Battle Frenzy
523 Yet another Mo Wen?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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523 Yet another Mo Wen?

Wang Zhong stood up, brushed off the rock chips on his body, tore away the tattered remnants of his shirt, before walking out from the pit.

"Oh my god! It seems that Wang Zhong did not receive any serious injury at all! This is truly too inconceivable!" Ruo Zhi could not help but exclaim loudly. He did not believe that All Mouthy King would collapse that easily. Nevertheless, he definitely wouldn't be feeling good.

The few injuries present on his chest had already become faint scars...

"Sorry. It's a rare chance to meet one of the legendary 10 Great Divine Weapons, so my curiosity got the better of me." said Wang Zhong.

Muscle memory was undoubtedly an excellent method for adaptation. However, one would require a fleshly body and Soul Sea that could endure such attacks.

In this world, Wang Zhong had yet to find anything that could hurt his Soul Sea. As for the resilience of his body, Wang Zhong had paid a greater price for it than Barran. Since Barran could endure it, what was there that he couldn't endure?

Yes, that Golden Trident was extremely special; not only was it incomparably solid, it was also rather effective in obstructing external forces. Simply speaking, Divine Weapons possessed a certain level of self-consciousness. It wasn't to say that Divine Weapons were omnipotent, but they would be able to unleash miraculous effects in the right hands.

Without a doubt, Bobo Torres was a person who had obtained such fortune. Possessing the Golden Trident, the might of his Soul Power would allow him to defeat everything with one strike.

A slightly chilly expression appeared in Bobo's eyes, as he was exceedingly clear about the might of his attacks. They had an extremely terrifying suppressive effect on his opponent's fleshly body and Soul Sea. Even Heroic Soul Stage soldiers might not be able to endure his blows. However, Wang Zhong appeared to be completely unscathed!

"Interesting, very interesting! This is the fleshly body that soldiers should possess! However, it would require absolute power to defeat the defence of that Divine Weapon. I'm afraid that only my Heaven Raising War Axe can achieve that!" Noriba said in an extremely narcissistic manner.

Naturally, he was referring to his strength, and not some special ability.

However, anyone with Sanctuary level potential was able to see that Bobo had already achieved resonance with his Golden Trident, and had also achieved mutual dependence. This wasn't something bad; as Bobo's Soul Power progressed, he would gradually be able to exhibit more and more of the power the Golden Trident possessed, all the way until he casted his Heavenly Soul. It could be said that Bobo had already obtained his ticket into the Heavenly Soul Stage. On the other hand, there were people who had proven that this would lead to a bottleneck at the final stage… However, that was a matter for those at the Late Phase of the Heavenly Soul Stage to worry about. If one had to put it into context for those in the CHF, it would be just like a beggar caring about what he would do after becoming an emperor.

"Still trying to act mysterious, huh!" Bobo sneered coldly in reply. From the looks of it, it would be extremely hard to harm or kill Wang Zhong without using his full strength.

Wave after wave of Soul Power poured into the Golden Trident, causing light to blossom from the runes on its surface. At the same time, power started to spread out from Bobo's body, as the brilliance of golden lightning started to appear at the tips of the trident.

Grasping the middle of the Golden Trident, Bobo locked his eyes onto Wang Zhong. At this moment, Wang Zhong had lowered his centre of gravity slightly, and had opened his palms, appearing to enter an open stance.

That was a slightly weird stance. It was very similar to the starting form of the Orthodox Stance. However, there was something off about it.

The senses of experts were generally around the same level. Therefore, Bobo also had a similar weird feeling. Nevertheless, he wasn't frightened by that exaggerated stance. With his Golden Trident by his side, he was invincible!


As the ground shattered apart, Bobo had already disappeared without a trace, "Recieve my move -- Golden Dragon's Prison Shatter!"

Eye-dazzling brilliance radiated from the Golden Trident, while the golden lightning glow grew increasingly bright and ferocious as it hurtled right towards Wang Zhong. Frankly speaking, Bobo had never met anyone who could receive this attack.

Everyone's eyes were now wide open, all of them waiting to see exactly if Wang Zhong was simply exaggerating his posture.


In the next second, all of the audience in the arena had their jaws agape, before the noisy dim of discussion rang out. That's because it only took a blink of an eye before Bobo was sent flying backwards! The question now was that even Bobo had a dumbfounded expression his face. What just happened?!

Spreading his hands out once again, Wang Zhong shouted out. "Come!"

A deep shade appeared in Bobo's eyes, before the ground beneath his feet exploded apart as he rushed towards Wang Zhong yet again. However, this time, Bobo had done so with greater speed. Everyone's eyes were now focused on the Golden Trident, and had ignored the capabilities Bobo himself possessed. With astonishing speed, he appeared in a flash before Wang Zhong.

With an abrupt and ferocious right-angled turn, the Golden Trident was sent sweeping out towards Wang Zhong's waist. Wang Zhong twisted his body away, and with a swing of his arms, the fierce Golden Trident was directly swept aside, and a fist was sent towards his opponent's centre.


A muffled snort rang out from Bobo as he was sent stumbling back. It took him a dozen metres before he could regain his stability. Rubbing his chest, questions flooded his mind. What the hell happened? What is this?

In the next instant, Bobo's figure had already rushed berserkly forwards. Impossible! How could his attack have no effect at all? It definitely had to be some kind of special ability! In that case, I'll use my strongest power to break him!

As Bobo rose into the air, the lightning glow around the Golden Trident blossomed explosively, before he hurtled towards Wang Zhong like a cannonball.

"Tri Divine Roaring Slash!"

Bringing about an earth-shattering might, the Golden Trident bore down on Wang Zhong. Contained within this strike was a force that was capable of tearing a Heroic Soul Stage soldier into bits!


In an inconceivable fashion, the Golden Trident was blocked once again, while Bobo appeared right before wang Zhong.

At this moment, Wang Zhong had already lunged forwards, sending a palm right into Bobo's chest, before stepping an inch forward, smashing into Bobo like a fired cannonball. Bobo came to a violent halt. However, before he could leave Wang Zhong's attack range, Wang Zhong had already sent a fist hurtling forwards.

Instantaneous Oscillation Fist!


Bobo was sent flying into the air. This time, he was completely unable to control his momentum, flying high into the air before smashing heavily onto the ground along with his Golden Trident.

A deathly silence enveloped the entire arena. What the hell happened? Why was Bobo's attack utterly useless?

On the ground, Bobo coughed out a mouthful of blood before quickly propping himself up with his trident. Anger and doubt currently filled his heart. Why! Why did my attack feel like it had been pulled aside by some kind of attractive force! Why???Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Special Ability?" a frown appeared on Gui Hao's face. This was an extremely frustrating development.

"That doesn't seem to be the case. There are no indications of any special ability fluctuations. Furthermore, I'm afraid that even a special ability would be unable to accomplish such a strike on Bobo."

"You're not going to tell me that it's some kind of technique?"

The group of people in the VIP room stared at the self-confident and comfortable expression on Wang Zhong's face, as a heavy pressure came bearing down on them. He was actually still able to enjoy the fight at this stage of the CHF! Was this fellow a madman?

"What's going on, captain? Why does it seem slightly similar to your ultimate move?" asked Napier Mo subconsciously, before suddenly looking towards Mo Wen. This immediately caused him to jump in fright, while the other squadron members around them had blank expressions on their face. Mo Wen was burning with fighting intent...

Appearing to have subconsciously lost control, Mo Wen proceeded to restrain his aura. Interesting! Really interesting! Ever since he had comprehended the Mo Family's ultimate move "Circular", he no longer had any opponents on equal standing. However, from the looks of it, he had unexpectedly just witnessed a similar kind of strength being displayed by Wang Zhong!

It was extremely similar! However, only he knew that it was different!

Climbing up from the shattered ground, Bobo Torres wiped away the blood at the corner of his mouth, before giving a ferocious roar. This a violent and forceful roar that was utterly unlike his current physical state. KILL!

In an instant, the golden brilliance radiating out from the Golden Trident expanded explosively!

A ferocious soldier dash, appearing just like a rush of golden light! However, at the instant when he arrived before Wang Zhong, he abruptly swerved to the side, before the Golden Trident in his hand started to dance about, making a gorgeous arc in the air.

"Golden Fangs!"

The Golden Trident stabbed forward with high-speed revolutions, moving along with its natural inertia and arc. Appearing to distort space as it picked up speed, one could only see Bobo begin the arcing movement, before the trident tips were already stabbing into Wang Zhong's body!
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    《Battle Frenzy》