Battle Frenzy
771 Crotch
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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771 Crotch

Leo instantly felt like suiciding. If this messy environment was spotted in another alchemy lab, although it would still be a serious matter in the eyes of the meticulous BOSS Murphy, there would still be room for remedy. He might have gotten a tongue-lashing and maybe get docked a month or two of salary… But why was it this place?!

He had just pocketed some extra cash here and did not even formally register the use of the lab! For this kind of thing, there was absolutely no one in the alchemy workshop who dared to be his scapegoat. Even if he wanted to make others take the rap and shirk responsibility, it was impossible to do so. If something went wrong in the workshop, Murphy would not even care about the identity of the culprit. He would make whoever was in charge responsible!

In that split second, Leo felt as though he had fallen into the 18th level of hell. Just now, he had sworn that everything was in order, but now, this messy sight had just exposed him…

The originally harmonious atmosphere instantly turned chilly. It was as though Murphy's face was covered with a layer of frost, giving Leo a feeling of being banished to the 18th level of ice hell. Most alchemists had bad tempers. The more powerful they were, the scarier their temper would be, and Murphy was the one with the worst temper. Leo felt as though he was a lone boat in a storm and that he was in danger of being destroyed at any time.

Calm down! He had to be calm!

Leo forced himself to recover from that deep annoyance and anger, and his brain grew wildly active.

This matter could be slight or serious. In fact, he knew that Murphy did not care about him pocketing small amounts of money. All Murphy cared about were adhering to the rules and being meticulous. This was what Murphy saw in him. But now… He had committed such a grave mistake. It was also because the business had been so good recently that it made him dizzy with success.

There was no room for sophistry. Never try to worm your way out of things in front of an alchemy expert, and a Great Teacher no less, as they could pierce your soul.

Leo's legs turned to jelly. Just as he was about to kneel down and admit to his mistake, Murphy walked straight in, without caring about him. Murphy closed the vents himself and picked up a semi-finished Glazed Crystal Glass from the ground.

Murphy was a hot-tempered man, just as explosive as his Hand Mortar. Nothing could make him calm down if he was angry. The only possibility was that he was indeed burning with rage and that rage was able to burn everyone who was present.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that he absolutely need not have gotten so angry over such a small matter.

This was the case for people in high positions. They basically cared about different things as compared to ordinary people.

Everyone who was outside the door did not dare to move an inch, but Leo felt that his crotch had begun to shake. He truly hated that damned guy, and he cursed that guy in his heart. If Murphy was willing to give him another chance to make up for his mistake, he would make sure that that guy disappeared from the Holy Land.

It was unknown what was going on with Murphy in the lab. He kept staring at the broken Glazed Crystal Glass without speaking a word. He looked at it for a while — seemingly lost in thought — then picked up another fragment and observed it carefully. His frown grew deeper and deeper, and the still atmosphere coming from the lab definitely made people fall into desperation.

Because unknowingly, Murphy had begun to exude an aura of the Heavenly Soul Stage. This was a situation that the disciples had never encountered even when Murphy flew into rages. As an alchemist, Murphy's status was far more respectable than that of an ordinary Great Teacher, so there was absolutely no need to use power to prove anything.

Leo was about to pee in his pants, and tears had begun to form in his eyes. He knew he was done for. All his efforts had come to naught, and he was going to become a pauper once again. He was hanging by a thread.

For more than half an hour, the great Murphy actually stared at the bunch of broken Glazed Crystal Glass, and the entire group of disciples outside the door did not dare to make a sound. However, as time passed, everyone could not figure out the situation and began to wonder what had actually happened inside.

When Murphy finally came out, he looked around at everyone, and everyone immediately looked to the floor. The atmosphere was imposing, and everyone was afraid of landing into trouble at that moment.

\"Who used this alchemy lab just now?\" asked Murphy directly.

Leo was a little dumbfounded and stunned by the question. \"I— I…\"

Murphy's gaze had already swept over him, with a hint of coldness and indifference.

Leo felt that his underpants became a little wet, but he obviously did not care much about that awkward situation. He knew Murphy too well. Murphy's questions would never be groundless. No matter how Murphy found out, he was already exposed. If he refused to admit it, he would only face a worse death.

Leo began to explain himself, stuttering. \"Teacher, I only let him use the lab because I really pitied him.\"

Although he had pocketed some money, it was indeed true that he allowed that guy to use the lab because the guy appeared very enthusiastic and looked really pitiful. He truly did not care about such a small sum of money. Anyway, at this moment, he just looked to the floor, appearing defeated.

\"Someone used my lab, and you didn't even record his name?\" Murphy looked at Leo coldly, and everyone felt that Leo was going to meet his end this time.

Leo was about to cry. \"Teacher Murphy, this is the first and the last time. I promise!\"

Murphy didn't bother to answer him. \"You mean, he's a newcomer, and he didn't wear any form of disguise?\"

Leo froze, and his brain was a little uncooperative, but he eventually answered Murphy's question.\"Yes, it was a newcomer… or someone's helper, at best. He's a Holy Disciple who was in a terrible situation.\"

Murphy sneered as he glanced at everyone. \"This person has the skills of an alchemy master, yet you actually thought that he was a helper. Your eyes have really been eaten by dogs.\"

\"You have 10 days. I don't care what methods you use. Find him!\"

Murphy left right after that. If Leo was speaking the truth, it meant that that person was an astonishing genius in alchemy. How could Murphy miss the chance of getting to know that person if he was to become the greatest alchemist in the history of the Holy Land!


Wang Zhong clearly had no idea about what was happening in the alchemy workshop. He and Simba had never thought about the garbage in the alchemy room, and frankly, even if he knew about the unspoken rule to clean up after himself, he would not do it. He had spent 500 Holy Coins, yet he only made sh*t. How could the price he paid not include cleaning fees? That place's service was really terrible.

Wang Zhong — who did not have much experience in spending and making money — kept thinking about his only financial path, which was the Samsara wine business. He had to find a suitable middleman. Wang Zhong knew that there would be a market for this thing in the Holy Land, but he was not so naive as to assume that he himself could promote it. The Holy Land was a place with an even greater focus on the hierarchy than the Federation. However, unlike the various complex standards and influences in the Federation, it was relatively simpler in the Holy Land; that is, one had to be backed by a power in order to gain status.

Currently, he was not powerful enough, and he did not want to show all his cards; thus, it would be best to find a partner.

He was considering Uncle Zhang at first, but Uncle Zhang was already a retired man. It wasn't appropriate to bother Uncle Zhang with such matters. Besides, Uncle Zhang's situation might not be suitable to do so. Thus, there were not many other choices. Teacher Lan Daier might be a potential candidate, but how would he go about recommending his goods to her?

Ding ding ding ding!

He was just thinking about how Teacher Lan Daier had ignored him for the past few days when his Skylink rang.

\"Wang Zhong, where are you? We agreed on you taste-testing dishes today. Hurry up and get your ass over here!\"

Teacher Lan Daier sounded rather pissed off. Wang Zhong smacked himself on the head. His mind was full of running his own business today, so he had truly forgotten about their agreement.

Obviously, it was not a pleasant experience to be stood up. Teacher Lan Daier was definitely infuriated, and the consequences were dire.

With Wang Zhong's current financial situation and future plans, there was actually no need to work for Lan Daier as a taste-tester anymore, but he did not intend to give up this job. It was not because he wanted to earn those small sums of money. Although most of the dishes were poisonous, they were not made for the purpose of poisoning others; thus, they were still manageable.

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    《Battle Frenzy》