Battle Frenzy
840 Tongue
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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840 Tongue

Having killed the mainstay forces of this wave of enemies, the scattered individuals no longer posed a threat to them. Seeing that the battle was already lost and that he couldn't wipe out the team on his own, the Great Swordsman quickly retreated with several soldiers and the remaining scattered manpower.

The Wanderlust Team did not bother to chase them further and wasted no time in joining Wang Zhong and Scarlet. At this time, with two experts on their side, it was easy to resist the enemies' scattered forces. Everyone also began to move closer to the main group in the Holy City's army. After all, their team was small, and they had to ensure that they wouldn't fall into a siege like before.

Currently, on the battlefield front, the Holy City Army had completely controlled the situation; the airships in the air had completely taken control of the skies, and the flying cavalry regiment which the Mizobudapi people were so proud of was nowhere in sight. Both the Holy City airships and the Hippogriff units stayed in the air, supporting the battlefield on the ground with their powerful firepower and mobility.

The forces Wang Zhong and the others were with were the first to land and attack. At this time, they had completely taken control of the area. Slowly, the enemies were defeated, and it had only been two to three hours since the Holy City's main legion first attacked. The main battlefield had almost been emptied; what was left were only some scattered soldiers. In other battlefields, the Holy City Army also had the upper hand. With the Wanderlust Team's addition, it was only a matter of time before their enemies faced a crushing defeat.

From the time when the Holy City Army began to attack after Leyson tore into the space, the sun had just begun to rise, yet by the afternoon, the enemies' powerful regional resistance had been completely shattered, and they no longer had the ability to form any effective large-scale counterattacks. However, sporadic battles continued. In such a huge battlefield, it was not an easy matter to completely destroy all the enemies' forces and take over the entire region.

In addition to the main battlefield, there were many winding mountains on the left side of the region. The enemies' final resistance and the sporadic battles were mainly concentrated here. The enemy's remaining forces made use of the mountainous terrain to continue ambushing the Holy City Army. On the surface, it appeared as though there were only a handful of enemies left due to their scattered appearance, but in fact, the number of Mizobupadi troops retreating from the battlefield and converging here was still considerably large. Thus, it was impossible to rest assured without completely eliminating them. The exploration teams were the mainstay forces in charge of this cleanup. With regard to small-scale operations, each Holy Disciple could be said to be the true elites among Heroic Soul Stage soldiers. Whether it was their strength or equipment, they were one step above ordinary soldiers from the Holy Land. As such, their individual combat power was a lot stronger as well.

It was a long night. In the mountains, the sound of gunfire and cannon fire, as well as the light of various arcane spells, never stopped. The Mizobudapi troops were obviously rather familiar with the mountainous terrain in this area. Coupled with the dark, these caused a lot of trouble for the Holy City Army in this final battle. What made it worse was that the nights in this world were extremely long. They had 28 hours a day, of which at least 16 hours had to be spent in the dark.

So, it was not until much later that the sun finally rose, and they gradually entered the final stage of the cleanup operation. The different exploration teams cornered the enemies from four different sides, and the 50,000 Holy City soldiers dealt the final blow to them from several directions. With the sounding of the final cannon and its melodious echoes in the mountains, the last batch of the remaining Mizobupadi resistance was wiped out, and the already exhausted Holy City soldiers cheered together in excitement. Now, the Leyson Army had finally completed a strategic and comprehensive landing.

The rear of the battlefield plain, where they had initially landed, was the base site selected by the Holy City Army through various investigations long before departure. Behind it was a steep cliff, and the plain in front was wide with a clear view, easy to defend and difficult for enemies to attack.

Great Teacher Kenso, who had helped Wang Zhong previously, was the Chief Logistics Officer of the Leyson Army, and he was in charge of the entire construction of the base camp.

He definitely did his job well. While the siege against their enemies was being carried out in the mountains last night, the construction of the base was already in full swing. By the time Wang Zhong and the main army group returned after their victory, the entire base had already begun to take shape.

As the main body of the temporary command center, the Trust Aircraft carrier hovered over the base so that it could monitor all movements on the surrounding cliffs.

Below, countless white standard shelters had been lined up in rows. They were called puffed houses, made from a special alchemy material and included fixed beds and tables in the house. At low temperatures, it would shrink into the size of an ordinary wheel. However, it would expand into a standard ten-square-meter hut under low heat. This was the impressive part about humans. When power was involved, mechanization and efficiency would be pushed to the extreme. This was also why the landing battle went so smoothly.

In addition to the ordinary military barracks at the periphery, the camp was also specially divided into various sections, one of which was the headquarters. At the same time, watchtowers were quickly built around the camp. Each one was covered in runes, and each tower roof had flashing energy chains. This thing's purpose was not to look good, but to defend their base camp. Therefore, its attack power was very strong, and it had the ability to automatically identify creatures that did not belong to the Holy Land, and after which, it would launch an attack.

In just one night, the war base on the northern battlefield had already been established due to strong technical support and meticulous division of labor. The most powerful attribute of humanity, who had managed to survive the Dark Ages, was that they could internalize all that they had learned. They would attempt to use all the knowledge that was beneficial to them and eliminate all that was not. They would never avoid using the knowledge they had gained from other civilizations because of hostility or contempt for them.

The strength of the Holy City was not only reflected in the terrifying firepower they possessed but also the high-end combat power of Sacred Teachers. Just from the details of these constructions, one could see the heritage of a civilization. With their first victory, coupled with the miraculously built barrack, the soldiers who were participating in the war could truly feel peace of mind as they developed a strong confidence in the Holy City.


The Endless Void.

Another huge fleet stagnated in this void of darkness. The only source of light was from the ships, and the same lights reflected off everyone's faces inside. There were teams of Holy City soldiers in the airships, orderly lined up and prepared for war.

Indeed, it was the Holy Land Army led by Sacred Teacher Timo, who left the Holy Land earlier than Sacred Teacher Leyson. Currently, in front of them was the Southern Void of the Mizobudapi World!

In the center of the army, the light from Timo's Trust Aircraft carrier shone particularly brightly. This light carried a kind of blessed ward, which served to stabilize the surrounding void and connected the airships that were filled with Holy City soldiers.

There was a tense atmosphere in the cabin. They had stayed here for far too long.

Carolyn looked at the Void out of the window. Not far away, Solomon was also deep in thought. Imperial Court and Storm Listeners, the two teams which the two of them were part of, were assigned to Sacred Teacher Timo this time as they were supposedly the best teams.

"Carolyn, are you ready?"

Carolyn turned around, smiled slightly and nodded. "Senior Brother Jimmy."

"That's good."

Jimmy nodded, pondered for a while, and finally said, "Remember, stay in formation and don't try to flaunt your abilities."

Carolyn smiled and did not argue. This was the number one team in the Holy Land, and it definitely had countless expert members. So far, she had yet to see the captain of the team. It was said that he was someone who could beat Heavenly Soul Stage soldiers in a direct battle. Here, all her glory was nothing. This war was an opportunity to prove whether she was just a pretty little thing or a true queen.

The same reasoning applied to Solomon, who was currently sitting among the Imperial Court. Unlike the 'seniors' who had stayed in the Holy City, the people around him were the backbone of Imperial Court, who had been trained abroad for a long time. It was obvious that each of them was pumped for battle even though they had tried to suppress their aura. Solomon was also very excited as he knew that he would improve faster if he had more contact with the strong.

Inside the Trust aircraft carriers in the middle of the fleet, Sacred Teacher Timo was meditating. Around his body, there were strange silver ripples. These ripples were not shadows, but spiritual ripples extended from Scared Teacher Timo's body.

The extension of these corrugated ripples penetrated deeply into the Void, as though they were the roots of a tree, continuously invading the Void and growing toward the Mizobudapi Phoenix World.

In his consciousness, a powerful barrier was currently working against him. There was an endless amount of spiritual power that protected this powerful world.

The Mizobudapi Phoenix World.

There was a powerful life force surging throughout this entire world. The laws leading to the level of a Holy Saint were hidden in this endless vitality. This was how life was and a portrayal of the world's Spirit. Under this Will, strong civilization was born. In turn, the power of civilization would also nurture the world's Spirit.

Perfection was like art. It was not his specialty to directly tear up the defense of the world's consciousness, so he was waiting.

Suddenly, Sacred Teacher Timo felt a rush in his consciousness, and his eyes sprang open. The world's consciousness had just become weak. Obviously, Leyson had begun to act. Only when Leyson's attack became the focus of the world's consciousness, then the defense on this side would naturally become weak.

Now, Timo could see through the Void and see past the outer shell of the world. He saw the Mizobudapi World which was surrounded by infinite vitality! The level three civilization that was endowed with Phoenix flames!

"It's time to let them feel the power of the Holy Land."

Sacred Teacher Timo stepped forward slightly and vanished in silver light.

At this time, the soldiers in the aircraft carrier quickly assumed their respective positions. Around them, on the walls and in the air, countless runes were surging. These runes were like shoals of fish in the deep sea. They were huge and contained incomprehensible laws, as though the complex laws of heaven and earth were abruptly simplified and exposed to the world. However, everyone in the aircraft carrier ignored this.

They knew that this was Sacred Teacher Timo's Infinite Body of Law!

All the airship pilots got up from their positions in an orderly manner. Wherever the runes flowed, a layer of faint metallic luster continued to flow into them. The inner walls revealed a liquid metal texture and even had breathing-like peristaltic rhythm.

When the last rune poured into the Trust Aircraft carrier, the Void seemed to stagnate for a moment. On the other hand, metal armor resembling scales grew from the shell of the Trust Aircraft carrier, flapping actively like dragon scales. They stirred the energy in the Void, bringing up a mysterious force. Now, the carrier's flight was no longer a mechanical one, and its huge hull made it seem like a whale shark moving easily in the Void.

The entire Trust Aircraft carrier had come alive! The space in front of it began to fissure wildly as the huge eerie serrations flashed with a dangerous light in the Void. With that, a silver figure rushed out of the other end of the fissure…

Carolyn and Solomon held their breaths and looked at the Void in shock. From their perspective, the huge Trust Aircraft carrier was no longer an aircraft carrier but an extremely dangerous Abyssal Demon Dragon which was clawing about wildly!

The loud sound of water dripping traveled to everyone's ears from the Void, and in front of the portholes of countless airships, the mouths of the soldiers who were staring at the Trust Aircraft carrier were gaped wide open. It was so much so that their chins were about to be dislocated so that their fists could be stuffed inside.

It was not the messy situation that they had previously imagined. Unexpectedly, a silver tongue shot out of a huge crack in the extremely terrifying Trust Aircraft carrier!!!

This tongue licked fiercely at the world coordinates in the Void, which was, in fact, the weak point of the Mizobudapi Phoenix World. Numerous space rune arrays were formed from the licks of this huge silver tongue. It was producing a lot of silver saliva!

"Is… That… Sacred Teacher Timo?"


Carolyn was absolutely stunned. Her power was very different from others. What others saw was merely the appearance, but her mind showed her another picture.

In the Void, a great world was trembling because of the silver tongue. From her perception, it was not because of how powerful the tongue was…

As the amount of silver saliva increased due to the licking and was suspended in the air, the saliva continued to condense. It was like elemental magnets, madly absorbing the elements of the Mizobudapi World across the world's blockade, and gradually, even the Void seemed to have become colored.

The world's consciousness instinctively tried to block the loss of the world's elements, but each time, it flinched back due to the silver tongue.

Carolyn was really stunned. Even if she was given 10,000 chances, she would never have guessed that Sacred Teacher Timo would lick away the blockade of the world's consciousness like that. Looking at that tongue, she felt inexplicably uncomfortable…

He did not use force to pry open the door of the world. It was more like grasping the fluctuation of the world's consciousness and then opening the door on the spot with a key.

It could only be said that being weak limited one's imagination!


A huge gap was formed as the silver saliva continued to absorb the powers of the colorful elements.

In the next instant, all the airships produced a sound in unison.

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    《Battle Frenzy》