Battle Frenzy
519 Soul Power, down to the finest detail
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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519 Soul Power, down to the finest detail

What kind of person was Gui Hao? He was already able to understand the thoughts in her heart from a single look at her expression and gaze.

Such focus and concentration was the greatest praise and admiration a male could obtain from a female!

Although a smile was still present on Gui Hao's face, he did not continue to pester her. There was a problem. Originally, he had believed that Vladimir and Mo Wen were his greatest opponents. As for Dicaprio, that wastrel could only struggle in the commoner realm, and would pose no threat. However, Wang Zhong was different! Not only was he walking a similar path as Dicaprio, Dicaprio also seemed to be extremely supportive of Tianjing. At this moment, rifts were even starting to appear in the inner workings of the aristocratic families, and those were not good signs at all.

Gui Hao's eyes were also locked onto Wang Zhong's figure in the large screen before him. Those people who had jeered at Scarlet were very likely to be Zhao Zimo's special arrangements. This could be said to be a clever move; it would silently create benefits. However, it unexpectedly gave rise to the opposite effect. Instead, it had become part of Scarlet's play, also resulting in Clark entirely disregarding the possibility that Scarlet's actions were just an act. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

That mouthfucker's luck is too good! Also, that girl really knows how to act!

Now, the camera's were turned towards the Heaven's Fate squadron. There was nothing anyone could do. Mo Wen was the greatest powerhouse among the experts present in the arena.

If there was someone within the arena who was able to see what had happened in the last part of the 4th duel with the greatest clarity, it would definitely have to be Mo Wen. Even those few experts present in the arena did not pay attention to Scarlet's actions. However, Mo Wen was able to see every single detail. This was why no one was able to conceal anything from him.

This wasn't just a problem with luck or an inability to see clearly. Talent would manifest in a variety of aspects, with the main differentiating factor being the strength of one's special ability and Soul Power. However, there were also a few obscure talents out there. When the heavens created a human, they would bestow attributes that were different for every single person.

During this duel, Scarlet had created an entire prismatic lens array behind her. Just its creation alone was already extraordinary. Furthermore, the entire construct was aesthetically pleasing. The requirements to create reflective walls that could focus light and create phantoms were rather strict and left little room for error. Learning how to execute this wasn't as difficult as newborns learning how to breathe; Scarlet seemed to be quite skilled in this area of control.

The execution and utilisation of her entire skill set had opened new perspectives, and while it is easy to follow the footsteps of those who came before, forging one's own path is the truly commendable act.

Mo Wen was looking towards the Tianjing squadron. This was the real reason why he had come down to watch in person. Having lingered at the boundary between the 2 soul stages for a long period of time, he could have cast his heroic soul at any time and stepped out of the Casted Soul Stage. However, that was not something he wanted to do, as he needed to find an even stronger opportunity. If he made a good move, he could reap greater rewards with less effort. However, if it was a misstep, then a long, winding journey lied ahead of him. The most crucial factor here was, he knew that he was only lacking some little profound concept just out of his grasp. These kinds of opportunities definitely couldn't be found with ordinary means.

Feeling that peculiar gaze shooting down from above, Wang Zhong looked up towards Mo Wen. He found it odd that Mo Wen had actually come down to the arena to watch their match. As their gazes met, Mo Wen gave a faint smile and a thumbs up.

This small exchange was accurately captured by the cameras. This was not the first time that Mo Wen had praised the Tianjing squadron.

Mo Wen wasn't someone who gave praise easily. On the contrary, he had basically inherited the low-profile stance of the Mo Family. This was even more noticeable due to Mo Wen's character, as he would always adopt a neutral position. That also meant that he would not randomly pass judgement on others, especially when the parliamentary and aristocratic family influences were in contention.

Nevertheless, anything he did, he did with sincerity. Furthermore, his opponent was worthy of his praise!

This action incited yet another wave of discussions to spring out in the arena… That's because Scarlet's victory had led to... jubilation and surprise. It seemed weird; why did Wang Zhong deserve such exaggerated praise from Mo Wen?

What the hell was this???

At this opportune moment, the big screens began replaying the scene from the earlier duel. The highlight was the construct of the prismatic lenses. This was a massive construct that exuded an aesthetic feeling after being enlarged on the large screens. Every ice wall was fused together with a relatively weak amount of Soul Power. Even laymen knew that the weaker the Soul Power used, the harder it was to control it. Extremely weak Soul Power would either break or get taken advantage of. However, Scarlet's control basically allowed her Soul Power to flow stably within her construct like the brushstrokes on a painting. All of her Soul Power oscillated on a single wave band; calm, stable, without any fluctuations. All these factors were achieved while under fighting conditions and with constant external interference!

Ruo Zhi's mouth fell open, and could not help but to slap the podium while exclaiming: "We won't be able to see it if there wasn't any slow-motion playback, but this should be an insanely high level of detailed Soul Power control!"

Detailed control of Soul Power was primarily used for the engraving of runic patterns, and in runic pattern array research. These areas required extremely exquisite control of Soul Power and the ability to remain calm, and only a handful of people could accomplish such feats in the heat of battle.

If Grai was here, he would definitely chime in and put his two cents in. Only people who were able to accomplish such a level of control would be able to handle runic combat techniques. Scarlet's talent in this aspect was shockingly good. The only pity was that this wasn't a mainstream concept in the Federation, and it had yet to be discovered and utilised by anyone.

From the exquisite construct down to smoothly flowing eruption, these weren't just some simple mirrors created using an Ice attribute special ability, but a powerful technique that required the fusion of multiple skills!

The arena erupted in a wave of cheers; not only for her victory, but also to applaud the splendour of this miraculous combat technique! The CHF was originally established to stimulate the imagination and creation of the Federation's soldiers, and especially for them to develop their own flair and style!

"Captain Mo Wen's truly formidable, being able to clearly see what was happening without a playback." Chen Yu'er could not help but to give an emotional sigh. Clearly, there was no need to request an expert to give a breakdown, as Mo Wen was definitely clear about every single detail that had occured in the earlier duel.

The Skylink chat exploded once again.

"Brother Mo Wen's stealing the spotlight!"

"An invisible act is the most lethal!"

"No wonder he covers his eyes! It's probably because all of his previous opponents are simply too weak."

...When a person like Mo Wen wanted to become high-profile, there was truly no one who could compare. Just a small action was already able to cause everyone to focus on him.

At this moment, slightly ugly expressions were present on the group of conceited people in the VIP room. If they did not start a competition, they wouldn't get harmed.

"Torres' problem has appeared. Now that it's at a 2:2 tie, with Tianjing squadron having the selection advantage, the 5th duel will have no relation to the outcome of this match. Naturally, a win would still guarantee a certain level of psychological superiority over the other squadron in the group battle. However, if, by the off chance, the match ends in a tie, this point would act as the tiebreaker. Naturally, that's extremely unlikely to occur! Now, let us see Torres's selection!" said Ruo Zhi. In fact, everyone in the audience hoped to see the strongest from both squadrons duke it out in the last duel. Their brother King had yet to take the field!

It was one thing to hear the audience's shouts, and another to follow to one's tactics. Regardless of perspective, there was, in fact, no need for both squadrons to waste too much energy on this 5th duel, as a greater expenditure of resources would merely allow their future opponents to collect more intelligence on them.

All of the sudden, Ruo Zhi's Skylink started to ring. After taking a look, a radiant smile appeared before he continued speaking. "I've just received news from the CHF committee, that in the Casted Soul Stage, the Great Void Mouth does not have the ability to devour what it eats. Instead, it will have a randomized spatial transfer. Grai should have simply been transported to a distant location. Please be at ease, Grai's fans. However, the only thing Tianjing needs is time, for Grai to return to their squadron. The most reasonable move for Torres at this point of time would be to end the 5th duel as quickly as possible, so as to begin the group battle before Grai can return!"

Ruo Zhi's new piece of information and analysis instantly caused the athe tension to rise once again. The answer was clear for all to see. Victory was something that every squadron desired. However, in contrast, what the audience wanted was a splendid match.

'Battle between the kings! Battle between the kings!"

"We beg for no one to be terrified! We beg for intense exhilaration! We beg for power! We beg for love!"

"The heavenly king will destroy the tiger on the ground, and they're only 1.5m tall! The pagoda would suppress all river monsters, and brother Zhong would rule from the top!" (it's a chinese phrase from a classical chinese text, the meaning of it can't be captured well in english)
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    《Battle Frenzy》