Battle Frenzy
514 The intenpretation of the significance of heavy soldiers.
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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514 The intenpretation of the significance of heavy soldiers.

Tears streaked down Hymin's face as she rushed up onto the stage. This was the first time since growing up that she'd done something like that. The person she had fallen in love with was simple-minded in everything he did, and didn't notice that others would be worried for him too.

The incomparably brave and ferocious Barran immediately turned flustered as he tried his best to cheer Hymin up. Nonetheless, it caused her to cry even harder.

The Tianjing squadron members had also rushed up and swarmed around him. This Barran really… could not be described with words. Therefore, his actions had basically made him like a new idol!

In the world, there was about a 1 in a million chance of finding a heaven-gifted son or daughter like Gui Hao and Carolyn. Compared to that, people like Barran made up the majority of the human population. Looking at Barran, many people started to think about themselves. They were unable to imagine that this was someone who had to clean and sweep the classrooms in Tianjing Academy every day, and was looked down and bullied by his seniors.

If Wang Zhong had lit the flame of hope in people's hearts, Barran had personally demonstrated to everyone that anything was possible! This did not happen by random chance.

Naturally, when he returned to Tianjing, it was certain that no one would bully him anymore.

Having comprehended his special ability could be said to be the turning point of Barran's fate.

In the VIP room, a vacant look was present on Gui Hao's face. Something like this was possible? How could a wastrel like him actually win this duel?

This was fucking unbelievable!

No one considered Barran to be an expert, and no one believed that he could obtain victory this easily. In their eyes, Barran seemed to be an eternal weakling destined to be beaten like a dog every time.

Laura was also extremely surprised, though she could understand how it had happened. That was because anyone who trained in Inner Body Martial Arts would know one fact. Who were the most formidable people in combat?

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As long as a fighter didn't die, they would definitely have a chance for a comeback. Perhaps, that was also a kind of embodiment.

After Zhao Tianlong's failure, everyone felt that he was no longer worthy of remaining on the Mo's List, especially Cabel, who felt that he himself should be ranked on the Mo's List. However, the reality was that Zhao Tianlong wasn't weak at all. The Zhao Family's external martial arts tempering was pretty good, as it allowed practitioners to increase their beating tolerance to a superhuman level. It was only that those who did not personally experience Grai's 100-fold Compounding Strike would never know just how frightening that seemingly gentle and elegant move was. Furthermore, they were even more unclear on just how tyrannical and terrifying of a fleshy body Grai possessed, that allowed him to unleash such a move.

Naturally, Grai, with his immense strength, had still lost in the first duel, proving the fact that there were no invincible soldiers, just invincible combat tactics.

The genuine reason why heavy soldiers were able to form an independent occupational branch from soldiers was not due to how strong or powerful they were, nor was it because of how tall or big they were. These were all misconceptions that laymen had.

There was only one real reason they were called heavy soldiers, and that was their tolerance to beatings!

Heavy soldiers needed to endure beatings and loads that other people could not.

Furthermore, Barran's way of enduring beatings was slightly different from other famous heavy soldiers. From the very beginning, everyone knew Barran as a person with crude and clumsy foundations in his combat techniques, with his only strong point being his resolute willpower. However, in reality, that wasn't Barran's most frightening strength. Not only was his body extremely tough and resilient, his Soul Sea was also unimaginably stable. Any other person's Soul Sea would have long exploded after receiving such terrifying impacts on their body. When Barran managed to get the "understanding" beaten into him, and learned how to observe the power oscillations present in attacks, he had genuinely unleashed the frightening aspects of his qualitative transformation.

Only after established an invincible position in combat would a fighter have the possibility for obtaining victory.

Everyone watching this duel was cheering and shouting out loud. This duel had genuinely cemented Barran's position as an "expert"! Not only that, Barran had finally gained his own nickname on Skylink --- Dynamite Bulldozer!

Although he appeared clumsy and foolish, he was able to destroy all of his enemies like a storm wreaking havoc through a rotten forest!

There was no need for elegance, just fucking practicality and functionality!

This was a genuine innate talent possessed by Barran. All the way till now, other than Wang Zhong and Grai, those two perverted existences, Barran was definitely the greatest surprise their squadron had given to the world.

"Not bad!" said Mo Wen as he nodded his head. The Heaven's Fate squadron was the only S ranked squadron that had watched his match live in the viewing gallery, and had given Tianjing sufficient face by doing so. Furthermore, this stemmed out from Mo Wen's interest in them.

With a faint smile, Mo Xingchen said, " Indeed, Barran's very tough, senior brother. The opportunity he created was the result of his perseverance."

Shaking his head, Mo Wen, "Big miss, I'm talking about Wang Zhong."

"Senior brother, can you not call me in that way?" Mo Xingchen felt extremely exasperated. Despite reminding him countless times, Mo Wen still wasn't willing to change the way he addressed her.

As for Napier Mo and the others, they had dumbfounded expressions on their faces. Barran was the one who had given so much for this duel. Why...

Mo Wen did not explain the reasoning behind his words. Neither an individual's strength nor his talent was frightening; but if that person was able to raise someone else, who was seen to be absolutely useless in everyone's eyes, into an expert, just how scary would that be?

There were many talented people out there. However, those who could recognise talent were few and far between!

"Ha, looks like someone's about to lose." said Divian with a hearty chuckle. "Gui Hao, looks like your eyesight isn't that good."

"Wait till All Mouthy King wins before saying that." Only a fleeting expression of astonishment appeared on Gui Hao's face. He truly didn't care about this bet, as it was impossible for the outcome to interfere with his plans. At this moment, he was placing more of his attention on Barran, as Barran's final move was rather astonishing for Gui Hao. Brimming with interest, he said, "That sudden change in his special ability is interesting."

"I feel that it's a special ability related to gravity or attractive force. It's rather rare for people to undergo a qualitative transformation in their special abilities during combat." Being an expert in this field, Vladimir could not help but to sigh in admiration as he spoke out.

"Strength comes from the desire for victory or to stay alive." said Carolyn with a faint smile. ...Was Wang Zhong trying to prove a point by fighting on as though his life depended on it?

Carolyn had always acknowledged her charm and charisma. With such a high self-esteem, being rejected had definitely caused Wang Zhong to develop quite a strong drive. If he could enter the top 8, even if she couldn't make a decision, at the very least, she would no longer be as cold to him as before. There were simply too many reasons for her to reject his advances, and all of those reasons were definitely plausible.

Thinking about this, Carolyn suddenly felt her spirits being uplifted. Wang Zhong had Scarlet beside him. However, that girl was so ordinary, and would basically be no threat to her. Apparently, he also had rather good relationships with Laura and Sharmie. However, from the looks of it, there didn't seem to be any progression in that direction.

"To us, this might just be a competition, and nothing more than that. However, for Barran, he's fighting for his life in every single fight. Furthermore, his victory wasn't only for himself." said Laura, causing the entire room to turn silent. Qualitative changes occurred most easily and frequently in life or death scenarios. That was something everyone clearly understood. Perhaps, they had underestimated Tianjing's determination from the very beginning. However, it was extremely unlikely for successive breakthroughs to occur if the person was only seeking self-preservation.

Risking one's life for others was a concept that the people present in this room would never, ever understand.

"Playing with his life is only a concept. This Wang Zhong really has some tricks up his sleeves, to actually be able to guide this bunch of untalented people to this level. Gui Hao, perhaps you've really underestimated him." said Vladimir with a faint smile. A smile from the Ice Prince was something that was truly pleasing to the eyes of men.

It was extremely rare to see anyone who possessed a special ability outside of the 5 elemental attributes. An example would be the Eye of Petrification from one of the Giant God Peak members. These type of special abilities are classified as combat type special abilities. Unlike the Wind, Lightning, Water, Fire and other elemental-attribute special abilities, where their full power was rather difficult to exhibit in the Casted Soul Stage, combat type special abilities had their unique traits and effects, and would generally be extremely powerful upon awakening.

"It's only that the exact radius of his gravity field is unknown. If it can reach 10 metres, then it would be pretty interesting." commented Divian. It was an extremely nauseating thought for aristocratic family squadrons to be in the same arena as squadrons like Tianjing. However, if they were to lose, they would be uttered disgraced.
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    《Battle Frenzy》