Battle Frenzy
802 Return My Head
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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802 Return My Head

All of a sudden, Mo Jiu's pupils constricted. At this time, nothing else mattered. As the most powerful person here, he had to stop this monster and buy enough time for Lao Du. His golden Soul Power instantly condensed into a huge '卍'-shaped rune, forming a shield.

At this moment, black light and golden light collided, and the entire space began to shake. Huge forces clashed and pulled at each other, causing the various laws around them to fall into a short period of chaos. It could be seen that a huge tear was forming in the air, revealing an endless void. There were twisted flames burning in the air; thunder, lightning, and even nothingness began to mix around in the air. It was absolutely chaotic.

Only now did the sound explosion from the Headless Knight begin to resonate in everyone's ears. Following closely behind was an extremely powerful shock wave!

Mo Jiu's face turned red in an instant. The '卍'-shaped golden mark in his hand only lasted for a second before it shattered, and a huge shock wave swept over him. He was sent flying instantly; it was as though he was a cannonball and was blasted into the distant cliff wall, causing an enormous dent.

He fell into a disadvantage the moment they exchanged blows. He had originally thought that the Golden Buddha's Seal could counter that death aura to a certain extent, but he did not expect the other party to resort to a pure physical attack. The power was so great that it resembled divine power; it was inconceivable!

However, Mo Jiu's aura did not weaken at all. Although he had failed his Heavenly Calamity, he was still a Heavenly Soul after all. Using too much Soul Power would shorten their life span and accelerate their death, making it rare for Heavenly Souls to display their true strength. However, it certainly did not mean that their combat power was reduced.

The huge impact did not seem to cause much damage to Mo Jiu. Almost as soon as he was smashed into the cliff wall, a golden light burst out from the smashed-in cavity.


Mo Jiu emerged, suspended in the air and holding a string of golden beads in his hand. Since he had decided to fight, the calmness of an expert of the Heavenly Soul Stage was sufficient to intimidate everyone in the area. He muttered some incantations, and a 卍-shaped rune was condensed from those golden beads.

"卍 release!"

The entire sky of golden light turned into 卍-shaped runes and rushed towards the Headless Knight from all directions.

The Headless Knight was successfully distracted by this move. He spread out his death aura all around his body; it effortlessly made the golden light attacks unable to get within a few meters of him. However, attacking was not the main focus of the '卍 release'. As Mo Jiu spread out his arms, all the golden light accumulating around the Headless Knight was suddenly pulled apart, forming eight pillars of light that soared into the sky. The pillars eventually fanned out, trapping the Headless knight.


Mo Jiu roared loudly, and the eight light pillars released their violent power that seemingly illuminated the entire Decapitation Canyon. Massive streaks of lightning surrounded the eight pillars of light; the lightning formed a dense gigantic net and instantly trapped the Headless Knight within. Additionally, the beams of light continued to shrink, making the net smaller; it was squeezing and crushing the death aura of the Headless Knight!

Roar! Roar!

The Headless Knight was expressionless. Without a head, he seemed very silent, but this silence seemed to have brought tremendous pressure along with it.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong and Mu Zi watched with full concentration. Such a battle was an extremely rare experience for them. Escaping was obviously not the first choice for either of them.

It could be seen that tremendous pressure was produced as a result of the net constantly suppressing the death aura. It was in 'gas' form, yet it could not flow out of the net. It was squeezed so hard that it appeared swollen and deformed, looking like a black ball wrapped with gold wire. The internal and external pressures were locked in a fierce battle. The entire thing shook violently and even caused the entire surroundings to vibrate.

Mo Jiu's face changed instantly. He had originally thought that this move could at least trap the Headless Knight for a while and buy more time for Mr. Du, but he didn't expect this guy's power to be so violent. He had only just launched this move, yet he felt like he could not hold on any longer. If this guy was to be ranked among Warlords, he would probably be one of the strongest as well.


The seal of the golden net exploded suddenly, and the surrounding golden light shattered. To Mo Jiu, it felt like he was hit by lightning in mid-air. In the counter-shock, the blockade seal was overpowered and forcibly broken. Mo Jiu felt as though there were countless hammers pounding his chest at the same time.


Mo Jiu spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground. "Lao Du, hurry up, or we will all die here!"

Breaking free of the golden net, the Headless Knight roared, and his black death aura engulfed the surroundings brazenly. The hooves of the horse landed on the ground, and it prepared to charge — ready to seize the day — and finish off Mo Jiu.

However, a gigantic giant door suddenly appeared in front of the Headless Knight. At the same time, Mu Zi's forehead and the rest of his body flashed with gray light. Mu Zi had taken his shot. For this baldy, the word 'scared' had never existed in his dictionary.

On his forehead, there were beads of sweat rolling down while his hands glowed with power. He then pressed them on the coffin cover of his Life and Death Coffin. His Soul Power was elicited to an unprecedented maximum, and countless runes appeared on the entire coffin.

"Gates of hell!"

Mu Zi roared loudly as he struggled to pull the coffin cover open with both hands. It was unlike the times when he opened the Life and Death Coffin previously as the coffin seemed to have become extremely heavy at this time; it was extremely difficult for him to even pull it open slightly. It was laborious for him, but he finally managed to pull it open, and a terrifying aura was exuded from inside the coffin.

At the same time, the giant door in front of the Headless Knight produced a creak sound and began to open slowly, mirroring the actions of the Life and Death Coffin. It had only been opened halfway when a gigantic gray hand began to reach out, as though it couldn't wait to taste its freedom.

The giant hand had long gray claws, and the palm was covered with strange silver scales. It exuded the aura of a Warlord — one powerful enough to go up against the Headless Knight — and it grasped fiercely at the Headless Warlord!

It was also at this time that hoofbeats sounded.


The Headless Knight roared this loudly, as though he could only speak that one sentence, but at the same time, it was as though all the thoughts in his head were replaced by this singular one. That terrifying hand did not seem to instill any fear in him. Holding his spear, he charged on his horse toward the hand.


The giant palm came into contact with the spear, and at that moment, the two forces seemed to have gotten into a deadlock. They were evenly matched and seemed to have gone into a standstill. None of them could gain the upper hand.

At the same time, the terrifying shock wave from their clash rippled outward and nearly caused the others who were tens of meters away to fall over. It was like they tore the entire space into two.

Mu Zi was also affected by this shock wave. At this moment, he was focusing all his power on opening the Life and Death Coffin. Initially, he was already struggling to do so. After being hit by the shockwave, he lost his balance several times and almost fell. As such, the light on the Life and Death Coffin dimmed slightly. At the same time, the hell gate that was half-open also dimmed and stopped opening.

The owner of that giant hand could not come out of the door, and its power was quickly suppressed. The Headless Knight had gained the upper hand, slowly breaking that deadlock.


A streak of black light blasted through, and Ham Sausage also grew anxious. As it was in a soul contract, it could feel the state of danger Mu Zi was in. Without thinking, it launched its strongest attack, and a powerful pillar of black fire struck the Headless Knight. However, there was one thing it had forgotten — this was the Headless World.

Its darkness energy attacks were weak even against those small fries in the outer canyon, let alone going up against this big BOSS in his Headless World?

The impact of darkness energy pillars was almost completely absorbed by the Headless Knight the moment he came into contact with them; the energy was even converted into death aura. The energy of the Headless Knight grew stronger than before, and it became the last straw that broke the camel's back. The giant hand that was already on the verge of defeat instantly faltered, and the spear pierced through the entire force field. At the same time, the palm full of scales was also penetrated by a single shot!

A pained and angry roar was produced from within the hell gate, and the giant palm suddenly retreated. The gate dissipated instantly as Mu Zi directly spat out a mouthful of blood. As such, the gray light on the coffin dimmed out instantly.

Losing the hell gate as cover, Mr. Du's position, where he was setting up a ward, was also exposed to the Headless Knight. However, he remained completely unaffected. At this time, anxiety and distraction would only cause them to die faster, and as an experienced Heavenly Soul, he definitely would not act so stupidly.

The two consecutive strong attacks had impacted the Headless Knight rather greatly; thus, his power was no longer at its peak. Additionally, he was forcibly awakened by some thing this time. Ever since he awakened, he had suffered a blow from Mo Jiu, as well as Mu Zi's special attack, which he had not encountered before. Even though he was extremely powerful, the two attacks managed to suppress his violent momentum.

Naturally, he could feel the power of the ward that was being put up, making him feel threatened. He slightly turned the direction of his spear, but before he could launch his attack, a wave of fire had already charged toward him from the left at an extremely fast speed. It was a gorgeous flaming phoenix soaring toward him, producing a long and sharp shrill. It was even stronger than the first one!

Phoenix rises to ninth heaven!

With a previous attempt in the canyon, Wang Zhong's phoenix attack condensed more delicately this time and was much more powerful. The terrifying flame energy was highly concentrated, burning up the entire sky of death aura in an instant and leaving a long sea of fire in its place. It was so powerful that even the whole sky was illuminated with redness.

In the Decapitation Canyon, pure elemental power would normally be suppressed, but it was apparent that Wang Zhong was not affected. He had activated his own darkness talent; thus, the surrounding death aura was not able to suppress his power, allowing him to utilize his flame power freely.

The flames had a certain restraining effect on the surrounding death aura; the timing on the phoenix had been accurately grasped by Wang Zhong, and it hit its target instantly.

Bang Bang Bang!

The phoenix exploded, and a huge mushroom cloud burst into the sky. At the same time, fire sparks were scattered everywhere, covering the entire altar and even the entire area.

However, before the terrifying mushroom cloud could disperse, a dark flaming figure burst out of the mushroom cloud.

The Headless Knight, Bolsanches, was truly angered now. The violent fluctuations of the black mist on his neck seemed to reflect his emotions. He wanted to destroy everything in front of him and cut off their heads!

Within the blink of an eye, the Headless Knight had already rushed in front of Wang Zhong. An overpowering force shrouded him in an instant, reminding him of the queen who he had gone up against in the fairy-tale secret realm. If he really went up against the Headless Knight alone, the power difference was not something that a mere Heroic Soul could handle.

"Wang Zhong!"

At the critical moment, Wang Zhong felt someone pull him from behind. The Headless Knight in front of him had disappeared, and he was pulled into a place filled with gray light. Almost immediately, he was pulled out from the light, and he regained his senses. He then realized that it was Mu Zi who had pulled him through the Life and Death Coffin, even though he was a hundred meters away.

It was clear that Mu Zi was in worse pain than before. Forcing the opening of the gate of hell previously had already put too much pressure on his body, and his Soul Power was already drained. It was as though his Soul Sea had dried up completely, yet he still forcibly activated the teleportation function of the Life and Death Coffin. "We can't win this. Let's leave immediately after that person breaks the ward!"

The Headless Knight had clearly made Wang Zhong his target and was about to strike again. However, a monk Dharma Idol had already appeared in front of him. Wang Zhong was obviously not the only bold one here; there was another person — Mo Wen.

Truth be told, with a mere 10,000 Grassos and no matter how awesome one's combat techniques were, it would be nothing to a Warlord. The Headless Knight thought that it was seriously weird. Usually, these creatures would be frightened of him, but now, they were actively provoking him one after another. The most critical thing was, he didn't sense any fear from those people, and fear was what he desired.

There was absolutely no hint of fear. Were there really creatures who weren't afraid of death?

The monk Dharma Idol did not seem too imposing. It was just a gray and bald shadow. In the face of such a powerful creature, Mo Wen was just like Wang Zhong — grasp the nettle!

The Headless Warlord didn't care about the Dharma Idol at all. He directly hacked at Mo Wen, and the blow seemed powerful enough to destroy almost anything. The faces of Mo Jiu and the others changed, but Mo Wen was unrelenting, and he became one with his Dharma Idol.

"Buddha Sakyamuni once said — All Life is Equal!"

He clapped his hands together suddenly, and his Dharma Idol turned into petals, scattering to the ground. They continued to glow and did not dissipate, making the entire ground seem like it was covered with golden mandalas.


In an instant, Mo Wen was sent flying, as though he was struck by lightning. However, the momentum of the powerful Headless Warlord was hindered. It seemed like Mo Wen had managed to block this attack.

Wang Zhong clearly sensed that this Dharma Idol was definitely of the Vicinity domain. At that moment, Mo Wen's power had definitely exceeded that of the Heroic Soul Stage; otherwise, that attack would have been enough to smash him to bits.

However, the Headless Knight who had been challenged continuously had flown into a rage. The Skeleton Battle Steed produced eerie shrills and raised its front hoofs. It was about to charge and would kill anyone in its way!

Mo Jiu and Mr. Du's faces changed slightly. Mo Jiu was already prepared to put his life on the line. What the hell! This was really going to incur a huge loss for him. This single blow would probably shed seven or eight years off his lifespan.


As soon as he finished speaking, he struck with his spear, charging at Mo Wen. If this shot succeeded, the future of the Mo family would be gone.

However, at this moment, a diamond-shaped golden array formation appeared in front of the Headless Knight. Surprisingly, this fragile-looking formation made the Headless Knight, who was preparing to attack, stunned. It was so much so that he put down his raised arm, seemingly a little confused.

It was Mo Xingchen!

Heaven's Enlightenment!

Undoubtedly, Heaven Bearers could become wards masters and be some of the strongest in the history of mankind. It was not that Mo Xingchen and Mo Wen were not going to enter the Holy Land. They just wanted to build a stronger foundation for themselves so that they could directly pursue a higher realm and wouldn't need to waste time on Holy Coins or miscellaneous things like ordinary people did when they arrived at the Holy Land. After all, Mo Jiu and Lao Du's levels were also above that of teachers in the Holy Land.

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    《Battle Frenzy》