Battle Frenzy
837 The Power of a Sacred Teacher!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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837 The Power of a Sacred Teacher!

In the old civilization, one would need to travel for tens of thousands of years to reach this destination. However, in today's era, traveling was made easier.

There were streaks of light outside the window previously, but it had turned into absolute darkness now. Nothing could be seen or heard. The aircraft was unusually stable. If not for the fact that one was literally sitting in a windowed cabin, there was no way one could sense that one was on a spaceship that was traveling at high speed.

"This is a spatial leap. Using this Glenn Spatial Leap method, it'll take us around 116 hours to reach our destination. Hehe, that'll take us less than five days."

"Wow, Small Eyes. Who would have known that you knew about this kind of stuff?" Sharmie asked curiously. She had always thought that Small Eyes just liked to rush to the front and flash her weapon while shouting about.

"Of course! Shouting and yelling isn't the only thing I do." Small Eyes patted Asher's head as if she was patting a domestic kitten.

Asher didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He had never found a way to tame his savage girlfriend, so he always let her have her way. "If you make use of the spatial laws of the Fifth Dimension and bend a long distance in half just like how you would bend paper in half, you can overlap the starting and ending points of the linear distance on the paper. This would then bridge an instant connection between the two points, which is called a spatial leap. The dark world outside our window is a space formed by numerous connected points, and it is also called the Void. To humans, the Void doesn't exist since living objects can't make direct contact with it," Asher explained.

"What if you go into the Void accidentally?" Sharmie asked curiously. Everyone around her looked at her like she was an idiot.

"Actually, this wasn't something that we humans have researched on. The new civilizations didn't have a history long enough to accumulate this sort of knowledge. This idea was extracted from the technology left behind in the Holy Land, and we were only exploring the idea of operating spaceships then. It was only when Glenn the Great came to the Holy City that the entire theory was completed. This theory is actually the foundation of all spatial theories in the various faculties in the Holy Land, including transmission arrays of all levels."

"Does it belong to the category of wards?"

"Nope, it involves alchemy, space research, and other areas. It is a very complex subject matter comprising several elements." Although Asher wasn't considered to be strong in the Wanderlust Team, he was definitely the most knowledgeable on specialized professions. He was one of the few Holy Disciples in the Holy City who qualified as an apprentice alchemist and an apprentice wards master at the same time. However, having broad interests would undoubtedly distract you. He was very accomplished in these two professions, but he wasn't exceptionally outstanding in either, which was why he wasn't able to make a name for himself.

With more than fifty seats, the Fletcher-class command aircraft's cabin was considered to be rather spacious. Other than the Wanderlust Team members, there were other people in this cabin that Wang Zhong and company were in. There was another level four exploration team. Although that team couldn't compare to the Phantom Squadron, they definitely weren't trash that came to earn military achievements by doing nothing. People didn't really care about small exploration teams like the Wanderlust Team, which only had 10 people, including Scarlet who had just joined.

"Why are they here? Half of them are from this year's newcomer batch, and I heard that two of them didn't even pass the Holy Disciple test. How did they have the confidence to join in this Holy Battle? Aren't they afraid of making a joke out of themselves?"

"We won't be grouped together with them when executing missions just because we're in the same cabin, right? I don't want to be grouped with newcomers."

"Didn't you see Scarlet? Perhaps they got in through connections, tsk. Great Teacher Sophia…"

"Watch what you say!" someone interrupted in a low voice. "Don't dig your own grave!"

No matter how lowly the others thought of the Wanderlust Team, no one dared to gossip about Great Teachers behind their back. The Wanderlust Team had more or less benefited from that. Even though many gave them scornful looks, no one mocked them directly or started any conflict with them.

According to Asher's calculations, this spatial leap trip in the Void would last around five days. It was rather peaceful these past few days without conflicts. Wang Zhong talked with Oscar, Scarlet, and the others about this Holy Battle.

Every time the Holy City waged a war, there was a change in the way of thinking of the new Holy Disciples. To put it simply, there wasn't any good or evil intention behind Holy Battles. It was all to ensure survival. Humans who had gone through the Dark Ages obviously had a better world view and weren't overconfident as they were in the old civilization era. It was only when intelligent creatures stood at the peak of power would they then have the right to show compassion to the lower-tier creatures. It was just like how humans put animals in zoos to prevent them from going extinct. In the short history of the Holy Land, it had been both the attacker and the attacked. In front of survival, all other arguments weren't important.

Kind girls like Scarlet weren't rare, but this kind of goodwill wasn't suitable for the current stage that humans were at. Justice without the support of judgment and power would only end in tragedy. Regardless of whether or not Great Teacher Sophia had used cruel methods, at least Scarlet could face death calmly now.

Time passed by. Everyone was all smiles and talking with each other in the beginning, but because there were other strangers, they were conscious of their actions and didn't act freely. However, with time, there were fewer conversations as everyone meditated. It seemed a little useless to cultivate right before a Holy Battle. However, everyone wanted to do what they could to adjust themselves before the battle started so that they would be in their best form to undergo the biggest test of their lives.

Wang Zhong was seated right beside Scarlet. He looked extremely calm, meditating too. He was practicing his Power Circuit, Speed Circuit, and Agility Circuit in his Soul Sea repeatedly.

After a few real-life battle experiences, these three circuits were already rather mature, and he couldn't improvise on them any further given his current level of power. He had already done everything he could. Now, what Wang Zhong needed was to familiarize himself with it and make it a subconscious memory in his body, so that it would become his body's natural instinct. This would aid in making his outburst of power instantaneous.

Beep beep beep…

In the cabin that had been utterly quiet for a very long time, an alarm with a long and steady rhythm sounded. The white light in the cabin was switched off, replaced by a red warning light that kept blinking on the ceiling.

"Attention all units, attention all units. We have arrived at the coordinates of our destination and are about to enter a spatial rift. Please buckle up and check your personal belongings. Everyone, stand by in battle mode!"

This ear-piercing and repetitive voice rang non-stop throughout the entire commanding aircraft. Those who were sleeping or meditating woke up immediately. All the Holy Disciples' eyes widened. They had finally arrived. No one knew what the upcoming battle was going to be like. It was most people's first time participating in such a large-scale Holy Battle.

Wang Zhong opened his eyes to find Scarlet wake at the same time beside him. Currently, the view of the world outside of the window was still rather dark, but there were more and more beams of light in the darkness being shone by the other aircraft in the same fleet. If you could see the light emitted by an aircraft, it meant that the aircraft had completely stopped. Many aircraft seemed to be waiting quietly now.

"We've stopped? What about the Mizobudapi Phoenix World? It isn't just a world of darkness like what we're seeing now, right?" Sharmie kept asking questions.

"We are still in the Void. We have reached our destination, but we don't have the spatial coordinates to enter the Mizobudapi Phoenix World," Small Eyes explained.

"Without spatial coordinates, there won't be any transmission array. How are we supposed to enter then?" Sharmie couldn't stop talking. It could be seen that she was very nervous yet excited at the same time. Although she seemed fearless when she made the decision to come along, she was still very clear of her level of power. In a battle like this, it was impossible for her to be as calm as the true experts.

Small Eyes shrugged helplessly. This was beyond her level of understanding. In fact, she also didn't know how to break the barriers of spatial laws and let such a huge army enter.

A high-level civilized world like this that had complete laws would definitely give rise to its own Will. That was an extremely powerful natural force that would instinctively protect the species in this world from the invasion of alien species. Dimensional lifeforms that entered Earth would die after at most two or three years; even something with the power of the Sovereign of Flames wouldn't be able to enter Earth. This was the power of Earth's Will in order to stop external enemies from invading.

The situation was similar with the Mizobudapi civilization except it was way stronger and had a longer history than Earth, so its Will was definitely more powerful. It made more sense to sneak inside as it would certainly be difficult to enter through brute force.

"I'm not too sure. They'll probably use brute force or blast rune cannons to pave a way out?" Asher said tentatively. This was the dumbest but most effective idea. However, it would require a terrifying power to forcefully create a spatial rift that could allow so many aircraft to pass through. Rune cannons? Even Asher who guessed this thought it unlikely that this method would be used. To achieve that extreme value of destructive power, it would require an insane amount of rune cannons opening fire at the same time!

Everyone took their places. Those who were positioned near windows were looking outside.

Luckily, this was a commanding aircraft and had an extensive view of the situation outside. Outside the window, the aircraft that were shining beams of light diverged into two sides, making space for the Trust Aircraft at the back of the fleet that was slowly moving forward.

Clang clang clang… Hum hum hum… Clang clang clang…

The loud mechanical sounds were extremely distinct and clear in this quiet space until the Trust Aircraft finally stopped somewhere in front.

The rustling mechanical sounds came to a stop, and it was as if the former peace and quiet were restored. However, what followed next was a terrifying wave that came without warning, radiating across the space instantly like electricity. At that moment, everyone in the cabin felt terror come from deep within their souls.

Hum hum hum hum…

After that, a deafening sound resounded across the fleet of aircraft. A terrifying power emerged from the Trust Aircraft. Even if they were still inside their aircraft, all warriors could feel suffocating pressure, but that only made them excited. This was the power of Sacred Teacher Leyson, their leader.

Pure rune cannons held too little power. No matter how many of them there were, they wouldn't be able to overcome the space barrier unless there was a higher level of power.

Wang Zhong and Scarlet stood right beside the window, looking out; that sound had come from the deck of the Trust Aircraft. A black glow of light converged on the deck, gradually materializing into a towering giant made of pure power.

It stood hundreds of meters tall and seemed particularly out of place in the dark sky. Countless bolts of lightning were wrapped around its body, like snakes. It was like a God of Thunder had descended into the mortal realm!


All of the warriors were instantly fired up. This was a war horn that the Sacred Teacher had blown.

It merely breathed, and an overwhelming power and air current converged like mad inside that giant's mouth. The strong suction power was like a black hole, creating a terrifying pulling force and aura in the Void.

Regardless whether it was the small-sized combat spaceships, medium-sized Fletcher-class commanding aircraft, heavily-armed cruise-ship-like Macedon-class spaceships, or even the larger energy transport aircraft carrier behind, they were all like small boats in a storm when the suction power appeared suddenly. No matter whether they were made up of dozens or hundreds of thousands of pounds of metal, they were jerked in all directions, swaying around in this hurricane of power and unable to resist at all.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa!

Numerous golden, blue, and yellow lights flashed in the surroundings. All aircraft activated their runic energy shields without hesitation, stabilizing their swaying aircraft by force. The formerly dark space was lit up instantly, and the brightest light came from the front.

It was from the hands of the giant! They emitted dazzling flashes of lightning as the numerous lightning snakes on its body had gathered on its hands. Roars of thunders could be heard amongst them, creating terrifying electric currents.

After that, the giant stretched its hands slowly and steadily in front of it. Once its hands were in place, it paused slightly before the electric currents in its palms were released in a furious manner, emitting a strong light. It was as if it was holding two mini suns in its hands! It was clearly attacking a point in front of it, yet the little power that spilled backward caused massive storms!

Even though they activated their defense barrier and were the larger-sized commanding aircraft that wielded a higher level of power, Wang Zhong and the others — who were all buckled up — could still feel the entire aircraft swaying constantly. It was even harder to look at that dazzling beam of light directly.

Concurrently, at the space in front of the giant which bore the brunt of the attack…

Crack crack crack…

There was an extremely loud tearing sound. The giant forcibly ripped apart a spatial rift in this dark void. Wang Zhong opened his eyes widely. This was a scene that he would never forget until the day he died. This was a level of power far beyond his understanding. How shocking it was, to transcend theories! It was beyond the human mind and involved the mysteries of the universe, something that could never be achieved by the old civilizations.


Suddenly, an outburst of power came from the giant. Its hands which emitted sun-like beams of light pulled apart violently, and the spatial rift was widened immediately. A richly endowed world filled with greenery appeared in front of everyone.

That world reflected a blue light. The blue sky and white clouds were a stark contrast to the dark world they were in. Before anyone could take a closer look at this fertile land, countless beams of light came from that world.

Huge fireballs, blue mysterious missiles, and arrows that were over ten meters long, coupled with lightning and thunder, showered over them!

The empty world seemed to become lively all of a sudden, as all kinds of sounds and attacks rushed out from the spatial rift instantly, blasting toward the giant Leyson.

"Roar!" The giant's hands that were holding the spatial rift apart didn't falter. The rift was further ripped to become hundreds of meters long. Through that, countless Mizobudapi army troops could be seen waiting, as if they knew the coordinates the Holy City army was going to attack from long ago.

Flying creatures filled the sky of the other world. There were pterosaurs, griffins, and other various creatures. The only thing they had in common was that a human-like warrior was riding on them.

Those were Mizobudapi citizens. Their physical body and facial features looked similar to humans. They were slightly taller, but not by too much. The largest difference would be that they didn't have any hair on their body. There were countless long antennae on their bald heads, just like how hair grew on human heads. However, the antennae were made of flesh and were much thicker. According to research, the Mizobudapi civilization and its knowledge of external worlds — as well as its sensitivity to elements — came mostly from those antennae.

Currently, the Mizobudapi people who were riding on flying creatures held their weapons high, which consisted of swords, guns, bows, and wands. They fired numerous clustered attacks, all aimed directly at the giant in front of the spatial rift.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Countless clustered explosion attacks could be heard. These individual attacks didn't seem to be very strong as they were just like tickles to Leyson and disappeared after causing small ripples on his energy body.

However, there were too many attacks: tens of thousands of attacks occurred at the same time, with some attacks wielding terrifying power. An energy beam with a diameter of five or six meters landed a direct hit on the giant's head. That didn't cause a mere ripple, but violently shook the giant's head.

At the same time the giant's head was tilted backward, a terrifying power was converging in its mouth, just like a renewed sun shining in its big mouth.

The giant retaliated swiftly!


A destructive beam of light with a diameter of 10 meters, coupled with countless electric currents, headed towards the Mizobudapi citizens' formation like a huge and sharp sword, destroying everything in its way.


This beam of light almost wiped out everything, not only the Mizobudapi army formation that was guarding the entrance of the spatial rift but even a mountain range some distance away was blasted to smithereens. A wide crack that seemed bottomless was carved out on the ground, resembling that of a scar. It was like a vast canyon isolation zone as smoke and dust filled the space. The originally turbulent attacks became scattered and weaker instantly. Almost all the enemies guarding the entrance were wiped out instantly!

Inside the cabin, Oscar and the others were stunned. No matter how awesome they thought themselves to be or how they thought they would become Great Teachers or even Sacred Teachers, all of them were dumbfounded at this moment. This was the power of a Sacred Teacher, an almost God-like power. They were the source of power of the Holy Land. They were the main factor as to how, from a weak civilization, humans were able to form a powerful civilization in the Fifth Dimension within a short span of time.

The Fifth Dimension was a hunting ground. You were either the hunted or the hunter. In this case, they were the hunters!

The spatial rift had been pulled apart to the maximum. No matter how hard the giant tried, it couldn't rip it any further. At the same time, the war horn sounded.

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    《Battle Frenzy》