Battle Frenzy
800 New Combat Technique
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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800 New Combat Technique

Mo Jiu's mouth was wide open, and Mr. Du couldn't believe his eyes. It was such a terrifying move, yet the person who launched it was just a Heroic Soul who was not even at the peak?

The most important thing was that the other party seemed to have relied solely on Soul Power skills and did not use any soul tool at all.

How could there be such a person in this world?

"Was that real? Lao Du, did we miss something just now?"

"Young people these days are not too bad, but still, they can't solve the problem." Mo Jiu started to turn serious. On the battlefield, the deadly golden crosswheel was harvesting its kills, but those undead creatures that were cut in two quickly stood up again. Some of them reattached to their bodies with the help of their death aura while some simply charged toward Wang Zhong with the lower part of their bodies. Also, fresh dead spirits continued to emerge endlessly from the thick fog at the end of the canyon. If Wang Zhong had failed to block those in front, he probably would have been overwhelmed by them long ago.

"It's useless to cut them down. There is the law of the dead here. They can't really kill them." Mo Wen appeared extremely calm. He only reacted like this because the other party was Wang Zhong. He knew that it would be strange if Wang Zhong didn't have this kind of power. But it seemed like Wang Zhong didn't try to increase his Soul Power first and had continued to improve his understanding of combat skills instead. Mo Wen also guessed that Wang Zhong had only reached this level of Soul Power recently and that someone must have advised him. Although he was a heaven-sent miraculous genius, it was inevitable to experience detours since he was exploring his path alone.

"There is no chance we can get in today. Let's get ready to leave. It is meaningless to fight with these guys in this kind of place," said Mr. Du. He was a wards master, so he knew the situation better. It would be a waste of time and energy if they stayed. Every Golden Stone Slab was accompanied by blood. They had come here to try their luck; it was not that they had to go for it. If they really encountered expert creatures, it would be useless to continue forward. What's more was that they had already failed their Heavenly Calamity. If it was not a matter of life and death, they would not be willing to put their lives on the line.

"Death seems to be more intense than before. I think there's something special attracting them. Eh? This little blackie." Mr. Du blinked, and his face changed. "What the hell!"

In fact, Mu Zi had long sensed an anomaly ever since they entered this canyon. According to his original estimation, it should have been possible to cover Wang Zhong until they passed through the canyon. Even if his estimation had really gone wrong, they should not have been fully exposed halfway through the canyon. The surrounding death aura was much stronger than when he came last time, as though they were attracted by something that was on himself or Wang Zhong; it should be Wang Zhong because when he came previously, there weren't any complications, and he could walk freely in the Life and Death Realm. Normally, he could completely conceal his aura, but he wasn't sure why he couldn't do so for Wang Zhong.

However, Mu Zi did not have any reaction. No matter what the situation was, he would remain very calm. These thoughts just flashed in Mu Zi's mind for a split second. He put down the Life and Death Coffin behind him and moved it in front of him. He pressed his hands on it gently, and his Soul Power began to spread like fog.

It had to be noted that Mu Zi's style and combat techniques were too similar to the style of the Life and Death Realm. For Mu Zi, the time he spent in the Life and Death Realm might be similar to the time he spent on Earth. Here, he was free of burden and did not have to worry about hurting the people he cared for.

A hazy gray light suddenly shot outward from Mu Zi's eyes.

"Life and Death Realm, open!"

Hum hum hum hum~~~~~~~~~~~

With a terrifying murmur, the countless blue lines on the surface of the Life and Death Realm suddenly flashed. Combining with Mu Zi's unique Soul Power, it seemed as though the power of life and death was alternating, forming a fan-shaped ward and spreading outward.

It appeared like a thin mist, similar to nothingness. The gray ward instantly shrouded a distance of tens of meters, forming a gray area.

This kind of gray was extremely weird: it not only appeared on the ground but also in the air. It was like the area was suddenly stripped of color, leaving only gray and white. All the headless dead who had been shrouded in this area appeared to pause momentarily and were immediately stripped of the colors on them.

Their scorched flesh and white bones were all covered with that gray color. Following that, these headless dead who had been deprived of color stopped in their tracks.

Their bodies were undergoing strange changes, and their wills began to change instantly. Their bodies shone with the same gray light that came from Mu Zi's eyes, and they immediately turned their spears around. It was as though they had become Mu Zi's soldiers and turned against their companions!

Ten, fifty, hundred, hundreds of them…

There was no exception to any of them who set foot in this gray area. The originally unstoppable attack formation was instantly thwarted and was resisted by the flesh and blood of the 'rebel' army of the dead. Bones instantly began to fly, and a line of demarcation began to form in front of Wang Zhong and the others. The headless dead continued to attack and fiercely fight each other, resulting in a temporary stalemate.

Mr. Du and Mo Jiu glanced at each other. As seniors at the Heavenly Soul Stage, it had to be admitted that they were already feeling wrecked when they brought Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen along, but after all, these two were from their own family. But what the hell? They casually encountered two Heroic Souls, but why was it that one was more abnormal than the other? They had only left the Holy Land for around 10 years. How could this world have changed so much?

"That coffin may be a treasure." Mo Jiu's eyes revealed his astonishment. Everyone wanted to have such a treasure. All people in the Heavenly Soul Stage would understand that relying on personal strength was not enough. If these two people died, they wouldn't mind picking up their items. Of course, they would not resort to openly snatching their things away. Things might be different if they had yet to meet with their Heavenly Calamity, but now, everything was already too late.

All of a sudden, Mr. Du smacked his own head. "I remember now. I've heard of this freak from Tutankhamun before. It is said that he can visit the Life and Death Realm at will since young. He always carries a coffin with him. I think he actually finished off two Heavenly Souls."

Even Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen were shocked. Wang Zhong's friend really seemed to be something. Mo Wen felt that he could also do it with time, but now he certainly couldn't.

In the time it took to speak just those few words, the battle situation ahead had already turned lopsided. The gray area was like a plague, spreading across the headless dead. The initial scope, which was merely tens of meters, had only been bait. It seemed to have turned the dead nearby into disease carriers. At this time, the gray 'disease' was spreading around in a crazy manner. More and more of them were 'infected' during the course of the confrontation, and they turned around and pointed their spears at their comrades. The battle situation was overturned, and in just a minute or two, the dead had been pushed so far back that they were almost at the ward concealing Mo Wen and the others.

Ham Sausage and Salamander were in charge of killing those that Wang Zhong and Mu Zi missed. Wang Zhong's Heroic Crosswheel Slash had also gradually lost its power during the endless attacks. As soon as the power grew slightly weaker, they would immediately be overwhelmed by the undead creatures.

"Wang Zhong, if we can't clear out a path quickly, let's just retreat first. The battle can't end if we go on like this," said Mu Zi. The dead couldn't stop them if they wanted to leave. Mu Zi didn't want to expend their power like this.

At this time, more than a dozen giant skeletons with heights of over seven meters suddenly emerged among the undead creatures. Some of them still had flesh dangling from their bones, but they also had no head. It was unknown which world these creatures came from. They appeared to be humanoids but were so large that they resembled hills, and the aura they exuded was stronger than the rest. Holding huge bone staves in their hands, they would give out roars of the dead as they swung their weapons. Then, the effects of Mu Zi's Life and Death Realm suddenly grew weaker.

"Hold on for a while longer. I still have one move to test out!" said Wang Zhong. He was truly not in a hurry; there were not many good opportunities like these to verify his techniques. The formation of any technique required sufficient pressure and worthy opponents, and the situation in front of them was rather suitable. Not to mention there was Mu Zi to help; nothing could be better.

Mu Zi nodded, and there was no problem holding their enemies back for a while. It was just that his Life and Death Realm could only serve as a blockade and could not solve the problem, especially when the law here was not changeable. It didn't make sense to keep killing; their Soul Power would run out eventually.

Wang Zhong's hands constantly drew in the air, and complex runic constructs quickly condensed in front of him. At first glance, it seemed a bit like a subwoofer-cannon runic construct. However, even though the structures were similar, it was obviously much more complicated and larger than the subwoofer rune. He had learned this from the matrix energy cannon that Aiolos had used in the fairy-tale secret realm previously. Compared to Aiolos's one which had a perfectly clear structure, Wang Zhong's one might seem a little coarse, but it was endowed with an entirely different meaning.

Aiolos's power stemmed from his natural talent and boundless Soul Power. Basically, the Soul Sea of other people was at most a small pond, but Aiolos's one was literally a huge sea. On the other hand, Wang Zhong's advantage was his unparalleled ability to learn and think in depth. More importantly, he would transform all that he had learned into his own style and make them his own.

Five thousand Grassos of Soul Power provided the basis for constructing this complicated rune structure. Condensing a runic array was not simply drawing a rune as big as one wanted. One's Soul Power and the delicate manipulation of it was the key to supporting one's continuous construction of a runic construct.

What exactly was a runic array? The Holy Land and Aiolos gave him different answers. Certain points were contradictory, but they were all true. This showed that in the Dimensional World, as long as something did not violate the rules of the natural order, it was reasonable, and it existed!

At this time, it was not just Wang Zhong that provided energy to this runic array. Salamander's black iron chain was already connected to it. Unlike Wang Zhong's ordinary Soul Power, a stream of pure flame energy began to flow from the black iron chain and was injected into the runic array along with Wang Zhong's Soul Power. With such powerful energy, in just the blink of an eye, the entire runic construct had expanded to a diameter of two meters, and the whole array looked similar to a flaming imprint or something like a totem. With the infusion of Salamander's pure fire energy, the flaming imprint seemed to have come alive, and it began to flash and move.

At this time, the undead creatures continued to expand their territory under the leadership of the giant skeletons. It was obvious that the Life and Death Realm could not affect these undead giants. However, Wang Zhong's runic array grew hotter and hotter, as though something inside was about to come alive.

Mo Jiu and the others had already put some distance between themselves and Wang Zong. Once things got out of control, they would fall back immediately. For them, they could see that Wang Zhong seemed to be building a runic array, but seriously, no runic array could stop such an attack. The right thing to do was to retreat immediately. Originally, it was supposed to be a secret mission. The moment their positions were compromised, they should have left immediately.

It was just that Wang Zhong's body was burned with the same flames as the runic array, and both seemed to resonate with each other. Salamander also appeared extremely dedicated. At this moment, in Wang Zhong's mind, there was a supreme figure standing at the apex of strength, a flaming supreme body.

That figure had always been engraved in Wang Zhong's mind. At this moment, all of his Soul Power was concentrated to a point.

All of a sudden, the surroundings seemed to have frozen and turned dry. A terrifying high temperature emerged from the imprint, and the surrounding moisture seemed to have evaporated in an instant.

The center of the runic array was already exuding heat that had the power to melt anything when Wang Zhong pushed both hands outward. "Perception changes with the soul, with will comes power —— Phoenix rises to ninth heaven!"


It wasn't the kind of simple and powerful energy cannon attacks that Aiolos used. An extremely gorgeous phoenix flew out and gave out a sharp and long cry. In the beginning, it was only the size of a palm, but as it burned through everything — including the aura of death pervading Headless Canyon — it turned into a super-phoenix which was around ten meters in size in just three seconds. With surging flames all over its body, its high temperature instantly filled the entire canyon as it soared and charged forward!

It was just a roar, yet it destroyed hundreds of undead creatures…

Everyone was at a loss for words. What the hell was that?

Only Heavenly Souls could wield such power!

Mo Wen was drenched in cold sweat. If he was confident before this, at this moment, he could only feel despair. This was impossible. Such combat techniques, such power, could only be wielded by Heavenly Souls.

Mo Jiu and Mr. Du were also stunned. Heavenly Soul in a year? They should just jump off a cliff. Wait, no. This Soul Power was definitely of the Heroic Soul Stage, but the power of this phoenix…

The phoenix charged forward into the army of the undead while Salamander shielded Ham Sausage and Simba. On the other hand, Mu Zi immediately formed a gray protective shield.

Bang! Rumble…

At this moment, it was as though the sky was falling and the earth was opening up. The mountains and grounds were shaking, and flames and sparks exploded in the air. However, this was not simply an explosion of flames. If it was, it would not hold such extraordinary power. After all, Wang Zhong was only a Heroic Soul; it was impossible for him to exert the power of a Heavenly Soul, yet the power of this move was oddly terrifying.

This was a technique developed by Wang Zhong — Thunderfire Remix Explosion!

The entire phoenix was indeed a fire combat technique, but its framework was the Subwoofer Cannon runic array; that was why it could have such a huge impact. Of course, the difficulty laid in the long waiting time, and the structure was also extremely unstable. Wang Zhong had failed quite a few times when he was trying it out previously. However, in times of crisis and battle, he would definitely be more focused, leading to a higher success rate.

It was an earth-shattering explosion. The most terrifying part was that the superimposed flames produced a geometrical superposition effect that Wang Zhong did not expect. By the time their ears and eyes recovered, the entire field had been cleared…

This vibration seemed to have shattered the source of energy that supported the movements of these undead creatures.

Only now was it obvious that it would be more direct to deal with such summoned dead creatures this way, and this was something no one had thought of previously.

At this time, Mr. Du and Mo Jiu realized that Mr. Du's ward had been shattered by the aftermath of Wang Zhong's attack. This attack could even disperse the summoned dead, let alone a ward. It had direct destabilizing power, which was known to every wards master.

Mo Jiu was also a legend of the Mo family. He had seen all kinds of people in his entire life, but… he had never seen someone like that before! He had always felt that Mo Wen was exaggerating when he mentioned Wang Zhong previously. Now, it seemed like he had truly underestimated Wang Zhong.

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    《Battle Frenzy》