Battle Frenzy
839 Frost Kiss
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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839 Frost Kiss

Wang Zhong stretched his runic shield over a larger surface area, and it was directly hit by the huge sword from the front. With a loud boom, the runic shield exploded directly. The huge inertia pushed Wang Zhong backward by a few steps, and before he could regain his balance, he instantly sensed that he was enveloped by dozens of shadow swords. This was not a fancy trick. Each streak of Sword Qi was equivalent to a real sword, and the power of each one seemed to be greater than the first blow, which only seemed to be a test. The sword aura continued to fill up the empty spaces, forming a sword array. This was a solid attack.

Wang Zhong couldn't receive the attack head-on, so he dodged the attack swiftly. With that, the power of the attack landed on the ground, forming sword gouges and sending the dirt from the ground flying. It was difficult to imagine someone with a Soul Power response that was comparable to Wang Zhong.

His opponent actually could launch an attack that combined technique and power in an instant. This was also the level that Wang Zhong was pursuing at this stage. This kind of attack needed to completely combine the inner structure of one's Soul Power with one's external techniques, while at the same time, shrinking the preparation time to a minimum. If the preparation time for any move was too long, it would basically become useless. This was a serious problem of all humans at the Heroic Soul Stage. To unleash their Soul Domination ability, they needed to stall for a long time, but during battle, this was almost equivalent to suicide.

At the same time, after unleashing the numerous sword beams, the Great Swordsman who was tens of meters away abruptly disappeared into thin air. With a sudden advance, he appeared behind Wang Zhong, ready to slash his huge sword at him. He was very confident in his melee combat strength. As a Great Swordsman, death was a symbol of faith, but his enemies had to be purified. Those creatures invading his land had many strange weapons, but they had poor combat skills.

This slash was definitely capable of ending one's life, but Wang Zhong did not hesitate to block it. Just as the huge sword was about to chop him into two, he stopped the fatal blow of this Mizobudapi person. He clasped his palms together, blocking the sword with his bare hands. Although the sword slash was brutal, it was unable to unleash its true power. With Wang Zhong's hands restricting the sword, it no longer had the power to cut into Wang Zhong's flesh. As his blood dripped from the huge sword, Wang Zhong's eyes lit up. His desire for battle, which had been extinguished since the CHF, was ignited once again.

At this moment of life and death, Wang Zhong managed to solve all the problems he was stuck with previously. The barrier he couldn't get past regarding the integration of Heroic Soul Power with his combat techniques was instantly broken down, and his Power Circuit was launched. He suddenly bent backward and…


Reverse body slam!

Immediately following that, he somersaulted in the air and dragged the huge sword across the alien's back while he landed.


Blood gushed out like a waterfall, and Wang Zhong kicked the alien soldier without hesitation, directly sending him flying into the air. This was not a time to show off as no one knew whether these Mizobudapi people had other trump cards. The whole battle process seemed fast, yet Wang Zhong had already used the three new basic circuits he had mastered. It seemed that the opponent had underestimated him. This was a clear feeling, yet Wang Zhong was not optimistic as the other party also had a certain amount of wisdom, explaining their ability to feel such emotions.

It was said that the battlefield which involved life and death situations was the only place to test one's strength. When the Mizobudapi people dispersed frantically from the airships bombarding them, they appeared vulnerable and easy to beat, but when it came to actual melee combat, their standards were far from poor.

Currently, Wang Zhong's position was a good distance from the command ship. Previously, the arcane shock had already blasted him rather far away. After that, he had been constrained by the two alien soldiers, making him distance himself even more from the command ship. At this time, he could see the ongoing battle in his 12 o'clock direction. Currently, the troops of the Holy City were advancing with an overwhelming advantage. The resistance of the Mizobudapi people had been broken, and they were losing more and more of their soldiers. However, from what he could see, there was still a lot of resistance. These scattered Mizobudapi people were trying their best to gather and work together. Although they were trapped by their enemies, they showed no signs of cowardice. They were definitely not afraid of death. They planned to form 'snowballs' from their scattered forces to carry out suicide attacks; this would stall the Holy City's main troops so that they could create more opportunities for their troops to retreat.

At the same time, the teams coming down from the command ship were trying to clear up these scattered resistance forces. The Phantom Squadron had the most people, and every member was strong and well-equipped. As such, they were basically undefeatable in this already half-won battle. Wherever they went, all the enemies would be instantly wiped out. In contrast, some exploration teams who had been separated from the main group were not so lucky.

Unfortunately, the Wanderlust Team was one of them.

Oscar and Feng were the first to exit the ship. Following that, the entire Wanderlust Team was dispersed, and everyone was separated when they came out. It took a lot of time for them to gather, and by the time they did, the other explorations teams had already set off. Thus, they were unable to catch their ride in time. Furthermore, they were stalled by several elite Mizobudapi warriors. Currently, they were completely separated from the entire army, and the clusters of Mizobudapi people who had been scattered by the other exploration teams were gathering towards them, with the obvious intent of wiping them out. Their situation was clearly not good.

The entire Wanderlust Team was now encircled by their enemies. The Mizobudapi people facing them had already gathered into the size of a small team, amounting to around twenty to thirty people. Some of the aliens were chanting some unknown language, and heaps of arcane missiles were flung toward them.

Under Feng's feet, there was a broken crystal which currently supported a small ward to resist the arcane missiles. Oscar was also chanting non-stop, which made the tattoo-like blue runes engraved on his body start flashing. With that, he shot the same type of arcane missile back at their enemies. The two of them were definitely the main force on the team, bearing most of the opponent's most lethal attacks. Asher, on the other hand, held his runic shield high up in the air, covering for Grai's Vampire Dharma Idol. Mario and Napier were in charge of tying up the loose ends, which meant handling the attacks that Feng and Oscar had missed. All of them worked together to keep their team's formation intact.

Meanwhile, Small Eyes and Sharmie focused on attacking. They fired their rune cannons at full force, especially Small Eyes, whose Murphy's Handgun continued to produce sparks like a kaleidoscope as she shot at the enemy. These continuous fierce attacks actually managed to destroy the defensive formation on the opposite side. Eventually, both sides were being bombarded by artillery fire.

But the opponents' attacks and the suppression from their spells became too much and caused the Wanderlust Team to fall into a passive state. Soon, they were mostly defending themselves instead of attacking. On the surface, they seemed to be handling the situation, but they were desperate as it looked like they had been completely abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Currently, there were no reinforcements nearby at all, and there were even more Mizobudapi who had previously been scattered by the Holy City's forces gathering toward them. More and more Mizobudapi soldiers were joining the opposing forces, making their arcane firepower and defenses stronger and more stable. Additionally, two elite warriors had gathered their own teams consisting of seven to eight fighters each, and they were assembling to break the Wanderlust Team's formation by attacking from two different sides.

The entire Wanderlust Team's faces changed. After fighting them for a while, they already had a general understanding and could grasp the Mizobudapi military's composition. These big swordsmen wearing silver armor should be at the level of a mini team's captain in the opposite army. All of them were rather powerful, and their melee combat strength was terrifying. If they could get near to the Wanderlust Team, the team's defensive formation would definitely be broken, rendering all of them defenseless. If it was coordinated with their arcane attacks, the entire team would no doubt be wiped out in a flash.

"Don't let them get near us!" yelled Oscar anxiously.

Small Eyes and Sharmie quickly switched up their firepower, and the rest of the team were reduced to only passive defense. The heavy firepower of Small Eyes was able to cut off the opponent's momentum on the left side, but on Sharmie's side, she was unable to block them at all. Her blasts were mostly ignored by the Great Swordsman as he charged toward them while slashing his sword wildly in the air, nullifying the attacks as though they were nothing.

Pa pa pa pa!

The tentacles on the swordsman's head started to flash with bright light while his power and speed suddenly surged. In an instant, sparks began to fly in the air. Not one of the fire attacks which Sharmie had always been proud of managed to land under the interception of the opponent's Sword Qi; they were all destroyed in mid-air. As such, not even the slightest stalling effect was achieved. Instead, the opponent charged in even faster.

Everyone's faces changed rapidly. Small Eyes and Oscar wanted to back her up, but it was too late.

Just in the blink of an eye, the opponent charged at high speed and almost reached Sharmie, with a few fierce soldiers following behind him. They were just about to enter the team's ward when the sound of chains being flung could be heard from the side.

The Great Swordsman responded very quickly by leaping high up into the air, as though he had eyes behind his back. However, the ordinary soldiers behind him were not so lucky. They were struck by the chain and strung up as a bunch.

"Wang Zhong!" Everyone knew who had arrived just by listening to the sound. In addition to Oscar, Small Eyes, and Feng, this was the real main force of the Wanderlust Team. Everyone couldn't help but cheer.

At the same time, hoofbeats sounded in the air as a horse began to materialize.


The black figure materialized entirely in an instant. With the speed and power of a hurricane, it charged to the side of that Great Swordsman who had leapt into the air and attacked.


The swordsman actually managed to touch the tip of the spear with his sword, but this terrifying force was not something that could be easily resisted by him. His entire body was flung to the left, as though he was a bullet being shot out of a gun. He was sent flying, directly smashing into the ground in the distance. However, at the same time, the opponents' arcane formation began to flash with a strong blue light.

Even though they were covered by a dozen shields, everyone could see that there were at least four or five arcane forces gathering power to form a formation. Although they didn't know what the opponent's move was, based on the Mizobudapi people's understanding of arcane power, this move was obviously an extremely terrifying one and not one that Feng could handle. Furthermore, they were too far for them to do anything. At the same time, Wang Zhong and the Headless Knight charged at their opponents at top speed. However, they were immediately intercepted by an arcane attack. The Great Swordsman who had previously been knocked down by the Headless Knight also regained his balance and launched a few domineering Sword Qi strikes, forcing Wang Zhong to dodge them. Even the Headless Knight, who had previously been unstoppable, was hindered by the dense firepower and had to take a few steps back.

It was definitely too late for Wang Zhong and his Dharma Idols to stop their enemies after being stalled. All of a sudden, a white streak of light flashed in the air, and a beautiful figure appeared out of thin air. She had a blue ice-crystal sword in her hand. The entire sword was crystal clear and free of impurities, as though it was made in heaven. At this time, she merely lifted it a little, and the surrounding cold elements present in the surrounding air seemed to be siphoned off as they gathered wildly on the sword.

Kenso's Frost Kiss!

This was a rare work of art by Kenso, an Alchemy Master who was as famous as Murphy in the Holy City. This kind of soul tool was specially built for Heroic Souls and was highly sought after by all Heroic Souls. If one was to say that Murphy focused on quantity, then Kenso was one to focus on sophistication. This kind of weapon must have been forged as a favor for a Great Teacher.

At this moment, Scarlet appeared as holy as a god. Behind her, a goddess Darma Idol bound in chains gave out a soft sigh. The entire world seemed to have come to a standstill as tears fell from the goddess's eyes.


The crystal-like tears sparkled as they fell, creating a ripple in the calm space.

It was as though the tears broke the balance and tranquility of this world, and a terrifying chill erupted from Frost Kiss. With Scarlet as the center, the chill was similar to the tears which caused the ripple in space, causing frosty crystals to form across the surroundings.

Crack Crack Crack Crack…

The entire lineup in charge of the arcane formation on the opposite side bore the brunt of the attack, and fear spread across all of their enemies' faces. Some of them subconsciously raised their hands to shield themselves; some of them attempted to flee, while some tried to condense a protective shield as a last resort.

However, all these movements were too slow. As the cold spread, everything that came into contact with it was frozen in an instant! Even a fireball that was created by an arcane attack was frozen in mid-air, its form kept in an ice-like crystal.

Instant kill! All of them were instantly killed! The original battlefield scene suddenly transformed into an ice-sculpture art museum. Dozens of Mizobudapi people were frozen together with their expressions of horror and frantic gestures, turned into ice sculptures on the spot. Even the Great Swordsman was not spared! The originally heated battlefield was now dead silent.

Scarlet, who launched that huge attack, seemed to have grown a little tired. Last year, she was still a little underdeveloped, but now, she had entered a period of high-speed development, which revealed that her talents did not lose out to Laura and the rest. Scarlet was panting heavily, but she was very happy; at the moment when she had saved the entire team, Scarlet finally understood the true meaning of her teacher's seemingly exaggerated words. She would not be able to create ice without understanding cruelty, and only with destruction could she save.

More importantly, in front of Wang Zhong, she showed she was no longer the one holding everyone back.

The people of the Wanderlust Team were also startled. A second ago, they were still stuck in a crisis, yet the tides had suddenly turned around completely. As for Wang Zhong, he was certainly shocked as well. Although he knew that Scarlet had improved by leaps and bounds during her six months of training, he didn't expect her to be so powerful that she could instantly wipe out all their enemies in one go. Her combat power was definitely comparable to that of Wang Zhong's.

Having such an expert in the team was really reassuring. Additionally, Sharmie was absolutely dumbfounded. She was happy for her friend, and she felt that she had definitely made the right choice to join this Holy Battle. If she had listened to Mario and remained in the Holy City, she would not have been able to grow much and probably would not even be able to catch glimpses of Wang Zhong and Scarlet's backs; she was convinced, especially after seeing this battle.

Being weak was not the most terrifying thing. The most terrifying thing would be when one was clueless about what true power was and to continue living in one's own world. That would make one drift away from the true mainstream standard, and one would then never be able to turn the tides.

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    《Battle Frenzy》