Battle Frenzy
517 Unendurable challenge to one“s IQ!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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517 Unendurable challenge to one“s IQ!

Having obtained victory over Emily, it was apparent that the Torres squadron members had started to joke and talk merrily with each other. Tianjing had handed over the selection advantage over to them on a silver platter. Frankly speaking, Tianjing had genuinely wasted Barran's victory, which he had staked his life on. There were also people saying that brother King was especially biased towards beautiful women. In the past, they had simply treated that as a rumour. However, from the looks of it, it really appeared to be the case. Emily and Scarlet were both beautiful women, and he had actually selected them to participate in the duels for this match.

Tianjing's matches weren't like other matches; the other matches generally were between more evenly matched opponents. In contrast, Tianjing always had a wide disparity in overall strength as compared to their opponents.

The noisy hum of discussions rang throughout the entire arena, with people still glancing down to look at the 2 parties walking towards the arena stage. However, in reality, their hearts were no longer focused on the current duel. Instead, almost all of them were talking about the upcoming duel, the 5th duel.

This duel had already been overlooked. Nonetheless, Scarlet had cut off the outside world completely. Under Wang Zhong's leadership, the Tianjing squadron members had all focused their hearts.

Raising her head, she noticed the enormous arena around her, as well as the countless voices ringing throughout the air. In the past, Scarlet would immediately have the impulsion to faint, and that was not an exaggeration. Being the focal point of close to 200 thousand people was something that mere numbers couldn't properly describe. Such attention could really ignite a person's blood.

However, at this very moment, Scarlet's heart had already turned calm and tranquil, while her hands grasped her guns extremely tightly.

Even though her opponent, Clark, was a Torres squadron member, this was also the first time he had experienced such a gargantuan stage. From the looks of it, he appeared to be extremely confident in himself. At the very least, he was confident when facing off against Scarlet. However, the massive attention being placed on him made him extremely excited. This was the fight where he would make a name for himself!

The life or death factor in this duel was rather simple: distance!

If Clark were able to advance before her, Scarlet would definitely lose without a doubt. Her close combat prowess was negligible. As for her Ice attribute special ability's slowing effect, it was still uncertain if it would be effective against Clark. However, being a mainstay of Torres, he would definitely possess a few trump cards up his sleeves.

At the ring of the competition bell, Scarlet started her firing. The deftness as well as the firepower output of the Kalum twin pistols were pretty good, and were suitable for Scarlet to exert her control. Although her ice attribute special ability wasn't powerful, there were only a few ice attribute special ability users from Grozny City who could rival her. This was the reason why she could remain at this realm. Once her attack landed, her successive accurate shots would still cause a headache for an assassin like Clark.

However, the reality was always brutal and unrelenting.

Scarlet's attacks weren't able to strike Clark. Possessing a Wind attribute special ability allowed him to make more than just graceful movements. It allowed him to interfere with a ranged soldier's judgement and positional accuracy. This was a suppression of combat tactics.

Scarlet's bullet arrays were too stiff and rigid. To Clark, they were really easier to dodge than those he had faced during his training.

Yet another attack missed, causing a wave of boos and jeers to ring out from a side of the arena. There were even people who were shouting at the top of their lungs "Oi! Can you shoot properly! Shoot proper! Oi~~~"

There were quite a few people who were heckling Scarlet. Once such an atmosphere started to gain momentum, quite a few people joined in, hurling ridiculing comments towards Scarlet.

On the stage, Scarlet's face proceeded to alternate between redness and a pale shade. It had to be said that even Clark could feel it. That Wang Zhong truly was a… How does one put it! Indeed, he was extremely strong. However, he really was being slightly too nice to Scarlet and Emily. If not, how could such people be allowed to step onto such a stage?

Could it be that last night's service was too good?

Several obscenities were tossed out from the audience. It was inevitable that something like that would happen with such a large crowd, especially in the arena, where it was commonplace. Nonetheless, it was not a frequent occurrence in the CHF.

Ma Dong did not feel that this was a coincidence. Being a successor of the Assassin family, this was exactly his expertise. Those people echoing the comments may just be riding the wave and hopping onto the bandwagon. However, the same couldn't be said for those who started the flames.

At this moment, Ma Dong stared right at the few people that were cursing the loudest and fiercest. He really wanted to investigate their backgrounds! Nevertheless, he was not willing to cause further disturbances to Scarlet.

However... in reality, Scarlet was already feeling disturbed. There were clear signs within the successive attacks that she was getting flustered. Furthermore, wanting to showcase his capabilities, Clark was evading them in the most relaxed manner he could while rushing quickly towards her like a gust of wind. He wanted showboat even more! However, Torres stood behind him. If he gave too ostentatious of a performance against such a low-level opponent, it would result in the opposite of he wanted. From the looks of it, this much was enough to deal with her.

Seeing that Clark was increasing his speed caused Scarlet to become more flustered, resulting in her successive bullet arrays to unexpectedly start deviating.

It wasn't too difficult to unleash a bullet array, what more with twin pistols. How could she start deviating in her shots?

Roaring laughter filled the entire arena, while Ruo Zhi and Chen Yu'er exchanged glances, as they were no longer able to control the rhythm of this duel.

The greater the noise and laughter ringing about in the arena, the more deviated Scarlet's shots became, while the redder her beautiful face became. There was no one to blame for this, as Scarlet and Emily were the flower vases of Tianjing. Indeed, both of them had their own unique appeal, and were exceedingly beautiful. Furthermore, girls were most beautiful when their faces are covered in a reddish shade of embarrassment. This was further amplified by the cursing and jeering of the audience.

"What is this! Wang Zhong's basically make a chaotic mess!" Divian's thoughts had been thrown into disarray by the spectacle happening in the stage and arena. Her impression of Wang Zhong had dropped from the heavens all the way down to the bottom of the earth.

"Sweet and graceful ladies are the beloved targets of noblemen. Wang Zhong's also a man." replied Gui Hao with a smile. Indeed, that brat did not disappoint him to really drop the reins on the overall situation at such a crucial moment.

Vladimir and the others did not make any noise, as the Grozny squadron members were forbidden to delve into matters of love before casting their heroic souls. Strength was their primary focus. Anything else was secondary.

On the stage, the distance between Scarlet and Clark had already narrowed down to the last 10 metres. This was a lethal distance for her, as any assassin would be able to erupt with the full might of their capabilities in an instant.

The lights illuminating the stage showed the clear paleness present on Scarlet's face...

The Tianjing Academy had already turned deathly silent in the face of this. They weren't able to say that Wang Zhong had made a mistake in his arrangements, and even more so, that Scarlet wasn't putting in effort in this duel. Every single Tianjing students knew that there wouldn't be the current Tianjing squadron without Scarlet. She had truly given so much for this squadron.

However, it was precisely due to this fact that everyone felt a deep pain in their hearts upon seeing her being suppressed in such fashion. Although there was no expression present on old Greene's face, the clenched fists had already betrayed the emotions present in his hearts. That was his biological granddaughter! A smart and wise girl! A person that was willing to give up her position as captain to Wang Zhong when he was still an unknown person! While everyone was doubting Wang Zhong, she had supported him and this Tianjing squadron! Greene could say with pride that among those he had seen or not seen, there was no one who could achieve what Scarlet had accomplished.

Maybe she had been scared to the point where her mind had turned blank. Unexpectedly, Scarlet did not unleash any last-ditch suppressive fire. At the very least, she should give her all, right!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A sliver of a victorious smile surfaced at the corner of Clark's mouth. However, just as it was spreading across his face, Scarlet unleashed the full might of her Soul Power, appearing to have been accumulating it for a very long time. It exploded out from her body without restraint, but it was merely her Ice attribute special ability. What's more, it wasn't something like the Divine Ice attribute freezing. However, the chilling air did not gush out and attack Clark. Instead, they formed ice walls behind Scarlet...

The entire audience gawked, before explosive sounds of laughter followed suit. That lass was scared shitless! She had actually placed ice walls behind her! This... this... was she a preschooler?

Her nervousness had reach such an extent that it was challenging everyone's intelligence!

In the next second, whoosh...whoosh...whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh...
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    《Battle Frenzy》