Battle Frenzy
791 This Is My World. I Am the Dominator.
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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791 This Is My World. I Am the Dominator.

There wouldn't be any discontent if there wasn't any competition. If she and Mario did not keep up, they might really fall behind. Her thoughts flew to Laura and Scarlet. One of them had her family backing her, and the other had a good teacher. What did she have?

Grai and Napier had just confirmed the direction Wang Zhong was at and were about to set out when the sky in that direction suddenly became dim. A thick mist of yellow sand rolled towards them. Sandstorm!

There was nothing more terrifying than this in the desert. Even if it was the Ant Army or human experts, they were insignificant in the presence of nature.

The gale was one step ahead of the sandstorm. The violent wind howled while it swept through the air, and the tall sand dunes began to move with the violent gale.

In the distance, the people of the Katchirda tribe had already begun to retreat and hide. No one understood the power of the sandstorm better than them. Courage was not sufficient to resist it; one could only hide.

Grai's handsome face revealed a troubled expression, but the rolling yellow sand had swept through the wind and drew near them, instantly flooding everyone's vision.

In the face of mighty nature, human beings could only retreat.

"Fall back now! We'll wait till the sandstorm's over!"

Grai had no choice but to turn around and yell for everyone to retreat into Katchirda. Even if he insisted on finding Wang Zhong, in such an environment where he could see nothing but yellow sand, he would definitely lose his way with his poor sense of direction.

Soon after, everyone retreated into the oasis, and the sand blasted against the walls violently as though they were bullets, producing banging sounds.

However, Grai's face changed. Although he didn't know what sandstorms looked like, the power of the sandstorm was not right. The most important thing was that it contained an aura of Soul Power.

If humans wanted to borrow the power of heaven and earth, they had to enter the Heavenly Soul Stage… Was Moyus already a Heavenly Soul?

The faces of all the people present changed greatly, and Gong Yi was filled with regret. If he had known that experts of the Heavenly Soul Stage would intervene, he would have admitted defeat first. Now, everything was over. He had fed Wang Zhong to the wolves. No matter what, no one could defeat a Heavenly Soul Stage soldier.

"Nothing will happen to Wang Zhong!" yelled Sharmie, all of a sudden. However, those with discerning eyes could tell that she was the one who was the most worried. In fact, even Grai seemed to be a little uncertain.

They had underestimated their opponents. Although the Holy Land was filled with experts, this did not mean that the Earth had no experts. On the contrary, some experts who were unwilling to be restrained by rules were being low key on Earth. The Federation might be better, but in the three empires, such experts were not lacking in numbers. The Holy Land was a grade above others, but there were exceptions as well.

And now, Wang Zhong was facing this horrible monster alone!

The sandstorm engulfed all sides. Strong winds swept the sand dunes into the air, and yellow sand began to twirl violently in the air. The sand became a thick sand mist, blowing in all directions.

Wang Zhong was standing on the edge of the sandstorm. It was amazing. His surroundings were ravaged by the sandstorm, but in his vicinity, there was only tranquility, like the eye of a tornado. He could sense Sister Hong and Salamander's situation. They were trapped by the sandstorm but temporarily not in any danger, with Salamander's protection.

Wang Zhong took a deep breath and turned around to look at his surroundings. At this moment, the whole desert was filled with countless sand soldiers. Moyus had disappeared. It wasn't just him who had done so, his aura and his Soul Power response had also disappeared without a trace.

Rumble! Bam, bam!

Hundreds of sand soldiers charged toward Wang Zhong at the same time. These sand soldiers were totally in sync with each other. This was exactly like a well-coordinated and well-trained elite battalion!

Wang Zhong continued to activate the golden roulette with both hands. The crosswheel formed by Soul Power swept across the soldiers who had rushed in. Rows of soldiers fell and disintegrated, but more of them stood up following Moyus' evil laughter. He was not in a hurry, and he found it interesting to torture such prey. Additionally, he was also making sure that he did not go too far as he knew that one would take desperate measures if pushed to the wall.

Any expert who came out of the Holy Land might have one or two trump cards. For the experienced Moyus, patience was necessary. Previously, it took him a month to kill the Heavenly Soul, and the deciding factor was patience!

Swish swish swish…

Numerous sand spears in the sky rained down on Wang Zhong, seemingly about to pierce through his heart.

The terrifying part of the Vicinity Dharma Idol was that the consumption of Soul Power was minimized, and the taxation on the mind was also pushed to the lowest possible amount. It was simply impossible for ordinary people to assume control over such a large area and command so many sand soldiers. Each soldier was equivalent to a clone, just like the one Napier had, and he could only control one clone.

This was the difference due to natural talent. Of course, Moyus had to rely on the desert. This was his home field. Once he traveled to other places, the power of his Dharma Idol would be greatly reduced. As such, he was smart enough not to leave and stayed far away from oases, to prevent his opponents from resorting to strange methods to escape. However, here, be it heaven or earth, he had supremacy over all!

Bang bang bang bang…

Wang Zhong's fists moved as fast as the speed of light. With his lightning-speed attacks, he clashed with Moyus's attacks violently and head-on. Then, following a loud roar, the power from a Subwoofer Cannon pulverized all the attacks.

After that, he charged into the army of sand soldiers and blocked all the incoming attacks, with Soul Power acting as his shield. Then, he began to spin in circles, striking the sand soldiers' formation like bolts of lightning. His palms were like knives, legs were like whips, and elbows were like hammers. They were the simplest and most-direct killer moves. With a single strike, these seemingly scary sand soldiers were like wax men who had met fire, quickly crumbling into pools of sand.

After a short while, these sand soldiers were dealt with. They seemed powerful, but they were only puppets. Wang Zhong was rather confident in his Soul Power and physical strength. Once these had reached a certain extent, his opponent could no longer rely on quantity to obtain victory.

But, Moyus was not among the sand soldiers.

The Vicinity Dharma Idol was actually just a title. Wang Zhong had seen this on the records in the Holy Land's library. Naturally, there were such people in the Holy Land, and they would at least have the title of a Dimensional Devourer. This was why Wang Zhong wanted to remain low-key. Under normal circumstances, any Dharma Idol would have weaknesses. Although Wang Zhong did not know what his weaknesses were at present, he still had to be careful. At the same time, he also had too little information about his opponent.

However, he didn't expect to meet such a powerful enemy in Tutankhamun. What's more was that his opponents' vicinity was a 'Golden Desert' that resonated with the desert environment.

This was also why Moyus wanted to be low-key. No one knew his true power, or rather, anyone who knew about it had died in his Golden Desert. This was the second reason for Moyus luring Wang Zhong here. After all, there were many people in Katchirda. He didn't want to let people know his secret before he reached the Heavenly Soul Stage!

Once he entered the Heavenly Soul Stage, he would be unmatched. Even if his opponents were really powerful or even if his opponent had God-like power, as long as he remained in the desert, he could easily escape to a place thousands of miles away if he could not win against the other party. He would be invincible, and he would never experience defeat in deserts. Both Earth and the dimensional world had deserts. This was the basis of Moyus' ambition!

"You're just engaging in a desperate struggle. In the presence of God's power, you have no choice but to yield!"

Moyus' voice echoed from all sides of the Golden Desert. His voice was not only transmitted by the air. Sand particles vibrated, and the entire ground rumbled with a loud echo, as though hell was howling.

Countless sand soldiers kept coming at Wang Zhong, like a high-pressure faucet that could not be turned off. Once again, Wang Zhong was surrounded by layers of sand soldiers.

However, among the countless sand soldiers, a sand soldier that looked exactly the same as the rest was looking coldly at Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong was about to attack when he suddenly realized that he could not move at all.

Something had caught his feet. At the same time, the sand particles began to fling themselves at Wang Zhong at lightning speed, as though they had a mind of their own. Countless quicksand had also begun to wrap themselves around him.

Moyus began to laugh coldly. To him, Wang Zhong was really naive. The sand soldiers were just starters. His power of sand control had already reached the maximum possible limit, and his favorite was to make live mummies!

The sand desperately wanted to enter Wang Zhong's seven apertures. Although he could prevent that with his Soul Power, he couldn't stop the sand from piling up on him. It was like the weight of an entire mountain.

Here, Moyus had countless ways to kill his opponents. He really didn't understand how these idiots from the Holy Land had the courage to go up against him. He even managed to kill a Heavenly Soul. How dare this guy, a mere Heroic Soul, challenge him? He was planning on killing the rest of them at the oasis after handling this guy.

Moyus finally appeared in the desert when Wang Zhong had been completely trapped under the sand. He was made into a mummy and buried alive.

Moyus spat a mouthful of saliva on the ground. "With a standard like this, you still have the cheek to talk about power? I've seen more than you could ever see, and I have already grasped and understood what you have never seen before."

"Huh?" Moyus suddenly realized that that idiotic Dharma Idol was actually still shielding the unconscious Sister Hong.

What was happening?

Moyus frowned slightly. Just as he was about to handle that Dharma Idol-like creature, something happened. A grain of sand appeared in his 'Vicinity,' his Golden Desert, his own realm, but he was unable to control it.

It was just a grain of sand, seemingly ordinary and seemingly inconspicuous.

However, Moyus' eyes suddenly revealed astonishment. How could a grain of sand be beyond his control in the desert of his Golden Kingdom? Each grain of sand here was actually a part of his Dharma Idol, a special controlled state between virtual and absolute.

"This is my world. I am the dominator."

Wang Zhong's voice was very soft, but it echoed clearly in the whole of Moyus' Vicinity.

Perception changes with the soul, with will comes power! The law of domination began to apply and the grid of the Heaven and Earth Chessboard began to spread, covering the entire area. His soft voice also became a thunderous roar, seemingly coming from the sky, and it was getting louder and louder!

Dominator… Dominator… Dominator…

The Golden Desert changed color as if the sky had been pulled downward. The sky and the ground were close at hand, and cracks began to form as the dense lightning ripped the air into fragments.

Alternating colors of black and white began to cover the desert itself. While occupying this space, new laws began to spread during the erosion of the old space.

A sand dune slowly rose from the ground, and Wang Zhong appeared again. Not far away, Salamander was already kneeling on one knee. This was the origin power and prestige.

This was the true power of God.

Moyus' whole body began to tremble. The previous second, he was still a god, standing in the center of his kingdom and manipulating everything. The next second, starting from a small grain of sand, he began to fall.

Because at this moment, he could clearly feel that his Vicinity World was being replaced by Wang Zhong's world bit by bit, slowly eroding, swallowing, and lastly peeling it off completely! His desert law was completely shattered by the worldly law his opponent had unfolded, and it was like hitting a stone with an egg.

The weak are the prey to the strong; survival of the fittest. When a Vicinity Dharma Idol met another Vicinity Dharma Idol, it was definitely the most brutal competition in the hunting industry.

The first deciding factor would be the ranks of the Dharma Idol. If a high-rank one went up against a low-rank one, the latter would be crushed directly without getting a chance to compete. If both were evenly matched in terms of their ranks, then other factors would come into play.

Obviously, Moyus was crushed like he was nothing. He was like a grain of sand, a symbol of insignificance.

"It's impossible! How can you possibly have such a powerful world? Is it your Dharma Idol?"

Moyus pointed at Wang Zhong, and for the first time, he felt panic!

That was because his pride, his confidence, his ambition, and the reason he was the Scorpion King — the source of everything he had — was his Vicinity Dharma Idol.

But now, his greatest source had been reduced to nothing by someone!

"No, you…"

Suddenly, Moyus' eyes widened, and his anger was completely replaced with shock. In the confrontation of their worlds, he had lost. He had utterly lost. He could 'see' the nature of the world that Wang Zhong had unfolded!

The nature of his Vicinity was to create a mini world of his own through his special Dharma Idol and with the help of the environment!

However, Wang Zhong did not create anything at all.

He was the dominator!

If Moyus felt like he was God in his Golden Kingdom, then Wang Zhong was God in his unfolding world of domination.

There was no need to rely on anything at all. Wherever Wang Zhong was, it would be his land!

"It seems like you truly know nothing about power," said Wang Zhong. His voice was still very soft, but as it traveled to Moyus' ears, it was as loud as thunder, as though a subwoofer cannon had just hit him on the head.

"No! It's impossible to have this Dharma Idol in this world. There shouldn't be one like it! How can the natural order tolerate your existence?"

Wang Zhong laughed. "Maybe the natural order is taking a nap."

Wang Zhong didn't attack, and he didn't need to as well. His Dharma Idol was stripping his opponent of his Dharma Idol. This was the confrontation of their origin power. This experience and feeling were extremely enjoyable and perhaps the biggest nourishment for his Dharma Idol.

Moyus charged toward Wang Zhong like a mad man, compressing all his Soul Power into a power ball and desperately tried to fight for his life. However, his territory had become smaller and smaller, until there was none left.

Moyus was halfway there when his body suddenly became rooted to the ground, and he stood there motionless. The last bit of the Golden Desert's law was just stripped off by the dominator. Strength always required a price. The more powerful one was, the more severe the backlash would be if one failed.


Violent and strong winds rushed toward Moyus from all directions, and countless sand rushed into Moyus' body as though they had gone mad. Ending with a scream, Moyus completely became a part of the desert.

His life began in the desert, and it ended in the desert. He was buried, as well as his ambitions.

Wang Zhong heaved a long sigh of relief as he watched. Although it seemed like his victory was effortless, only he himself knew how the battle felt. This was a valuable experience.

The confrontation between two Vicinity Dharma Idols — what's more, such similar ones — was very dangerous. If both of them did not know their opponent well, whoever attacked first would be at the losing end.

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    《Battle Frenzy》