Battle Frenzy
805 Soon-to-Be Holy Disciple Wang Zhong Got Lucky
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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805 Soon-to-Be Holy Disciple Wang Zhong Got Lucky

Wang Zhong scratched his head. What went wrong? It shouldn't have gone like this. This was the simplest summoning ward spell. Considering his strong foundation in runes and control of Soul Power, if this went wrong, it would be so—

At this moment, a sliver of death aura emerged from that small ward spatial hole and appeared to be surging. Wang Zhong and Simba were stunned.

Using a broken bone as a sacrificial offering was considered normal. Nothing too powerful could be summoned since Wang Zhong's ward was small and weak. However, although that sliver of death aura seemed weak, it appeared to come from a high-rank creature. It was bone-chilling and had a somber note to it.

The key thing was, why the f*ck did this feel so familiar???

This was…

The aura of Bolsanches, the Headless Knight?

That sense of absolute oppression and that outrageous death aura, Wang Zhong couldn't forget that feeling even if he wanted to. It felt as if their battle happened yesterday.

In that instant, Wang Zhong and Simba went limp with fear. They would rather choose failure over this kind of mishap, but apparently this wasn't up to them now.

Weren't basic summoning spells supposed to be useless as f*ck, and you couldn't summon a stronger creature with it even if you wanted to? Wang Zhong just wanted to summon a minion out to play. Why did this big boy come out to play?

Wang Zhong felt as if his heart was going to stop. His first reaction was to destroy the ward. He toppled the table over with his foot, and the ritual bowl was smashed to pieces. The runic array collapsed, and the small ward spatial hole that had expanded to the size of a bowl was closing up rapidly. Wang Zhong felt a little relieved; his eyeballs almost sprung out of his sockets at the sight just now, while Simba was scared out of his wits. What a miserable situation!

Just when the ward spatial hole was around three fingers wide, a black and shiny thing pierced out of the hole suddenly. A black aura was spreading which patched up the summoning array. Wang Zhong was a subpar Soul Beast Master who didn't know how to control this, so he could only let the ward grow bigger and bigger.

Wang Zhong's heart sank instantly.

How was this possible?!

He wanted to do something to stop it, but before he could think of a feasible solution, that overbearing death aura had already taken full control of the link between the two worlds.

The raging and overwhelming death aura took over the sky and could be seen looming over the dormitory within a 100-meter radius. With dark clouds, flashes of lightning, and cracks of thunder, this attracted the attention of everyone in the Holy Land immediately.

It had been so many years since creatures from the outside world dared to invade the Holy Land, especially dark creatures… The Great Teachers in the Holy Land already sensed the location at which the transmission process was happening right away. With just one glance at the transmission path in the air, they knew that someone was summoning a dark creature in the Holy Land!

Wang Zhong didn't care about the others' reactions. At that moment, his dorm room was filled with death aura and a surge of power. He could feel his foot slipping before hearing the sound of a building collapsing. The ceiling on top of him smashed right down on his head.

The dormitory building had collapsed!

It could be seen that even Heroic Soul soldiers didn't have any way to deal with buildings which caved in all of a sudden. The only thing that made them a little better than ordinary people was that their bodies could withstand the weight of the stuff that dropped on them. However, they were still equally pathetic.

In that instant, his entire body was in a weightless state, falling downwards with the collapsed floors. Dust clouds were everywhere, making his nose itchy. Screaming and roaring from the surroundings could be heard alongside the sound of the building collapsing as if it was a noisy party.

Wang Zhong was in no mood to care about that. Suddenly, the sense of weightlessness and all the noise vanished, and a strange force enveloped him. Wang Zhong opened his eyes hurriedly to find himself floating in the air. Not only him, everything around him was in a stationary state now.

He could see the teacups, tables, chairs, and falling broken pieces of plaster. There was even a large splash of water in front of him, which seemed to be the tea that he toppled over. However, everything in motion was frozen.

The ability to stop time? This was a power unheard of!

Wang Zhong was still conscious and in a normal state of mind. He had never experienced this before and thought that it was incredible. He could clearly sense that this wasn't an illusion. This space that was frozen in time seemed to be caused by the unique effect of a power of the natural law.

Simba couldn't help but groan and complain. How did Wang Zhong still have the time to think about that? His most-hated headless ghost was right here, but why? They didn't take anything from him. Why did he risk coming here? This was the Holy Land!

Wang Zhong struggled hard to move and free himself from the control of the space, but he realized he couldn't. Only his thoughts were able to flow freely; his physical body was controlled by a terrifying power in this odd space that was frozen in time. Just like the floating non-living objects around him, he couldn't even move a finger, let alone do anything to save himself.

Thud thud thud thud…

The sound of hoofbeats rang again, getting closer to them. Wang Zhong felt his scalp go numb as if he was waiting for death.

Right after, a force infiltrated into the space rapidly, and a black figure appeared. Armed with black armor and that horrifying but lonely spear, the death aura around that figure was so condensed that it was like a sticky center that controlled the entire space, allowing the space to stay in a frozen state.

It was really him, the Headless Knight!

Wang Zhong was totally speechless. Even if he was a Holy Apprentice, he knew how hard it was to travel across different spaces, especially for Warlords who were deeply bound by the power of the natural laws. How could such a basic summoning spell create an opportunity for the Headless Knight to cross over?

The Headless Knight appeared out of thin air and walked over slowly as if he was the king and even dictator of the heavens and earth. The falling debris and non-living objects made way for him, arranging themselves so there was a path for him.


The hoofbeats came to a stop, and the spear was raised. Wang Zhong could feel the aura of Bolsanches, the Headless Knight, right in front of him. He could even feel the bone-chilling wave of coldness coming from the tip of the spear.

Wang Zhong was probably the only person who had the luck to summon a Warlord with a basic summoning spell. He thought he still had a sliver of a chance just now, but he didn't harbor any hope now.

He thought that he might feel fear or dread in the face of death, but he was surprisingly calm. He didn't feel any fear or depressive feelings; he just felt a little regretful.

He didn't have a chance to bid goodbye to Uncle Wang and Aunt Shea, but he believed that nothing bad could happen to them with their level of power. Scarlet would be fine under the care of her teacher, so he didn't need to worry. There was Lan Daier too…

Wang Zhong was surprised that Lan Daier was the last person that came to his mind at this point in time. That teacher was really sexy, and her eyes were very attractive, but it was a pity she was going to have one less taste-tester.

Messy thoughts flashed through his mind. Although he was doomed to die, waiting helplessly to die wasn't his style. Despite the fact that he couldn't move his body, he could still summon his Dharma Idol. Concentration flashed in Wang Zhong's eyes as he unleashed his Dominator Dharma Idol.

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong didn't harbor any hope, but he just wanted to give it his all without thinking of the results. The power of the Headless Knight was not inferior to the Queen he encountered in the fairy-tale secret realm. His law of equity that was utterly useless against the Queen was probably equally useless against the Headless Knight.

Just as Wang Zhong was prepared to put everything on the line, that bone-chilling spear didn't decapitate him as he expected but was just laid on the ground lightly. Immediately after, the Headless Knight hopped down from his skeleton horse.

While he was dumbfounded, Wang Zhong could feel something reacting in his body. It was the Fate Stone!

As the Headless Knight got off his horse, a part of Wang Zhong's body seemed to click as the second face of the Fate Stone started to glow in his Soul Sea. That glow appeared suddenly, and it expanded outside his body in waves and circles, enveloping the Headless Knight.

The death aura in the surroundings vanished wherever that glow reached, but the Headless Knight showed no resistance and even seemed devout and tranquil. Under his feet, there was a large runic array forming under the glow of the Fate Stone.

That was a contract runic array. Wang Zhong had been studying wards for the past few days, so he could still identify the characteristics of a contract ward. However, the one that was shining under the Headless Knight's feet appeared to be much more complicated than the highest-level contract wards that he read about in the library. Furthermore, it took shape in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps from the start, this monster was aiming for Wang Zhong or, rather, the Fate Stone. Wang Zhong didn't believe that this guy could see through him and spot the Fate Stone since even the Queen couldn't. She only sensed it when she went into his Soul Sea. The only possible explanation was that he was attracted by its aura, but it was still shocking to see the Headless Knight chase Wang Zhong all the way to the Holy Land.

At this point in time, Wang Zhong and Simba knew that they were worried over nothing. They stared intently at the magical scene in front of them.

The death aura surrounding the Headless Knight was instantly absorbed by the contract runic array. The golden array turned into a black color, and the second face of the Fate Stone that was originally blurry became completely visible now.

The contract was completed!

The Headless Knight and his skeleton horse turned into a beam of light and disappeared into Wang Zhong's body. Wang Zhong could sense a connection with the Headless Knight. It was exactly like the connection he had with Salamander, the Flaming Spirit King.

This was… Wang Zhong's mouth was wide open. The Headless Knight became his second Dharma Idol?

Wang Zhong and Simba looked at each other. What was happening…?

Before he could understand the situation at hand, the frozen space suddenly collapsed after Bolsanches disappeared. Time returned to normal, and sounds of the building collapsing and crumbling ensued. Numerous things were flying in every direction. His body lost its balance again.


The intense vibrations continued for dozens of seconds, making Wang Zhong feel like he was about to be buried under the debris. Many heavy concrete blocks and plaster were crushing down on him. It took him a great deal of effort to emerge from the debris while covered in dirt.

After looking at his surroundings, Wang Zhong realized that the intense vibrations caused not only his own dormitory but the two neighboring dormitories to collapse too. The whole scene was a mess. This area consisted of the alien-race dormitories, and no one was active there normally, but it was extremely chaotic now. Many alien races climbed out of the debris and couldn't help but curse. They were having a good night's sleep when the dorm suddenly collapsed on them, seemingly about to bury them alive. No one could stand that.

"Who the f*ck is it?! The hell, it's midnight!"

"I sense spatial fluctuations. Did someone cast a summoning ward spell in the dorm?"

"F*ck, which lunatic is it?! Casting a summoning ward spell in the dorm? Is that person dumb or stupid?"

"My runic crystals! They're all shattered!"

"Sh*t, I didn't even notice until you said that, my potions on the table that I left there yesterday!"

There were people swearing everywhere. Everyone was enraged. In the Holy Land, everyone was generally cautious in whatever they did. In their case, they didn't have the right to have a whole villa to themselves. Since they were living in a community, everyone should have the sense to not attempt anything weird, but apparently someone was dumb enough to anger everyone.

Escaping from the brink of death and even obtaining a second Dharma Idol unexpectedly should have been a pleasant surprise. However, looking at this scene, Wang Zhong couldn't help but cover his forehead. Would they ask him to pay for their losses?

How much money was this going to cost? Three entire buildings and the losses that several hundreds of people suffered… Wang Zhong felt a headache coming on at the thought of that. He had only been back for a few days, and it wasn't easy for him to earn some money by selling Mu Zi's Samsara wine. He had just earned some money, and now, it was going to be gone… What was more depressing was that? Did he even have enough money to pay?

"The person in white!" Someone hollered from mid-air.

Anyone who dared to fly around in the Holy City was definitely not an ordinary person. The noisy crowd stopped their chattering immediately. Everyone, including Wang Zhong, looked up to the sky. There were so many people wearing white. Who knew which person the voice was referring to?

There were two figures floating in mid-air, exuding a terrifying Heavenly Soul Stage aura. The badges on their chest revealed their identities. They were two Great Teachers!

Both of them were glancing in the same direction, where a person laughed bitterly. That person was dressed in white and covered in grime from climbing out from the debris.

Many students recognized that person. Wasn't that Wang Zhong, who often had funny rumors about him and was listed as one of the 10 Greatest Disappointments in the Holy Land? Could this guy be the reason why these damn buildings collapsed?

Wang Zhong raised his hand helplessly. These Great Teachers had a sharp sense of judgment indeed. Wang Zhong wasn't intending to hide since the ward spatial fluctuations were too obvious to be missed. Even those average Holy Disciples who just woke up could tell, let alone the Great Teachers. They could practically confirm that Wang Zhong was the culprit. Trying to evade responsibility would be a dumb thing to do.

It's him!

Everyone was instantly filled with anger, and many people shot Wang Zhong murderous looks. If not for the two Great Teachers, these people would have taught this bold and reckless idiot a lesson immediately.

"It's good that you admit it." The two Great Teachers didn't have much expression on their faces. It was almost too common for newcomers to cause accidents from doing alchemy experiments or ward spells, but a lot of people were affected this time around. Not only had this dude caused an accident, he was obviously doing this illegally without a wards master permit, playing with wards alone in his dorm. This had violated the Holy City's laws.

"You need to come with us."

The useless trash of the Tyrants made the news again. Trying to become a wards master on his own, playing around with spells when he hadn't obtained a wards master permit, these were absolutely illegal actions. Even if nothing went wrong, he would need to pay a hefty fine if someone discovered or reported him, not to mention he caused a few buildings to collapse…

The entire newcomer circle in the Holy City was speechless. This dude was really doing things without considering the consequences.

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    《Battle Frenzy》