Battle Frenzy
794 Perky Bu
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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794 Perky Bu

"You need to do things step by step if you are cultivating in the Holy City. Not just me, but almost all teachers teach from their own experience. If someone thinks he can ignore that, that person doesn't need to come for lessons anymore. People who want to fly before they learn how to walk will usually fall very badly or even fall to their death. That's all. Let's continue with the lesson!" His cynical tone made it obvious that he was treating Wang Zhong as a classic negative example.

Wang Zhong didn't rebut him. It was indeed his fault that he forgot about the assigned homework.

Whispers and murmurs could be heard in the surroundings, as well as some snickering, but Wang Zhong didn't really care. Arudiba waved his hand, and the noise came to a halt. He had finished looking at everyone's weapons, but the lesson wasn't over yet. The Tyrants had a completely different perception of the importance and role of weapons as compared to the other two supreme forces.

"… This is the main combat power of people at the Heroic Soul Stage in the Tyrants. Of course, the control of weapons at the Heroic Soul Stage is divided into several steps. The first step would be to get rid of your Casted Soul Stage habits, liberating yourself from the various tedious low-level combat techniques… Only then can you reach the level whereby you are one with your weapon…"

Wang Zhong wasn't affected by the episode just now. Arudiba's understanding of weapons was exactly what he needed to know urgently now.

Teacher Arudiba was right. A person at the Heroic Soul Stage had an entirely different understanding of weapons as compared to the Casted Soul Stage. Freeing yourself from tedious low-level combat techniques, grasping the essence of weapons, and simplifying complex things were the key to building your Heroic Soul Stage combat power.

This theory was shockingly compatible with the two combat techniques Wang Zhong was researching. It was like how he wanted to 'extract' the 'spiraling' essence from the crosswheel weapon, giving up on the physical weapon and completely grasping Laforgue's theoretical understanding of Infinite Slash Crosswheels. He even wanted to improvise on that and create something of his own, which was what he really needed now. Oh right, maybe he could…

He was struck by a sudden inspiration. Inspiration was something that came and went suddenly. Thinking that he couldn't miss this chance, Wang Zhong drifted off into his own world. The words of Teacher Arudiba just served as a guide and inspiration; now, his whole mind was filled with the analysis of the Infinite Slash Crosswheels. With new inspiration, he was no longer trapped at the part that he was stuck at previously. Having thought of another concrete way that could possibly work out, he could hardly contain his joy.

It was a pity that Wang Zhong's joy and absent-minded look on his face had evidently triggered Arudiba again.

Serious people were often straightforward.

"Wang Zhong!"

Wang Zhong was still dwelling on his new Infinite Slash Crosswheels theory and totally didn't hear Arudiba shouting at him. The entire lecture hall quieted down completely in an instant.

It was as if everything around them froze, and even a dead fly could sense the bone-chilling coldness. However, Wang Zhong still didn't show any reaction. He was completely out of it. Arudiba's face turned ashen, and Mo Ling couldn't help but step on Wang Zhong's foot quietly.

"—Huh?" It was only then that Wang Zhong came back to his senses with a confused look on his face. Nonetheless, it was already too late.

Arudiba left, trying his best to suppress his anger. He was afraid that he would kill this idiot directly if he didn't leave now.

This was probably the first time Arudiba left without finishing the lesson. Wang Zhong could feel several intense and hostile gazes on him.

Frankly speaking, if not for Wang Zhong's second-class apprentice status, which everyone was envious of, someone would have taken action and killed him now. However, they wanted to wait for the rank-advancement competition a few months later, treating it like raising a pig for the time being.

Mo Ling didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He was probably the only person who felt differently from the rest of the class. Looking at Wang Zhong's innocent and awkward smile, Mo Ling shook his head helplessly. He had a really strong mentality, still able to laugh without a care in the world after offending the teacher. Perhaps that was what made him a true expert.

Of course, Wang Zhong didn't care what the others thought. A few glances wouldn't kill him anyway.

It was as if a covey of quails on the ground were despising an eagle in the sky. Look, that dude flying in the sky looks really small!

The eagle wouldn't care what the quails thought of it.

However, it was a pity that Teacher Arudiba probably wouldn't let him enter the lecture hall next time. Wang Zhong thought that this teacher was quite competent, and his lessons were quite helpful.

Wang Zhong didn't stay to chat with Mo Ling. He said goodbye hastily as he wanted to work on the inspiration that he got from the lesson. He went back to the dorm to continue improvising his new combat technique.

Right after Wang Zhong left, someone came. Leo wanted to find Wang Zhong, but he didn't know Wang Zhong's name.

This brother had been having a tough time lately. He had dark circles under his eyes and looked like he hadn't slept in days. He couldn't help it; he just couldn't fall asleep! He really tried his best to find that damned newcomer who made a bunch of broken Glazed Crystal Glass. He combed through the entire Holy City, yet he couldn't find him.

The 10-day deadline that Murphy gave him was long over. That boss was a man of his word, so Leo was completely dismissed from his position in the alchemy workshop. Logically, Leo wasn't in charge of finding Wang Zhong anymore, but he was unwilling to give up just yet. He had worked so hard in the Holy City for so many years to reach this position. However, it was all f*cking gone now? Just because of that mere 500 Holy Coins, because he was a little greedy, because of that bullsh*t newcomer who wanted to make f*cking Glazed Crystal Glass?

He hadn't given up on finding that newcomer during this period of time. In the beginning, he was stalking the Tyrants, but Wang Zhong wasn't interested in the lessons there at that point in time. Wang Zhong only attended one or two lessons in a week; thus, Leo was unable to find him. During the course of this month, Leo expanded the scope of his search and stalked the Mystic Sect and the Sparta Clan too, but he still didn't have any clue as to who the newcomer was. When Leo thought about it again, he realized that his biggest hope was the Tyrants if the young dude who wanted to make Glazed Crystal Glass was from the three supreme forces. Perhaps he had missed out during that period of time? He went back to stalk the Tyrants again recently, practically living there. Leo didn't believe he couldn't find that dude. If he found Wang Zhong, he would certainly be able to atone for his mistake and compensate Murphy.

It was a pity that he had bad luck. That period of time was when Wang Zhong rarely went outside of his dorm or the time period that he went back to Earth. Poor Leo, he was once the person in charge of Murphy's Alchemy Workshop and the most favored disciple. He was considered a prominent figure in the Tyrants that even teachers had to be polite to. However, now that he was kicked out of the workshop, his status dropped instantly. To inquire for information on the newcomer, he even spent most of his savings that he had accumulated all these years, yet he didn't even discover anything useful.

Today seemed to be another fruitless day. Leo humbled himself and tried to build rapport with the newcomers. He even spent some money. But other than hearing the name of an idiot who dared to offend Teacher Arudiba — Wang Zhong, he didn't hear anything that was remotely useful. This gossip was useless to him!

Leo vaguely recalled that the young dude's butt seemed to be rather perky. It couldn't be helped: it had been a long while since that incident, and his impression of the newcomer's face was rather blurry. Leo could only try to remember his face based on a few broken memory fragments. He couldn't even give a specific description of the newcomer when he was inquiring for information. If he told everyone that he was looking for a guy with a perky butt, that would be too misleading! This was making Leo's life very miserable.

His luck was really f*cking bad now. Leo felt like crying.

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    《Battle Frenzy》