Battle Frenzy
830 Desert Emperor
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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830 Desert Emperor

"Kiddo, didn't I tell you not to stand on ceremony with me? If you want to use the alchemy lab in future, just look for Leo directly," said Murphy with a smile.

Wang Zhong nodded. Regardless of whatever intentions Murphy had in mind, Wang Zhong remembered this favor. In fact, he wanted Murphy to help him collect the stone slabs, but this was too big a favor to ask. He had to take it slowly.

After chatting for a while, Wang Zhong left contentedly. Ever since he caused an explosion in the dormitory, his luck had taken a turn for the better.

In the living room, Leo was still standing with a stunned look on his face. He didn't know why Murphy would be so intimate with a 'little pawn'. Was Wang Zhong his illegitimate child?

… They didn't look similar at all. Obviously, they weren't related. Leo eventually stopped trying to guess.

"It won't be long before the Holy Battle begins. The workshop must step up production and seize the opportunity, but things must be kept secret. Are you clear?"

"I know. Please rest assured." Leo trembled internally. Another Holy Battle was about to begin, and it was unknown which Dimensional World they were about to conquer, including how huge and what level it was.

The targets of Holy Battles were definitely not some ordinary secret realm; it would be an entire world. The other party would definitely not be an easy target either as there would be intelligent races involved. At the same time, they posed a considerable threat to humans and the Holy Land. This was a great experience for Holy Disciples of all levels. It would be filled with opportunities, including those that could change one's life as well as allow one to make a name for oneself.

Naturally, death was unavoidable as well.

As Leo went to prepare, Murphy revealed a slight smile. This big shot thought very highly of Wang Zhong. Thus, he wondered if he should bring Wang Zhong along this time. No matter what, through this Holy Battle, he would be able to determine Wang Zhong's importance, and it would help him decide how much he should invest in Wang Zhong.


Back at Tutankhamun, Katchirda City's walls were finally constructed and looked pleasing to the eye. Now, the rest would be to build up the city's defenses. However, in Gong Yi's plan, this would not just be a single huge expenditure; it would be a gradual and long-term construction process. He did not intend to build the city according to Tutankhamun's standards. His ideal Katchirda, even if it did not meet the standards of Federation cities, had to have at least everything, including runic arrays, reconnaissance sentries, power grids, and so on. These had little to no defensive ability against experts. Indeed, Gong Yi also knew this, but these were not prepared for them.

The true purpose of these was to show off!

He wanted to build a modern, Federation-style city in the desert. For the country bumpkins throughout Tutankhamun, the impact was indescribable. In this place where the gap between the rich and the poor was huge and where one's societal status was everything, Katchirda brought about an unparalleled impact in terms of recreational activities and enjoyment.

Simply put, Gong Yi wanted to teach these people what luxury was!

Cola and canned goods that had been smuggled from the Federation could be sold at a sky-high price here. As well, the local resources here were sold back to the Federation through Ma Dong, which also had rocket-high prices. At the same time, they also added local tours. In both the Federation and the Empire, the name of the organization New World was beginning to gain traction.

All of a sudden, the alarm sounded. As Gong Yi lifted his head, he vanished and appeared at the city's gates the next moment. Reynolds was already lying on the ground. Seeing that Reynolds was still alive, Gong Yi let out a sigh of relief. He had long ago told Reynolds not to be reckless, but this guy was as stubborn as a mule. Luckily, the Desert Emperor didn't go for the kill.

Gong Yi took a deep breath and smiled. "Your Highness, welcome to Katchirda. Is there anything I can do for you?"

The Desert Emperor shot a glance at Gong Yi. He couldn't stop staring at this prosperous city. Saalehkurt had been here before, but it had just been a small and insignificant oasis back then. Who would have thought that this place could be developed into something so huge in such a short time?

It was no wonder Caslort was so anxious. However, he was not stupid; it would be a pity to destroy such a well-developed city.

"The stone slab is with you. Hand it over, and I'll spare you all," said Saalehkurt coldly.

Gong Yi remained very calm and said, "Sir, it was taken away by Master Fate Trickster."

"Oh, what do you mean by that? Do you think I'm afraid of him?" Saalehkurt's expression turned ice-cold, and Gong Yi was a little stifled by the terrifying aura he exuded.

"My lord, you should know that I'm not lying. This kind of treasure is not something that I can keep. Katchirda is absolutely neutral in these kinds of situations. But we are also at your service. If you are looking for the Fate Trickster, we will pass on the message. During your time here, everything will be free of charge for you. We will provide you with the best service!" said Gong Yi, as he maintained his smile.

The Desert Emperor stared at Gong Yi, and Gong Yi's entire body was instantly filled with cold sweat out of fear that the other party would suddenly kill them. These lunatics might not listen to reason. However, after a while, the pressure was suddenly lifted off him as the Desert Emperor nodded slightly. "I only want the best. If I am not satisfied, there is no need for this place to exist anymore."

Gong Yi wiped the sweat off his head and said, "Don't worry, the Federation has a saying, he who is famous always counts. Just like your famous self, our oasis of happiness will definitely live up to its name!"

He quickly ordered people to carry Reynolds away and sent a message to Mu Zi at the same time. He wasn't sure if Mu Zi would receive the news in time, but the rest was all up to Sister Hong.

Saalehkurt was very lecherous. He had always preferred things from the Federation and had heard about Sister Hong's talents from Caslort. When he saw her — of course, as an expert in this field — Saalehkurt could see that this woman had a unique charm.

Busty, sexy, charming, a Federation woman's unique white skin and temperament, as well as an elegant appearance, she had everything he wanted. Her skills in bed had to be first-rate. Thus, Saalehkurt went to Sister Hong in an instant. Sister Hong wanted to speak, but the other party was clearly not interested in that. He liked to play rough as it was a whole other experience.

As Gong Yi's expression changed and he was about to stop him, a pressuring aura had already suppressed him and pinned him to his position. The Desert Emperor grinned lecherously and said, "Let me enjoy this first."

Sister Hong gritted her teeth and forced a smile. "Sir, you are too impatient. You are destroying the mood. I won't run anyway."

"Are you trying to stall? Unfortunately, I like it like this. I like to start rough, then go gentle. Come, show me your skills. If you aren't good enough, I will kill this boy first," said Saalehkurt as he laughed wildly.

Gong Yi was suppressed by his aura and couldn't move an inch. At this moment, he knew that all types of wisdom were nothing in front of absolute power.


Sister Hong's clothes were directly torn open, revealing her fair and busty boobs. A flash of anger appeared on her face, and her face uncontrollably turned red, but it only made Saalehkurt even more excited. This was a stunner from the Federation, and he had yet to get a taste!

At this moment, a gust of eerie wind struck and blasted the Desert Emperor's hand away. With that, a little baldy was added to the scene.

The Desert Emperor looked at Mu Zi without any expression. "Little baldy, I know who you are. Scram if you want to live."

Mu Zi stared back at him. "Follow me if you want the stone slab!"

The Desert Emperor rubbed Sister Hong's boobs a few times, stimulating himself. "Wash up and wait for me. If you are gone when I come back later, I will kill everyone here."

After speaking, Mu Zi walked out of Katchirda. The Desert Emperor sneered before following behind him. He was not worried that these people would run. It seemed that this little baldy was their trump card. Fine. He would come back later with his head and enjoy their despair. It would definitely be more enjoyable that way.

Deep in the desert, Mu Zi stopped in his tracks because the Desert Emperor had already appeared in front of him. Compared to his useless disciple, the Desert Emperor's reign of the desert was of a completely different realm. Let alone one Mu Zi, even if there were 10, the desert would still be their graves.

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    《Battle Frenzy》