Battle Frenzy
527 This imposingness is called subduement! 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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527 This imposingness is called subduement! 2 in 1

His body wasn't considered to be muscular or awe-inspiring, yet it possessed power like a god of war. His Soul Power and fleshly body had perfectly unified, causing him to radiate with a soul-stirring charm.

What was strength?

What should be the goal of all soldiers?

Wang Zhong was currently answering that question.

Even the murderous god had opened his copper eyes wide. What did that tiny life form do?

In the next instant, Wang Zhong had already disappeared from his original location. Jumping high up in the sky, it only took him a flash to appear at Guste's eye level. From Guste's point of view, a fist, so small that he would basically ignore it, was rapidly growing in size before his eyes.

"It's useless! An attack like that is simply unable to break Guste's defence!"

"He actually chose to attack a Soul Beast with such thick skin and flesh! What is he thinking! Doesn't Wang Zhong know that Soul Beasts are unbeatable! He has to deal with the Soul Beast Master himself!"

Countless people on Skylink were already attempting to point Wang Zhong in the right direction.

ROAR~~~ giving off a thunderous roar, Guste immediately paid no heed to that small fist, as it sent its giant arm swinging out, countering the incoming attack with its own attack!

However, Guste was clearly slower by half a beat. Before its giant arm could arrive at its target, Wang Zhong's attack had landed, striking right onto the bridge of the Soul Beast's nose.


A terrifyingly loud bang resounded across the entire arena, as Guste's head was smashed so hard it whipped backwards; it was as if Guste had just ferociously charged headfirst into a steel plate. In an attempt to resist the frightening impact, all of the muscles throughout his body started to spasm in exertion!

However, this was just the start of Wang Zhong's offence.

At the instant when his fist smashed into Guste, he had already started executing a somersault. Relying on the rebounding momentum of his strike, he sent a double-legged kick towards Guste's neck.


Time seemed to slow to a stop. While its was still reeling from the force behind Wang Zhong's nose strike, the heavy kick had already landed on its neck.

Its gigantic body immediately came to a halt, and Wang Zhong's 3rd strike followed right after!

Every single strike sparkled with the brilliance of his Soul Power.

Quick! Very quick! Too quick!

Wang Zhong attacked as he descended, unleashing an extraordinarily rapid series of attacks; a total of 13 attacks from Guste's head all the way to his legs. By the time Wang Zhong landed on the ground, the afterimage left from his first punch had actually yet to dissipate away. It was as if 14 Wang Zhongs had spontaneously materialised, connected by a glowing trail.

13 points on Guste's body had been struck, and all the impacts seemed to land simultaneously. The berserk energies from those attacks rushed into its body and mutually balanced each other out. 13 Soul Power attacks with 13 different oscillating frequencies instantly pulled and tore at each other, wreaking havoc and destruction inside its body!

They had actually caused Guste's entire body to be anchored at its original position!

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Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Countless sparkling lights exploded from Guste's body; 13 consecutive blasts!

"ROAR!" Guste's miserable roar shook the entire arena, the soundwaves sweeping out like a storm, causing everyone's scalp to turn numb.

Part of his apparently indestructible body exploded into pieces of flesh and blood, formed from dimensional energies, and got strewn all across the stage. Although the bits and pieces immediately proceeded to disappear into nothingness, anyone watching could feel the intense pain and suffering it had felt in that instant. Guste's gigantic body tilted back and collapsed onto the ground!

The Skylink and arena instantly turned silent once again.


What was that attack! Didn't everyone agree that Bobo's Soul Beast possessed the greatest defence in this CHF, and that no one within the Casted Soul Stage could defeat it???

The Heaven's Fate squadron looked over to Mo Wen, seeking answers. All of them knew that just pure Soul Power alone was incapable of toppling such a gigantic dimensional life form.

"It only works when all of the power is condensed into one spot. That's the fundamental difference between us humans and other dimensional life forms." replied Mo Wen as he extended a finger.

Indeed, that dimensional life form possessed the strength of a Heroic Soul Stage soldier. However, that did not mean that it was invincible within those limits. People who had been led astray by the allure of power would lose the natural instinct of exploring the true mysteries behind combat. Clearly, Bobo had headed down the wrong path. Naturally, this couldn't simply be labelled as the wrong thing to do, as it was still a valid method to obtain strength.

Mo Wen and Wang Zhong were treading the hardest path towards strength. To find out that he actually wasn't the only one in the world attempting this was an unexpected bonus.

Furthermore, he also seemed to have underestimated Wang Zhong's standard. From the overall situation, Wang Zhong had most likely found some details that would help his progress. This caused incomparable feelings of excitement and anticipation in Mo Wen's heart.

On the contrary, a blank expression was now present on Bobo's face.

Ever since he had become Soul Beast Master and summoned his companion Guste, he had never met anyone who could smash through Guste's defences when it was in its optimal state! Even though those top-class experts in the Heroic Soul Stage could suppress Guste, it was still extremely difficult for them to break its defences!

Nevertheless, it was only a momentary daze.


To any Soul Beast Master, Soul Beasts wasn't just their companion-in-arms, they were also the most important partner in their lives. The connection between his Spiritual Soul and his Soul Beast caused Bobo to feel every single bit of pain and suffering his partner had felt.

At the first moment, the runic symbol on his hand had already started sparkling, before the collapsed Guste immediately disappeared. Only by returning Guste back into the dimensional space would Bobo be able to reduce its pain and suffering.

The hearts of countless Torres fans instantly turned cold. Without Guste's protection and collaboration, how would Bobo fight? Having already lost to Wang Zhong on the aspect of duelling prowess, how would he fight against those attacks that were faster and stronger than his?


Bobo started to rush like a howling wind, the anger and killing intent in his heart having already reached its limits.


At this moment, Bobo's eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as killing intent gushed out from every pore of his body. Having fought all the way to this point, he was truly furious now, and would show no mercy in his attacks! The golden light radiating out from his Golden Trident had turned into a dazzling, scorching white, while his body shot forwards so quickly he turned into a ray of light!

Wang Zhong remained at his original position, while slowly pulling back his left fist. Everyone's heart started to tense up; the victor was about to be crowned!

When only 10 metres remained between both parties, Bobo suddenly somersaulted while shoving his trident into the ground, causing his body to shoot forwards. In an instant, he appeared before Wang Zhong, attack already unleashed -- Inverse Fish Leaping over the Dragon's Door!


A ray of golden light exploded out, as the Golden trident in Bobo's hands seemed to pierce through Wang Zhong's body, causing all of the Torres supporters in the arena to shout out in excitement. Dimensional combat technique!

Invincible Dimensional combat technique!

Even if he did not have the murderous god Guste by his side, Bobo was still a top class soldier!

He was a top-class soldier who possessed Dimensional combat techniques! What was Wang Zhong compared to that! Faced against the might of the dimensions, all of his combat techniques would become useless!

Tap tap tap...

Walking 5 steps forwards, Bobo abruptly came to a stop.

The arena instantly turned quiet once again, before a distortion suddenly appeared on Bobo's face. He did not understand why it had turned out like this...


Bobo fell backwards and collapsed onto the ground, hands still tightly grabbing his trident.

At this moment, the referee received the message. 5th duel, Tianjing, Wang Zhong, victory!

Although no one could see the situation clearly, in that instant, it was undeniable that Bobo had used a Dimensional combat technique. However... why? Why?

Why did it turn out like that?

In the Torres squadron preparatory arena, the faces of the Torres squadron members were blank, while their confidence was on the brink of collapse. Those with better eyesight had seen exactly what had happened in that instant; Wang Zhong had definitely just used an ordinary punch...

At this moment, the large screens had already started the slow-motion playback of the last moments of the 5th duel. When the distance was about 10 metres, Bobo started his somersault. While this happened, his body turned dark, indicating that he was now executing his Dimensional combat technique. As he flipped upside down in the air, power gushed into his trident. Upon using it to send himself shooting forwards, his body appeared to have already condensed a certain amount of dimensional energies. It could be said that, at that point in time, Bobo was in an invulnerable state. Furthermore, the movements he had made in the dimensional barrier, his accumulation of power, as well as what seemed like a momentary pause in time, would be sufficient to end the life of most experts.

However, it was at this very moment where Wang Zhong unleashed a punch. In the next instant, everyone could see that Bobo's body spasmed, before all of his movements went astray. He was originally planning to deactivate his dimensional state right in front of Wang Zhong, and unleash all of his accumulated power into the strongest attack he could release. However, due to this punch, his combat technique was completely dismantled.

The entire arena remained silent as their minds were blown into smithereens. What was that! They proceeded to turn their sights towards Wang Zhong, who was still standing on the stage. At this moment, people started to feel a wave of powerlessness. There were quite a number of eliminated CHF participants present in the arena. Truthfully speaking, they were some who were unable to accept their defeat, as felt that they still stood a chance to obtain victory if they were given one more opportunity. However, at this instant, all of them finally realised just how naive they were.

From the very beginning, they couldn't compare themselves to Wang Zhong.

Dumbfounded expressions were still present among the audience in the arena. Up till now, in the CHF, Dimensional combat techniques and Spiritual Soul combat techniques were invincible within the Casted Soul Stage; while dodging these attacks wasn't impossible, they had never seen them being countered in such a manner! It would still be relatively acceptable if Wang Zhong had used a Dimensional combat technique for his counter, as All Mouthy King's flair and style was that nothing seemed impossible for him to do. However, Wang Zhong had used the most ordinary of attacks to deal with an invincible Dimensional combat technique! This completely surpassed everyone's expectations, and all of them were in utter disbelief over what they had witnessed.

Discussions proceeded to pop up across the entire arena, as people were no longer able to contain their curious hearts. The same situation was also present in Skylink, as everyone was now searching for answers to the various questions sprouting out in their hearts.

On the contrary, the group of people in the VIP room were dead silent. Frankly speaking, even Carolyn, Gui Hao and the others were astonished. Although each of them had their own methods to counter Bobo, it definitely wouldn't be the same as what Wang Zhong had just done.

Tumultuous waves surged with Carolyn's heart. Was this the same Wang Zhong that she knew? Standing on the stage as he faced everyone, there were practically no similarities between that figure and the one in her heart.

As for Laura, her eyes had already turned into sparkling stars… Too handsome! Too cool!

At this moment, the voice of the referee rang out. "I've just received word from the organizing committee. Let us welcome Mo Wen to give an analysis for everyone."

Everyone's gaze instantly converged on Mo Wen, who was in the viewing gallery. Truthfully speaking, before the start of the match, there were already some people who had realised that the powerful Heaven's Fate squadron was actually paying quite a bit of attention to this match. An important point to take note of was that the other S+ ranks were all absent. A faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong's face as he looked at Mo Wen.

Clearly, the person who had given the order was one of the 5 great judges. Mo Wen had to respect that authority. Furthermore, this was definitely the highest form of recognition, honour and glory.

Standing up, Mo Wen proceeded to speak. "Dimensional combat techniques possess coordinates, which means that there will be entrances and exits. For people who are sensitive to the changes in dimensions, not only can they set up their entrances and exits, they can also spot other people's entrances and exits. Although physical attacks will be ineffective, the power of high-speed Soul Power oscillations, or 2nd Drive, is still able to seep through. Bobo was struck when he was in a completely unprepared and defenceless state, and this can be attributed to an error of his judgement. The only thing I can say is that a person of great skill can also be a fool!"

Mo Wen's explanation was extremely simple and easy to understand. Despite not being able to get the gist of it, the majority felt that what Wang Zhong had done was pretty damn awesome. Dimensional combat techniques were already a mystery to people, what more the identification of other people's coordinates when using such techniques!

What kind of motherfucking realm was that?

Wang Zhong looked at Mo Wen, while the latter returned his gaze. From each other's expressions, both of them had realised that, although they were not yet able to obtain what they sought, they had the same goal: to become stronger!

Having received emergency treatment below the stage, Bobo had already awoken. Truthfully speaking, his injuries weren't serious. However, the last strike he had received was a strike that had shattered his confidence. This mistake was one born from a misguided perspective; never in his wildest dreams did Bobo expect his opponent to be able to strike him while he was in an interdimensional state, hence he had left his defence wide open.

The shock in his heart become even greater after hearing Mo Wen's explanation. Had those two already walked ahead of him and reached the next realm?

Being a prideful genius, this was indeed an immense blow to his self-esteem.






In the next moment, the entire audience seemed to have formed some kind of tacit understanding as they repeatedly alternated between shouting "All Mouthy King" and "Wang Zhong".

A person of great skill could also be a fool. Returning to one's natural form. These were basic ideologies that everyone understood.

It also meant that Wang Zhong's realm was higher than his opponents! At this moment, no one would believe it if they were told that Wang Zhong did not know any Dimensional combat techniques. However, it was exceedingly clear that his opponents were not sufficiently qualified to force him to show his hand!

This was a motherfucking mind blowing thought!

Such an imposing demeanour was known as the power of a conqueror!

Everyone had believed that Bobo Torres was capable of punishing Wang Zhong. In the end, he had still become a guinea pig to uncover more of Wang Zhong's capabilities!

As of now, Wang Zhong's aura of dominance was in full effect, while the madness on Skylink had gone all the way to the level of complete blindness.

"Didn't I say it! How can you newbies understand brother King's might!"

"Oh, my brother! I'm convinced! From this point onwards, I'm an All Mouthy King fan!"


Calm expressions were now present on the faces in the VIP room. They naturally knew that despite the complicated nature of Dimensional combat techniques, the one Bobo had unleashed was a basic one. Entering and exiting the dimensional barrier didn't mean that the user would become completely incorporeal; they still possessed absolute spatial coordinates. Every user could set their own coordinates. Although Bobo's usage was still rather elementary, it was still rather difficult for others to perceive the dimensional coordinates that the user had set, especially in such a short amount of time.

As for Wang Zhong, his move was simply heaven-defying! With a single punch, he had shown that he was 100% confident about his judgement, even having accurately predicted that Bobo would not keep any of his defences up!

While a layman would only notice the commotion, the genuine experts had been thoroughly shocked by Wang Zhong's move.

Yet another Mo's List expert has fallen, with All Mouthy King reaping the benefits. His path was still littered with opponents prepared to ambush him. Yet, regardless of their fame, reputation, and having combat records putting them above All Mouthy King, what could those geniuses do? At the very least, All Mouthy King definitely possessed the strength to challenge them!

At this moment, Divian's mind was starting to wander. Now, she felt that Wang Zhong was brimming with masculinity, and was really handsome! Truth be told, she had developed a rather good impression about him ever since he had calmly walked off, completely unperturbed, after their initial meeting.This was a genuinely free and unconstrained person. Furthermore, he had kept his word, and not shown the slightest intention of exposing secrets. From the looks of it, he did not show any hatred or resentment! What good qualities!

Mo Wen treating Wang Zhong as his opponent had stimulated everyone, especially Gui Hao and the others.

"Hey. Those bunch of people from the parliament are really trying to prop Wang Zhong up! Even such a level of star-creation is possible!" said Gui Hao with a sneer, "They've been getting a little shameless recently."

"Why did Mo Wen stir up the waters like this."

Carolyn did not seem to understand Mo Wen, nor did she share Gui Hao's thoughts... at this moment, her eyes were trained on Wang Zhong's figure on the Skylink screen.

Frankly speaking, ever since he had decided to leave, not only did that person not fade into the background, he had even become more "entangled" with her.
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    《Battle Frenzy》