Battle Frenzy
513 Heroic Name, Dynamite Bulldozer Explode!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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513 Heroic Name, Dynamite Bulldozer Explode!

Endure it, Barran!

That's right, it was his greatest strength! This was also taught to him by his captain! That's because only through perseverance would opportunities present themselves! Whether it was his opponent making a wrong move, or a flaw in his opponent's thoughts, that would be his opportunity.

However, this time, Cabel basically didn't give him any of those opportunities at all! His previous matches where he had paid in blood; but no matter how foolish Cabel was, he would never commit the same mistake as Barran's earlier opponents. He did not aim to finish Barran in a single move, but rather, he used his speed and strength to slowly wear down Barran's defence, and continuously targeted the weak spots on the body.

He truly did not believe that there were people made of metal! Even if so, he would beat them to a pulp!

Barran could also feel that the impact was too tyrannical! His opponent was also a heavy soldier, and everything that he knew, his opponent did too! In fact, he would also know what Barran was thinking at this moment!

He needed to counterattack!

Just when Cabel's attack was about to land, Barran made a decision to go all out and follow his instincts!

Barran's suddenly explosive all-out strike hit the air, his thoughts and actions being completely predicted by his opponent.


Barran received Cabel's kick with his waist. This kick appeared rather similar to the alpha-cyclone kick used by assassins. Sweeping out towards Barran's waist, Barran was sent flying into the air.

Cabel did not want to give Barran any opportunities to make a comeback. At this moment, any courtesy he had shown towards Barran had been forgotten. Those 2 S ranked soldiers Barran had, had now completely become part of Barran's background. Everyone wanted to critique and talk about him, yet they didn't dare to step out and say it in his face. This was something that Cabel couldn't stand!

Shooting into the air, his midair strike smashed once again towards Barran's waist. It was about to hit home...

Everyone watching grew anxious for Barran, as it had been an extremely difficult journey for him. In almost every single fight he had participated in during this CHF, he had been beaten to the brink of death. From the looks of it, he had really used up all of his luck. Perhaps, it was for the best for him to collapse as quickly as possible. Although the quality of medical care for CHF participants was good, there would generally be sequelae after recovering from serious injury. Furthermore, if it was more severe, it was possible to end up disabled.

Nevertheless, Barran could still sense the presence of danger posed by Cabel. Flying through the air, Barran tensed his body, as this was a strike he needed to endure.


Like a mountain, Cabel smashed down heavily onto Barran's back, smashing the latter right into the ground.


Barran was smashed right into the stage, causing a massive bang to ring out, while rock chips and dust filled the air.

At this moment, no one had any more doubts about Cabel's capabilities. His magnificent musculature caused him to appear just like a god of war! In fact, if he had wielded a weapon, Barran would have already been killed by him! The only reason this had not happened yet was that Cabel was an advocate for the perfection of muscles, and had a disdain of weapons. To him, men were built to duke it out with their muscles, and fight to the very end!

Cheers and shouts rang out across the arena. This was what a genuine heavy soldier should be! He was brimming with power and speed, and not clumsy at all! He was practically the definition of perfection!

A slightly amused expression appeared at the corner of Noriba's mouth. He didn't have any interest in people like Cabe,l who hopped around like a hyperactive gigantic flea. Truthfully speaking, Barran's performance of comprehension during the fight was pretty good. However, it was a pity that he was late in unearthing his potential. It was truly a pity. He clearly had some combat techniques up his sleeves, yet he was unable to use them. Such a feeling would be extremely unbearable.

Noriba shot a look at Tianjing, who was seated not far away from him. At this moment, silence filled the squadron, as even the mysterious captain Wang Zhong could not do anything that would change the situation they were currently facing.

Once Barran was finished, Tianjing would really be in a crisis. Even if Torres allowed Wang Zhong to retain some dignity by sending Bobo Torres to fight with him, it would not affect the situation Tianjing was in. This wasn't able to satisfy Noriba's cravings!

Barran squirmed and struggled out from the pit. The last attack had sent him to the brink of collapsing, and had resulted in massive internal bleeding from his organs. Outwardly, it appeared as if Barran had managed to defend against that attack, but the force of the impact was still continuing to wreak havoc in Barran's body.

This time, Barran was truly helpless, as the combat tactic that he had practiced before the match was now completely useless. He had never seen a heavy soldier travelling at such speeds before! If only his opponent were just a bit slower!

However, upon climbing out of the pit, Cabel had already disappeared from his view. Although Cabel had used courteous words at the beginning of the duel, he would definitely not show any mercy in combat.

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A kick came sweeping across his jaw, causing Barran to feel as though a bolt of lightning had struck his head. Flipping 720 degrees in the air, his head proceeded to slam into the ground, causing blood to splatter out...

Wang Zhong immediately stood up upon seeing this. He knew that Barran would definitely not admit defeat, even if he was at the brink of death. However, he would not allow that to happen, as Barran had already given his all.

Struggling to raise his head, what Barran saw in front of him was the Tianjing preparatory area, and Hymin… a tear-filled Hymin...

Barran instantly felt his mind turn blank. In his impression of her, Hymin always had a smile on her face, and was always calm and confident, as though nothing could affect her. He really loved that smile of hers, and being able to see it every day was the most blissful thing he had ever experienced in this world.

He wanted to protect this smile! However, why was she crying?

Cabel would not care about this! If Tianjing weren't going to surrender, he would beat them to death!

Descending from the sky, he sent another kick towards Barran's head.



An invisible barrier appeared to have formed around Barran's body, sending Cabel ricocheting off.

As he flew off, a frown appeared on Cabel's face. Sensing that something was amiss, upon landing on the ground, he proceeded to pick up the chest armour that he had disposed of earlier, before charging towards Barran once again.


His eyes turning scarlet red, Barran gave a loud roar. Even if he were to die, he would never, want to see Hymin feeling sad and sorrowful for him!

With a furious smash towards the ground with his hands, HUM~~~

A white light exploded out, as the advancing Cabel came to a halt! It appeared as though something was pressing down on him, causing him to kneel down on the ground!

It was at this instant when Barran had already rushed forward! With an earth-shattering might, he roared: BATURU ~~~

An extremely ugly expression had appeared on Cabel's face, though it wasn't because of his fear of a straightforward rush!

However, Cabel was too naive!

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

On the stage, Barran appeared just like a stubborn human battering ram. He only had one move in his mind, which was to rush straight forwards! Upon landing his first hit on Cabel, to him, Cabel became a stone pillar, a stone wall. The ramming he had done day in an day out, the ramming that was innate to his muscles, all of his Soul Power and strength combined as one, and it had become entirely subconscious for him!

Smash him!

Smash him!

Smash him!


Bang Bang Bang Bang...

Whoosh... Spewing blood like a fountain, Cabel flew into the air. At this instant, the chest armour in his hands had already been smashed into a crumpled heap!

Frankly speaking, if not for that chest armour, the bones in Cabel's body would have already been shattered.

Cabel felt as if all the power had been drained out of his body as he struggled to stand up. Unlike Cabel's earlier actions, Barran did not launch another attack.

Cabel's teeth were almost at the point of shattering. He would rather Barran head over and kick him to death, yet the latter did not...


In the end, Cabel still fell...

The entire arena was filled with silence, with all of them... being frightened by the spectacle that had just unfolded before their eyes. This was a fierce Barran, a violent Barran! Yet another S ranked heavy soldier had fallen!

This wasn't the first, and would not be the last!

Who said that Tianjing didn't have a heavy soldier?


At this moment, the entire arena recalled a single name. That's right, Barran! The icon of bravery and ferocity! This was the highest praise that could be given to a soldier!

He was no longer a foolish, naive brat who had entered the elimination rounds; today, he had undergone a qualitative change!

The entire Tianjing Academy had turned from the depths of despair to a surging explosion! Everyone was cheering and shouting in berserk fashion for their hero, Barran!

That's right; Barran, a hero!

The Torres supporters were completely muted. Definitely, Barran was not the strongest heavy soldier in the CHF, and would not even rank among the top 10! However, he was undisputedly the most obstinate one in the CHF!

Never say die?

How many people could really achieve such a feat?

2nd duel, Tianjing, victory!

With Grai losing the first duel, the miraculous Barran had performed a miracle yet again!
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    《Battle Frenzy》