Battle Frenzy
838 Landing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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838 Landing

Thousands of lightweight battle aircraft at the front of the fleet whizzed past the giant's armpits and legs. They were the first batch to dash into Mizobudapi Phoenix World, followed by larger aircraft such as storage carriers and cruise-ship-like Macedon-class spaceships.

On the other hand, the Mizobudapi Phoenix World reacted very quickly despite a portion of it being wiped out. It was no longer filled with greenery. In the smoke and dust, new troops filled up the positions of the previous warriors. Numerous arcane missiles, fireballs, and icy arrows soon came out of the world of dust plumes. Although these attacks didn't cause much harm to Leyson, they proved to be rather disastrous to the lightweight battle aircraft.

From Wang Zhong's seat near the window, he could see — out of all the battle aircraft that flew in first — at least forty or fifty get directly hit by an attack. Although the battle aircraft weren't destroyed in one attack since they had runic energy shields, the impact of collision affected their angles and flight paths. In addition, when the aircraft rushed in, they were packed too close to one another, so many crashed into each other after they diverged from their flight course. Smoke came from dozens of these battle aircraft as they plummeted downward.

This degree of loss wasn't too severe, and they had a larger space to attack after they entered the rift. Numerous rune cannons on the battle aircraft were flashing non-stop as intensive and concentrated attacks rained over the ground that was covered in dust.

The enemy's firepower on land was instantly suppressed to a large extent. However, countless airborne troops came out right after to attack.

Warriors riding on pterosaurs and griffins surfaced from the smoke and dust on the ground, heading straight for the swarm of battle aircraft. The size of the flying creatures was smaller than the battle aircraft, so they were very agile and could avoid the intertwining attacks. They demonstrated various flying tricks and neared the battle aircraft in the blink of an eye.

The Mizobudapi warriors on the flying creatures had long-range combat skills. They were trained in various arcane and powerful bow attacks, as well as spears, especially long spears that were several meters long. Once they started to attack continuously, the runic shield of a battle aircraft would be overpowered. The aircraft would be punctured immediately once the runic shield disappeared. These flying creatures were not only agile in movements but had powerful combat abilities too along with their razor sharp claws. With the enemies attacking from the ground and the formation of the battle aircraft not ready yet, the battle aircraft seemed to be completely suppressed after exchanging the first attacks with the enemy. However, several huge storage carriers entered the rift at this moment.

As the hatch of the aircraft were opened, countless black dots flew out from the aircraft.

It was a Hippogriff army, the airborne troops of the Holy Land. Looking at the Hippogriffs that were covered in pure black iron armor, their battle equipment alone would be enough to make other armies drool with envy. The warriors riding on top of them appeared to be much stronger, all of them at least at the Peak Heroic Soul Stage. Powerful combat skills were also required of them, so they were definitely the best of the best. This Hippogriff army of merely two thousand exuded an aura comparable to an army of tens of thousands.

They joined in the battle upon exiting the transport carriers. The Hippogriffs didn't lose to the enemy in terms of agility. As they were equipped with powerful soul tools such as rune cannons, their individual combat power seemed to be slightly stronger than that of the enemy.

The one-sided situation in the air was balanced out at their appearance. The battle reached a stalemate as both sides fought in mid-air. However, the enemy seemed to have limited backup, while there was still a sea of battle aircraft being sent in from the rift continuously. At the same time, several large-scale Macedon-class spaceships formed up to attack. Powerful firepower started raining onto the ground. Various arcane and long-range attacks by the enemy targeting the airborne troops were visibly suppressed.

All kinds of shadows and light beams could be seen in the air. In team battles, the power of human civilization proved to be superior.

Destroyed battle aircraft exploded in the air or crashed on the ground engulfed by smoke. Some warriors weren't able to get out in time before the entire aircraft exploded or crashed, but there were some who were able to jump out in time. At this point in time, both parties weren't engaging in high-altitude physical combat yet. With the warriors' tough physique and their auxiliary landing equipment, landing wasn't a problem. However, the enemy wasn't about to let them land so easily.

These Heroic Soul soldiers obviously couldn't fly freely like Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers. Even with auxiliary landing equipment, their agility in the air was greatly restricted. At most, they could glide and slightly adjust the direction they were headed, but they couldn't control the speed and inertia. They were living targets floating in the air. They either got killed from the firepower on the ground, or their bodies got cut into half by the enemies on flying creatures. Less than two- to three-tenths of the soldiers survived.

The Holy City army had a high casualty rate, but the enemy was worse off. Currently, the battle aircraft had fallen into formation. With a crisscross formation, it was way harder for the enemy to get closer to them using their agility and to make use of their flying creatures' combat power. With the addition to the firepower suppression that was only getting more in sync, as well as the intervention of the Hippogriff army, the enemy's flying creature army was now gradually being defeated, rather than just being disadvantaged earlier. The enemies in the air, along with their powerful flying creatures, were being struck by firepower constantly, exploding into pools of blood. Once they got hit, it was instant death for them, and they didn't even have the chance to be injured or fall to the ground.

At the moment, many people were cheering with their fists clenched in the aircraft that hadn't entered the battlefield yet.

It was obvious who was winning.

It wasn't that the Mizobudapi people were weak. It was just that they were stronger!

Everyone was getting fired up with the desire to battle. The warriors couldn't wait to enter the battle and contribute to the war. They wanted to conquer!

This was the natural instinct of living creatures, and also human instinct!

The Mizobudapi people were still putting up resistance, but the battle situation seemed to be controlled by the Holy City army now. All aircraft, including the enormous Trust Aircraft, finally started moving.

The loud mechanical sounds that the Trust Aircraft produced when moving could be heard clearly. It was one of a kind even in this battlefield full of firepower. The rift that the giant tore apart was very wide, yet it was barely wide enough for the castle-like aircraft to pass through.

The huge aircraft had just revealed a part of itself in the other world when it attracted frenzied attacks from the Mizobudapi people. They seemed to sense the important role that this big aircraft played in the battlefield. Both the firepower from the ground that was being suppressed and the flying creature army that was at a disadvantage in the air now focused their attacks on the Trust Aircraft.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A blue energy shield appeared in front of the Trust Aircraft. Numerous attacks left traces of flames on that energy shield, causing ripples in it. However, the enemy's firepower was much weaker than before, and they couldn't shake this terrifying big guy in the slightest. The enemy's change in target only welcomed full-on attacks from the Hippogriff army and the battle aircraft that didn't even need to defend now.

Huge pits and cracks were formed on the ground instantly. The Holy City army's powerful blasts of firepower seemingly wanted to flatten this entire world directly!

Once half of the Trust Aircraft crossed over the spatial rift, the Mizobudapi citizens seemed to have finally fallen into despair. The firepower from the ground wasn't as intense anymore, and the enemy's attacks became messy, as if the Mizobudapi citizens wanted to retreat now. Evidently, they knew that once the Trust Aircraft entered their world, with its savage attack power added to the battle aircraft's firepower, only destruction awaited them.

While humans were researching Mizobudapi citizens, it seemed that the converse was true as well.

The Holy Land army didn't pursue the enemies excessively. Conquering a level three civilization definitely couldn't be accomplished in one day. Today's strategic mission was just to land successfully and set up their base. The Hippogriff army in the air started to perform defensive duties, while small-scale units like battle aircraft were still aiming their firepower at certain regions. Large-scale aircraft like the Macedon-class spaceships had ceased their firepower immediately, guarding around the Trust Aircraft which was still advancing through the spatial rift.

Other aircraft such as the storage carriers and the commanding and energy aircraft had started to land. An order was announced in the Fletcher-class commanding aircraft cabin that Wang Zhong and the others were in.

"Attention, all teams! Attention, all teams! Your mission is to help our troops land and build a base. Clean up what's left on the battlefield."

Sirens and flashing red lights could be constantly seen and heard in every cabin.

"Dammit, it's finally our turn!"

Everyone got excited, and the Wanderlust Team members were no exception. Sharmie was nagging about something, and even Mario, who wasn't confident in himself, was flushed red with enthusiasm. In such a battlefield, the battle atmosphere would rub off on the most timid people, making them fearless.

The cabin was buzzing with activity and no one had the time to look at what was happening outside the window. "Everyone gather together as soon as possible after we exit this aircraft. Don't get separated. There's only hope when we're alive." Oscar yelled at his team members over the rumbling sounds of aircraft landing.

At this moment, Oscar was still level-headed. Though his body was itching to fight, he knew that the Wanderlust Team wasn't very strong, and the weak needed to be smart if they wanted to survive.

Everyone in the Wanderlust Team nodded vehemently. Feng put her hand to her chest and made a prayer.

"Guys, good luck!"

Rumble! Bang bang!

The entire cabin trembled violently. Clearly, the aircraft had come into contact with a hard surface. The aircraft stabilized quickly after a few more tremors.

The red siren on top of their heads was spinning even more rapidly.

"Attack, attack, attack!"

"Hurry! Move it! Cabin number two, out! Cabin number three, standby!"

Outside the cabin, the anxious voice of the deputy commander could be heard rushing them.

Thud thud thud thud…

Closely-packed footsteps sounded on the aisle outside their cabin, rushing out of the aircraft at a rapid speed. The Wanderlust Team was in cabin number three. Though everyone had unbuckled their seat belts immediately, it was the first time they were entering such a huge battlefield, and they had little experience. Many were in a mess, sorting out their equipment or checking on their personal belongings, and some even struggled to free themselves from the safety belts for a moment. Before they could get into formation, the hatch of the cabin was suddenly opened from the outside by a man with a large beard.

"Cabin number three, out! Hurry! Keep up!" His roars were not to be questioned. If you had to roll out to get out, you had better do so.

Being rushed by this tone, the formation, which was rather messy to begin with, completely fell apart. Oscar and Small Eyes, who were among the Swoksaar Squad near the door, were squeezed out by the crowd. Wang Zhong ended up in the middle of the formation after being pushed by the crowd, while Scarlet seemed to be behind. The Wanderlust Team members were quickly separated from each other.

The good thing was that they weren't that far apart, so no one said anything. Wang Zhong followed the crowd and ran out of the aircraft. They had just set foot on the ground when an enormous blue arcane missile was fired their way. It exploded mere dozens of meters away from the commanding aircraft.

Before this, the sea of arcane missile attacks on the giant had looked like child's play through the window in their commanding aircraft. They had originally thought that this 'toy' didn't seem very strong. However, now that they had seen it up close, notwithstanding its power, the round table-sized arcane energy ball looked like a meteor crashing onto them directly. It was terrifying!

The ground trembled violently, followed by a series of terrifying air currents. The enormous commanding aircraft was lifted slightly off the ground by these air currents, wobbling a little before landing heavily on the ground. In front of Wang Zhong, a few Swoksaar Squad members were blown off their feet directly. Wang Zhong was also blown to the left by the air currents. He immediately activated his Soul Power defense.

Fortunately, these were just air currents caused by the impact of the missiles. Away from the center of the attack, the force generated by the air currents was still strong, but the damage it could cause was very limited. Wang Zhong stabilized himself. He wasn't injured, just that his ears were ringing from the vibrations and he continued to hear a long buzzing sound.

Before adjusting to the tinnitus in his ears, he observed his surroundings to discover an intense pressure crushing down on him from the front. It was a Mizobudapi warrior dressed in heavy armor. He was around two meters tall and sturdily-built, with a huge hammer in his hand. He exuded an incredible aura when he attacked.


Wang Zhong crossed his arms and took the attack with his bare arms. He could feel his body sink downwards as two deep footprints formed on the ground. Nonetheless, the force of the hammer wasn't as intense and strong as he thought. Wang Zhong made use of the rebound force and lifted his left leg.


That tall Mizobudapi warrior was sent flying into the air. Right after, Wang Zhong could sense a sword glow behind him, heading for his waist. He forcibly turned himself around in mid-air, avoiding the attack while scanning the area behind him at the same time. However, he realized that the enemy was a solid 10 meters away and that that had just been Sword Qi.

Humans had similar techniques too, but notwithstanding the power, this attack felt different. Though the technique seemed elegant, Wang Zhong noticed the details. Basically, the Mizobudapi warriors could be divided into two types. One specialized in close combat and had extremely strong offensive and defensive abilities. The other type specialized in long-range arcane attacks. Opposite him, the warrior stared Wang Zhong dead in the eye. The battle situation wasn't in their favor, yet one couldn't see any change in their emotions. If they did express their emotions in a way like humans, the only sign was the antennae on their heads which were glowing faintly. A glow coated the large sword in the warrior's hand.

This Mizobudapi warrior who wielded a sword was dressed in a bright silver armor of unknown material. He had a golden sword mark on his chest. It was evident that the creatures in this world had an obsession with 'sword' weapons.

Sizzle sizzle…

A layer of electric sparks passed through the antennae on his head just like electricity. At the same time, he tightened the grip on his sword, and a surge of Sword Qi headed for Wang Zhong directly, much faster than the sneak attack just now!

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    《Battle Frenzy》