Battle Frenzy
508 Battle between the heavy soldiers
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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508 Battle between the heavy soldiers

Upon seeing this, the Skylink immediately turned lively once again. Furthermore, there was a camera specifically trained on Hymin. Seeing that she had appeared on the big screens, Hymin did not show the slightest bit of embarrassment as she waved and pumped her fists into the air. It had to be mentioned that Hymin was a girl with a great breadth of mind, and dared to show her love and hatred for things. Regardless of what the outside world felt and said about this, at the moment, she had decided to accept Barran's confession, all else didn't matter to her anymore.

As for her unintentionally discarding her singlehood, that was something that she could not control.

This time, Barran appeared extremely calm and serious. The growth he had made through his perseverance, coupled with Hymin's encouragement, had caused his entire body to be filled with energy.

While Barran had confidently walked up the stage, Ma Dong was clearly feeling a lack of confidence. How do you put it, with Tianjing walking this far in this CHF, it could be considered that he had fulfilled his mission. During the last match, he had unleashed a big move, and had thrown the handle after the blade. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect for Barran to really surprise everyone. He did not feel that Barran had made much progress, and had only supported sending him up due to Wang Zhong, Grai, Scarlet and Emily's fighting spirit still remaining high for this match.

Hymin's heart brimmed with pride as she returned to her seat. In the past, she used to crush on others based on their appearance. However, after being together with Barran, she had experienced the warmth of having a shoulder to rely on for the very first time, making her feel that she was already Barran's woman.

Over this period of time, Barran had reviewed the performances of quite a number of heavy soldiers while recuperating, with Hymin always remaining by his side. Perhaps due to the stimulation of enjoying love for the first time, Barran had been really enlightened. Although Hymin did not understand the explanations and analysis of the combat footage, she did not reject them. Instead, being a smart and intelligent girl, she had just given him her encouragement and support.

She could accept any performance that Barran gave in this duel. Frankly speaking, she currently felt the same way as Ma Dong. Victory and loss was part and parcel of life. Other than Wang Zhong, everyone else in this squadron did not have a certain chance of victory if placed in a duel against Torres. That was because Tianjing was basically Wang Zhong's squadron. They were able to walk this far only because of him. It was because of him that everyone would struggle and persevere on.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Having always been training with Barran, Wang Zhong truly had a deep understanding of him. Nevertheless, self-confidence was one thing, while facing opponents was another thing altogether. Although he might not win, he would absolutely be able to give Torres and all of Tianjing's supporters a run for their money.

Seeing that Barran was the one walking out, a noisy hum of voices rang out across the entire arena.

Frankly speaking, Barran's earlier performances in this CHF could be considered to be rather unstable. Indeed, his eruption and big move in his duel against Zhao Zixin was the critical factor that had allowed Tianjing to turn the situation to their favour. Furthermore, no one could deny the strength he had displayed after unleashing his emotions. However, at the same time, the weaknesses in his fundamental capabilities were clear for all to see. With these unbalanced factors, he would either be sent as the final person for a last-ditch effort, to use the pressure and absolute despair to stimulate his potential, or he wouldn't be sent out at all. However, Tianjing had actually sent him out on for the 2nd duel?

Not only did it shock the arena, even the audience watching via Skylink had started wagging their tongues to this decision.

Having just obtained the victory for the 1st duel, the emotions of the Torres fans were in the clouds. Being able to deal with Tianjing's prince without the use of odd or shameless tactics like taking advantage of his pollen allergy embodied the genuine strength of Torres!

Torres had made a clear and obvious separation from the Zhao Family's Divine Dragon Academy, whom they shared their fame and reputation with. At this moment, they could claim without any exaggeration that they, Torres, were the strongest squadron beneath the S+ ranks!

"Ha! Tianjing's lottery tactics are back again! They have used it against Divine Dragon. And now, they are planning to use it against Torres?"

"Lottery! Lottery! Ba, Sa, or Em! He just has to pick one from the 3!"

"Scram off, brainless idiots! Beware of being blown apart by the Ba God (a wordplay on the first letter of Barran's name)!" Tianjing's supporters weren't willing to show weakness in their replies. With their squadron being able to walk this far in the CHF, they no longer were lacking in confidence like how they were at the start of their journey, despite being in a disadvantageous situation.


"Blah blah blah, blah blah blah!"

"All right! Against a fellow with only one big move, there are a thousand and one ways to fuck him up!

"The disputes happening between the audience in the arena and Skylink are very loud. However, unlike before, there's still voices out there supporting Barran. After the previous match, I have to admit that Barran has already developed a rather substantial reputation for himself." Ruo Zhi immediately went to the focal point. "In fact, if we think about it rationally, Barran's still a considerably strong participant. Defeating Zhao Zixin is the greatest indication of his strength. This is a miraculous soldier that might be able to show a spectacular performance.

Chen Yu'er immediately continued on. "That's right. Furthermore, the choice to send Barran is also due to Torres having only Alasi as their sole ranged soldier. What's more, he has already been "used up" in the first duel. At the very least, Barran would not have a disadvantage, from an occupational standpoint. Barran's strengths and weaknesses are very clear-cut. I feel that Torres definitely won't repeat that disastrous fight. Faced against Barran, they just need to go all out and win with a single spurt!"

"Yu'er's right. Barran will be in the worst possible situation if he's up against a ranged soldier. Naturally, the most dependable choice would just to send Bobo Torres up and avoid Wang Zhong. However, I personally feel that there's no much chance in that happening. If they are matched against other squadrons, Torres might do that for the sake of saving strength and effort. However, Tianjing is an exception. The existence of All Mouthy King is just like a succulent, mouth-watering piece of fatty meat to any squadron! To those soldiers standing at the apex, they would really anticipate a chance to cross hands against him in this CHF. Although there will be some risks involved in doing so, the returns would also be massive. One would be able to obtain massive fame and reputation upon obtaining victory. Naturally, there's nothing to be said if this match ends with a 4:0 before he goes up on stage. However, it would undoubtedly be a massive loss of reputation to a top class soldier if they were to take the initiative to avoid such a fight! Tianjing's lack of depth in their formation has indeed limited the choices they have. However, the existence of All Mouthy King has also restricted Torres's selections! There's no doubt about that!"

Nevertheless, all of these were just for show, as Tianjing has always treated themselves as the challenger. As for those aristocratic families that ruled the Federation, it was their faces that they wanted to preserve. Avoiding a fight would have an extremely negative effect on their squadron and family, and might even turn into the reason behind an attack from their competitors.

While the casters were giving their points of view, Torres's selection had already walked up. It was a tall and big figure, a figure that was immediately identifiable by everyone the instant he stood up from their preparatory area.

Everyone understood the reason behind this choice. However, despite arriving at such a position, Torres was still unable to cross the barrier in their hearts, especially after a situation where they had won the first duel. If they sent Bobo up to deal with Barran, everyone watching might laugh themselves to death as a result.

There were times where this world would indeed use the outcome of a battle when talking about heroes.

With a smile, Ruo Zhi said, "Torres did not choose to send Bobo, but their main heavy soldier, Cabel! They're still rather confident in themselves to be able to obtain a win in this duel! Under the current circumstances with no ranged soldier to provide an occupation-based counter against Barran, if they do not send Bobo up, sending their heavy soldier Cabel against another heavy soldier is indeed a rather good choice! Although he isn't ranked on the Mo's List, he is rather well known in the heavy soldier circles. There was even a bout of explosive arguments about him and Mo Zheng having the qualifications to challenge Zhao Tianlong for the spot in the 5 great Mo's List heavy soldiers!"


Despite not deliberately showing off and dazzling the audience as he walked onto the stage, Cabel was still a person that paid considerable attention to pragmatism. The heavy banging rang out as he walked forward, while the heavy armour encasing his body glistened in a golden-black radiance. One look and anyone could tell that it was incomparably dense and heavy.

He was a rather tall and sturdy giant of a man. Compared to the Mammoth squadron members that graced the earlier match, his approximately 2.2-metre height wasn't considered tall. However, the exaggerated amount of muscle he had on his frame caused him to appear just like a wild beast hailing from the berserk wilderness! His glistening, bald head coupled with a thick and dense beard caused him to appear utterly unlike a 17 to 18-year-old student.
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    《Battle Frenzy》