Battle Frenzy
512 Beaten back to shape!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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512 Beaten back to shape!

However, in this moment, Cabel appeared to have not heard any of those rampant words from the audience. His eyes gleamed with excitement as his gaze locked onto Barran's body. At the same time, he started to remove the black armour guards on his left arm, before tossing it towards the ground.


The terrifying sound instantly caused the arena to quieten down.

Just a palm-sized handguard landing on the ground was unexpectedly able to produce a clang so loud, it reverberated throughout the entire arena! If one was to take a closer look at the handguard, one would discover that the ground beneath it had actually caved in! In the presence of that small handguard, the granite floor appeared just as soft as tofu!

"Looks like I definitely have to be a tad more serious."

Cabel's voice brimmed with confidence as he started to remove his right handguard.

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The same sound was produced as it landed on the ground, yet this time, it sounded even more shocking than the first! That was because the entire arena had already turned much quieter, naturally resulting in the loud "clang" to appear even more attention-grabbing.

Countless sounds of people gulping their saliva down rang out across the arena, while Barran has stunned by what he was seeing. Exactly how heavy was that little piece of black armour?

Knee guards, shin guards...each of the different pieces of black armour on his body was removed and tossed onto the ground. It only took a short while before the ground around him no longer looked like "earth".

This continued all the way until the very last piece!

The main armour piece on his chest! Despite unleashing it with his full strength, Barran's 2nd drive was unable to leave even a single mark on that front plate.

An expression of considerable strain was present on Cabel's face as he removed it from his body. While he had tossed the other pieces of armour onto the ground with one hand, this front plate had actually required him to use both of his hands.


Upon landing on the ground, the massive bang caused inconceivable expressions to appear on the faces of people. In fact, there were many people who felt a slight tremor radiating outwards from the ground of the arena!\


Although they had seen heavy soldiers wearing heavy armour before, they had never seen any armour being made of a material that could possess such terrifying weight! Was this even armour? Those armour pieces appeared just like meteors when he threw them on the ground!

"They're meteorites! The Torres Family's Black Meteorite Armour!" said Gui Hao with a laugh. "This thing's just heavy, and is a good tool for load bearing training. However, Cabel's the only one who would wear it constantly."

Having removed his armour, a look of relief appeared on Cabel's face as he took a long breath. Cracking his fingers, he hopped up and down twice, appearing as though he was adapting to the new weight of his body.

After 2 to 3 seconds, Cabel came to a stop. Cracking his neck, he rested his hands lightly on his waist while turning to look at Barran.

At this moment, Cabel appeared to be the same as before, only that he was now lacking that black full body armour. However, a sharp aura that could not be described using words had started to silently radiate across the entire arena following the removal of those "fetters".

Originally, he had not expected that dealing with Barran would be this complicated, as this was a trump card he was reserving for those S+ ranks. However, Cabel was always headstrong when his excitement was triggered.


With a mischievous laugh, he gently raised the tip of his foot.

Whoosh! Bang!

Just as a whooshing sound rang out, Barran was already thrown into the air.

His originally quick and nimble subconscious reaction was utterly useless! He couldn't see Cabel's fist at all; he didn't even sense anything triggering his danger awareness at all!

Quick! Too quick! How was this anything like a heavy soldier? He's basically travelling at a speed only top assassins could reach!

Furthermore, the terrifying impact was on an entirely different level from the earlier attacks!

Intense pain radiated from his chest, while the whooshing sound of wind rang in his ears. However, before his butt could touch the ground, a heavy fist had already come rumbling towards him. Cabel had unexpectedly came rushing behind Barran as he was falling backwards!


He was smashed high into the air like a volleyball, before an even greater feeling of danger bore down on his head!

This time, he had finally managed to sense it! As he hugged his hands before his chest, the heavy force came crashing down.


Barran was smashed into the ground, causing a large depression to form, appearing just like the crater from a meteorite impact, and it felt like the entire arena had tilted slightly. All the noise in the arena instantly stopped, as everyone stared wide-eyed with jaws clenched shut. Only the booming sounds from the huge impact was left resonating through the arena.

"Even his strength has risen!" Ma Dong was dumbfounded. He had only assumed that only Cabel's speed had increased after removing that heavy armour. Cabel did not possess such incredible power in his earlier attacks!

"That's the increase in power. The massive increase in his speed will definitely lead to huge changes in the power behind his attacks." replied Wang Zhong, his eyes glowing with interest. This opponent was now standing in Barran's way, and was stronger than Barran. It remained to be seen if Barran was able to overcome this hurdle.


The depression in the ground exploded apart fiercely, scattering rock chips in all directions as Barran leapt out. Despite the corners of his mouth being steeped with blood, his spirit was roused. Having gained fame in the earlier matches for his ability to tolerate beatings, and now reaching the peak of the Casted Soul Stage, Barran's ability to tolerate a beating had already reached a perverted level. Even without requiring willpower, his body alone was already able to handle such attacks.


Patting his hands fiercely before his chest, a tyrannical aura rippled put in all directions as he showed his radiant fighting intent, immediately causing a wave of berserk cheers from the Tianjing supporters. Nevertheless, Cabel responded to this show of might with a mischievous laugh. Indeed, Barran truly was worthy to be the man that he had a good impression of!

This was so much better than punching up sandbags! Those would break after just 2 to 3 punches, and required over 10 minutes of waiting for someone to replace it with a new one, causing one to lose all motivation to continue training.


Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!

Swish! Whoosh! Swish!

Hurtling about like a cannonball, Cabel came charging forward violently while circling around Barran. In what seemed like a second, he had already sent 2 attacks at Barran!

Barran was beaten up just like a sandbag, and the only thing he could do was to guard his vital spots. Regardless of any preemptive moves Barran made to block Cabel's attacks, Cabel's frightening fists and legs still managed to land hits on Barran with every pass he made. The heavy thuds reverberated across the arena, quickly turning in a successive chain!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

His speed wasn't the fastest in the CHF. At the very least, Napier Mo, Eddie Brooks and the other Mo's List assassins had demonstrated speeds faster than Cabel's. Furthermore, the strength behind his attacks was also not the strongest. Without talking about the 10 great soldiers, even Golden Mammoth and Bella Dean's werewolf were stronger than him.

However, if both speed and strength were factored together... when a heavy soldier possessed the speed of an assassin, he would basically be invincible!

The only thing Barran could do now was to endure the incoming attacks from Cabel. There was no use in talking about returning a blow; he was utterly unable to even touch the corner of his opponent's clothes!

Unknowingly, blood started to seep out from Barran's orifices. The heavy attacks were starting to damage his organs. If this continued on, he would really get beaten to death!

It wasn't easy for him to comprehend the skill to offload incoming blows. Even his captain had showered him with extreme praise after he managed to accomplish this feat. With that, Barran had believed that he had improved by a bit. However, from the looks of it, he had sunk into another pit of despair. One could say that Cabel's explosive power was just the right counter against Barran.

Although Hymin was still wearing a smile on her face, it was an extremely forced one. If it was to cheer for her squadron member, her smile would be one of care and concern. However, it was totally different from before. After being together with Barran, she had felt warmth and a sense of support from him. The pretty boys and their flowery words obviously paled in comparison to Barran's words. Without talking about others, after confirming her relationship with him, Hymin had even stopped teasing Grai.

As she saw Barran getting beaten up on stage, her heart started aching for the very first time. All along, brave and fierce men were most handsome in her eyes. The howls that they made while their blood splattered all over would undoubtedly cause people's passion to surge. However, this time, she did not feel even one bit of her blood boiling up. On the contrary, she felt her entire body starting to turn cold.
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    《Battle Frenzy》