Battle Frenzy
511 The importance in acting pretentiously
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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511 The importance in acting pretentiously

However, this equilibrium only lasted for an instant. Right before the force of the collision could completely transfer into his body, Cabel immediately felt an even more turbulent power surging forth from his opponent's shoulder.

2nd drive!

One of Barran's killing moves, as well as the move he had used to obtain the S rank offence performance in the elimination rounds!


Cabel instantly realized that he had forgotten about his opponent's move after the previous exchange.


Cabel, who had been suppressing Barran since the start of the fight, was unexpectedly sent flying off like a cannonball, before slamming fiercely onto the ground!

The stage floor instantly shattered as rock chips shot off in directions, while a dust plume filled the air.

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Everyone felt their jaws fall open. Barran had actually won a straight up contest? Cabel had been sent flying after welcoming an attack with his own?

Oh my god...

After a momentary pause from astonishment, Torres's supporters watching via Skylink could no longer continue their optimism and cheers. What the hell was that! Was he really the heavy soldier of Torres?

What a waste!

"Is that really Cabel on stage? Bobo Torres's elder brother?"

"In the earlier stages of the CHF, the Zhao Family and Bella Dean squadrons were also S ranked squadrons, and had defeated Barran with a one-sided oppression! Although they had lost, they were at least able to suppress Barran!"

"I'm already confused about what I'm seeing. Is it due to Barran's improvement being too great, or is Cabel's strength merely at this level?"\

Frankly speaking, up till now, Cabel's performance in this fight could be considered to be of S ranked level. However, it was definitely the lowest among the S ranks. It was reasonable that he was not ranked on the Mo's List; after all, in the CHF, there would definitely be some people whose reputation didn't match their actual ability. After all, due to the reputation of his family and his status of being Bobo's elder brother, having a reputation was inevitable.

Both Bella Dean's Paulista, who did not spend much time under the spotlight in this CHF, and Divine Dragon squadron's Zhao Zixin, possessed speed, strength and skills similar to that Cabel. In fact, those two might be even be slightly stronger than Cabel!

Naturally, the loser would always be looked down upon.

The doubts from Torres's supporters were contrasted by an incomparable excitement among Tianjing's supporters. Please don't get beaten up in every fight! Although he had shown a truly manly comeback, no one really wished for Barran to risk his life in every fight. Every person only had one life! There was no point in tossing it away at every turn, and it's possible that the life might actually be lost!

The expressions of the Torres squadron had turned ugly, and that included Bobo and Alasi. They were definitely thinking along the lines of "How did Barran become so adept at fighting?"

Although Cabel's strength could suppress his opponent in all aspects, how was Barran actually able to defend against the all of Cabel's attacks, as though they were nothing to him? Furthermore, he was even able to unleash a strike coupled with his signature 2nd drive.

While Alasi started to devise a strategy around what he had just seen, he was also hoping for no accidents to happen. Nevertheless, he did not make any noise, as Barran's attack should have knocked Cabel awake. Although he was the captain, every single member of the Torres squadron was extremely prideful, and had their own opinions. As long as they could guarantee victory, there was nothing he needed to say. After all, although the outcome of the fight was important, the improvements gained from combat was also important.

It wasn't only them; even most of the top elites watching this fight in the Skylink VIP room were focusing their attention on the fight, quietly waiting for any further changes.

"It's starting." said Gui Hao with a cheeky laugh. That fellow, Cabel, was rather famous within their circles. Naturally, it was mainly due to his terrible temper and weird taboos. However, there was also his stronger younger brother.

Frankly speaking, people on Cabel's level weren't worth the attention of the people on Gui Hao's level.

"Although he's not as strong as little Bobo, it's more than enough to deal with a country bumpkin!" Gui Hao laughed cheekily as he looked towards Laura. He had started to pay attention to this lass ever since she had decided to bet against him.

There were too many women in the world who loved to resign themselves to adversity. With his status and reputation, women were basically his toys, and it was absolutely no challenge for him. However, Laura was slightly interesting! Not only did she had a pretty good figure, she also would definitely be engaging!

Upon seeing the slight, upward curl on Gui Hao's mouth, Laura started to pay attention to Gui Hao's eyes. However, when she did so, a faint smile had already appeared on his face.

Laura completely ignored the textbook-like lady killer smile, as she had never, ever liked such people. That fellow had clearly stared at her chest just a moment ago! Other than her own squadron members, Wang Zhong was the only person that she did not loathe to be with. After all, since they were already that big, it was impossible for her to prevent others from looking at them. Nevertheless, there was a difference in the intent behind their gazes, and girls were especially sensitive to such things.

The Potter Family was definitely considered to be one of the fringes within the 10 Great Families. Frankly speaking, despite being a princess of an aristocratic family, her status could not compare to that of Gui Hao and Carolyn. This was also the same for their information network, control over the Federation, resources and various other aspects.

Therefore, she did not have a clear understanding of Cabel. However, she possessed an eyesight unique to her.

Being the successor of an aristocratic family specialising in bard-handed combat, her understanding of the human body was definitely at the apex in the Federation.

Upon taking a close look at the markedly different musculature present on Cabel's body, Laura was already able to come up with numerical figures for his various physical stats.

His body fat definitely did not exceed 2%, while his chest, waist and butt had the most optimal ratio of "6:4:6", with the margin for error being no more than 0.5%.

The aspect that had given her the most shock was that his Soul Power channels within his body had already formed a dense and interconnected web! In layman terms, Soul Power channels were just like the veins that would pop out across your body when you exerted enough strength for your face to turn red. This was the most critical factor for muscular males, to ensure the proper flow of Soul Power for the eruption of strength. The denser and more interconnected they were, the better it was to be big and solidly built.

Cabel's physique in this aspect was clearly the most perfect one she had ever seen in a muscular male. He was not inferior in any way to Paulista and Zhao Zixin, and even Zhao Tianlong!

With a physique like that, he should not be limited to just this bit of explosive power.

Laura did not know what Cabel was concealing. However, what Gui Hao said was right. When Cabel started to become serious, Barran's and Tianjing's test would finally start!

At this moment, with a shove of his butt that shattered the ground beneath him, Cabel had already stood up.

Nevertheless, Barran's 2nd drive was considerably terrifying. The results were shown in the sliver of blood seeping out from the corners of Cabel's mouth. Coupled with the ridicule, and even curses being tossed at him from the audience, anyone would have already exploded in anger.

However, the ever so hot-tempered Cabel was unexpectedly not infuriated! On the contrary, an excited expression started to appear on his face, appearing as though he wasn't the one that got sent flying by a "newbie".

"Nice one, brat! Looks like I've still underestimated you! You have some of the flair and splendour this brother had a few years ago!"

The audience watching via Skylink and in the arena instantly turned speechless.

People would definitely cheer for you if you showed such a stance after beating someone up. However, he was the one who had just received a pummeling! Furthermore, he still had to say something about people having the flair and splendour he had a few years ago? The audience members who were still putting in effort to cheer for Torres, to guard their reputation, felt too weak to ridicule him, while a stretch of laughter rang out from the Tianjing supporters.

"I give 88 points to this acting! The remaining 12 points will be paid in 2 installments of 6 points each!

"Cabel 666666!"

"Haha! Are you celebrating your old age this year, uncle? If you're able to have the same standard as our Ba God that year, does that mean that you've already started to walk towards the end of your natural life?"

The arena was filled with roaring laughter as the Tianjing supporters shouted out in high spirits.

If this was an ordinary situation, daring to call Cabel an "uncle" would definitely result in blood being spilled.
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    《Battle Frenzy》