Battle Frenzy
522 Invincible Divine Weapon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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522 Invincible Divine Weapon

Regardless of a change in his movement frequency or the use of Ghostly Steps, Wang Zhong was utterly unable to deceive Bobo. When a soldier reached such a realm, the techniques and skills that would be able to deceive most soldiers would basically become useless. If not, the 10 Great Families would have been destroyed a long time ago.

Wang Zhong's various attempts were all being suppressed, while Bobo's every attack was a major problem for him. It wouldn't a problem if the attacks were all heavy or all light. However, flipping between the extremes was too much of a challenge for Wang Zhong to bear! Most crucially, regardless of its weight, the attacks were all extremely swift. The Golden Trident was on a whole different level compared to other weapons.

There was a saying in the Sanctuary Division. Do not engage in a battle of attrition against Bobo Torres. That's because you will start to doubt whether you really know how to fight.

A massive weight over 1000 pounds came rumbling over towards Wang Zhong. The ground instantly shattered apart, while Wang Zhong's centre of gravity was smashed downwards. To Bobo, unleashing an attack like this was as easy as writing. A single strike had suppressed Wang Zhong, before the trident instantly followed up with two extremely intense sweeps.

Holy Light Cross Slash!


Wang Zhong was directly smashed by the force of the move. As his Soul Power exploded apart, he was sent tumbling in the air, before smashing heavily onto the ground.

On the Skylink, all of All Mouthy King's supporters were all dumbfounded... what was this situation?

This was utterly different from what was supposed to happen! How was All Mouthy King the one getting beaten up like that?

A frown appeared on Bobo's face, as he felt somewhat disappointed. Originally, he had believed that his opponent was an expert at a similar level as Mo Wen, and would be able to bring something new to the table. However, from the looks of it, he was overestimating his opponent; Wang Zhong was just a frog at the bottom of a well.

As he stood up, Wang Zhong gave a laugh. Such happiness! Ever since he started fighting in the OP and advanced to fighting in the CHF, despite the many difficulties he had faced, it had been a really, really long time since he had encountered such a unique opponent, and an extremely all-rounded one to boot! Furthermore, his trident-wielding opponent seemed to possess no weaknesses at all, while placing immense pressure on him with unique offensive moves!

However, this was precisely what Wang Zhong needed!

Standing straight, Wang Zhong spread his hands out, applying the method of using the unchanging to deal with the myriad of changes happening before him. This wasn't the first time he had used his Instantaneous Oscillation Fist to create a path for himself. This strength accumulating strike had always been invincible.

Seeing this, a sliver of excitement appeared in Bobo's eyes, before the Soul Powers of both men started to gradually rise. Clearly, they were expecting more than just victory for this duel! Both of them wanted to obtain the experience and strength they desired from their opponent, and use it to become stronger!

Wang Zhong's Instantaneous Oscillation Fist wasn't some hidden secret, with countless people having already analysed and researched it. Its terrifying power was due to the fusion of the 2nd drive with Soul Power oscillations, resulting in its frightening lethality when striking home. Coupled with his mastery in the fields of combat judgment and intent, Wang Zhong was able to showcase the might of the Fist to its limits.

In the past, his opponents clearly only had a certain level of powerful techniques, yet were lacking in their combat accomplishments.

However, Bobo was different from all of them. Bobo possessed a similar level of understanding and combat judgment. To both parties on stage, this was the genuine start of their contest.


Wielding his trident, Bobo started his lightning-fast advance. Appearing just like a golden bolt of lightning, he shot towards Wang Zhong. Was he planning on contending against Wang Zhong's Instantaneous Oscillation Fist head-on?

At this moment, Wang Zhong was accumulating power in his right fist. His eyes had already left Bobo, with his entire being entering an out-of-body state. He could feel everything that was happening in his surroundings, without missing even the minute details.

In a flash, the Golden Trident had pierced through space and came rumbling right towards him!

Bobo Torres chose to advance head on. Also not choosing to evade, Wang Zhong sent his Instantaneous Oscillating Fist, which had been successful in every endeavour, rumbling straight towards the incoming Golden Trident. Regardless of whether his opponent's strength was real or a feint, his Instantaneous Oscillation Fist would break anything in its path!

At this instant, Wang Zhong's fist was just a dozen centimetres away from Bobo Torres's Golden Trident. However, both parties had already utilised their strength to their limits!

Was there an error in their judgement?


Soul Power exploded apart, as the entire might of the collision between the two attacks pressed down on Wang Zhong. He was sent flying once again, with it being more severe than the previous time. The berserk energies smashed right against his chest, sending him tumbling in the air... In what seemed like an instant, a golden shade had already chased up to him! Descending from the skies, the Golden Trident rumbled straight down towards Wang Zhong's body!


Wang Zhong's entire being was flattened down right into the ground, causing a massive boom to ring out alongside the rock chips that filled the air. Bobo had already made a graceful somersault in the air, before landing elegantly back at the place where he had stabbed his trident into the ground.

At this moment, the Golden Trident in Bobo Torres's hands was glistening with a radiance. Under the support of his Soul Power, the runes on its surface continued to circulate about, causing his small frame to possess the same awe-inspiring might as a god of war.

Yet another one of All Mouthy King's killing moves had been broken!

Indeed, the Instantaneous Oscillation Fist did not need to make contact to unleash its might, as it could rely on Soul Power oscillations to strike its target. However, possessing a Divine Weapon, Bobo Torres could also do something similar to that. The most crucial factor was the Divine Weapon. Blocking the power from the Instantaneous Oscillation Fist, most of it had already dissipated by the time it had reached Bobo's body. However, at that instant, the immensely heavy strike from the Golden Trident had already smashed into Wang Zhong's body.

"At this realm, the Golden Trident was more than sufficient to cause despair even in soldiers excelling in skill and technique. Wang Zhong's about to fail miserably this time. He might have a little more hope if he had used the cross wheels." said Gui Hao with a smile. On a whole, he could take this breath of relief, as in the end, Bobo did not disappoint him.

At this moment, the audience in the arena was cheering in jubilance. All Mouthy King had most likely thought of using close combat to counter Bobo's long weapon. However, he did not choose to use a penetrative short-ranged weapon like a dagger. Naturally, upon reaching the realm that those two on stage were at, most weapons were frankly unable to increase the lethality of their attacks. However, it was still better than nothing, right? Furthermore, having a weapon would allow the utilisation of a wider range of combat styles. His choice had led to his current situation. All of his various moves had been restrained and countered, while his ever-so-successful Instantaneous Oscillation Fist had been proved to be completely useless.

All of a sudden... everyone discovered that All Mouthy King was no more than what they had seen... he had already exhausted his limited abilities.

In the past, regardless of what difficulty he faced, everyone always felt that Wang Zhong possessed unlimited possibilities to break out from any crisis he faced. However, this time, all of those possibilities had been snuffed out.

Compared to the jubilant cheers from the Torres supporters, the majority of the audience in the arena was now in silence.

"Bobo has likely only used 70% of his full strength. He hasn't even begun to demonstrate the genuine might of his Divine Weapon." said Carolyn in an indifferent tone. Despite her emotionless expression, deep down in her heart, she was jubilant.

"He possesses a Divine Weapon that has recognised him as its owner. It's indeed difficult for a commoner like Wang Zhong to deal with it." added Vladimir with a faint smile. "Wang Zhong's ability to reach this level is indeed praiseworthy."

"The fight has yet to end. Isn't it too early to say such words?" Laura could not help but add in. She was the person within this VIP room that had the greatest understanding of Wang Zhong. In this top class fight happening at this moment, Wang Zhong's superiority was his Instantaneous Oscillation Fist, as well as his mysterious cross wheels. As for his other offensive moves, they weren't weak, but they were known to everyone, and weren't able to allow him to obtain an absolute suppression over his opponents. The question now was Wang Zhong's talent... since he had no special abilities, and did not know any Dimensional or Spiritual Soul combat techniques, these were very obvious shortcomings in such a high-level fight.

However, even though that was the case, Laura truly could not stand this group of people.

Naturally, the "self-restraint" of Gui Hao and the others meant that they would not bother to pick an argument with Laura. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

In the stage, Bobo stood proudly with his chest puffed up. The power behind the earlier fist wasn't bad. From a technical standpoint, it could be ranked as outstanding. However, it was completely useless in the face of his Golden Trident.

Was it the might of his weapon, or his own?

Perhaps, there might be people who would remain doubtful about that matter. However, on the battlefield, all of it would be considered as his own strength. He and the Golden Trident were one, all the way till death. Even if his life was to end, his Spiritual Soul would enter the Golden Trident and nourish this Divine Weapon, while continuing the honour and glory of the Torres Family!

As the dust cloud scattered, Wang Zhong was still lying in the pit created from his impact on the ground. He did not jump up immediately as everyone had expected. This caused the arena to feel exceedingly cold with dismay. The hearts of the Tianjing supporters have hung up once again. If Wang Zhong lost, all of their earlier victories would be for nought. Tianjing's journey in this CHF would also come to an end.

Scarlet and the others were extremely flustered. Nevertheless, they were unable to do anything but wait patiently.

The legend had broken?

All of a sudden, Mo Wen, who was observing the fight, gave a faint smile, while Noriba, who was seated not far away, opened his eyes wide.
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    《Battle Frenzy》