Battle Frenzy
532 Godlike!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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532 Godlike!

A massive bang rang out, as the ground beneath Wang Zhong's feet exploded apart… Everyone was astonished by what happened next. Unexpectedly, Wang Zhong was not pushed even a single inch backwards! He had used his hands to brace against Cabel's smash! In the next second, his right hand left an afterimage; this was something everyone was familiar with -- 100-fold Compounding Strike.


Cabel's chest caved in, causing the sound of bones cracking to ring out as he was sent flying into the air. Receiving his cross wheels, Wang Zhong turned his head, causing bullets to whiz past his ears as evaded the deadly sniper shots. Flipping backwards in the air, the cross wheels descended into the ground before rumbling out once again. Seeing Cabel's life flickering before their eyes, Bobo and Guste roared with fury as they charged forwards. At this instant, the most critical instrument in Torres' strategy, the Mogren's Guns, had already completed their accumulation of Soul Power.

Even if you have heaven-defying abilities, All Mouthy King, you will have to kneel down in front of us!

Bang bang bang bang...

As the sniper shots displayed their might, the cross wheels were deftly blocked by Bobo and Guste. Being a Divine weapon, the Golden Trident did not fear the cross wheels, even if it were during the dark era! Furthermore, a dimensional beast like Guste, with coarse skin and a thick hide, was most afraid of penetrative attacks, not the slicing attacks that the cross wheels unleashed.

Genuine despair!

Ever since he had picked up those cross wheels, this was the first time Wang Zhong had encountered such a problem. The Torres Family had done their evaluation. If stripped of their legendary status, the cross wheels were just a pair of revolving wheels!

The Mogren's Guns were already out of their holsters. Alasi had never felt that much anticipation towards a victory. However, why did Wang Zhong show no intention of giving up?

The cross wheels returned back to his hands once again. At this moment, they were revolving so fast they had basically turned into gigantic golden wheels spanning nearly 2 metres in diameter! The surging Soul Power did not show any signs of disappearing due to the revolutions, while Wang Zhong's eyes sparkled with a golden brilliance. In the next instant, his Soul Power furiously gushed out, pushing the cross wheels further in its berserk revolutions, sending a sharp whine that pierced everyone's ears! Both sides had completed their accumulation of power. This was the moment where victor and loser would be decided.

However, at this moment, the ear-piercing sounds coming from the cross wheels seemed to fade away.

Right at this instant!

The cross wheels left his hands, two revolving disks rushing towards Bobo and Guste! The Mogren's guns were already aimed at their target; how could two fists match up against four opponents!

It was in this moment when a strange transformation happened to the berserk cross wheels flying through the air. As golden light blossomed, a strange runic array appeared on the surface of the cross wheels. Whoosh...

A single cross wheel turned into two... with the same thing happening to the other cross wheel...

Fuck! Could that be an illusion?

Two cross wheels hurtled towards Bobo and Guste, while the other two sliced through the air as they headed towards Alasi.

Of the three in Torres's backline, Alasi was the only one was who could pose a danger to Wang Zhong.

An illusion! It definitely had to be an illusion!


The trident blocked the incoming cross wheel, causing an ear piercing sound and sparks to ring and fly out. As for Guste, it went all out, trying to grab hold of the cross wheel before it.

The 3-man backline had already unleashed their attacks, all of them aimed not against Wang Zhong but at the incoming cross wheels. Those weren't illusions! The clear and distinct sounds of collisions showed that all of them were real!

In the next moment, everyone witnessed something that they would never forget in their entire lifetime... a nightmare.

Being knocked away, the four cross wheels returned to Wang Zhong's hands, before being unleashed with an even more terrifying revolving speed. Cross wheels filled the skies as they danced in the air, their terrifying strength bringing along a howling killing intent as they caused the entire arena to be submerged in the nightmare of the cross wheels.

The ranged soldiers were the first to collapse. The strange revolving strength and homing capability of the cross wheels were basically unblockable by any average soldier, especially ranged soldiers with weak close-combat abilities! To them, this was an absolute nightmare.

Griffith's sniper shot accurately struck the incoming cross wheel. However, instead of achieving the intended effect, it had caused the cross wheel to revolve even more crazily. They wouldn't be cross wheels if they could be deflected so easily! Furthermore, Matera's cannon was sliced apart, exploding like a firework. Despite desperately using all of his Soul Power, his arms were also sliced apart, resulting in a broken cannon and a wasted person. As for the shot from Alasi's Mogren's guns, it landed on the other incoming cross wheel, but it received an even crueller response, as the cross wheel's revolution grew even crazier.

Once the cross wheels gained momentum, they could not be stopped!

At the same time, Bobo and Guste finally experienced the meaning of the infinite revolutions from the cross wheels' legendary name. They weren't able to sense it at the start. However, with every revolution, the might of the cross wheels continued to rise. Its counterattacks would become more powerful, as would its lethality. Furthermore, their terrifying slicing ability had also increased! They had already exceeded the realm of ordinary physical attacks, and was even affecting the space around them!


Guste was the first to collapse, with its gigantic claws being sliced up by the cross wheel, which had already grown to a terrifying 3 metres! As it was about to slice Guste apart, Bobo forcefully recalled Guste back and unleashed his Dimensional combat technique.

However, the cross wheel had even sliced through space, causing his Dimensional combat technique to fail! Faced with a cross wheel right before his face, the only thing Bobo could do was to hold his Golden Trident out and defend with his life.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Bang... shriek shriek shriek...

The crazy cross wheel lunged at the Golden Trident like a mad hound, though Bobo was able to defend against it with much difficulty. However, upon seeing one more cross wheel hurtling his way, despair filled his entire being.

Right at this instant, a life-saving shot came flying over! It was Alasi! Although this shot wasn't able to smash the cross wheel apart, the shot from the ferocious Mogren's Gun managed to change its angle. With an explosive burst of strength, Bobo shoved the cross wheel away before rapidly retreating backwards.

On the other side, Alasi was facing impending death, as two cross wheels came hurtling over towards him from different angles and speeds. In the next second, the Giant Void Mouth appeared, immediately swallowing Alasi.

He would die if he had not run.

This was a simple choice to make, and Alasi chose to live.

With Alasi making that decision, Bobo Torres used his Golden Trident like a catapult to quickly distance himself... however, the cross wheel coming from behind was even faster!


Being a Divine weapon, the terrifying slicing ability of the cross wheel was still incapable of chopping up the Golden Trident. Nevertheless, the impact instantly sent Bobo barrelling off the stage.

The only thing left on the stage were the four cross wheels. Spinning in the air, they descended like a god coming down from the heavens. In the next instant, four 3-metre large cross wheels hurtled at high speed towards Wang Zhong. Regardless of how many times they saw it, this was a spectacle that would bring shock and astonishment to people's eyes. However, the demonic cross wheels returned back to their owner's hands like swallows to their nests.

Whoosh... whoosh...

Two cross wheels returned to Wang Zhong's hands, with the other two following closely behind. Just as they were about to make contact, the light from runic arrays blossomed, before the two cross wheels fused together. The ear-piercing sounds disappeared once again, before four cross wheels returned to being just two wheels.

The revolving cross wheels embedded themselves into the ground.


A wave of air blasted outwards, before the 2 cross wheels gently came to a stop.

At this instant, the arena, packed with over 100 thousand people, was incomparably silent, while the Skylink viewership count reached an unprecedented high of 18 million. The highest viewership record of the CHF has been broken once again. This was the genuine Laforgue's Infinite Slash Cross Wheels from the legends!

Ma Dong had managed to obtain this relic. This wasn't a replica; it was the genuine Laforgue's Infinite Slash Cross Wheels!

The dust-sealed Divine Weapon had been let out of its seal, as it had found its new owner.

How could mere quantity contend against a super Divine Weapon that was invincible during the dark era? One had to know that in the hands of Laforgue, they were super Divine weapons that could slaughter thousands just by themselves.


All of All Mouthy King's supporters in the arena went completely bonkers, as people were unable to suppress the emotions gushing out from their hearts. Some were even so berserk that they ripped their shirts off. Expert! Yes, that's right! Regardless of his birth, the expert that was most worshipped in this era had used his strength to make the loudest statement!

Strongest King... Strongest King… Strongest King... Strongest King... Strongest King... Strongest King... Strongest King...
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    《Battle Frenzy》