Battle Frenzy
525 Strongest Soul Beast Master
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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525 Strongest Soul Beast Master

On the stage, a slightly solemn expression appeared on Bobo Torres's face. Truthfully speaking, he had made loads of preparation before this match. However, never in his wildest dreams did he expect himself to be beaten to such a state! What's more, the first demonstration of his Dimensional combat technique was actually for retreating!

The atmosphere abruptly turned exceedingly grave, as everyone suddenly realised something. Other than being a soldier, Bobo Torres also had another identity -- Soul Beast Master!

Furthermore, he was known as the strongest Soul Beast Master within the younger generation of the Federation! That's because the combat prowess of his Soul Beast was the strongest out there!

A Soul Beast the size of a small mountain walked out from the void, while dimensional energies hid the skies and covered the earth as they gushed out. Standing over 10 metres tall, it possessed steel-like muscles, its body burned with greenish flames, while its gigantic claws appeared to be able to tear anything apart. This was Bobo Torres's Soul Beast, with the given nickname "Killing Star Guste".

As one of the 3 great Soul Beast Masters, be it Mo Ling or Laura's Soul Bear, their summons would appear like little children in the face of Bobo's Killing Star. The source of fuel for the flames burning on the dimension life form's body was Soul Power! This was basically a freak. Even Wang Zhong and Bobo were both being suppressed by its aura.

The entire arena was suppressed into silence by the appearance of Killing Star. This freak... why did it appear here? The problem was that Bobo was still at the Casted Soul Stage! This was basically impossible! The strength of this Soul Beast clearly couldn't be supported by the Soul Power of a Casted Soul Stage!


The summoned Soul Beast spread out its gigantic claws and gave an ear-shattering roar. A shockwave rippled out, causing rock chips to fly out across the arena, while its ferocious voice caused everyone to turn dumbfounded.

How shameless was this! This fight had basically turned into a 2 VS 1!

However, this was the unique trait of a Soul Beast Master. It just appeared exceedingly frightening when Bobo was the summoner. Divine Weapon, Soul Beast, coupled with Dimensional combat techniques! His strength appeared rather ridiculous.

After roaring, the gigantic beast rushed towards Wang Zhong, and sent an ordinary wave of its paw. However, the wind pressure generated from just one wave alone caused what seemed like a category 6 storm to wreak havoc throughout the arena. As this happened, a car-sized palm came sweeping towards Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong made a spin to the side as he rushed towards Bobo. The Soul Beast's gigantic frame allowed it to possess extraordinary power. However, a gigantic frame would also cause it to have lacklustre speed. Therefore, the simplest way to deal with it was to deal with the summoner.

However, Wang Zhong only had the time to repeat this line of thought once before the gigantic palm strike arrived before him.


What appeared to be a mountain came patting down on his head, instantly sending Wang Zhong into the ground like a peg, with the greater half of his body being hammered into the ground!

What speed was this???

Everyone was left speechless. This was utterly... how do you fight a monster like that?

"It's slightly shameless, to use the strength of a Divine Weapon to sustain such an energy-consuming dimensional life form." said Napier Mo with a snigger.

"That's the capability of us Soul Beast Masters. There's no place for any excuses when on the battlefield." said Mo Ling with a smile. Even when all of his Soul Beasts were added up, they still didn't consume as much energy as Bobo's Killing Star. Clearly, this was power from the Golden Trident. It seemed that Divine Weapons were really damn useful! Mo Ling was interested in seeing what methods Wang Zhong had left in him to reverse his currently unfavourable situation. Not only did Bobo's Soul Beast possess extraordinary power, its defensive capabilities were also top notch.

Before Wang Zhong could complete his thoughts, a dazzling brilliance had already sparkled at the top of his head.

"Naive!" Bobo snorted out as his unleashed the force of his Golden Trident. "The speed of a Dimensional Life Form doesn't have to conform to the rules of our world! Even someone like you has made this mistake!"

The Golden Trident made a downwards stab, while the Soul Beast Killing Star Gusto's giant palm came hurtling over from behind!

Under these berserk attacks, Wang Zhong was smashed deeper down into the ground. At this moment, he had basically become a human peg being driven right into the ground.

In the arena and Skylink, all of brother King's fans had tensed their throats and eyes, only to see Wang Zhong send a fierce smack to the ground with his palms. The ground around him instantly shattered apart as he rocketed out from the ground, evading the incoming lethal human-beast combination strike.


Bobo and Gusto's attacks missed. However, was followed was a cooperative act that left everyone one dumbfounded.

With a gentle lift of its finger, the dimensional beast Guste sent Bobo rocketing into the sky. Reaching a great height further than the limits of any new human's jumping capability, it only took an instant for him to become a small speck in the sky.

The speck of light rapidly sparkled, before golden light blossomed radiantly from it, causing it to appear just like the sun hanging in the sky. It was so bright that people could not help but to close their eyes, causing them to turn absent-minded, unable to ignore it. While this was happening, Killing Star Guste had already started its offensive.

Its gigantic body seemed to... it basically didn't experience any wind resistance! Despite it clearly being massive, why didn't it appear to possess any weight?

Wang Zhong instantly evaded the attack. However, in the blink of an eye, it actually caught up to him! Like a pillar that could prop up the heavens, a gigantic arm came sweeping over towards him. If that blow landed on him, even if he didn't die, he would become handicapped at the very least. Wang Zhong immediately reacted by leaping into the air. However, as this happened, the golden light shining in the sky had already come rocketing over.

Heaven and Earth dual combination attack!

There was basically no place left for Wang Zhong to evade to. The only way out was to use Dimensional combat techniques. However, it was a pity that he did not have any in his arsenal.


Having just blocked Bobo's trident, Wang Zhong was smashed right in the middle by Guste's attack. This was yet another heavy attack, sending him flying fiercely in the air, before his head struck the ground, causing a deep pit to form on the already shattered stage surface. At the same time, the murderous god Guste had already descended from the sky like a monstrous beast from the ancient antiquity.

Bang, rumble...

Its gigantic body smashed right down onto where Wang Zhong had landed. The ground exploded apart, while a shockwave expanded out from the epicentre upon its landing. A massive pit appeared on the arena stage, as if it had just experienced an earthquake.

This... Wang Zhong had been pounded into powder... Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The murderous god Guste gave a cold snort, before taking two slow steps out. A look of contempt appeared in its copper coloured eyes as it looked towards the place where it had just landed.

The Skylink and arena instantly turned silent.

What kind of collaborative attack was that! There was basically no way to avoid that attack! Just the dimensional life form alone was already something that Casted Soul Stage soldiers were unable to face! That was way too frightening!

Waving his trident, Bobo landing deftly on Guste's shoulder. It was utterly impossible to evade the collaborative attack with his Soul Beast that shared his thoughts.

Who within the entire CHF could endure this attack from Bobo Torres? Even Heroic Soul Stage soldiers wouldn't be a match for him! A Divine Weapon by itself wasn't frightening, and so were Dimensional combat techniques. Just a powerful Soul Beast could be dealt with. However, if all three of them came together, was there even a way to fight against that combination?

Even Laura was stupefied by what she saw. Frankly speaking, she was inferior to Bobo. Her strongest move, Bear Dominates the World, was the core of her offensive capabilities, and was also a combination attack with her Soul Bear. The strength of her Soul bear was just a fifth of Bobo's Soul Beast. The spectacle that had just unfolded also seemed to ignore the limits of tacit understanding between the summoner and the Soul beast. Being able to make such a gigantic life form use the skill of "Lifting Something Heavy as though it was Light" showed that the thoughts between Bobo and his Soul Beast were essentially indistinguishable!

This not only required talent, it also required time to accomplish, and a frightening amount of training! In simple terms, it could not be accomplished without spending over tens of thousands of hours on specialised collaboration training to nurture that level of tacit understanding. There was no way to simply gain such qualifications no matter how talented one was!

How long were tens of thousands of hours? Let's take 5 hours of training a day as a benchmark. That would amount to nearly 6 straight years of day-to-day training! Furthermore, dimensional beasts consumed gargantuan amounts of Soul Power from its summoners when appearing in corporeal form. For a Casted Soul Stage, without talking about 5 hours a day, even a Soul Beast Master on Laura's level would be utterly exhausted just by summoning the Soul Beast for an hour a day! What about 5 hours? That would require one to consume various kinds of resources and medicines as if they were water, while continuously emptying one's mental and physical capabilities, and Soul power! It would basically be using one's life to train!

He was an existence who not only had talent, but had also trained like a madman.

All of Bobo Torres's supporters went batshit crazy. This was their super soldier! What All Mouthy King! Everything was transient before Bobo!
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    《Battle Frenzy》