Battle Frenzy
789 Teenage Army from the Holy Land
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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789 Teenage Army from the Holy Land

Under Wang Zhong's lead, Napier Mo, Mario, and the others came out of the transmission portal. The average mercenaries didn't think anything of it. To them, Wang Zhong and company were just a bunch of young kids. How strong could their combat level be?

Moyus's eyes twinkled, as numerous thoughts ran through his mind in that instant.

As a top expert at the Peak Heroic Soul Stage, Moyus was a representative figure in Tutankhamun. He was experienced and knowledgeable. He had heard of and even experienced things unknown to most.

If he wasn't mistaken, the transmission portal that opened a rift in this space was a specialty of a place in the Dimensional World called the Holy Land.

Moyus's expression turned solemn as he fixed his gaze on the teenagers that walked out from the transmission portal one by one. If he knew that Sister Hong's force had people from the Holy Land to back them up, he would have certainly persuaded the feudal lord to give up. He didn't want to get into trouble with that place before he even reached the Heavenly Soul Stage.

Everyone knew that the Federation was very powerful, but few knew the reason why.

Was it because of the 10 Great Families? The Federation's armed forces? The industrial products produced from the so-called old civilization era?

The answer was none of those. Very few Empire citizens knew the true reason, but Moyus knew the truth behind the Federation's power and what the Empire was afraid of.

The Holy Land. It was a fortress for humans in the Dimensional World, a city of gods. It was filled with an abundance of people at the Heavenly Soul Stage.

How scary was the Holy Land?

Moyus knew one thing. In the Empire, there was once a Heavenly Soul Stage master who wanted to overthrow the power that the 10 Great Families had over the Empire. He wanted to isolate Tutankhamun from the control of the Federation. As someone who managed to break through into the Heavenly Soul Stage, he did have the right to be arrogant.

He almost succeeded as the Federation didn't seem to have enough power to fight back. The people in the Federation were mostly those who failed to break through into the Heavenly Soul Stage. However, just when he was about to succeed, a dimensional door appeared, and three Peak Heavenly Soul Stage experts walked out. That extremely arrogant master from Tutankhamun was chained by the neck like a dog and brought into the Dimensional World…

He hadn't returned since then.

The Holy Land needed the Federation to be the ruling party of the Earth, so that was why the Federation was impeccable and couldn't be defeated.

Ever since that happened, Tutankhamun had become an appendage of the Federation. That was also why Tutankhamun appeared to be cowardly. It wasn't that the aristocrats here didn't have any ambition, but in the face of an unknown and terrifying power, they chose survival.

Nonetheless, Moyus was an ambitious man. Although he would prefer not to get into trouble with the Holy Land, he wasn't scared of them. If they came, he would just treat it as practice. Having said that, if it was Peak Heavenly Soul Stage experts that came here today, he would have run away long ago.

In a flash, Moyus suddenly grabbed Sister Hong and went to Caslort. "My lord, something seems wrong this time. Those people seemed to have come from that place. This woman…"

Caslort had an uneasy expression on his face too. What a sh*tty day! He wasn't ignorant or inexperienced. As a feudal lord and aristocrat, he was qualified to know about the secret Holy Land. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he stared at Wang Zhong and company who descended from the transmission portal. "Dammit, why do they have their eyes on this place? Katchirda is just a small place. Why?" He cursed in an uncouth manner.

"My lord?"

Caslort raised his head suddenly and glared at Moyus. "Kill every one of them! As long as we kill all of them, the Holy Land might not necessarily know of today's battle! Moyus, tell me that you have the ability to kill them all! I'm willing to put everything on the line. You want that Golden Stone Slab, right? If you pull this off, the Golden Stone Slab is yours!"

Moyus's eyes had a dangerous glint to it. "Yes, my lord, I can do it. Just stay back and watch." He took a deep breath and said in a decisive manner.

"My army will assist you. Moyus, I will be waiting for good news at the castle with the Golden Stone Slab." Caslort knew what Moyus was trying to say. After saying that, Caslort left with his bodyguards without hesitation.

Looking at Caslort leave, a hint of madness could be seen in Moyus's eyes. Once he got his hands on the Golden Stone Slab, Moyus would leave this place and disappear off the face of the Earth. The Golden Stone Slab was a treasure that even the Holy Land coveted. Caslort was too naive. How could he think that this matter could be kept under wraps as long as these people were killed?

There were no secrets in this world if the Holy Land wanted to investigate. However, killing all these people could buy a lot of time. The Holy Land might not necessarily take action just because a few of its talented people were dead. Caslort might be in trouble, but even people at the Heavenly Soul Stage wouldn't be able to catch him if he was in the desert.

"Kill them!"

Moyus commanded the feudal lord's army to attack from all directions. This time, they would spare no one.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong took a deep breath. He was late indeed. Looking at Gong Yi, Reynolds, and Sister Hong who had wounds all over their bodies, uncontrollable anger overwhelmed him. At this point in time, his heart was no longer a heart but a volcano. With every breath he took and every single heartbeat, raging lava was pulsing inside him instead of blood.

This was a side effect since Wang Zhong reached a higher level of understanding of the fire element. Every power came with a price. His Heaven and Earth Chessboard Dharma Idol summoned Salamander, the Flaming Spirit King which represented the fire element. Thus, it was inevitable that his psyche was also influenced by fire-element characteristics. Usually, he would try to balance it out and keep himself in check.

However, he didn't want to suppress it now. Looking at Reynolds's wounds, the black streaks of dried blood at the corner of Gong Yi's mouth, and Sister Hong's worn-out face, he set the raging fire in his heart free and let the volcano within him run wild.

With the arrival of Wang Zhong and company, the battle situation became more heated. Caslort's army went crazy, and they were close to tearing down the strong defense and resistance that the Katchirda tribal warriors had put up.

"Save Sister Hong! That guy is Moyus, the Scorpion King. Be careful!" Gong Yi said through gritted teeth, trying very hard to stand up but was unable to do so. However, he was relieved that help came.

Wang Zhong's gaze locked on Moyus. It was evident that Moyus was the strongest out of all their opponents, his aura was way more powerful than the others. Wang Zhong stared him dead in the eye, and it was as if lava was flowing in his own eyes. An immense amount of battle intent was burning inside him. "Grai, you guys settle the others. He's mine."

Grai nodded. "Leave it to us. You be careful too."

Wang Zhong nodded. He zoomed across, and the crackle of fire sparks in the air could be heard. Salamander, the Flaming Spirit King, appeared out of nowhere and landed beside Sister Hong, pulling her to him to carry away in his arms.

"You're seeking your own death!" Moyus's eyes flashed as he exuded an overwhelming killing intent. Stretching his right arm out, the flesh and blood on it suddenly decayed rapidly, and instantly, his entire arm looked like a ghostly and bony claw. It moved slightly and landed on Salamander.


In that instant, sparks flew everywhere as the fiery glow surrounding Salamander became slightly dimmer. At the same time, a red glow appeared on Moyus's hand.

It was Moyus's Netherworld Ghostly Claws. Its specialty was absorbing Soul Power to become its own, and it was a great counter for Dharma Idol and Soul Beast attacks.

In a flash, Wang Zhong — who was only slower by a fraction of a second — dashed toward Moyus and hurled a violent punch at him!

Moyus moved his body slightly and avoided Wang Zhong's powerful punch as if he was sliding on the sand. He turned around and started running eastward while carrying Sister Hong.

"Follow me if you want this woman!" Moyus's cold voice sounded.

Half of his mind was fixated on Wang Zhong, while the other half was on the feudal lord Caslort. He couldn't let Caslort die before he got his hands on the Golden Stone Slab. Once he used his full power, it would be a killer move which would kill everyone present. He didn't care about the Eight Great Poisonous Scorpions, the Scorpion Mercenaries, or the feudal lord army. However, if Caslort died, he would have to spend another 10 or 20 years finding a Golden Stone Slab that could help him break through to the Heavenly Soul Stage.

Wang Zhong had a steely gaze as he turned and chased after Moyus closely.

Grai and the others glanced at Wang Zhong's silhouette. Although no one voiced out any objection, they were very anxious inside. Earlier on, Gong Yi had explained Moyus's background clearly in a few sentences. However, other than placing their trust in Wang Zhong, there was only one thing they could do now.

"Let's start," Grai said.

He released his overwhelming Blood Race power without any qualms. The vampire Dharma Idol merged into one with him, making Grai's body seem like a bloody shadow.

This was a Blood Race Mystery Technique — Blood Shadow Variation!

Grai wasn't dumb. On the contrary, he thought logically and did things calmly, which was his biggest takeaway from the Holy Land. The Holy Land was the pinnacle of human development. On Earth, he still had some scruples about his Blood Race identity. However, in the Holy Land, his bloodline was a sign of power, and many interested teachers offered him help. Although it was because they wanted to research his bloodline, it was apparent that Grai also gained much from them.

In fact, he benefited more from them than they benefited from him. An example would be the Blood Shadow Variation which a Great Teacher gave him. Although he didn't know what that Great Teacher's exact intention was, the Blood Shadow Variation was definitely a powerful mystery technique for the Blood Race, drastically changing Grai's perception of things.

As a method of repayment, Grai needed to provide that Great Teacher with his blood for experiments, more specifically his blood essence. That was also why Grai stayed in his dorm usually and seldom went out. He had to recuperate and rest. In the Holy Land, give and take was a form of balance.


Grai went for Rozan and Yin Scorpion directly. The Blood Shadow Variation made him become a bloody tornado, sucking these two Great Poisonous Scorpions into layers of bloody waves. He was like a deadly venomous pupa, trapping Rozan and Yin Scorpion.

Rozan and Yin Scorpion's attacks were completely useless on Grai. On the other hand, the vampire cloak that Grai threw on them instantly injured Rozan heavily like countless bloody blades. The key thing was that Rozan's powerful recovery ability was suppressed. It was as if numerous insects were sucking his blood.

Although Yin Scorpion managed to avoid that attack, she didn't expect Grai to be able to counter their attacks. She had never encountered this strange situation before.

On the other hand, Mario's Hell Cage trapped Horned Owl and Dylo, while Napier was blocking Chela and Demon Scorpion. There was something different about Napier Mo, who reverted back to his clown outfit and was able to stay true to his nature now. He had the same capacity of Soul Power prior to him joining the Wanderlust Team, the peak value being 4,000 Grassos. However, even if he had the same capacity of Soul Power, the change in his mental state gave rise to a change in his power.

As he reverted back to his old personality, Napier also used his talent on his Dharma Idol, which became more and more materialized. He created an avatar based on his understanding of souls.

It incorporated the puppet techniques of the Tyrants, but it was different from that. Napier's puppets could create confusion by passing off the spurious as genuine, as well as take damage. At the same time, even if the puppets were destroyed, the wielder wouldn't suffer any serious damage, unlike most soul puppets.

This could be considered a demonstration of an extraordinary talent.

Only with confidence and freedom could you then walk the path that you desired.

Mo Ling was in charge of keeping the remaining opponents busy. He wasn't in charge of attacking but only needed to restrain them since Grai and Napier could definitely end their battles quickly based on their power.

By taking on two opponents by himself, Mo Ling was able to demonstrate his defense talent fully. Talgo and Kelsie were under his control. Both of them were attacking like mad cows, yet Mo Ling was unaffected by them.

Sharmie worked with Mario to restrain their opponents. With one attacking and the other defending, they could keep their opponents busy even if they couldn't end their battle immediately. In addition, Sharmie's Dharma Idol could also support the Katchirda warriors' defense.

Gong Yi and Reynolds fastened their eyes on the sight before them while adjusting the condition of their Soul Sea. At the start, they were still worried, but upon observing the battles for a while, they could only marvel at them. Were the people who came from the Holy Land all so impressive? Although their Soul Power couldn't compare to that of their opponents, such as Grai and Napier's opponents who were at the Peak Heroic Soul Stage, the duo was still able to suppress their opponents with their Dharma Idols and techniques.

However, this was not an easy feat for the duo. Although they were seemingly gaining the upper hand, the Eight Great Poisonous Scorpions had reached the Heroic Soul Stage a long time ago. Even if they didn't have Dharma Idols, there were three people who had already reached the Peak Heroic Soul Stage, and it wasn't so easy to defeat them.

The two parties on the battlefield were in a deadlock. The outcome of this battle depended on Wang Zhong and Moyus. Whoever was able to return alive would be the last hope for their side.

On the other hand…

Moyus stopped moving. He threw Sister Hong, who fainted some time ago, on the ground. He turned to see Wang Zhong standing a few meters away.

Wang Zhong was holding back to prevent her from being harmed. The other party held Sister Hong hostage to lure him here. Now that he accomplished his goal, it was hard to determine what Moyus would do to Sister Hong.

At this moment, they were about 10 kilometers away from the main battlefield. In the desert with the sand dunes around, this distance was enough to ensure that their battle wouldn't be interrupted by the main battlefield.

"You're from the Holy Land?" Moyus said coldly.

He knew that Wang Zhong valued Sister Hong very much, so he deliberately stood beside her.

"It's too late to know that." Wang Zhong answered in an equally cold manner. Extreme anger made him calmer instead. To control his anger and turn it into power instead of being rash was the first combat lesson that Simba taught him.

"Hahaha, little fella, you're very arrogant, huh? You're only at the Heroic Soul Stage, why get mixed up in this? If someone at the Heavenly Soul Stage came, I might be a little afraid, but you? You think there's no one powerful in Tutankhamun just because you're from the Holy Land?"

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    《Battle Frenzy》