Battle Frenzy
518 Name of Hero : Goddess of Intelligence, Scarlet Eruption!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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518 Name of Hero : Goddess of Intelligence, Scarlet Eruption!

Metre-wide ice walls continued to appear, taking less than a second to link up together, forming a gigantic ice cell.

At this moment, the gigantic spotlights were completely reflected by those ice walls, illuminating the entire arena as if it were in the middle of the day. When the radiance suddenly gathered on the multiple ice walls, countless beams of light converged, before dozens of Scarlets appeared, with over a hundred Kalum twin pistols in their hands, unleashing a dazzling radiance like a second sun!


Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang...

Today, at this very moment, let the bullets rain down!

In the name of Scarlet, tell everyone who had belittled her, shown contempt towards her, how petty, low and pitiful they were!

Multi-angle prismatic unlimited bullet rain!

In just a single absent-minded instant, infinite bullets rumbled down like a downpour. At this instant, everyone was bearing witness to what the strongest explosive firing truly meant.

Other than the interference from the dazzling radiance, people could also see the incomparable calm present within Scarlet's eyes. At this moment, none of the earlier fluster was present. Although she had her weaknesses, she excelled the most in her mastery of her Kalum twin pistols. At this same time, she was able to unleash their high-speed firing capabilities to the absolute limits.

Clark was only able to dodge a few shots before they started striking home. After the first shot landed, countless other bullets struck his body. Everyone could see Scarlet dance freely and gracefully like a female goddess, as countless figures drifted about, between the reflections of the ice walls, the radiance of their Kalum twin pistols continuing to blossom and pour out like a flood...


Clark's Soul Power shattered apart, and he flew up into the air before landing on the ground, not moving a single inch.

All of the afterimages came to a stop. The only one standing on the stage was the figure that had been mocked and ridiculed. Standing tall, her silver Tianjing uniform appeared free and unconstrained, as she spun her twin pistols before returning them back to their holsters hanging from her waist.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

This, of course, was the calm and relaxed Scarlet. She would not ridicule others due to their weakness, nor would she become conceited from her strength.

It could be said that the entire arena was stunned by this outcome. There were many whose expressions were still stuck at the ridiculing laughter from just a few seconds ago! However, the duel had already ended, in a fashion that was inconceivably elegant and graceful.

"4th duel, Tianjing squadron, Scarlet, victory!" the referee's voice broke the silence in the arena.

In the next second, applause rang out from the entire arena, with quite a few people giving a standing ovation. Everyone here knew that strength varied from one person to another. There were the strong, and there were the weak. There were talented people, and there were those who lacked talent. These factors could not be controlled by humans. However, hard work and intelligence could be instilled.

Intelligence and creation had made mankind stronger than those mutated beasts, and were the crucial factors behind humanity's dominance on Earth.

This was the different style Scarlet had brought to the CHF.

This was the different flair that Tianjing brought!

"Oh Lord in the heavens! Please permit me to offer my apologies to Scarlet and the Tianjing squadron! Just a few seconds ago, even I felt that participant Scarlet did not have the qualifications to be in this stage! Yet, she has now given everyone a big surprise!" exclaimed Ruo Zhi in an emotional voice.

"Participant Scarlet's imagination has basically broken through the heavens! How did she pull that off!"

"Showing weakness to his opponent. Clark's really foolish to really believe that his opponent's just a noob! Too naive! He's the real little student!"

Ruo Zhi kicked off the discussions as the Skylink completely exploded apart. This was the inconceivable Tianjing they were hoping to see! They couldn't be understood with common sense! While other people were duking it out, they were in the midst of creation!

The Tianjing squadron members high-fived Scarlet as she walked down from the stage. When it was Wang Zhong's turn, he gave her a warm hug, causing wolf whistles to sound out around them. Naturally, all of them meant well.

"Fantastic!" said Wang Zhong while giving a huge thumbs up, not holding back on the praise. In reality, the final attack that Scarlet had unleashed had been on his drawing board for a very long time. The only problem was that it was basically impossible for her to create such a complicated structure. Nevertheless, such a line of thought was truly too profound! Even if Clark could feel the chilling air gushing towards him, it would be impossible for him to realise the intent behind her actions.

This time, Scarlet's face truly turned beet red before replying. "You're just saying that your idea is very good!"

"Cough cough. I've merely just voiced a random idea of mine. You're the artist who finished the painting!"

"Cough cough. Can you two captains not throw praises at each other! All of us are watching!" Milami could not help but to tease them.

"That's right! That's right! Have you ever seen me and Mimi do such a thing." Ma Dong chimed in, while holding on to Milami's waist.

"Is it so fun to poke fun the rest of us single people?" Lily could not help but add on, causing everyone to burst into laughter.

The entire arena was now filled with various kinds of praises and sighs of admiration. Having gained fame from bitter fights, Tianjing had unexpectedly won a duel in such an "easy" fashion! From a certain perspective, it was an inconceivably creative move, to combine a special ability with science!

Although the Federation was advancing in the field of runes, the foundations of science and technology were still present, including the aspect of physics and chemistry. However, in reality, everyone would pay less attention in refining their knowledge in those areas when training their strength. To them, studying those areas was a waste of time. However, Tianjing had let everyone see once again how bold and imaginative they were.

This was also an utterly different flair of victory as compared to Barran's. This wasn't only a simple victory; now, every single person in the other squadrons no longer to not dared to feel relaxed when faced against Tianjing.

"Goddess! Goddess! Goddess!"

The people in the arena and Skylink were shouting loudly, as the flair of this victory was indeed rather outlandish. The entire CHF was restricted to the Casted Soul Stage. However, due to everyone's unique Soul Power attributes, the quality of their physique, aristocratic family's secret combat techniques, as well as other unique aspects, there was, in fact, a great disparity between the combat prowess of the participating individuals.

People's earlier impression of Tianjing was that they merely had handsome men and beautiful women in their lineup, and, other than Wang Zhong and Grai, the rest of their members were just flower vases; simply some good-looking New Humans. To gain the praise and adoration in the CHF, a corresponding level of strength would be required. This was not an era that focused solely on looks and appearances.

At this instant, in Tianjing City, old Greene's eyes turned slightly moist. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect to see such a happy spectacle occurring before his eyes! His granddaughter had finally spread her wings to show off to the entire world! Just seeing this made his entire life worthwhile!

He grabbed hold of Professor Thor's hand, trembling slightly and unable to speak. Nevertheless, Thor gave a squeeze of his hand and said with a hearty chuckle. "Don't get too emotional, old friend. Be careful of your blood pressure."

"Relax! I'll definitely live for a few more years!" he had seen too many talented students in his tenure as an academy headmaster. Therefore, old Greene was all too clear about the significant transformation of a student's mental and psychological state that would result from the splendour and glory from a single fight.

Truthfully speaking, although he cared deeply for the Academy, however, even if he had felt exuberant when Tianjing had achieved more important and glorious victories in the past, he had never had such an intense surge of emotions like what he was currently experiencing. After all, it was his granddaughter! He really wanted to cry now.

In the VIP room, the people present weren't able to smile. Gui Hao wasn't able to smile. His old opponent, Divian also wasn't able to smile. Clearly, Tianjing had given all them a fierce wake-up slap to their haughty attitudes.

From the very beginning, they had taken a high stance to look down and judge Tianjing. Pointing and critiquing, it appeared as if they were simply discussing some lofty ideals.

A slightly ugly expression had appeared on Carolyn's face, especially during the scene of Wang Zhong taking the initiative to hug Scarlet.

With the atmosphere turning slightly embarrassing, Gui Hao took the initiative to break it by speaking to Laura with a smile. "I've not had much dealing with our younger sister Laura in the past, but what a good eyesight you have! Haha, in the past, I've only known that your Potter Family's senior Potter is very formidable. However, never did I expect that this sister would also be this outstanding."

Gui Hai still possessed some breadth of mind. After all, with his aim of being the representative figure for the Federation's younger generation, losing was exactly a bad outcome.

Laura's only response was to smile. Her eyes were already locked onto the large screen before here.

Within the entire VIP room, she was most likely the only person who knew that Wang Zhong wasn't someone who would shoot without aiming. Indeed!

Self-confidence was not something that could be built overnight. How could one see a rainbow before experiencing a storm? However, most people were only willing to believe in themselves, and were totally unwilling to believe in others.

Compared to Gui Hao's attempt of gaining friendship through a bet, Laura had disregarded it entirely. She was currently focusing on the fact that Wang Zhong was about to start his duel. She believed that Scarlet's move definitely came from an idea proposed by Wang Zhong. That person was the most unfathomable treasure-trove she had ever seen. Although she believed that she had been a diligent member among the various aristocratic family members, and was extremely all rounded in her grasp of various kinds of knowledge, she still appeared slightly ignorant and inexperienced when compared to Wang Zhong. The problem was that this person had such a deep pool of knowledge, yet wasn't arrogant or overbearing; instead, he had a greater thirst for knowledge and the investigation of the unknown!

His non-conformance to societal norms, along with unbounded imagination and ideas, made Laura feel extreme respect towards him. In fact, it had almost reached the level of worship.

At this moment, all of the broadcasting cameras were pointing towards Wang Zhong, seated within the Tianjing preparatory arena.
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    《Battle Frenzy》