Battle Frenzy
790 You Know Nothing About Power
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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790 You Know Nothing About Power


The moment Moyus finished speaking, he instantly struck. Moyus's palms exploded with pure white light, and space seemingly became distorted under this powerful force. It was unclear whether it was a visual anomaly or whether space was really compressed by his power. Several cracks began to appear in the air!

A terrifying force of 10,000 Grassos!

It was definitely pure power. Moyus had already entered the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage ten years ago. His mastery of power had already reached an extreme peak that could not be advanced or increased! At this moment, under the impetus of his fists, his power blasted toward Wang Zhong as though it was a meteor.

Seeing Moyus rush over, Wang Zhong's eyes blinked, but he actually grew a little relaxed. He instantly fell back to avoid the attack, but Moyus sneered. Wang Zhong's reaction was within his calculations. There was a saying: spare the rat to save the dishes. He knew that Wang Zhong wanted him to stay away from Sister Hong, who was on the ground. As long as he could fully make use of this, he would definitely have the offensive initiative.

Although Moyus claimed that Wang Zhong was merely a Heroic Soul, he was, in fact, extremely focused on the battle and made his moves with extreme caution as though he was dealing with an expert Heavenly Soul.

He would never underestimate anyone who came from the Holy Land, even if he was just a Heroic Soul.


Wang Zhong did not evade the attack. This was also the first time he faced a mature expert of the Heroic Soul Stage head-on after the enhancement of his Soul Power.


Moyus yelled as he smirked, and the pure power he released was like a sledgehammer, slamming the power of 10,000 Grassos into Wang Zhong's arm, which he had raised to block the attack.

Moyus was waiting to hear the cracking sound of Wang Zhong's arm breaking into pieces. The other party only had half of his Soul Power. He had absolute confidence in suppressing Wang Zhong!


The yellow sand in the desert was sent flying instantly, carrying the speed and force similar to a bullet. Unexpectedly, Moyus had to take three steps back. At the same time, Wang Zhong had also retreated more than 10 meters. Wang Zhong felt as though his body was about to collapse just now, but he found it really enjoyable as well. Was this the power of a peak Heroic Soul?

The attack was very strong, but not nearly strong enough. If Wang Zhong was an Initial Phase Heroic Soul, this strike would have been enough to break his arm. However, with 5,000 Grassos, he was not afraid of this type of attack.

From the moment of his awakening, he was accustomed to fighting against long odds.

Once the battle had begun, Moyus didn't have time to sigh. His dry and withered claws were as hard as steel, continuously bombarding Wang Zhong with attacks. Wang Zhong also retaliated without holding back, and Soul Power could be seen blasting about. Although Wang Zhong's control over Soul Power had reached perfection, Moyus was a formidable and experienced opponent. The knowledge he had gained from his near-death experiences had also allowed him to create his own routine. Both sides were well matched, and the battle grew fiercer. At the same time, Wang Zhong had already willed Salamander to take Sister Hong away. This was also the reason why Wang Zhong chose to fight with Moyus head-on, which was to remove Sister Hong from the picture.

Moyus knew, but he didn't mind. To him, it was good for him if Sister Hong could tie down his opponent's strong soul beast or whatever that Dharma Idol-like thing was. Anyway, all of them had to die sooner or later!

It had to be admitted that this guy from the Holy Land was indeed powerful. He was obviously weaker than Moyus, yet he could fight with Moyus head-on without falling into a disadvantageous position. The other party's Soul Power consumption should also be several times more than his own. Was it possible that the other party really had that much Soul Power?

Moyus also had close to unlimited Soul Power. This was developed from countless bloodshed and actual battles, and he had never slackened during cultivation. However, he did not intend to continue fighting this kid. Real-life battles were not friendly matches where both parties could learn from each other. All that mattered was whether he could kill the other party.

After exchanging blows, Wang Zhong suddenly felt that the other party's Soul Power began to develop a strong force of attraction. It was the Power of Entanglement!

At this moment, Moyus revealed an ugly smirk. It was too late for Wang Zhong now. Moyus's dry and withered claws had already caught Wang Zhong's hand.

——Netherworld Ghostly Claws.

Moyus was devouring Wang Zhong's Soul Power at lightning speed. No one could escape his clutches once they were caught by him. Since the last time, when he absorbed the power of a Heavenly Soul, he self-proclaimed that he was invincible among all Heroic Souls. Who knew that this Holy Land guy would come knocking at his doorstep. After absorbing the power of this guy and getting the dimensional treasure Golden Stone Slab, his advancement to the Heavenly Soul Stage would be close at hand, and he would become the strongest of Heavenly Souls.

At this moment, Wang Zhong opened his mouth, and a small runic array appeared between the two.

This was Wang Zhong's control over the Soul Power mechanism. His will was strong enough to form a simple runic array.

Subwoofer Cannon~~~~~


Moyus felt as though his head had been hit by a sledgehammer. At the same time, Wang Zhong had already kicked him away with one leg. Moyus flew backward, and Wang Zhong followed up on the attack, gliding after Moyus. He then kicked Moyus into the air once again. Moyus responded with a scream, but Wang Zhong was even quicker. He had already flown above Moyus, and he stomped on Moyus mercilessly in mid-air.


Moyus's entire body disappeared into the sand.

Then, Wang Zhong froze slightly. Moyus's aura had completely disappeared. Did he flee?

That was impossible. His opponent was not someone who would give up so easily, and his opponent obviously still had the upper hand in terms of power. His previous set of attacks was not able to cause any serious harm to anyone at the Heroic Soul Stage; thus, Wang Zhong knew that his opponent had lured him off to finish him.

But… Why would his aura vanish?

At this time, a bout of laughter erupted in the desert, and it seemed as though it came from every grain of sand. Unexpectedly, Wang Zhong could not even sense the position of his enemy with his powerful spiritual insight.

"Seems like people from the Holy Land are indeed interesting. Your Soul Power is pure, and you have strong vitality. You are the most delicious food I have ever seen. Even better than the Heavenly Soul I previously consumed. Unfortunately, in the desert, I am God!"

"Desert, my kingdom. Befall us!"

With his cold roar, the entire area became shrouded by a gust of violent and sinister wind. As the wind blew at countless grains of sand, sandstorms began to pour in from all directions.

Wang Zhong felt that the world around him had begun to transform, and a strange force enveloped the entire surroundings. It was a little like his Dominator Dharma Idol. This Dharma Idol was the strongest among all those Dharma Idols which involved creating their own worlds.

"Haha, you feel that, right? So what if you are from the Holy Land? I have the best Dharma Idol a human could ever have. The Vicinity Dharma Idol. This is a Dharma Idol of the highest-rank. Not only does it contain law fragments, it has also produced its own set of laws. It certainly is the best Dharma Idol of all!"

As Moyus spoke, countless Sand Soldiers began to emerge from the desert sand, and there were definitely hundreds of thousands of them. Each of them exuded the aura similar to a Heroic Soul; it was definitely terrifying, this battalion of Yellow Sand Soldiers.

The Soul Power of a Heroic Soul was not even close enough to wield this battalion of soldiers; thus, the only explanation was that they were actually the Dharma Idol itself.

It was the first time that Wang Zhong had heard this name — The Vicinity Dharma Idol.

When Moyus saw the look of surprise on Wang Zhong's face, he grew even more conceited. The more obsessed one was with cultivation, the more concerned one would be about this, especially if the other person was an expert from the Holy Land. What could make him feel better than making such people dumbfounded?

"I know the selection criteria of the Holy Land. As long as there are certain traces of worldly laws in one's Dharma Idol, he will be held in high esteem. But what's the big deal about that? The highest performing at the Heroic Soul Stage is the Vicinity Dharma Idol. I can create my own space and within its vicinity, I am the dominator!"

Moyus began to cackle with laughter. The reason for his unrestrained actions was that all people who knew his secret would die. He enjoyed letting them understand the situation before they died. He wanted them to surrender to his power. When he entered the Heavenly Soul Stage, he would become the true King of the Desert. Then, he wouldn't need to worry about experts from the Holy Land. Also, if he survived the Heavenly Calamity, he would bring his undead desert army to conquer the world and even conquer that dimension!

If Moyus appeared as a sand soldier, his opponent would be unaware of his presence. It was his own vicinity and he was the dominator. He would assume absolute dominion. Previously, even though that Heavenly Soul Stage soldier had exceedingly high abilities, he could not escape Moyus' clutches.

The moment one entered his vicinity, it would signify despair for the person.

Suddenly, his captured prey began to laugh.

"For people like you, there is a saying in the Holy Land. That is, you know nothing about power."

On the main battlefield, it was neither Grai nor Napier Mo who broke the balance of the battle. Grai and the others were undoubtedly outstanding and had stronger fighting power than their opponent. However, in the case of one against two, it was impossible to crush them, especially when their opponent had extremely rich actual combat experience and used various tactics of entanglement. The advantage these mercenaries had was that they had stronger Soul Power; thus, all they had to do was continuously expend the Soul Power of Grai and the others. They would hold them off a little longer as they believed that Captain Moyus would soon arrive and crush all the small fry in their way effortlessly.

Grai was the strongest of them, but he was also unable to finish off his fight with Rozan. Even with his power of the Blood Race, he couldn't stop Rozan from regenerating. Rozan could see that Grai wanted to end the fight quickly; thus, he grew even trickier and tried his best to avoid Grai's attacks. Yin Scorpion attacked at the same time, blocking some of Grai's attacks. The other battlefields were all in a similar situation, but the Katchirda soldiers were on the verge of collapsing, and Sharmie could also no longer hold on. The mercenaries were used to fighting as well as hovering between life and death. How could they be a match for this group of mercenaries?

Every fighter's death drove Reynolds crazy. During this period of living together, Reynolds had found the meaning of life. As he trained these young Tutankhamun warriors, watching every step of their progress and every cheer they made, he had already thought of them as his children. As he watched them get slaughtered, he definitely could not take it lying down. He had to take action.

It was never Reynolds's intention to live a hundred years, and he also didn't care if he could break through the Heroic Soul Stage. He just wanted to do his duty, just like in the Federation.

Everyone's Soul Seas were more active than ever. In fact, Gong Yi was more talented than Reynolds, but he was really not suited to be a soldier. The stalemate on the battlefield was clear. For their side, only Grai could turn the situation in their favor, whereas the other side depended on those mercenaries to find a breach. Whichever side collapsed first would meet their end. Also, could Wang Zhong prevail in his own battle?

Moyus was a top-notch expert at the Heroic Soul Stage, and he was almost unparalleled in Tutankhamun. Wang Zhong was not expected to win, and everyone knew they needed to back him up.

The scar on Reynolds's face began to tremble as his body resisted his actions. He was activating his Soul Power despite his injuries, and he could clearly feel the power of resistance in his chest. It was as though there was a boxer continuously punching his chest, and every beat of his heart felt abnormally laborious.

However, this pain was worth it. His eyes flashed sharply, and the scar on his face seemed to have come alive, radiating with a thin layer of red light. At that moment, it was though the winter snow was beginning to clear and Reynolds's body began to brim brightly with a brilliant sheen.

For him, potential was meant to be expended. Even if he lost a few years or even a dozen years of his life, he would not mind at all. What mattered was that he lived freely!


Heart Blade, press forward with indomitable will!

He aimed it straight at Yin Scorpion, and it was obvious that Reynolds did not care whether this attack would cause irreversible damage to him. The combination of Yin Scorpion and Rozan was extremely disgusting, but as long as one of them slipped up, both of them would go down!

Yin Scorpion and Rozan were doing their best to deal with Grai. This handsome Blood Race guy was extremely terrifying. One simple negligence could cost both of them their lives. They never thought that Reynolds, who was already half-dead, would suddenly fly up and attack them.

Yin Scorpion's reaction was extremely fast. The moment she realized that Reynolds had released his Heart Blade, she gave out a ghost-like scream. Rozan in front of her was completely in sync with her, roaring loudly and completely ignoring Grai's attacks. His fat body trembled, then seemingly teleported in front of Reynolds's Heart Blade, blocking the attack. With his fat arms, he stretched toward the Heart Blade at lightning speed in an attempt to grasp it.

Strands of silver-white hair emerged from Reynolds's temples, and his hair instantly turned white. Boom! The Heart Blade that should have been caught by Rozan suddenly flashed mysteriously and stabbed the body of Yin Scorpion.

Reynolds heaved a long sigh of relief. However, it was actually a pity. At the last moment, Yin Scorpion still managed to react in time and prevented it from attacking her vital points. The Heart Blade merely penetrated her shoulder. After all, she was one of the Eight Great Poisonous Scorpions. However, the aim of Reynolds's attack was not to kill.

His purpose was just to create an opportunity, an opportunity to break the balance.

Grai remained extremely calm the entire time. He already sensed the opportunity when Reynolds took the shot.

"Blood Sucking Rainbow!"

Hiss Crack Hiss Crack…

The blood of Yin Scorpion was drawn out like a waterfall, and the blood in her entire body was instantly emptied, leaving her dead. Not only that, her splashing blood suddenly formed a sharp crescent under Grai's control, cutting off Rozan's head.

The two collapsed, but there was no trace of blood. This was the killing technique of the Blood Race. It was artistic.

Before their corpses fell to the ground, Grai had already turned around and charged toward Chela and Demon Scorpion, who were fighting against Napier.

The rout was like a landslide. The Eight Great Poisonous Scorpions were already doomed the moment Grai killed his opponents. In fact, Grai was not the best at frontal attacks. He was the best at supplementary flanking attacks and would definitely be able to kill one with every strike.

Blood splashed into the surroundings. This battle made Grai more proficient in the manipulation of blood, and all the Poisonous Scorpions across the desert became his targets. Even Napier Mo grew speechless. This Grai was much more unrestrained than in the CHF. Maybe the Holy Land was indeed more suitable for him.

Seeing all the Eight Great Poisonous Scorpions killed, the feudal lord's army went from crazily attacking to crazily retreating. Sharmie also heaved a sigh of relief. She really couldn't keep up with the attacks anymore. She did not realize how weak she was before this battle.

Watching the army retreating in the distance, there was no trace of emotional fluctuations on Grai's handsome face. "I'll go and back Wang Zhong up. I'll leave the rest to you guys."

"I'm coming too!" Napier immediately followed closely behind, firm resolution in his eyes. He didn't put away his Doppelganger Dharma Idol. The two looked exactly the same, exuding a strange luster. This battle also improved Napier's control over his Dharma Idol. He would never be lazy while he still had strength.

Sharmie and the others nodded. The rest of their enemies were nothing to worry about, but some of them had to stay just in case, for defense's sake. The most important thing was that the others would just be a burden if they came along.

Sharmie clenched her fists until her long, slender nails were about to dig into the flesh of her palm. In the past, she had also wished to become more powerful, but she had never felt this extreme desire for power and had never felt this weak, unlike now.

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    《Battle Frenzy》