Battle Frenzy
524 Key
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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524 Key

This stab had reached the limits of speed and surprise. There was basically no way for Wang Zhong to evade! However, in what appeared to be the same instant, Wang Zhong swerved his upper torso in an arc, easily evading the incoming stab.

In the next instant, Bobo unleashed another burst of power, sending the trident in for a second stab!

Wang Zhong swung his hands again. With one leading and one trailing, he sent his fists towards Bobo. If this strike was to land, Bobo would have to pay a price.

At this moment, Bobo' body suddenly turned dim as he did a backflip. Wang Zhong's strike whiffed, while the phantom-like Bobo pointed his trident to the ground, before doing yet another backflip, instantly increasing the distance between both parties.

Dimensional combat technique--Inverse World.

This was the first time in the CHF that a Dimensional combat technique had been used to retreat.

At this moment, the darkness of the Dimensional world brought about a mysterious colour that was hard to describe. The sky was filled with many stars. However, those were clearly not stars, but something else. Mankind had been continuing their research about "them", and had never stopped, not even once.

There were researchers who indicate that those were the projections of Spiritual Souls. There may have been many relevant records about them in the ancient antiquity. When people died, those stars would descend. People's Spiritual Souls were just like the stars in the sky. Those stars in the dimensional space were the projections of Spiritual Souls. However, no one knew whether they came from the life forms on Earth, or from other worlds...

At this moment, under a starlight filled sky, a squadron of elite members was currently carefully making their way forward.

"Captain, target discovered!"

All of a sudden, excitement suddenly appeared on a squadron member's face, before he covered his throat and whispered a report.

In a moment, all of the members huddled around a red crystal. Approximately the size of a grown man's thumb, the crystal wasn't large, yet it radiated with a natural gleam. As they looked into it, they could see thousands and thousands of stars slowly revolving within its centre.

From the start, several of them didn't have a big reaction to this, as there was no need to be shocked or astonished by anything peculiar in the hyperdimensional world. Furthermore, this crystal was a repeated request from the higher level, a crucial item that they needed to find.

However, upon looking at the crystal in detail, shocked emotions instantly appeared on some of their faces. Their eyes suddenly turned blank, as the streaks of starlight stretched out to become gorgeous lines in their vision. Upon regaining their senses, they were already standing in a void, with a sea of light in the distance radiating with a stifling aura!

From their first inspection, they assumed that it was the glow radiating from the star cluster. However, upon taking a closer look, they could see that the light was moving about, just like the currents in a river. It appeared as though it was breathing, pregnant with vast and powerful energies.

"That should be it... our luck is really…"

The captain's heart and mind shook as he mumbled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, just as those words left his mouth, the sea of pulsating light that was slowly moving to and fro suddenly erupted. Appearing as though the god of the sea had become furious, several rays of light rushed up towards the skies, before transforming into a hurricane-like state. However, as this happened, one could faintly make our a peculiar existence hidden within the sea of light.

Before they could ponder about it, shock filled the hearts of the captain and a few members, while a pain that felt as though someone had given them a fierce punch to their noses and head started to radiate out, before spreading throughout their bodies. In a blink of an eye, the sea of light had already disappeared. They were still standing at their original positions, with the red crystal still radiating with a peculiar and soul-stirring natural gleam.

A few people exchanged glances with each other, their hearts chilled by what they had experienced. They knew that this thing definitely had an incredible background. Quickly wrapping up the crystal with a black bag, the captain said, "Let's go."

The squadron members all nodded their heads in agreement. With all of them being elite scouts, they knew the dos and don'ts. All of them were quiet as they accompanied their captain on the way back to base.

As they hurried on their way, the little squadron could feel a pressure bearing down onto them. Most of the times when they travelled through the dimensional worlds for patrols, they would not meet even a single squadron even after a whole day. However, this time, they had already encountered quite a few of time in just a span of a couple of hours! What's more, their lineups were strong and powerful, and both their manpower and equipment showed that these weren't just average elite soldiers.

The members of the aristocratic family influence were showing their greed. These weren't squadrons belonging to the Federation, but private ones under the control of the aristocratic families!

The hearts of the squadron members turned cold and clammy as they took note of this. As elites who had the qualifications to be sent to scout the dimensional world, none of them were idiots!

At this moment, they did not dare to increase their speed. The captain was also uncharacteristically decisive, choosing not to return directly to the base. Instead, all of them headed towards the territory of a Fox bear, which was an area they had already scouted prior to this.

Fox bears were solitary, high-ranking dimensional beasts, and possessed extremely strong territorial instincts. In what seemed like an instant, a raging fox bear rushed out, leading to an intense battle. Although the squadron was able to obtain superior ground, they still paid an extremely high price to kill the Fox bear.

It was due to this price that the squadron was able to return back safely.

In the dimensional world, there were times where the greatest danger wasn't for dimensional beasts, or natural dimensional disasters, but from other humans.

However, despite what they had done, the squadron was still stopped by other squadrons.

"Where are you guys returning from?"

Without making a single sound, the elites from the 10 great families had already surrounded them.

The hearts of the squadron members immediately started beating crazily. Nevertheless, having entered the dimensional worlds multiple times, they had been tempered by lots of training. This situation was, in fact, one of the trainings they had undergone. Despite being vigilant in their defences, they simultaneously revealed expressions of their mission failing and having suffered injuries as a result.

Naturally, their actions weren't sufficient to allow their enemies to easily release them. None of the people who were able to survive in the higher dimensional worlds were foolish idiots.

Carrying serious injuries on his body, the captain gave a sneer and replied, "Isn't that none of your business?"

Both sides shot cold glares at one another. Immediately, there were people with kind expressions on their faces walking forward as they said, "Please don't misunderstand. We're here with good intention. We see that you're hurt. Let me see. These wounds… did you guys encounter a Fox bear? Why are you all so careless? Fox bears generally only get furious when life forms enter their territory."

The captain's heart instantly tensed up. Their enemies could see that his wounds were from a Fox bear! They had come prepared! Common sense dictated that unless it was for a mission, an elite squadron like theirs would not enter the territory of a Fox bear, as it was considered to be an extremely elementary mistake.

"I also want to know why a Fox bear that isn't in its mating season would leave its territory." replied the captain, giving just the right response for the question.

This caused the few people before them to exchange glances before saying, "Oh? A Fox Bear that has left its territory? Where's its location! We want to see it!"

Hearing those words, the captain breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, as he knew that everything was alright. Nevertheless, he showed even more vigilance in his eyes as he replied, "Sorry, I don't have any need to tell you about my mission. Please let us pass. We have to return to our base."

"Haha. There's no need to rush. How can we sit and do nothing, when you guys have such serious injuries. Little Ou, what are you doing, gawking about over there. Quickly come and treat their injuries."

With the imposing stance the other squadrons were displaying, there was basically no leeway for them to reject this treatment. Nevertheless, their injuries were genuine. While their wounds were treated, they were basically being expertly searched by their opponents.

However, the genuine danger was over, as yet another Federation scout squadron had appeared on the road. This forced their unwilling enemies to give up on doing a more extensive search.

All the way till they reached Greedy Wolf Base, the squadron members did not dare to relax. After tidying themselves up, the captain carried his miserable body to see the highest governmental official in the base, General Hugo. Only then did he truly take a breath of relief, before extending into his throat...

A crystal sparkling with incomparable radiance was vomited out from his mouth!

Seeing the red crystal-like object, Hugo instantly jumped up in berserk elation. Ignoring the saliva present on its surface, he hastily grabbed hold it, appearing as though he had grabbed hold of something incomparably precious. Weighing it preciously, he retrieved his handkerchief to clean it, while trying his best to suppress the excitement in his heart. He knew that his fate would change from this point onwards.

The captain gawked as he looked towards the general, who had seemingly lost all sense. This made him start contemplating on whether he should leave this place or not.

Instantly realizing his loss of self-control, Hugo took a deep breath, before shoving the crystal into the secret pocket by his chest. Taking a deep look at the captain, he said, "Brother, the chance to change our fate has finally appeared! Let's go!"
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    《Battle Frenzy》