Battle Frenzy
798 Coincidental Reunion
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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798 Coincidental Reunion

Sha sha sha…

To their left side, there was a convex boulder where a headless giant vulture corpse began to move. At the moment, it seemed as though a wake-up signal had been initiated. As the headless vulture woke up, the whole canyon came alive!

Countless dead creatures — who were hanging from the walls of the canyon, lying on the ground, and even those who had been buried under the canyon — came alive and stood up! They varied in size and energy response, but within their sights, even the weakest one had the power of a Heroic Soul, and some even had the power of a Heavenly Soul!

The problem was not only the awakening of the dead but also the overwhelming dark aura of death which followed closely behind. At this time, the sky in the canyon has changed from dark red to bright red: it was as though even the sky could smell fresh blood and was excited and thirsty for bloody killing.

Wang Zhong was a little stunned, whereas Simba had already screamed out loud in horror. "Oh my God! Why didn't they awaken at first? How could they do so when we are already halfway? It's definitely a conspiracy!"

"Wang Zhong!" Mu Zi wasted no time in positioning himself back to back with Wang Zhong. The previous fairy-tale secret realm had allowed him to get to know Wang Zhong's true combat power. "Let's each take one side. Charge!"

Wang Zhong licked his lips, and, instead of showing even the slightest fear on his face, he revealed a look of anticipation. "Let them come. We aren't even afraid of the living ones. There is no reason to be afraid of the dead ones!"

Mu Zi laughed. In the Life and Death Realm, he seemed more comfortable and at ease…


The dead in the Headless World did not respond to laughter or anything at all. After all, they did not even have heads; how could they respond? They probably could not even hear at all. It was just that the aura of the living had awakened them from their deep sleep. For them, this aura was just too annoying and too pungent; thus, they instinctively wanted to destroy it.

But obviously, it was not just these headless dead who had heard the laughter.

Originally, on the other side of the Decapitation Canyon, four figures were steadily moving forward. It was three men and one woman. Just like Mu Zi, they were also walking amidst the dead bodies in the canyon.

The four of them could be seen walking while within a transparent shield. They were openly standing in the middle of the canyon's path, but none of the headless dead who revived managed to see them. All of them gathered and headed toward Wang Zhong and Mu Zi. Whenever the headless dead passed by their shield, they would automatically avoid it. It appeared like a common protruding rock, making them instinctively go around it.

The movements of the headless dead were too much; thus, all four of them stopped in their tracks.

Mr. Du grew a little speechless. Obviously, there was no problem with his protection ward. Its effects were still strong, completely concealing the living aura of all four of them. For an expert Wards Master at the Heavenly Soul Stage, it was a piece of cake.

However, the problem was that traveling in such areas was just like driving; even if one had superb skills and did not knock into anyone, they could still meet with mishap due to others' negligence. At first, passing through the Decapitation Canyon was supposed to be a breeze, but it was truly unexpected that two idiots would suddenly pop out of nowhere to cause trouble for them. The most unbelievable thing was that the two actually awakened all the headless dead here.

What the hell, man? Did they have nothing better to do? Mr. Du wasn't sure if he should laugh or cry. "Where the f**k did those two idiots come from? Well, now we have to wait a really long time. Until the dead have calmed down, we can't move, or they will notice us immediately. I really don't want to waste time fighting these headless creatures. There are so many. It would take eons to kill them all."

"It's probably those insolent kiddos from the Holy City." The other old man revealed a look of disdain. "Don't they have brains? They are merely Heroic Souls. Are young people these days really so prideful?"

"Brains, brains! How can there be black people in the Holy City?" Mr. Du spotted Mu Zi at first glance. "Look at that little black baldy. They're definitely from Tutankhamun!"

"You old fool. You just want to disagree with me, right? Fine, if we go according to your reasoning, then what about that white dude over there?" Mo Jiu glared at him hard.

"You speak as though there are no people from the Federation in Tutankhamun." Mr. Du grinned. "How about we make a bet? Let's bet whether those two are from the Holy City or from Tutankhamun."

"You wish! You don't even have good alcohol to make a bet with me. Why must I take you on this?" Mo Jiu rolled his eyes and just plonked straight to the ground. He took out a mini wine pot and began to sip at it. "Let's just enjoy the show. Headless dead versus the duo from the Holy City. We'll leave once they get KOed."

"Seniors, maybe these two are not stupid," the young man among the four spoke as he smiled. "I recognize one of them."

"Oh? You actually know him? Then I suppose he's from the Federation. Why would he come here?"

The young man smiled and answered, "He's Wang Zhong!"

This young man was indeed Mo Wen. Compared to half a year ago, he had grown taller by more than a head; his body looked sturdier, and his skin had also grown darker. His temperament seemed to have changed, maturing a lot. The girl beside him was Mo Xingchen.

As the absolute core among this generation in the Mo Family, whether it was Mo Wen, the Moral Defender, or Mo Xingchen, the Heaven's Fate Master, high hopes were placed on them by their family, and they were far beyond ordinary people's imagination.

They simply rejected the offer of placement in the Holy City, showing that there was definitely a better arrangement for them. His family specially assigned Mo Jiu, an expert at the Heavenly Soul Stage, to act as their guide to familiarize them with the Fifth Dimension.

The Life and Death Realm was Mo Wen's goal. Mr. Du was a good friend of Mo Jiu from when they were in the Holy City and the helper Mo Jiu invited this time. After both of them failed to pass their Heavenly Calamity, they left the Holy City and returned to the Mo Family. They came here this time because the Mo family received information that there was a Golden Stone Slab altar here; thus, they brought Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen along to try their luck.

"Wang Zhong? The young lad that got the better of you during the CHF?" Mo Jiu was stunned for a moment. He hadn't seen Wang Zhong before, but he had heard Mo Wen mention his failures in the CHF during their journey throughout the Fifth Dimension. As such, he had a slight impression. "Hmm, he doesn't look very strong. His Soul Power looks like it's just over 5,000 Grassos. It has been almost half a year since he entered the Holy City, yet he had not even reached the peak."

If these words were heard by the newcomers in the Holy City, it would probably hurt their self-esteem, but if the reference was Mo Wen…

"The Holy City is the best at letting young people stray from the right path. It seems like he will no longer be your match if this continues."

"Mr. Du, you can't judge this person conventionally." On the other hand, Mo Xingchen smiled as well. "Look, these two are only Heroic Souls, yet they dare to step foot here. I don't think they are completely unprepared."

After all, Mo Xingchen was the Heaven's Fate Master. Even old guys like Mo Jiu would not ignore her prediction; thus, he grew a bit curious. "Did you guess that? Or is it heaven's will?"

"Half of each, I think." Mo Xingchen shook her head with a smile. "You know that my prophecies are unpredictable. It can be accurate and inaccurate as well."

"Your power is too weak. Therefore, you're unable to peek at heaven's will completely. When you reach the Heavenly Soul Stage, this won't happen anymore. Go with the flow. Do not try to predict anything forcefully," Mo Jiu said. If one forcibly tried to spy on heaven's will when one lacked power, no one would be able to save the person from the backlash even if the Holy Saint Teacher had resurrected.

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    《Battle Frenzy》