Battle Frenzy
801 Headless Knigh
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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801 Headless Knigh

"It's a fusion of sonic and flame powers. I think he added amplification as well." Mr. Du was completely mesmerized by the move just now. In fact, with his vision, he was able to deduce its subtleties since Wang Zhong began his attack. "Whether it's the use of runes or the control of Soul Power, it's too meticulous! That Dharma Idol is also very interesting, and it can actually transmit power? What the hell is that?"

"The combination of virtual and reality. This talent and level of control is rare even among Heavenly Souls," Mo Jiu sighed. Whether it was this strange Dharma Idol or the complex rune Wang Zhong constructed when he launched that move, the difficulty of these two was by no means conceivable by any ordinary Heroic Soul. Even he himself and Mr. Du could only say that they understood, as they were not able to do it. Normally, this was something that could only be done by those Heavenly Souls who managed to grasp the laws of the natural order!

With this terrifying blow, most of the surrounding death aura had dissipated, and the dark, red sky seemed to have turned a little brighter at this time. The canyon was filled with the remains of the headless dead, just like how it was when everyone first entered Decapitation Canyon. They were all quietly scattered on the ground. Without sufficient dead aura supporting them, they lost their ability to move. It seemed like the army of the dead would not be able to recover for the time being.

"The ward is down. Let's go and say hello." Mr. Du had only just noticed that the ward had dissipated. It was not that he was careless but that the previous scene was so incredible and unbelievable that he was completely distracted when he saw it.

Wang Zhong didn't expect that there would be outsiders. What's more, people that he recognized! On the other hand, Mu Zi's face revealed slight wariness.

At the periphery of the Fifth Dimension's Life and Death Realm, he had encountered outsiders several times, and none of them were actually friendly. People who could set foot in this area were often experts at the Heavenly Soul Stage, and most of them had the style of plundering everything they saw. Most of the time, they were either after his Life and Death Coffin or planning to make use of him for something. It was not only true for people of the Federation; people of the Empire were also the same.

Mu Zi had managed to kill two of such people, but most of the time, he could only flee helplessly. This made him absolutely vigilant whenever he encountered outsiders in the Life and Death Realm.

Mo Wen was overwhelmed with emotions. He was very powerful now, but when he saw Wang Zhong again, his confidence began to falter. Those two moves Wang Zhong launched were very powerful, but they also had rather huge flaws. However, Mo Wen was only looking at the other party's progress and understanding of dimensional mysteries. One thing was certain; this guy was as crazy as him.

This time, it was not the moment for a match.

When they realized that there were outsiders, Simba had already vanished automatically. A strange clown probably wouldn't attract much attention, but they might notice him if they came closer, and Simba didn't like these people at all.

"What a coincidence. Mu Zi, they're from the Mo family." What Wang Zhong meant was that the other party was not a direct enemy, but they were not friends either.

Mu Zi nodded and grew slightly more relaxed.

"Wang Zhong, long time no see. You're still as handsome as ever," said Mo Xingchen gracefully. "Mo Wen and I are following these two seniors of our family to gain some experience. Do you want to go inside too?"

Wang Zhong smiled. He didn't believe that this was coincidental. The other party had been concealing their presence, and they were all very powerful. There were also two experts at the Heavenly Soul Stage; they must have come for the altar as well.

"We want to go in and try our luck. Our encounter must be fated. Do you want to go in together?" Wang Zhong was very direct. He valued the Golden Stone Slab, but it was not the stone slab itself. He was only after the mysteries behind it; thus, it was really a conflict of interest. It was all right to take a step back. His own experience was more important; as such, he didn't mind if they wanted the stone slab.

Although Mo Jiu and Mr. Du remained smiley on the surface, they were very wary. They had more life experiences than all these youngsters combined, and it was clear that there were all sorts of people in the Dimensional World. However, when Wang Zhong was so forthright, both of them felt a little ashamed. After all, they were seniors from the Federation, and Mo Wen and Wang Zhong were also each other's worthy opponent.

Mo Jiu was just about to speak when Mr. Du's face suddenly changed. "Oh no, there is a Warlord!"

In the Dimensional World, everything that can be called a Warlord was an absolutely terrifying existence. They controlled an entire space, gifted to them by the Dimensional World. In the domain, they would have control over certain laws of the natural order, which made their ability to fight at their home field reach unbelievable levels. Humans had always coveted but feared them because they also represented disasters.

A suffocating sense of oppression was suddenly released from the fog surrounding the altar, as though a certain creature was slowly walking down the throne of the altar.

Thud thud thud thud…

It sounded like a horse's hoofbeats. It wasn't moving fast, but the slow hoofbeats seemed to contain a sense of heaviness which represented a certain law of the natural order. Every step and every 'thud' sound could make everyone present feel as though a metal hammer had just hammered their hearts mercilessly.

Feeling the pressure, everyone held their breaths instantly. Although the hoofbeats were not fast, the speed of movement was not slow at all. It was still at the top of the distant altar when it just sounded. Yet, the owner of the sound had already appeared on the edge of the fog in three to four seconds.

The first thing that came out of the fog was a plump skeleton horse, close to two meters in height. It was made up of an indescribably dark and thick bone structure. Although it was made up of bones, it did not appear slim at all. It was covered with extremely thick black armor, and under the boney hooves was thick black air which formed small cloud-like things. With every step it took, it produced a rattling sound.

In this Headless World, this distinctive skeleton battle steed also had no head, and there was black mist in the supposed position of its head.

The BOSS of the Headless World turned out to be a horse? Such a thought only lingered in everyone's mind for half a second.


A large black spear also emerged out of the fog, and immediately following it was a tall and large figure riding on the skeleton horse.

It was a headless knight, wearing an ancient black iron battle armor. As he stepped out of the fog and revealed his true form, it was like pulling apart a portion of space, and the fog covering the entire altar suddenly gathered and was absorbed by his body. It was not only the fog but also the infinite death aura that permeated this space and even the dark blood-red color in the sky!

All the energy and all the matter gathered in a spot as though they had suddenly found where they belonged!

Everyone's faces changed in an instant. If Mr. Du had said 'Warlord' just now with a hint of speculation, then at this moment, there was no longer any doubt. To be able to mobilize the death aura of this entire Headless World, there was none other than a Warlord!

The first thought that came into Mr. Du and Mo Jiu's minds was to quickly take Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen and escape. But before they could act on it, the canyon path behind them which they had entered from had completely vanished. However, no sound was heard; there was no shaking of mountains, just like it never existed. Their return path was gone, and there was no need to reach out to test the theory. Mr. Du could tell that it was not a deceptive illusion at first glance but instead a ward of imprisonment. It was a legitimate Warlord, and it had absolute dominance over the Decapitation Canyon.

At this moment, it was clear that all the death aura and energy were converging, and the world originally covered in fog finally became clear, fully exposing the altar behind the knight. It was exactly like what Wang Zhong and the others had seen in the pyramid secret realm back then. It had the same structure, the same specifications, the same simplicity; the only difference was that there was no light exuded by a Golden Stone Slab at the top of the altar. One could even feel that there was a void and nothingness there, as though the stone slab had been taken away by someone.

Wang Zhong was a little surprised. When the fog disappeared and the altar revealed its true form, he discovered that he was actually very familiar with the ancient and unsophisticated runes on the altar. Wasn't that the runic pattern of the half-lit Golden Stone Slab — which was empowered with dark energy — within his Fate Stone?

He remembered seeing it in Stuart City and engraving it on his Fate Stone. He could faintly feel that there was some sort of power on the altar beckoning him to go over and that there was some kind of connection between both of them. That explained it. It was no wonder Mu Zi said that it was different this time when they entered the Headless World. Perhaps it was because of this.

Mr. Du's eyes widened even more. As a wards master, he had much more knowledge about this.

"Damn it, we were fooled. Those are the runes of a Darkness Stone Slab. Bolsanches and his Catastrophe Troops…" Mr. Du understood what was going on instantly, but of course, he didn't know what Wang Zhong knew.

Mo Jiu's expression also grew dark entirely. "You mean, this is the famous darkness altar that had been pillaged?!"

Bolsanches and his Catastrophe Troops were once extremely well-known — the Catastrophe Secret Realm, which had been found toward the end of the Dark Ages. It was the most prominent war of the Federation, which brought together all the powerful men on Earth at the time. It had taken dozens of Heavenly Souls who failed their Heavenly Calamity to clear up that secret realm. It was one of the rare, all-around victories in the history of the Federation's conquests in the Fifth Dimension.

The entire Catastrophe Troops were destroyed; their leader Bolsanches was beheaded, and the Darkness Stone Slab was taken away. After being passed through many hands in the Federation, it was currently still preserved in the Stuart Clan. Having lost its core, the Catastrophe Secret Realm vanished without a trace back then.

It was extremely common for similar secret realms to vanish after their cores were stolen. Not to mention Mr. Du and Mo Jiu, even the entire Federation would never have thought that these realms would reappear in the Life and Death Realm in this way.

Mo Jiu's expression instantly grew dark as well. "Maybe he should be called the Headless Knight now. As long as he still has one-tenth of the power when he was alive, we are all finished…"

"It's incredible. Death doesn't signify the end, even in the Dimensional World?" Mo Xingchen didn't care about the danger at all; all she had noticed was how magical this was. Destruction in the Dimensional World was called soul destruction, which was also the ultimate destruction. But here, she personally witnessed that the creatures that were destroyed could survive in another way.

Was it possible that destruction in the Dimensional World was still not the end? Or were there other mysteries in this?

Mo Xingchen fell deep into thought. This was why Heaven Bearers had to constantly travel. Only like this could one become strong. It was definitely not enough to rely solely on family resources and heritage.

On the other hand, Mo Jiu and Mr. Du were thinking about something else. This was a conspiracy. The news about the Golden Stone Slab had been intercepted by the Mo Family's intelligence network. The first reaction the family had was that it would be very helpful to Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen's cultivation, but there was no mention of Bolsanches and his Catastrophe Troops at all. That was why Mo Jiu invited Mr. Du to accompany them on this trip.

At that time, they thought it was a good deal. Now, thinking about whoever was behind this, chills went down their spine. If the news was deliberately leaked to them by a certain family, it would mean that the other party truly wanted to destroy the Mo Family!

If two elders of the Heavenly Soul Stage — plus the representatives of the younger generation, aka the pillars of the family's future — all died in the Life and Death Realm, then…

The glory the Mo Family gained after the CHF would instantly turn to ashes, and basically, in the next few decades, they would have to behave themselves by tucking their tails between their legs.

Whether the guy in front of them was the legendary Bolsanches or whether everything was just a coincidence, he was undoubtedly a Dimensional Warlord. This was definitely not something which could be subdued by just two Heavenly Souls. Perhaps only those super Heavenly Souls who had already passed their Heavenly Calamity or a resurrected Holy Saint Teacher could do it. Otherwise, it would take a vast army to be able to go up against this. What's more was that this place was merely the darkness altar that had already been pillaged; thus, the most important thing, aka the Golden Stone Slab, was not even here anymore. As such, there was absolutely no need for any of them to risk their lives.

Their only option was to run, and the first thing they had to do was to break through the blockade ward around them. "Lao Mo!"

A string of fluttering red crystals appeared in front of Mr. Du instantly and lined up in a formation. Following that, he began to draw symbols in the air with a runic brush, and strange forces were extracted from the red crystals, forming a runic pattern which coagulated in the air.

There was no need to say anything as there was tacit understanding between him and Mo Jiu due to them being good friends for many years. Mo Jiu obviously understood what Mr. Du needed, which was to buy him sufficient time to put up his ward.

A wave of golden Soul Power began to ignite Mo Jiu's entire body, and he released the energy of an expert at the Heaven Soul Stage, making him look like he was exuding a kind of pure holy light. He then wasted no time in stepping in front of Mr. Du, covering him.

At this point, the Headless Knight Bolsanches had also finished gathering his death aura. The uniquely styled armor on his body exuded strong black energy, and his entire body was surrounded by a powerful and terrifying death aura. He stood there alone with his horse, but it felt like he was standing on a huge mountain made of a million rotten bones.

Pfft pfft pfft…

His battle steed had no head, but everyone could hear it sniffing. The horse's hooves, which were covered with black mist, also began to fidget, which was a signal to charge.


Suddenly, the Headless Knight gave out a shrill cry, causing the entire canyon to shake. It was a little like ventriloquy, but it also seemed like it came from a spiritual level, making everyone's heads feel like exploding.

Then, it was followed by an extremely loud bang!

The hind legs of the skeleton horse dug deep into the ground as it began to charge. A huge part of the entire ground instantly caved in as though it was a landslide, and it was closely followed by a terrifying explosive boom.

A huge airwave was formed from under the skeleton horse's hooves, and the horse disappeared instantly. It had long surpassed the speed of the loud boom and had appeared in front of Mo Jiu in a flash, in the form of a beam of black light.

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    《Battle Frenzy》