Battle Frenzy
815 Single-Shot Kill
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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815 Single-Shot Kill

The whole group of them were dumbfounded; even Kadin was stunned. On the other hand, Helen was almost scared out of her wits. This guy spoke to them with gestures. Although his voice was unable to penetrate the ward, they could guess what he was saying by reading his lips.

What was happening?

The only one not surprised was probably Laura. She didn't think about why Wang Zhong could see them. She had only one thought in her head, so she shouted anxiously, "Wang Zhong! Run! Use the Pioneering Order after you reach a safe place. There's a Heart-Eating Ape King in front!"

"He– he– he can't hear you…" said Helen, trembling.

Kadin was definitely thunderstruck. He had already checked the ward just now and confirmed that there was no problem with it. Moreover, the moment when the ward was put up, it had obviously deceived the senses of the Heart-Eating Ape King. He truly did not understand why Wang Zhong could sense it.

Of course, Wang Zhong couldn't see what was inside. He was just putting on a show. After all the crap that he had to put up with, he definitely had to unsettle them as payback.

"Wang Zhong, you're too good-tempered. Let me show them what a true troller is!" Simba was already pissed off since long ago.

Wang Zhong just smiled. Helen and the rest were all on edge. From Helen's side, it just happened that she could see the Heart-Eating Ape King directly in front of her. The big guy had clearly spotted Wang Zhong, and its two huge eyes that were the size of bronze bells began to shoot out dazzling streaks of light. It didn't matter if it saw Wang Zhong; the more terrifying thing was that everyone's position would be exposed. It would take some time to go back using the Pioneering Orders, so everyone was actually waiting for the Heart-Eating Ape to leave before they could activate them. But now… How were they going to leave?

Once they were exposed, could this ward hold out against the big guy?

"This damned boy! Why isn't he moving away? He should die further away from us! He's going to expose us!" Helen shouted at the top of her lungs with a sullen expression. She had long forgotten about maintaining her demure image.

On the other hand, Robben also swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong's cute and innocent look aside, his presence here was like a terrifying devil in everyone's eyes.

The only one worried about Wang Zhong was Laura. At this moment, Laura suddenly did another crazy thing — she stepped out of the ward!

This was a one-way ward. No one expected that Laura would suddenly go out at this time. Shocked, Molton didn't manage to pull her back in time.

"Wang Zhong, run!" Laura tugged at Wang Zhong but didn't manage to pull him along.

Wang Zhong smiled and slowly wiped away Laura's tears. "Why should we run? It's just a little monkey."

The hardest thing to do was to reject the help of a beauty. Wang Zhong suddenly found himself in a difficult situation, and he didn't know what to do next. He hadn't met anyone who was as stubborn as Laura before. He didn't think highly of himself, but today, he was determined to prevent Laura from crying.

Laura was also stunned. Looking at Wang Zhong's smile, it was as though she had been transported back to the CHF… He had that exact smile. At the same time, although the Ape King was manic, it behaved as though it had met a formidable opponent. It did not immediately attack and stayed at its original position, as though it had forgotten what the current situation was.

On the other hand, the people inside the ward were worried sick. Kadin held Molton back before he could rush out. This was not a one-for-one deal. If Molton had died here as well, the Potter Clan was bound to think that it was a plot devised by the Musk Family.

"Molton, calm down. We are no match for it!"

Finally, the Heart-Eating Ape King attacked. At the same time, a flame was ignited, and the Flaming Spirit King Salamander appeared. The chain in his hand was flung out immediately. The speed of the Ape King was extremely fast, and it had crazy flexibility. However, no matter how hard it tried to dodge, the chain followed closely behind, as though it was a net with an infinite length. As soon as the surrounding trees came into contact with the chain, they would be burned to ashes immediately. The fast-moving Ape King was eventually wrapped up by the chain.

The people inside the ward were absolutely stunned. Was this the 'inferior' Dharma Idol Wang Zhong had forged?

He didn't seem to be inferior at all. What the hell? This infinite chain definitely contained a certain dimensional mystery. What's more was that it belonged to a fully materialized Dharma Idol which had his own form. Even if his flames were a little ordinary, he could never be considered inferior.

The Heart-Eating Ape King struggled madly and began jumping up and down; this caused the entire island to shake, and rumbling sounds could be heard everywhere. Luckily, this thing fed on its kind; otherwise, it would be really troublesome if more of them came along.

"Will that hold?"

No one was willing to believe that such a monster could actually be trapped by an ordinary chain. If it could truly be trapped so easily, then the Ape King was really useless.

The Heart-Eating Ape King roared, and violent power began to surge from it. Its originally waist-thick arm suddenly swelled up and increased in size; even its body became one size bigger. It was like all of its muscles exploded from the inside, making an attempt to break the flame chain.

However, the chain remained unyielding. The Ape King was unable to even loosen the chain by a little, let alone break free of it. No matter how violently it acted or how huge it became, the parts that were bound by the chain continued to be trapped. The chain dug deep into the Ape King's flesh, making its rapidly expanding body look extremely deformed.

Then, unusual light runes began to flash on the flaming black iron chain. The flames enveloped the Ape King instantly, turning it into a huge fireball, while it struggled desperately to break free. With her mouth gaping, Laura was both surprised and delighted. Her mind grew a little blank as well.

However, when the flames burnt out, the Heart-Eating Ape King did not seem to have suffered any damage. It continued to grit its teeth and angrily glared at Wang Zhong. The color of its diamond-like fur did not change one bit after being burnt by such powerful flames.

"Try to hack it," said Wang Zhong.

On the other side, Salamander bent over, lifted his palms, and condensed a huge flaming knife out of thin air. With a sharp whistling sound, he hacked at the head of the Heart-Eating Ape King that was still struggling wildly.


The flames exploded and dispersed… It was useless…

Salamander continued to hack at the head of the Ape King, but the Soul Power from each blow was dispersed. It could be seen that the results were not very good. The Ape King couldn't break free of the chain, so it instead began to sprint forward wildly.

Then, a momentary stalemate was formed between the two sides. Salamander could not break the defenses of the Ape King, but it could not break free of the chain either. One was flying in the sky, while the other was on the ground, as the two of them wrestled with each other. Surprisingly, they were equally matched, and the Ape King pulled the black iron chain to its tautest length possible…

The entire bunch of people inside the ward were already dumbfounded.

That Dharma Idol went one-on-one with the Heart-Eating Ape King and could still remain undefeated?! What the hell was happening?!

Not to mention other people, even Kadin couldn't believe his eyes.

"He– he actually managed to stall it?" Helen looked dumbfounded. Now, there was no rush to escape anymore. Everything that happened was so weird that she had forgotten she was in danger.

"That chain is really too strange! Unbelievable! It can actually trap such a high-rank dimensional creature!"

"It might not last long. Let's get ready to leave at any time," said Kadin. He was experienced; therefore, he knew that Wang Zhong's attacks were not enough to play the long game with the Ape King. There was a reason why only Heavenly Souls could deal with this thing. The power of a Heroic Soul could not break its defenses at all.

Molton nodded as well. He was really surprised to see Wang Zhong like this. Frankly, at this moment, Molton felt a little regret. He didn't regret the choices he made for Laura, but he did regret bringing Wang Zhong along with them. Although he couldn't stand the way Wang Zhong acted, there was no deep hatred between them. Furthermore, he had once admired Wang Zhong a little as well. Witnessing Wang Zhong's talent, he knew that if Wang Zhong had more time, he would definitely make a name for himself in the Holy City even without anyone backing him. It was truly a pity…

Crack Crack Crack Crack!

Now, the Ape King's entire face had become red, and its strength had already soared to the maximum. Its violent force caused the surrounding mountains to shake forcefully, and countless debris on the ground began to fly around the Ape King, as though there was a force field pulling at them!

At the same time, the originally unwavering and taut chain had now been forcefully loosened, just like what Molton and Kadin predicted. This binding technique may have been very powerful, but unfortunately, none of the subsequent attacks had done any damage to the Ape King. Real danger was imminent as the Ape King was bound to break free of the chain. Currently, the Ape King's eyes were burning with fury, and if looks could kill, Wang Zhong would have already been torn to bits.

"Wang Zhong, should we leave now?" asked Laura, a little worried.

Wang Zhong just smiled and replied, "If one Dharma Idol can't solve the problem, let's use one more."


Whinnies from a horse could be heard. Following that, hoofbeats began to sound, and a dark figure materialized out of thin air.

Frankly, the aura of this dark shadow seemed to be much weaker than Salamander's. Except for its mighty appearance, Kadin and the others could not feel that it had a potent Soul Power. It didn't even have a head. Had it been chopped off by others?

Although it might have been weird and weak… What the hell was this? A second Dharma Idol?

It was not that this kind of thing hadn't happened in the Holy City before; there were even people with more than two Dharma Idols! But how could it be Wang Zhong? Wang Zhong had been looked down on and ridiculed by everyone in the Holy City; he was nothing but a dog. How could someone like that have a second Dharma Idol? It shouldn't have happened even if the Dharma Idol was just a useless mouse!

"Kill it." Wang Zhong snapped his fingers and gave his order in a casual tone, as though he was merely saying "eat up".

The Headless Knight Bolsanches replied with a silent roar!

At this moment, an indescribably strange power instantly filled the Headless Knight's body, causing everyone to feel disgusted and uncomfortable just by looking at him.

The next moment, his killing intent permeated the entire area!

There was no violent Soul Power nor terrifying aura, but there was an unexplainable killing intent permeating the entire area. This was not the kind of inconsequential killing intent that Holy Disciples had. It was as though the Headless Knight was standing triumphantly on a mountain of bones with his horse, and beneath the hooves were all its war trophies!

Pa pa pa…

Laura, Robben, Faye, and the two newcomers of the Musk Family were all knocked to the ground. Only Molton and Kadin remained standing, but their faces were extremely pale. This killing intent was truly astonishing and unfathomable!


Once the killing intent rose to a terrifying level, his pet phrase could be heard next.

With the clamping of his thighs, his battle steed released a loud cry, and he raised his spear high up in the air. Then, a streak of black light flashed past, as though it was a streak of lightning!


The whole world seemed to quiet down the moment he took the shot, as though the world had been frozen.

The wind stopped, the violent power disappeared, and the stones swirling in the air stopped moving. There was only the infinite-seeming streak that could ostensibly penetrate the entire world!

Except for Wang Zhong, no one else saw Bolsanches's movement. He had already appeared at a position a few meters behind the Heart-Eating Ape King.

The Ape King instantly stopped in its tracks, as though its entire body had been frozen.

In the next moment, that huge body collapsed, and a large bowl-sized hole could be seen on the Ape King's forehead. It was killed with one shot!

"What—what just happened?" Helen and the others couldn't believe their eyes. Even the well-informed Molton and Kadin felt like they had lived in vain these past few years. How could such a strange Dharma Idol exist?!

"Is that a Dharma Idol or a Soul Beast?"

"It should be a Dharma Idol, a concretized one. There is a difference in the way those two dematerialize. Also, it has already reached Peak Heroic Soul," said Kadin in a low voice. If he had not done his own investigation, he would have thought that this was a plot devised by the Potter Clan to sabotage him. The influence of the 10 Great Families was not that great in the Holy Land, yet they would often still sabotage each other. If one did not keep one's guard up, there was no way to survive here.

"It seems that everyone was deceived by him. This year's CHF batch was so powerful. How could he, the strongest of them all, fall so easily? Throughout the Holy Land's history, it was rare for anyone to have Dharma Idols with minds of their own. Yet, he has two…" Molton grew deep in thought. Most importantly, these two Dharma Idols could work with each other. One leaned towards the defensive and could trap even the violent Heart-Eating Ape King, while the other could pierce through the Ape King's head with a single shot. The Ape King was famous for its indestructibility, so that was truly hard to believe.

However, Kadin was thinking that Wang Zhong's Soul Sea would most probably be unable to sustain such powerful Dharma Idols for long; thus, time would be a problem for him. Additionally, where were the flaws of his Dharma Idols? This was the mentality of the strong.

In an instant, everyone's stance had changed. For Helen and the others, they grew dumbfounded. They weren't at the level of Molton and Kadin, but they knew one thing: it would be easy for Wang Zhong to crush them. And he was still at the apprenticeship stage! How powerful would he be in the future?

All of a sudden, they felt a chill down their spine.

As the ward was lifted, Kadin and the others all appeared, green with envy as they stared at the Heart-Eating Ape King not far away. This thing would have a nourishing effect on strong Heavenly Souls and even more so, on those at the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage. If they handed it to gourmets, they could probably further expand their Soul Sea.

After Heroic Soul Stage soldiers entered the peak and were able to stabilize their Soul Power output, they would then have to find ways to expand their own Soul Seas. Everything was predestined. If one didn't have a strong and powerful Soul Sea, one would not be able to enter the Heavenly Soul Stage. Even if one did, it would then be impossible to mobilize the power of the outside world. It could be said that if one reached the Heavenly Soul Stage, one would be using one's own power as a lever in order to utilize the power of nature. But what if the lever was not strong enough?

The backlash was definitely no joke.

The main thing to do in the Heroic Soul Stage was to deepen and expand the Soul Sea. This Ape King heart would definitely be a good thing for that.

Frankly, if this Ape King had been killed by team effort, there would have been no argument if Kadin wanted to take the heart. But the problem was that Wang Zhong was the one who had killed it. Kadin was in a dilemma. This was Musk Family territory; therefore, no one would dare say anything if he struck. But the question was… did he stand a chance?

Wang Zhong's strong suit was his Dharma Idols, and he had already used them once. The more powerful the Dharma Idol, the greater the consumption of energy, and the heavier the burden on the Soul Sea. Could he use them again? In fact, with the characteristics of his Dharma Idol, Kadin could bypass those two Dharma Idols and take out Wang Zhong directly. He might actually stand a chance.

Although he appeared calm on the surface, there was turbulence on the inside. On the other hand, Wang Zhong glanced at him, smiled, and did not say a single word. With that, Kadin's heart almost came to a stop. Even if the other party was pretending, he had no choice but to bear with it. It was rare for people to have such an attitude, even amongst the top 10 Dimensional Exploration teams. As an heir of one of the Great Families, it was necessary to remain calm and collected in such situations.

Since he couldn't afford to offend Wang Zhong, the right thing to do was to be friendly.

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