Battle Frenzy
773 The Fallen Bowtie
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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773 The Fallen Bowtie

Within the short timespan of standing up, Black Crow had already transformed from a thin and boney little woman into a hot and sexy mixed-race girl. When she raised her hand, a set of waitress clothes appeared on her body.

Contortion and camouflage were special skills that members of the Assassin clan had, and Black Crow was the best expert in this area. That was why she could easily escape when Assassin's base was under siege. Only Assassin's true heir could have a hold on her whereabouts. Now, that person was Emily.

It was just that she did not expect Emily's power to be so terrifying.

She was a true genius! Hold on. No, that was not enough to describe her! She was a god, the God of Assassins! Black Crow silently thought about all these as she slowly backed away while remaining in the bowing position. Once again, she retreated into the shadows of darkness.

A waitress came out from the corner of the corridor and immediately quickened her pace when she spotted Black Crow. \"Kelly, I finally found you. Mrs. Newman is looking for you! The reception is about to begin,\" she said.

\"Noted. Thanks, Ning.\"

Black Crow, aka Kelly, smiled widely, making her look extremely appealing. Although her youthful face was not alluring, it was because of this that her smile appeared more natural; thus, she was able to make people feel comfortable.

In a short span of time, Mrs. Newman had already begun to feel that she couldn't do anything without Kelly. Many things in the mayor's mansion were handled by Kelly, and she never made a single mistake. Naturally, this reception was also organized by Kelly.

On the second floor, Mayor Williams was hurrying down the stairs, but he stopped when he saw Kelly. \"Kelly, how do I look?\" he asked.

For some unknown reason, Williams felt that Kelly's words could boost his confidence. The guests he was about to host at this reception were extremely important to his future career path.

\"Mr. Mayor, Mrs. Newman has great taste. You look perfect.\"

\"Great. Remember, today's guests are very important. Don't make any mistakes during the reception later.\"

After Williams was done with his instructions, he headed downstairs joyfully and nervously. When he arrived at the main entrance, his secretary and a group of officials from the City Hall were already waiting there. He joined them and then looked at the time. He had chosen to come 30 minutes in advance. This reception was extremely important and was definitely worth his time.

Half an hour later, a fleet of cars arrived. The leading ones were three armored police cars, followed by an entire row of black luxury cars. Each and every one looked exactly the same, which endowed the fleet of cars with a solemn yet noble style.

\"They're here.\"

Williams hurriedly led all the officials of Tianjing City to the road to greet the guests. The servants and helpers in his mansion had also entered a state of hurry. All of them moved like wheel gears: at high speed and with precision. Naturally, those with low statuses were not qualified to welcome the nobles at the door. They could only wait to be called upon from their predetermined posts.

Black Crow followed closely behind Mrs. Newman and waited at the main gate with the officials' family members.

Not long after, she saw those officials walk in, clustered around a middle-aged man.

The smile on the Black Crow's face deepened. The distinguished guest the mayor was receiving was none other than Zhao Zhongxin, the one responsible for Assassin's massacre.

Zhao Zhongxin stopped in his tracks and scanned everyone's face, including Kelly's. He was trying to match everyone's face, height and body shape with the information stored in his mind.

Only after confirming everyone's identity, then he smiled slightly, nodded at everyone, and walked in upon the mayor's invitation.

Zhao Zhongxin was obviously not the main target of the officials' family members. Instead, their targets were those descendants of the Zhao family he brought along with him. It was especially the case for those with daughters. After Zhao Zhongxin entered the place, the ladies pulled their daughters to socialize with those Zhao descendants who held Tianjing's future in their hands. Copperfield was eventually defeated in the battle for Tianjing. They had originally thought that they could pick up a bargain, but ultimately, power was the deciding factor, and Copperfield was still the weakest of the 10 Great Families. The Zhao family had already invested so much in this; they would never give it up.

At the banquet, the drinks never stopped flowing and both the guests and hosts were happy. At this moment, Zhao Zhongxin was heavily guarded, and the security in the vicinity of the castle had been replaced by his soldiers. Recently, the remaining Assassins were very active. Zhao Zhongxin treasured his life a great deal; thus, he had three people at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage protecting him. Unless the other party found an expert in the Heavenly Soul Stage, they would not succeed in assassinating him. Furthermore, in fact, no expert would be willing to help the Assassins, as they had already fallen.

Black Crow was a conscientious servant girl through and through. She dutifully drugged everyone present. Ordinary drugs or those targeted at the mind were definitely not strong enough as all those that were present were experts. The Zhao family specialized in this area as well, but her ability was different.

Her Dharma Idol itself was not lethal, but instead it had an extremely calming effect. It could provide treatment and acted like anesthesia. To put it simply, she was once a promising therapist, but she eventually fell into darkness and never looked back.

Under the influence of alcohol and her Dharma Idol, those people's minds soon turned hazy; their consciousness was a little confused yet relaxed.

At that moment, the whole villa suddenly disappeared, and the whole group suddenly reappeared in a hall surrounded by blood. There was also a huge blood pool in the center.

On a throne made from bones, Lolly was spotted with her fair-skinned calves. Zhao Zhongxin recognized this little girl almost immediately. She was the most wanted member of the Assassins, the culprit behind the series of recent assassinations, Emily.

Zhao Zhongxin sneered slightly and seemed totally unconcerned about the others' confusion. \"Boys, kill her!\"

However, no one responded to him. Emily, who was on the throne, revealed a cold smile. On the other hand, Black Crow stood silently among the crowd.

This was the power of the great Queen of Darkness — The Fallen Bowtie. Within a certain range, as long as the target was asleep or even if their consciousness's defense was reduced, they would be directly projected into a dream world called the 'Bowtie': in other words, a soul world.

Here, Emily controlled everything.

From the blood pool, a skeleton with a pink bowtie emerged, carrying a huge sickle in his hand.

Accompanied by screams, the harvest began. The color of the blood pool became extra bright as well.

Here, time and struggle had no meaning. The outside world did not even realize what was happening. Black Crow quickly woke up from her coma. People who had fallen into the dream world could not be woken up unless they were experts in the mind or released by Emily.

Black Crow continued to stare at the people who behaved like puppets but with expressions full of sorrow and fear. If one's soul died, only an empty body would be left behind. It was time for her to leave.

Emily, who was on the Boney Throne, continued to watch the massacre. She didn't want to stain her hands originally, but she could not stop. That was because the Assassins had already collapsed. As such, she had to embark on a path of no return. She had originally thought she could stay true to herself, but she eventually could not escape her fate.

She was part of Assassin's bloodline. She was not sure if she could ever see Wang Zhong again. She could not resist her desire for revenge after all…


Miluo World.

Although its name had the word 'world' in it, this was a dimensional space, long conquered by the Holy Land. This world was not huge, but it was home to a primitive race. It was also the first place conquered by the Holy Land. The inhabitants were the Miluo people who claimed that they were Yashenians. They were belligerent and loved to fight.

In general, these two attributes were also human in nature. Especially in the early days of the Holy Land, humans and Yashenians fought, and eventually, humans wiped this place clean. The place then became one of the early territories of the Holy Land. It also marked the beginning of the Holy Land's path to conquer the Dimensional World.

They were once the rulers of this continent, with the power to battle against powerful aliens of other dimensions. Now, the best of them was only a handful at the Heroic Soul Stage; they were truly weak. They appeared to have survival rights, but what they didn't know was that they were under the Holy Land's supervision. The moment their descendants were found to have reached the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage, the Holy Land would immediately send experts to eliminate them; this was, of course, to prevent them from causing trouble to the rulers of the Holy Land, in case they ever entered the Heavenly Soul Stage. Other than that, powerful lifeforms like these were of great help to the Holy Land's study of worldly mysteries. They were also the source of excellent slaves, but all this was not known to ordinary people.

Currently, a group of tall and big Yashenians was trapped in a small space; there were about a dozen of them. They were not only made up of powerful men but also women and children. It looked like a transient population from a small tribe, migrating with their family members.

At this moment, it appeared as though there was nothing around them but a vast plain. However, no matter how they ran, they couldn't escape the scope of a hundred meters. It was like they were spinning around in the same place.

Their eyes revealed huge fear as they could not understand what was happening. Then, they saw two women appearing from thin air about a hundred meters away.

These two very beautiful females were 'Holy People,' who had the appearance of humans just like them. However, they did not have a tall stature nor bronze skin like them and were rather fair. To them, fair skin was a symbol of nobility, after all; only rulers had such fair skin. Indeed, it was these short individuals who called themselves 'Holy People' who were currently dominating their world.

They were a god-like existence. For them, the most powerful among them were only Middle Phase Heroic Souls. Additionally, they were also strictly monitored secretly. As such, these outsiders were all extremely powerful in their eyes, and these outsiders had gained a highly respected form of address: 'Holy People.'

They had quite a lot of interactions with these Holy People. It was common for some young 'Holy People' to come here for training opportunities, collect rare resources, or handle those evil creatures hidden in the depths of Miluo Heights. Most of the Holy People were friendly… Naturally, this was merely a saying among the Yashenians. If they really met unfriendly Holy People, they would basically have zero chance to spread the news.

These Yashenians clearly believed in such rumors and trusted these so-called 'Holy People.' They began to have a glimmer of hope. Perhaps these two kind-looking Holy People would help them solve their present problem. These two were saviors in their eyes.

The Yashenians beckoned at them desperately and yelled at them for help in their local language. A few children also couldn't help but cheer.

Scarlet clearly had doubts. It had been a while since she came out with her teacher to train, but they had yet to visit any special dangerous places as mentioned by her teacher. It was more of visiting common secret realms, just like this current one. The strongest of them were only Middle Phase Heroic Souls. Not to mention Sophia, even Scarlet alone could wipe them out.

Perhaps her teacher wanted to hone her adaptability as much as possible. Scarlet still had absolute trust in her teacher; it was just that she was a little puzzled by the current situation.

Scarlet had personally witnessed her teacher laying down the Labyrinth Formation to trap that group of aliens. However, these aliens did not seem evil and had no intention of attacking. They did not even manage to notice the two's presence as they were focused on their journey. What's more was that they were not powerful at all. The strongest and tallest male alien in the group had only just reached the Heroic Soul Stage. No matter what her teacher wanted to do to them, it was not necessary to resort to such lengths.

\"Kill them,\" Sophia spoke without any emotion. It was unbelievable that such a beautiful and elegant person could speak such words. It was as though she was asking Scarlet to slaughter a group of cattle.

\"Teach— Teacher?\" Scarlet froze. Throughout the trip, her hands were already stained with a lot of blood on her teacher's orders, but those that she killed were mostly monsters or things that were obviously evil. It was just like dealing with those mutated beasts on Earth. There was no psychological burden. However, these tall aliens looked very kind and gentle; thus, she could not bear to kill them, let alone kill the children among them.

\"Don't be fooled by their appearance.\" Sofia was not in a hurry to force her. Instead, she spoke calmly. \"Evil creatures don't always show their true colors. Have you forgotten what you saw in the video I just showed you?\"

Of course, Scarlet could not forget what she saw. It was a video of Miluo people killing humans. The video was very clear. That particular Yashenian was very powerful; she even felt that he was stronger than Sophia. Many humans who died in his hands were torn apart, and all his kills were accompanied by crazy laughter, as though human lives did not matter at all.

However, the weak people in front of her were not that same cruel person.

\"But…\" Scarlet was still hesitant.

\"But they are not as strong and not as threatening like in the video? But there are children among them?\" Sophia stared into Scarlet's eyes. She then began to speak with a hint of guidance. \"For practitioners on the path of cultivation, the most taboo thing is to be deceived by appearances and to be controlled by your hormones. In essence, Heroic Soul Stage soldiers mostly still haven't gotten rid of the adrenaline and confusion caused by their emotions. You might think they are pitiful, but it's merely a kind of emotion generated by your heart based on your life experiences, and this is not necessary nor helpful in spiritual cultivation. Remember, even if you see something with your own eyes, it may not be true. Carry out the mission!\"

Under Sophia's unmoving gaze, Scarlet eventually faltered. She understood her teacher's point of view and sort of understood why her teacher went to so much trouble to trap those aliens. As she had shadowed her teacher for quite some time, she was already clear on her teacher's temperament. She was a powerful woman who absolutely could not tolerate anyone defying her. They were teacher and student in name, but in actual fact, her teacher could take her life at any time; thus, she had no choice but to obey.

\"Do it!\"

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