Battle Frenzy
772 Dreams of Reincarnation 2 in 1
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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772 Dreams of Reincarnation 2 in 1

Dishes made by the Gourmets contained ingredients that were complementary to each other. Those that were poisonous would definitely also be a huge supplement. The prerequisite was for one to be able to handle the toxins in it. They were actually particularly helpful in one's path of cultivation. For Wang Zhong's future plans of cultivation in terms of experience and the soul, he was not worried at all. There, he was actually a few steps ahead of many people. However, it was hard to refine his body; thus, consuming dishes of dimensional gourmets was actually a good way to do so. Although the dishes Lan Daier made him try tasted awful, their ingredients were actually very expensive.

In essence, as long as he was able to take the heat, it would be a win-win situation.

As Lan Daier pushed the door open, it could be seen that she was wearing a light-blue nightgown. Her long blonde hair was tied up casually into a high ponytail with a rubber band, exposing her neck which was as fair as snow. If one looked downward, her cleavage could be spotted, but she apparently did not mind a single bit. On the path of cultivation, it was compulsory for one to be able to look past the human body. This was also the reason why many people in the Tyrants were able to change their original appearance.

\"How dare you stand me up.\" Lan Daier's hand flew to Wang Zhong's ears directly. She clearly appeared to be upset. \"We have agreed on this long ago. You actually made me wait for you from 12 noon to 2 p.m. Two full hours. I heard that you just became the vice-captain of a small exploration team. Are you trying to rebel against me?!\"

\"I would never,\" replied Wang Zhong with a serious face. \"I am late because I was preparing a gift for you, teacher.\"

Wang Zhong was not a fool, especially after mixing with Ma Dong for so long. He had learned a few tricks, and it was definitely put to good use in the Holy Land.

\"Forget about the gift.\" Lan Daier was amused with his look of righteousness. This boy rarely sucked up to her, but occasionally, when he tried to do so with a serious look plastered over his face — even if Lan Daier was very upset — she would laugh out loud after seeing his expression. \"Hurry, hurry, all the dishes on the table have turned cold. If they are left on the table any longer, they will start to smell. I am still waiting for your stomach to give me feedback, you know?\"

\"Every time I come here, there will be a large table with delicious dishes.\" Wang Zhong's mood became better again, and he joked with Lan Daier casually. \"It really feels like I am home after slogging my guts out for the whole day.\"

\"Tsk tsk, you've got guts. You are the first one who dares to take liberties with me after all these years. The previous one's grave already has grass growing on it.\" Lan Daier looked at him with a spurious smile.

Wang Zhong revealed an exaggerated expression and began to shake his head like a drum-rattle. \"I don't believe it. You are a nice person.\"

Nice person? Lan Daier did not know whether to laugh or cry. In the Holy Land, all the nice people were already dead. All the people who were alive obeyed the rules of the game and were on a path of no return. However, this unexpected taste-tester did give her a different feeling. Most Holy Disciples were either cowardly or wanted to get something from her. Occasionally, there were also some conceited pricks who thought they could get away with their actions and ended up meeting a horrible end. This Wang Zhong was very special. He appeared to be fully at ease and had even understood the benefits of taste-testing such dishes. He had a sense of propriety and had a big heart, seemingly a little manly.

Most people who engaged in testing out things like poison over a long period of time would eventually develop hidden illnesses even if there was an antidote or even if their body could digest and break down the toxins. Eventually, after long-term accumulation, those hidden illnesses would erupt altogether. As such, very few people could stay in this industry for a long time. It was unless one was born with super-strong resistance to toxins. In such cases, long-term consumption of toxins could further stimulate the body's antitoxin immunity.

Wang Zhong definitely belonged to this category. Now, his job of taste-testing could no longer cause severe side effects to him. Most of the side effects would act up on the spot, and he would soon recover from them. After getting rid of the toxins' threats, the rest was pure benefits. He even felt that the higher the toxicity in the dishes, the larger the benefits he would gain. At the same time, the Soul Power in his body would operate at a higher speed and efficiency while trying to break down those toxins. Additionally, the huge amounts of energy originally contained in the various precious ingredients would constantly charge his Soul Power. The process was like a perpetual motion machine that ran on its own: it provided energy for him and allowed his body to improve at a high speed, and he never got tired in the process.

The two were now more accustomed to working with each other, and they communicated with ease. Naturally, there was some free time, which Wang Zhong would make full use of. In such cases, Wang Zhong would often enquire about the structure of the human body, or he would just casually chat with Lan Daier. However, he did not seem to have any new questions today. Instead, he began to criticize Lan Daier's restaurant boldly.

\"I think you should change the decoration style of your private rooms. It's too old-fashioned.\"

\"I think the plates of the dishes can be changed. You have such a big plate to carry that little bit of food…\"

\"Hey hey hey.\" Lan Daier was rather uncomfortable with this rhythm and stopped him with a glare. \"What's the matter with you today? You can't stop yakking after trying one dish. Is it because you visited my restaurant previously? I even gave you a special discount. You don't have to be bitter and hateful. Or act like you have suffered a grievance.\"

\"Well, your restaurant is exorbitant, isn't it?\" Wang Zhong said with a smile. \"But seriously, I think the most important thing is that you have to change the drinks in your restaurant.\"

\"You sound even more ridiculous now. I'm not a winemaker. Furthermore, all kinds of alcohol that are available in the Holy City can be found in my restaurant. It was you who couldn't bear to part with your money to order the more expensive ones…\"

Wang Zhong clapped his hands together, he had finally gotten to the point. He set aside his spoon and began to speak. \"Teacher, have a taste of my gift. It will definitely give you a feeling similar to flying!\"

Wang Zhong had yet to finish speaking, but he was already holding an ordinary wine bottle in his hand. When Wang Zhong pulled the bottle cap open, the strong aroma of the wine immediately permeated the air.

As a gourmet, wine was also very important to her. Although Lan Daier did not specialize in this aspect herself, she definitely knew her stuff. The aroma of the wine alone had managed to get her attention.

There was no need for Wang Zhong to explain anything. Lan Daier grabbed the bottle and took a sip. It was only a small sip, but it instantly managed to make Lan Daier intoxicated.

The aroma and taste of the wine were not top-notch, and there were definitely mellower wines than this. However, they did not have the kind of lasting appeal which this wine did. There was an indescribable and fuzzy aftertaste lingering in her mouth. This feeling…

She saw a handsome man approaching her, holding a bright red rose in his hand. He had an extremely bright smile. \"Will you marry me?\"


Lan Daier instantly lost herself.

Solo was her fiance. She had agreed to his proposal that day, and it was the happiest moment in her life. However, it was also the same fateful day Solo's team accepted an exploration mission. When they returned, they did not even bring his body back.

Emotions were undoubtedly extravagant and cruel to the practitioners on the path of cultivation. After that incident, all happiness in her life disappeared. Delicacies became her only pursuit as it was no longer possible for her to fulfill her inner desires. Although she wanted to create good things, what was left was only emptiness and… boundless loneliness.

Most of the time, Lan Daier did not know what the point of being alive was. The clock could not be reversed. Also, how many practitioners could know their future?

The Holy Saint Teacher, there was only one Holy Saint Teacher in the entire world.

Lan Daier knew that she would not be able to attain that level. She just wanted to use cultivation to soothe the pain of missing her loved one. However, time only made her numb. She did not want to become a walking zombie. Food could still remind her that she was alive, but when could she stop living like this?

Lan Daier continued to drink the wine. Unknowingly, her face was already covered in time and the shoulder strap on her left shoulder had begun to drop. There was an indescribable visual impact. She looked sexy, full of authenticity, mature… and definitely made people feel tender and protective toward her.

When the wine ran out, Lan Daier recovered from her former state. From the beginning to the end, she was in the in-between state of dreaming and consciousness, but she was unwilling to let go of these authentic feelings. Although she looked extremely sexy and beautiful, Wang Zhong only had admiration for her. There was definitely an impulse at his age, but Wang Zhong was different from ordinary people from young. Instead of indulging in his impulses, he remained rational. It was a very special feeling. The most important thing was that he could see.

He could see that Lan Daier's tears were full of loneliness and despair.

Lan Daier totally didn't care about being taken advantage of. \"What's the name of this wine?\" she asked.


\"The wine is good. It has a good name as well. You can take your leave. I want to be alone today,\" said Lan Daier as she smiled slightly.

Wang Zhong stood up. He was an apprentice; thus, there was obviously no need to display his slight skill before an expert. However, just as he got up, he was pulled toward Lan Daier, and the fragrance she emitted filled his nostrils. His chest came into contact with two large and soft bumps, and a soft red kiss was planted on his face. His head started buzzing, and he grew dizzy.

\"Kiddo, this is your reward!\"

That sexy voice had seemingly penetrated his soul. Even after he had left for quite some time, Wang Zhong was still dazed. His supposed calm and collected nature seemed to have collapsed at that moment.

Loneliness… It was also in Wang Zhong's nature. At the moment when he saw Lan Daier shed tears, it seemed like a seed was planted and began to sprout.


The Tianjing New City Development Zone brought more than just a new city development zone to Tianjing. The former Tianjing City had undergone earth-shattering changes. The native Tianjing people were almost unable to recognize the home they had once known like the back of their palms. Tall buildings were constructed one after another. These buildings were constructed from detailed components and building frames. The construction process was like building blocks. Not only was the construction period short, but these buildings also had far more solid attributes as compared to traditional buildings.

The biggest impact of the construction of the new district in Tianjing was that there would be a higher demand for workers, and everyone in the city would become useful in one way or another. In other words, everyone's life would become better.

Everyone was clear about the answer to these two questions: Who was the one that allowed this to happen and why was the new district in Tianjing?

In the streets of Tianjing, there was absolutely no one who dared to talk about all this anymore. Glory had become a taboo topic. Those who were dissatisfied were thrown into prison long ago. It was said that if someone was arrested for this again, it would not be imprisonment anymore; he would be exiled. For ordinary people, that was no different from the death penalty.

Due to the power the 10 Great Families had over Skylinks, coupled with some cooperation from the Federation, the popularity of the CHF competition quickly dissipated. Certain new hot topics dominated the various search rankings in Skylinks.

Wang Zhong seemed to have been forgotten by everyone. Occasionally, some people would mention it or post a video of the CHF contest, but there would hardly be anyone responding to the topic.

On the contrary, reports of the Assassin clan dominated the news. Their secrets and mysteries had been reported continuously. Naturally, all of the reports were inaccurate and exaggerated.

Clan massacres, being in league with tyrants and unscrupulous merchants. oppressing civilians, resorting to inhumane means… It was as though only the Assassins were capable of evil and that all the bad guys in the world were related to them.

As Emily scrolled through the news on her Skylink, she appeared extremely calm and there was no trace of emotional fluctuations.

Among all the news, there would always be one person in the spotlight.

Zhao Zhongxin — the eldest of the elders in the Zhao family and a member of the Federation's Parliament — was the person in charge of wiping out the remaining Assassins. After Tu Mo was captured, he personally acted as the executioner and carried out Tu Mo's death sentence.

\"The Assassins only have themselves to blame for their downfall. There is an old proverb, 'he who is unjust is doomed to destruction.' This is definitely referring to people like the Assassins. They are malignant tumors that absorb the nutrients of the Federation to commit evil. They are no different from the Devil…\"

In the newsflash, Zhao Zhongxin appeared to have spoken sternly out of a sense of justice, posing as a person of high morals. However, he was actually a demon wearing human skin.

He was also Emily's next target.


A shadow-like silhouette kneeled down behind Emily.

It was the Harbinger of Death: Black Crow.

The Assassin clan was once the strongest of assassins under Tu Mo. Following his death, Harbinger was the only expert assassin left of the Assassin clan.

However, at this moment, she knelt behind Emily with her sights set on the ground, showing the utmost respect for Emily.

Emily revealed a slight smile, turned around slowly, and shot a glance at Harbinger's empty left sleeve. \"You have fully recovered from your injuries?\"

Harbinger of Death tilted her head even lower as she replied, \"Yes, master.\"

A month ago, Harbinger's left hand was still her dominant hand. That was until she rejected Emily's call. The loyalty of assassins never laid in bloodlines. In this world of darkness, only power could command respect.

After Emily came along, she had to change her dominant hand.

There was no trace of hatred within her because the day she lost her left arm, she had also caught a glimpse of the future. In Emily, she saw the vast future of the Assassins in this world of darkness. For people like her who had given everything to the dark path, this was their life pursuit. For this, she could give up everything. Furthermore, no assassin would be afraid of giving up his life.

To be an assassin was actually like joining a religion.

\"Master. It's time.\"

\"Alright, go.\"

Emily stood up and looked at Black Crow without revealing any hint of emotion. Emily's Heroic Soul power was very special and very powerful, but it also had a fatal flaw. Black Crow was her powerful backup.

As Black Crow straightened her petite and cute body, she seemed like a phantom which was growing rapidly. She grew taller in a flash, and her fair skin began to stretch. At the same time, a pale-brown pigment instantly replaced her skin's original color. The color of her hair also began to change into a shade of dark brown.

Rip! Her outer coat was torn open, and it fell to the ground. Her bra was made of elastic fabric, and her expanding boobs stretched it to the fullest.

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    《Battle Frenzy》