Battle Frenzy
528 Everything for the sake of defeating Tianjing 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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528 Everything for the sake of defeating Tianjing 2 in 1

There was no regret nor pity in her heart. Just like what she had told Divian, regardless of how outstanding Wang Zhong was, unless he was able to single-handedly change Federation's governance, and establish a new political order, he would never be able to stand on the same level as their group of rulers standing at the apex. That also meant that he wouldn't be qualified to obtain her hand.

Authority like that couldn't be obtained within a single generation. Furthermore, was it even possible to accomplish something like this? Just based merely on his decent results in this CHF?

The Stuart Family wanted to fulfil their ambitions, so a chess piece like Wang Zhong would naturally be very useful. However, it would be absolute bullshit if he thought that he could rise to their mistress' level.

Therefore, what really gave rise to complicated feelings within her heart was the sliver of a smile Wang Zhong had after obtaining his victory.

Radiant, pure, self-confident, and brimming with vitality and passion. There was also the hope and dream for a beautiful life that filled his face.

Those pure and straightforward feelings were things that Carolyn, constrained by her family, used to chase after in the past. Although she was on the brink of forgetting those feelings, they had still overwhelmed her in that instant when she saw them radiating from Wang Zhong. It was just like that moment so long ago, when she had been moved by that guy in that training room; it was as if she had returned to the past for a few milliseconds, to that small room where she and Wang Zhong had licked the peel of the forbidden fruit. The warmth and sweetness of the memory caused her to get lost in thought.

"Oi, oi oi. Big miss, someone's asking you a question!" Divian extended her hand and waved it in front of Carolyn. Besties knew each other the best. Despite feeling that she was starting to understand her bestie less and less, at the very least, she was definitely the person that understood Carolyn the best. She was able to determine that if Carolyn had known that Wang Zhong would have progressed this far in this CHF, she would definitely have adopted a different attitude towards him. Even if she still chose to reject him, she would be more tactful and thoughtful in how she did it.

Men would always care about women's gentleness, yet they didn't know that women were so much more complicated than men. At this moment, the question was whether Carolyn was willing to let go of her dignity to approach him again and express goodwill. At the very least, she knew that Wang Zhong had a deep sense of pride and an unyielding character. Although it was said that the only poor people had was their courage and pride, that statement was rather derogatory. However, the calm and confidence Wang Zhong had demonstrated were extremely rare, even among those aristocratic family members.

Despite still having a smile on his face, Gui Hao's heart had already turned into a pit of darkness. He was talking to Carolyn, and yet she had been spellbound by another man! Even though they were separated by a motherfucking Skylink screen!

Gui Hao loved teasing others, and the feeling of being unconstrained, though that did not mean that he was willing to become part of the background in the scene he had set up. Perhaps, he should have let Zhao Zimo act more ruthlessly from the beginning!

Compared to him, Divian did not have any much qualms about the situation. The teasing of her absolute bestie was intentional. With a laugh, she said, "Oh ho! Look at you, your eyeballs are about to pop out from their sockets! Is All Mouthy King that handsome? I really have to take a closer look!"

Despite no one pointing it out, everyone here knew that Divian was just teasing. Gui Hao's disgusted expression was also a pretty good show for them. Sarcasm was the right tool to counter such people.

In response, a faint smile appeared on Carolyn's face.

There were some things that didn't require an explanation. Everyone had their own past, and it was normal for to reminisce. Regardless of how cold-hearted and emotionless one may be, there would always be a patch of warmth and gentleness present in their heart. However, remembering the past didn't equate to a desire to return to the past, as in the end, those were simply naive thoughts. As for taking the chance to provoke Gui Hao, it wasn't a bad choice for her either, as the person who controlled the overall situation would always be the final victor.

"Tianjing might not get the last laugh." she said with indifference. "When two opponents have similar strength, the one who believes that they will win, often ends up being the loser. What's more, there's no way Tianjing is as strong as they appear. There's at least a 60% chance for Torres!"

With the end of the duelling phase, the match proceeded into the group battle phase. At the first opportunity, both Tianjing and Torres went back to their own resting rooms, shutting themselves inside. Clearly, before the end of this match, any more words would be a waste. At this moment, they needed to focus their energy and go all out for the final fight.

The voices of the audience in the arena turned into a noisy cacophony, with the supporters for both sides speculating their team's strategy. The duelling phase of this match had seen Tianjing coming out with an advantage. However, what about the group battle?

"3:2... as of now, Tianjing is in the lead, even after the painful situation where Grai had lost. This is definitely an outcome that no one could have expected before this match began." in the noisy arena, Ruo Zhi was currently giving an emotional sigh as he carried on with his commentary. "Today, Tianjing has shown us that they have more than just a pair of super carries. Splendid performances from their other squadron members have seen them obtaining wins against the S ranked mainstay members of the Torres squadron. Regardless of whether those were just flukes or not, they have adequately showcased their strength. Now, with the appearance of another 2 great generals, Tianjing is no longer a weakling that can be easily targeted by any other squadron. However, there is still the group battle left for Tianjing to prove themselves. If they are able to overcome this hurdle, they might become a totally new squadron. However, if they don't, everything will be for naught."

"What brother Ruo Zhi said is right. However, why do I feel that Tianjing's chance of victory for this group battle is higher than Torres? They have their core, All Mouthy King and the improved Barran and Scarlet. As for Torres, their core, Bobo has just been injured. From the looks of it, Tianjing should have the advantage in this group battle."

"Little Yu'er, this situation isn't optimistic for Tianjing. At this moment, they have a life-threatening problem up their hands, which is that their other core, Grai has yet to return. Don't underestimate the role Grai plays in this Tianjing squadron. During their previous match against a fully decked out S ranked squadron, their reliance on Grai was evident. Another example would be the match against Bella Dean. Although he did not defeat anyone, if not for him obstructing and breaking apart Bella Dean's formation, captain Wang Zhong's cross wheels would have absolutely no chance of spinning up to their full might. Although Barran and Scarlet have improved greatly, their entire formation would not be able to replace the roles Grai plays in this squadron."

"It's the same case with the match against the Divine Dragon Academy. Their victory would not have happened without Grai's contributions."

"On the other hand, Torres' lineup is complete. Although Bobo's injured, it's not life-threatening. With the squadron's treatment capabilities, they can definitely guarantee that Bobo would fully recover within half an hour. A complete Torres against a Tianjing that lacks Grai. Frankly speaking, with All Mouthy King's strength and intelligence, Tianjing would have originally stood a 50:50 chance in the group battle. However, I feel that Tianjing's current situation is pretty grim."

"Exactly when will Grai come back? Alasi's move is too shameless."

"It can't be that he has really been killed?"

The noisy dim of voices over Skylink continued to buzz on, while in the Tianjing squadron's resting room, Wang Zhong and the others were already discussing about the formations to use in the upcoming group battle.

Frankly speaking, the absence of Grai was a considerable blow to the formations Tianjing could employ. Due to the training during the holiday, Grai had already become an indispensable part. Without him, not only would they lack in power, every single member felt unadapted to this void.

With regards to strength, being up against such a powerhouse of a squadron, Wang Zhong definitely needed to take on the role of a chief attacker in this group battle, in order to compensate for the lack of firepower in their squadron. However, if he didn't get proper conditions to launch his attacks, even a god-like ranged soldier like him would not be able to damage his opponents. Grai's role in the squadron was to create that specific environment for Wang Zhong. Although it might not have been obvious when they were against weaker squadrons, it was something that essential when against powerhouse squadrons. Just relying on Barran, who didn't excel in defence, would be impossible, as he was completely inadequate to shoulder such a heavy responsibility.

Furthermore, without their extremely all-rounded soldier, the strategies they could employ had been limited.

This tough question has been tossed to Wang Zhong to handle. Frankly speaking, it was just like how even the most capable housewife couldn't cook without the right ingredients. Without Grai, Tianjing was basically missing a limb.

His choices were extremely limited. It could even be said that he only had one choice left, which was to defend until they could counter-attack, using their opponent's assassins as the points to break through their formation. However, the prerequisite was that they would need to be able to defend against Torres' assault. Alasi's ranged firepower was not to be trifled, for both his range and firepower.

As they were discussing, Ma Dong ran over hastily while saying, "There's news about Grai!"

Everyone instantly exclaimed in elation.

"Is he outside? Did he get injured? Exactly what did that fellow experience?"

"He did not get any injuries!" Ma Dong made a crying face as he replied. "However, he's at the fucking train station over 40 kilometres away, in the eastern suburbs of Stuart City! Fuck! He had just reached that station to find a Skylink to give me a call! At this moment, he's still alone, waiting at the train station!"

The excitement present in the room instantly disappeared.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

A train station over 40 kilometres away? The arena might already be empty by the time he returned here!

Wang Zhong didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. Nevertheless, it was better than nothing, as he did need to worry about Grai anymore. At the very least, knowing that he was safe was already a pretty good piece of news.

"It's good that's he's alright." said Wang Zhong as he clapped his hands, before continuing on with a smile. "Let's use our second method with Lily then. Increase our defences and focus on a counterattack after defending. This is somewhat similar to our match against Bella Dean. I'll try my best to limit and counter Alasi's firepower. As long as he fires his fourth salvo, the battlefield will become our playground after that. Let's focus, alright! Today, we'll be the last ones standing on that stage!"

Despite his confident words, deep down within his heart, Wang Zhong was still a little worried. Nevertheless, there was no other choice he could make, as Tianjing was left with only this formation to use.

"HOHOHO!" everyone roared out as one. Having lost one of their cores, what more in such a crucial match, it would be a joke if they weren't nervous. However, the more nervous they were, the more they needed to relax.

"We'll definitely win!"

At this moment, within the Torres' resting room, a male covered in a jet black cloak had quietly walked up to the door.

"Bang bang bang."

He knocked on the door.

Quickly, the door was opened, though it was only a sliver of a gap, revealing a solemn face of a CHF committee member in charge of squadron logistics. Using a rather official tone, he said, "No interviews are allowed during the squadron preparation time. Please do not disturb them. Thank you for your cooperation."

As he said that, he proceeded to close the doors. However, with a faint smile, the person extended a hand to stop the door, his eyes gleaming as he continued. "I'm not a reporter. Please tell Alasi that I'm able to help them win this match."

This caused the committee member to frown. However, within the room, Alasi was already able to make out the voice of the newcomer. "Let him in."

The man walked into the room.

All of the Torres squadron members were present, while Bobo Torres was currently lying down on an inclined chair while receiving treatment from their healers. One healer was helping him treat his wounds, while the other was helping him recover his Soul Power.

From the looks of it, he appeared to have recovered to a rather good level. Despite being in a half-laid back posture, his eyes had already recovered their spirit, and there didn't seem to be much of a difference from his pre-match state.

"Zhao Zimo." Without raising his head, Alasi could already smell that person's unique odour from miles away.

Within their circle, no one had a good impression of this fellow. Nevertheless, their impressions of him were strong, and were even had inklings of fear and dread. Although he did not possess individual strength, this fellow had the backing of his family, and was extremely capable of stirring up matters. Frankly speaking, even Alasi wasn't willing to come into much contact with such people, as he never knew when he would fall into a pit that was dug by them.

"If you have anything to say, just shoot it." Bobo's voice was rather impolite. At this moment, Torres was facing lots of troubles, especially due to his loss in the 5th duel, which had left him at the brink of eruption.

"Bobo's really straightforward." Zhao Zimo did not appear one bit angry. Flipping back his hood, he spoke out in a forthright manner. "I mean no harm. Frankly speaking, the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

"That would mean that we're also your enemies." replied Alasi in an indifferent tone. He wasn't stupid; from Zhao Zimo's point of view, if Torres were to lose, the Zhao Family wouldn't need to feel as embarrassed over their loss to Tianjing.

Zhao Zimo gave a slight smile. "It's reasonable for you to say that, as it's indeed correct from a family standpoint. I've brought the thing. It's up to you whether you want to use it or not."

As he spoke, he pulled out an oval-shaped crystal that was glistening with splendid colours. Radiating with a spectrum of dazzling colours, the faces of everyone present instantly changed, especially Bobo. That was a treasure in the eyes of any Soul Beast Master, something that could be found in rare encounters. This would never be sold on the market. It wasn't to say that it would have a sky-high price, as people of this circle would never be lacking financially.

Torres had 3 great core members in their group battle formation. Alasi would be their main attack, with Bobo and his Soul beast providing a defensive wall with their collaboration. This was the reason why Torres could challenge the other S+ ranked squadrons.

After all, their squadron was the only one without a genuine defensive type heavy soldier. Cabel's actual occupation was an all-rounded soldier. The murderous god Guste, a dimensional beast, was Torres's genuine metal wall, and was also the most important part of their group battle strategy!

If they were facing any other squadron, the other strategies they had planned might be able to be put into use. However, they were currently up against All Mouthy King... if no one were able to stop Wang Zhong's cross wheels, that would spell a catastrophic end for them.

Although it wasn't certain that they would lose, the risks were definitely high. One of their mainstays collapsing was an extremely high possibility. If that happened, that would completely shatter any chances of Torres reaching the quarterfinals of this CHF.

Without waiting for the Torres squadron to decide, Zhao Zimo had already pulled his hood up and left, with the item he brought left on the table.

That item was the genuine article. Truthfully speaking, before he had entered, the Torres squadron members had just been discussing how good it would be if they had this item. No one had expected that there would actually be someone in the Casted Soul Stage who could actually hurt Gust. Just as they were getting drowsy thinking about this, Zhao Zimo had sent this pillow over.

Narrowing his eyes slightly, Alasi said. "Use it, Bobo. We have to win this match first before we can talk about the others. With the Divine Dragon squadron's loss, Zhao Zimo's life must not be good. There's an 80-90% possibility that he's trying to show goodwill to us in exchange for out support. Let's accept this favour from him."

Bobo nodded his head. Despite his heart being filled with reluctance, his mind still remained calm and cool-headed. This match was too important for the Torres Family to lose, and it also concerned the honour of everyone present in this room. Truthfully speaking, after the duel against Wang Zhong, he discovered that Wang Zhong's strength was indeed unfathomable. There were some things that required time for Bobo to find adequate methods to counter.
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    《Battle Frenzy》