Battle Frenzy
526 Blaspheme
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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526 Blaspheme

"This is Bobo Torres! Hailed as the super expert most qualified to enter the ranks of the 10 Great Mo's List soldiers! Regardless of the duel's outcome, I wish to cast my vote for the 2 participants on stage!" Ruo Zhi could not help but to give an emotional sigh. "Bobo's collaboration with his Soul Beast is basically akin to a match made in heaven! There isn't even one chink or gap present, forming the strongest attack as well as the strongest defence! This is something that other Soul Beast Masters on the same level as him simply cannot match, including our beloved miss Laura."

"I will say that it's an honour for Wang Zhong to lose in such a fashion, as I really can't think of any way for him to deal with such power coupled with such collaboration."

Looking at the gigantic mountain-like frame, even Chen Yu'er felt slight despair. Such a Soul Beast had exceeded her expectations by a long shot! This was Bobo's genuine strength! So it turned out that he was able to provide that much Soul Power to his Soul Beast!

As Bobo stood on Guste's head, many people started to take notice of the exterior of this frightening Soul Beast.

Frankly speaking, it had a rather ugly appearance. It possessed a massive shark-like head, with its jagged teeth revealed for all to see. Green, fishy saliva flowed out between the gaps of its teeth, dripping all over the ground. It appeared exceedingly beastial, yet had a physique shaped like a gorilla. Its large and clunky legs appeared just like a bear's, its palms thick and meaty, its arms as long as giraffes' necks. Bright red like the colour of blood, they extended all the way to its knees.

While it was an extremely ugly sight to behold, its strength could not be discounted. Furthermore, its wrinkled skin appeared to be filled with fat. It was no wonder that Wang Zhong's 2nd drive wasn't able to affect it at all! A fatty defence on a massive Soul Beast was definitely the hardest defence to deal with. Punches and kicks weren't able to do any damage, while blades, spears, and arrows were unable to pierce through. This was basically an inherently invincible defence!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At this moment, it stood with a slightly hunched stance, while a relaxed expression was present on Bobo's face as he stood on Guste's head. He had finally done it! He had defeated All Mouthy King, and had completed his task of obtaining honour and glory for his family!

From this match alone, the Torres Family would be able to gain tons of benefits. At the Torres squadron preparatory area, the other members were already shouting and cheering in celebration. They were all too clear about the might of that attack! Alasi was waving his fists in the air, feeling much more cheerful than when he had defeated Grai. Nothing could stand against that attack! Without the cross wheels, nothing else could cause harm to the murderous god Guste! That freak simply couldn't be countered within the Casted Soul Stage! That all-rounded murderous god was originally planned to be left for experts on Mo Wen's level. However, it was the same when used against Wang Zhong. Without talking about punches or kicks, even Vladimir's super special ability might be unable to restrict the monstrous power it possessed!

Bobo Torres was the unsolvable killing weapon of the Torres Family. Frankly speaking, it was extremely rare for them to get that excited. However, being able to defeat All Mouthy King, something that two great families had tried and failed, was enough for Alasi to be rather excited.

The supporters of All Mouthy King had deathly expressions on their faces. At this moment, they did not know whether to continue holding onto hope or not. Anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge about Soul Power would know that Bobo Torres's Soul Beast already possessed power equal to a Heroic Soul Stage soldier. Furthermore, it also possessed immensely powerful defensive and offensive capabilities. Coupled with Bobo Torres and his Dimensional combat techniques, this... was an opponent that would cause one to feel like surrendering just by being matched up against them.

An unarmed Wang Zhong. One of mankind's outstanding traits was their ability to use weapons. The structure of the human body possessed many restrictions, even if one excelled in skills and techniques.

Without talking about Wang Zhong, even Mo Wen would be at his wit's end when faced against a monster like Guste.

Noriba shrugged his shoulders, as he was not afraid of such a freak. Naturally, he wouldn't do it unarmed, as that would simply be asking for trouble. However, he did not mind trying it out with his Heaven Raising War Axe. Nonetheless, it was a pity that Wang Zhong had burnt himself by making a risky bet.

Noriba's eyes landed on Mo Wen. No one could tell what Mo Wen was thinking after witnessing that spectacle on the stage. That monster was a strong counter towards him.

However, Mo Wen's eyes were still locked on to the stage... as if something wasn't quite right.

If Bobo had already won, why hasn't the referee said anything yet???

Noriba looked towards to judges in the viewing gallery above. The referee standing on the stage was just there for show. The genuine judges for this match were the members of the CHF organizing committee, and those legendary soldiers would make the final verdict.

If they didn't make wrong judgements...

Damn... could it be that he still wasn't dead...

Whoosh.. .whoosh… movement seemed to appear under the ground, while the surface appeared to have bulged out.

Bang... an explosion rang out, causing dust to spew out from the deep pit, before a figure reappeared on the stage.

Covered by a plume of dust, the appearance of the figure caused the Torres fans, who were shouting and cheering excitedly after Bobo and Guste's eruption, to halt in their tracks, their faces turned stiff...

What the hell was that freak! How can he still remain standing after being pummelled like that???

Regardless of how resilient his fleshly body was, or how strong his Soul Power defence was, how was it possible for him to stand there, as though nothing had happened to him?!

Bobo's gaze instantly focused.

Wang Zhong was actually able to stand after receiving that terrifying attack straight in his face? Was he even human?

After standing up, Wang Zhong was not in a hurry to launch his offensive. Instead, he shook his head slightly.

To him, his participation in this CHF was for the sake of training and cultivating his strength. Not only did he desire stronger opponents, he also hoped to have the opportunity to see newer and more interesting stuff to broaden his horizons. It was only through these two methods that Wang Zhong would be able to raise his realm and martial dao.

Frankly speaking, Soul Beast Masters were extremely powerful. However, it was universally recognised that they would only be able to showcase their genuine might during the later part of their life. The more powerful their communications with their Soul Beasts were, the more powerful their Soul Beasts would be. More importantly, as Soul Beast Masters matured and accumulated experience, their tacit understanding with their Soul Beasts would also increase, which would result in various kinds of collaboration pair-ups!

However, for existences like Wang Zhong who wanted to temper themselves, they did not worship external power, but rather, sought for power coming from one's self alongside a desire to understand their strength. If one's own strength weren't cultivated, the understanding of their strength would forever remain only surface-deep, and they would only appear as if they were strong.

Divine Weapon, Soul Beast, various kinds of collaborations. In the end, they only had the presence of might, but lacked true substance. These areas weren't the final goals that those in the Casted Soul Stage should be chasing after.

Wang Zhong was slightly disappointed, as Bobo was indeed an extremely talented individual. Nevertheless, he had wasted his talents in the wrong places. He had been led astray by the power of the Golden Trident and his Soul Beast, and had used them as his base upon which he built his strength. In reality, he should have done so with himself as the core. Being able to comprehend Dimensional combat techniques were more than sufficient to prove his capabilities. However, he appeared to have forsaken the larger benefits for a smaller gain.

A sliver of a smile appeared at the corner of Mo Wen's mouth. "It's about to end."

The members of the Heaven's Fate squadron gawked in response. What did he mean?

Wang Zhong's heedless head shakes were clearly seen by Bobo. He was unexpectedly disappointed in Bobo?

To a soldier who held strength in the highest esteem, this was basically the greatest blasphemy in Bobo's eyes!

What basis did he have to pass such judgement!

Bobo's Golden Trident instantly sparkled with a powerful radiance. Despite having a small stature, he was pretty damn confident about himself and his abilities. He was extremely sensitive to the reactions others had towards him, and was even conscious about his outward appearance, much less the disapproval that Wang Zhong was currently showing to him.

"Roar…" even the murderous god Guste could sense this, releasing a deep and muffled roar. In the next instant, it had already lunged forwards. This was the first time it had felt such anger and fury in it's master's heart, causing him to treat the person in front of it as their greatest enemy.

A gigantic claw was sent swiping towards Wang Zhong. However, this time, Wang Zhong did not dodge.


A deathly silence fell over the entire arena, with dumbfounded expressions appearing on their faces as they looked at Wang Zhong, who was using just one hand to block Guste's attack!
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    《Battle Frenzy》