, the latter had already taken the initiative to stand up. "Senior, I want to give it a go."

Barran seemed somewhat different from his usual state. Most of the time, Barran would stand passively at his seat, awaiting instructions from Wang Zhong. This was the first time that he had taken the initiative to ask for the opportunity to be selected.

Unlike the his old self, the spirit in his eyes showed a rather confident Barran. Furthermore, the people around him could feel the desire for a fight radiating from him! He appeared to be a completely different person!

This definitely was more than just a breakthrough he had obtained from a fight. Perhaps the laymen in the audience might not be able to feel the subtle changes in his character. However, every one of his squadron members was able to notice the changes with a single look.

"The strength of love! It indeed can change a man!" Ma Dong could not help but to sigh emotionally.

Seated beside him, Colby's eyes were now wide open. "Barran, make sure to listen to our captain's arrangements and be cautious."

Giving Barran a pat, Wang Zhong nodded his head and said, "Go! I'll leave this duel to you!"

Having obtained Wang Zhong's acknowledgement, Barran gave an earnest nod in reply. At this moment, Hymin walked up, before giving him a blatant kiss in the face of the countless audience looking down on them. "Good luck! You're the best!"

Countless people in the audience turned silent, as Barran stumbled about as he walked up the stage. Nevertheless, there were already quite a few supporters cheering for him. Although he appeared clumsy and simple-minded, he had already contributed a lot for Tianjing in this CHF, especially in the previous match, where had pulled Tianjing back from the abyss. Now, with Grai's whereabouts being unknown, he was the Tianjing squadron's 3rd trump card. This time, he had stood up once again.
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    《Battle Frenzy》