Battle Frenzy
515 Brother King is showing off his arrogance once again
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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515 Brother King is showing off his arrogance once again

While they were categorised as a commoner squadron, and appeared to be part of the parliamentary influence, in reality, everyone knew that they didn't have any powerful backing behind them. Any aristocratic family would undoubtedly be interested in them. Naturally, the parliamentary influence would also be fighting to bring them in. However, all of them would do so in their own ways.

If the honest Barran, with his unique innate ability and having no prior conflicts with Gui Hao, or even Wang Zhong were willing, Gui Hao wouldn't mind accepting them as Gui Family subordinates!

Being an expert who had high expectations for himself, even if he was unhappy, he still had to maintain a proper bearing in front of others.

Everyone present in the room could hear the hidden meaning behind Divian's words.

At this moment, Tianjing was just like a scrumptious banquet, spreading a mouthwatering smell everywhere, and to everyone else, the food was already served. However, every time they were about to open the lid, it seemed like higher-grade ingredients had been added into the mix. As they watched on, their cravings grew stronger; one could imagine the faces of those from the parliamentary influence and the various aristocratic families already itching to grab a bite when the dish was finally ready.

At this moment, Barran had already walked down from the stage. However, the cheers and gasps of surprise still continued to ring out from the arena and Skylink.

Tianjing City was already in a state of fever, especially the freshmen in the soldier faculty. There were many among them who had entered the academy alongside with Barran, and had even allowed him to take over their cleaning duties.

"Didn't I tell you guys, that I personally saw brother Barran enter the Prodigy Society! Argh! If I'd known that this day would happen, I would have crawled my way into the Prodigy Society!"

"Our brother King definitely has an all-seeing-eye for heroes!"

"When I saw Barran for the first time, I already knew that he was a man of miracles!"

"When I saw Barran destroy that someone from Adolf, this father had already asserted that the brat would become a huge figure! How about that! How's your father's eyesight, huh!"

"Scram off, would you! I still remember that you were in the audience during that fight, and had even thrown a water bottle at our Ba God! Fuck off!"

"Slander! You're slandering me! I merely felt that our Ba God was overheating, and he just needed to cool down!"

...Obtaining a victory had allowed everyone to take a deep breath of relief, as this win represented the extreme likelihood of Tianjing being able to enter the group battle phase.

"Participant Barran has astonished us once again with his performance! The cheers and shouts from Skylink and the arena are about to shatter my eardrums!" Ruo Zhi proceeded to give an emotional sigh before continuing his casting. "A counterpick, a tit for tat, this is the kind of performance that will happen when the people standing at the apex battle each other! At this moment, both sides have one win under their belt! However, Tianjing has already regained the strategic selection advantage for this match! What frightening toughness, what frightening potential, what frightening determination!"

"What brother Ruo says is correct. It can also be said to be an absolute initiative, and they can do anything they wish! Now, they already have close to 100% chance of bringing this match into the group battle phase. Now, the only thing they needed to do is to let All Mouthy King avoid the battle against Bobo Torres, and they will be absolutely safe." added Chen Yu'er. "I feel that it's the most likely choice that they will make. This also can't be considered as evading the challenge. After all, their overall strength isn't on the same level as Torres. Securing the group battle phase will be the most reasonable strategy they can enact."

A smile appeared on Ruo Zhi's face as he said, "That's right, there will be a group battle for us to watch!"

Unlike Torres, Tianjing didn't have any burden or pressure on their shoulders. That was the disadvantage of being from an aristocratic family. With honor and glory came responsibility and pressure. Compared to them, there was no need for Tianjing to care about those things. They could use any strategy or tactic without any restraints. Furthermore, Wang Zhong had done precisely that in the past.

As anticipation surged in the audience, the person selected by Torres for the third duel was already standing on the stage.

It was an assassin.

On the surface, the Federation appeared glorious, brimming with splendour and possessing a bustling atmosphere. However, in reality, there were quite a number of schemes occurring beneath the surface. The more prosperous a civilization, the greater the need for order and restrictions to happen underneath the rules and regulations set by the leading authority. It was the nature of that had led to the requirement of assassins in the Federation.

The result of this was the many assassin families in the Federation, with the most famous being Assassin and Brooks. However, there were also many other first class assassin families other than those 2, like the Crowe Family. They weren't famous due to the being the Torres Family's subordinates, and they did not frequently go out to lay claim to the title of the sole family of assassins; it was due to them possessing a level of might that could not be ignored.

Caliban Crowe.

The Torres squadron's mainstay assassin. To a considerable majority among the audience, he was not a participant that had left a huge impression in them.

His name wasn't striking, nor was his appearance. Regardless of what outfit he wore, his appearance was so generic that you could find it in any corner of human civilisation. However, this had a rather conventional intent for an assassin, which was pragmatism for genuine combat.

Regardless of who he was, being able to be selected by Torres to shoulder such an important position meant that he had definitely gone through many levels of selection before obtaining the necessary qualifications.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This was also Caliban's first fight to stardom!

Frankly speaking, in his heart, there was some anticipation to go against Wang Zhong. All mouthy King. He truly did not believe that those cross wheels were that powerful. There was no such thing as an attack that an assassin cannot evade!

Alasi took a look over towards the Tianjing side. He did not send Bobo out, as there was frankly no need. After Barran's victory, the match would definitely enter the group battle phase. There was no way for them to avoid that if Wang Zhong chose to avoid a battle against Bobo. Nevertheless, having achieved the outcome of Grai losing, never in his wildest dreams did he expect for Barran to actually make a killing in his duel!

At this moment, Cabel was undergoing medical treatment, and he needed to consider Torres's group battle strategies. Being the mainstay heavy soldier, it was for the best if Cabel were able to be fielded. The Torres Family's combat analysis had been completed. During Barran's breakthrough in the earlier duel, he had unleashed the limits of his gravitational attribute special ability. Although it should have a range of 10 metres, that wasn't fixed, as a new special ability would generally be more formidable during its initial awakening and eruption. After that, it would drop to around 60% of its might for a period of time. Naturally, it would grow increasingly powerful through training and tempering. However, in the current situation where they were in a match, it was insufficient to be a threat for Torres. What's more, those were things that they were least afraid of.

Selecting Caliban for the third duel allowed Torres to possess the same level of confidence, even if this match was heading into the group battle phase.

Under the anticipation of the audience, Emily walked up.

"Oh my god! What am I seeing! Wang Zhong's selection might have just ruined Tianjing's chance for the group battle! Ah! Oh my god! Please strangle me to death!"

"This...this, isn't he too idiotic!

"I feel that way too! This isn't the time to act pretentiously! Instead, he should be grasping on the chance to bring this match into the group battle phase! He's up against Torres!"

"He's absolutely squandering their chance to obtain victory in this match!"

"Looks like some people are getting high and aloof after obtaining some victories!"

"Didn't Barran win? How would you know if Emily can or cannot win! Everything's possible!"

"Fuck! Do you think that breaking through is that easy? If Emily can also win her duel, I'll strip naked and streak across the arena!"

Wang Zhong's selection had blown up the arena and Skylink. There were extremely few people who were not mindblown by his selection. Barran's breakthrough was practically a miracle. However, thinking carefully about it, exactly what was the percentage of this situation repeating for Emily?

A noisy din flooded the arena, especially from those worried hearts who were truly hoping for Tianjing's victory.

In contrast, for Caliban, if he was able to win this duel, it would definitely be a good thing for him and Torres. He didn't feel a single bit of pressure facing off against Emily. As for the so-called Assassin… in reality, they really didn't hold any value in his eyes.
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    《Battle Frenzy》