Battle Frenzy
856 Return of the King
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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856 Return of the King

The Holy Land was not the Federation. There were no laws, only rules and regulations. When it came to people like Hale, if he was a problem, then it was a problem; if he was not a problem, then it was not a problem. Most importantly, the people involved mattered. Even a Great Teacher could not punish the leader of a level four exploration team at random. This was the rule in the Holy Land.

Apprentice? What was that?

In the span of a few seconds, several thoughts had gone through their minds. They were so furious that they were about to explode, but they had no other choice. Attack him? He was stronger than them. They could not take advantage of the situation. Report him? That was even worse. The Wanderlust Team was a laughing stock and the unlucky star of the entire north area. Who would care about them?

The three of them were numb, but Sharmie walked towards Hale.

Hale raised his eyebrows as a smile appeared on his fat face. "What? Are you still trying to tempt me? I already said that I'm no longer interested in you."

Everyone laughed. If they wanted to blame anyone, they could only blame themselves for being too naive. They thought that the Holy Land was a welfare institution. Sharmie seemed to have lost her soul as she walked towards Mario, who was on the ground, and hugged him. His burned body was still very hot, but she hugged him tightly.

"Let's go," Feng said to Oscar and the rest. "Hale, we will return the favor one day!"

"Wah, I'm afraid. Hurry up, I'm waiting for you. Also, the next time you tempt me, you can come too. One big and one small. Haha."


The chase and conflict in the wilderness continued.

Heinrich had given up on escaping. Even if he ran away, he had to get rid of Wang Zhong before running away, but Wang Zhong was far too close for him to get rid of. If Heinrich was chased by a human back to a campsite of the Mizobudapi people, asking for help, it would not be acceptable. Even if he had to die here, he would not accept that outcome.

Thus, a whole three days passed. They ran laps around this area. The hunter became the hunted; then, the hunted became the hunter. The swapping of roles had repeated many times.

The prolonged activity did not leave Wang Zhong fatigued like the past two days. He now took the initiative because he now had room to maneuver. He was not as stressed as in the mines. He even had the freedom to choose to give Heinrich pressure. However, Heinrich's circumstance was not as terrible as Wang Zhong had imagined. Although he did not have the time to nurse his wounds, he was still a Sword Saint. He could tap on the power of heaven and earth, so his energy was boundless. Although he could not heal his wounds, he could forcibly suppress them. If he did not encounter any harsh blows, he was not concerned about simply running away or the exhaustion of suppressing his wounds.

They were at a stalemate. This pursuit was more like harassment. It was a drain on their physical and mental strength where the two of them shared the same fate. Neither of them expected the other to die from exhaustion.

Furthermore, they were both rather worried. A large explosion had occurred at the energy mines. No matter whether it was the human base or a nearby Mizobudapi campsite, they would definitely send people to check. The two of them hoped to be able to see their own people. At the same time, they were also worried that they would see their enemies instead and were tormented by this internal dilemma. They wanted to stay near the mines but did not want their lives to be in the hands of the gods or fate. Thus, they subconsciously moved farther away from it. They were surprisingly in tune with each other, and the battlefield had subconsciously moved to the other side of the marsh. They were now very far away from the mines, but this was not a place where either of them could feel at ease.

Heinrich had had enough. He wanted to end everything, but he did not have the initiative. Wang Zhong was very fast. Only he had the right to decide whether he would go or stay.

Continuing like this was not an option. This concerned life or death. Was this cowardice, or was this war? Wang Zhong had to make a decision. However, the situation was clear: he could either be firm or pull out. After all, he was in enemy territory, and his enemy was more likely to receive support. Heinrich, on the other hand, was more worried about his image. Wang Zhong even suspected that he might run away. After encountering the Sword Saint, this war allowed him to understand how the Mizobudapi people thought.

Heavenly Souls and Sword Saints were powerful, and the stronger their Soul Power, the tougher their bodies would be. Their comprehension of the natural laws would be higher as well. Under normal circumstances, there would be no opportunity for him to win, but his enemy was now half maimed. Heavenly Souls were not invincible either. This was probably the best opportunity to kill a Sword Saint by himself. If he gave it up, where would he find a better opportunity?

Danger? As long as he stood on the battlefield of the Holy Battle, danger existed at all times. Rather than being attacked, why not control the situation?

Wang Zhong's attacks became more spontaneous and unyielding. Heinrich did not seem like he planned to escape. The two of them fought some more, and their moving war turned into positional warfare.

They wound up outside the marsh area where they battled for most of the day, but the results were not good.

Although Heinrich had lost one arm and half his foot, he wanted to fight. He was still completely crushed by Wang Zhong, but he neutralized Wang Zhong's attacks and struck back frequently. Wang Zhong looked like a walking disaster: his body was covered in bruises and bleeding wounds; his vital parts had also been hit several times, but he managed to endure.

They had to go through this step. This was also the fundamental reason why they had chosen to fight.

Although the system of the three Circuits was mature, no actual inspections had been conducted. It was like a ship that had never been out at sea and remained at the shipyard. On a beginner's blueprint, the ship was extremely perfect, detailed, and followed theories. But when it was time to test the ship, they would find various problems and flaws. It would be a fatal flaw for a beginner to only discover the gaps during a field test. But Wang Zhong was the creator of the circuits and understood the essence of the circuits. Thus, when he discovered a flaw, he was usually able to immediately fix it. When he discovered a problem, he could immediately solve it.

The three Circuits that were the foundation of his prowess during this battle constantly matured and worked towards perfection through trial and error. This was the reason why Wang Zhong could endure. Not only was he fast, but the lag that occurred when someone in the Heroic Soul Stage attacked also did not appear. On the contrary, he grew more skilled through this high-intensity battle.

The number of wounds on his body was also increasing, but the explosive increase that occurred in the beginning gradually started to slow down.

Wang Zhong endured, motivated himself, and adapted according to the situation. He fought with an undying spirit. He had not experienced such an intense fight in a very long time. Several memories were being revived. He was the former All-Mouthy King. No one understood the value of the weak defeating the strong better than him. Furthermore, he did not have the help of the clown mask back then.

Zoom Shadow and Dominating Constitution, these two combat techniques had fully matured. The more Wang Zhong fought, the more lively he became. He had controlled the chase over the past two to three days. Thus, he was not overly exhausted. At this moment, his fight-loving cells were very excited, and his condition was at its peak. No matter whether it was his strength or his Soul Power, they seemed boundless.

He had been oppressed, but he had slowly turned the situation around with his toughness. He could resist a few attacks, even a few dozen attacks. Slowly, he started to even out the battle situation! He was most familiar with his rhythm, and it seemed smooth throughout.

On the other hand, Heinrich had fallen into a state of panic. Yes, a Sword Saint was panicking. He had never seen this type of combat. He had never met such a difficult fellow.

He originally had an overwhelming advantage. He originally felt that his enemy would finally not be able to endure and walk to his death. He had originally felt that he just needed a single well-timed attack to kill Wang Zhong. But a long time had passed since. The battle had unexpectedly dragged on. He had not been able to truly hit Wang Zhong's vital parts, while Wang Zhong's calmness and calculations had reached an extreme. He would definitely be an outstanding figure in this Holy Battle.

This weakling had the attitude of a strong person. He was brave, difficult, and very tough. To be honest, if this kind of person was his clansman, even an arrogant person like Heinrich could not have helped but admire him. He truly admired this kind of person, but as an enemy that appeared during his weakest moment, it was a disaster.

Wang Zhong had become more and more adept while still maintaining his extreme calm. The familiar rhythm of blood flowing during a battle had revived in him. He was now so calm that it was almost ridiculous.

Wang Zhong captured every single, slight move that they made during the battle. They had already battled each other for the majority of the day. Although his enemy was somewhat weakened, he still managed to maintain his combat level. His attacks were still very sharp, but his contempt towards everything, his self-centered boldness, and his confidence had started to be shaken. On the other hand, Wang Zhong became more and more confident. More importantly, he had gotten used to his enemy's attacks. He could now even launch counterattacks!

With Will Comes Power — Zoom Shadow!

With Will Comes Power — Dominating Constitution!

White circuits appeared on his body. This was his 15th time today using his Circuits. Actual combat was the best opportunity to train and obtain military achievements. At this time, the activation of his Circuits had become extremely smooth. Not only was it immediately activated, Wang Zhong did not have to make any preparations in advance. He did not even have to consciously control his Soul Power. Just one thought and the Circuit would activate itself!

This was completely different from when he had activated his Circuits in the past. It was as if the Circuit had now become a part of his body. It was smooth and easy to control the circuit.

A mysterious confidence surged forth. Unlike in the past, Wang Zhong did not rely on Heroic Crosswheel Slash and Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven to attack from a distance. Instead, he fiercely dived into battle without any weapons!

Heinrich's Sword Qi had lost its ability to suppress Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong had gotten used to it. If Heinrich continued to use his Sword Qi, he would just be exhausting himself. A Sword Saint could tap on the power of the heaven and the earth, but he had to contribute to the family. Not everyone was like Aiolos. If that was the case, Wang Zhong would have already run away.

Heinrich could only use silence to repress his actions. He could clearly feel that he was losing control of the situation. This made him feel slightly humiliated. A dignified Sword Saint was forced to use silence to repress his actions by a human Heroic Soul. If he told anyone about this, they would not believe it.

Heinrich felt threatened but was completely calm. Subconsciously, he no longer thought of his enemy as a weakling. His enemy also started to speed up. He would dash in at high speeds but did not dash in a straight line. Instead, he constantly changed his position. Heinrich could only passively change his angle. He sensed the hidden murderous intent from his enemy. He tried to lure in his enemy. If he could land an attack, even a glancing one, he would definitely benefit. If not, a fatal kill from his enemy would be waiting for him.

He had thought that this human was cautious or that he was just testing the waters. He did not think that this stalemate would be broken so quickly when his enemy suddenly approached him.

This was Wang Zhong's first time actively approaching Heinrich. His sudden mastery of the Circuit system gave him massive confidence. Needless to say, the results of the training back then had appeared. It was time to strike!

Heinrich's Nebula Sacred Sword suddenly struck.

To be called a Sword Saint, not only did they need strong Sacred Qi and abundant Soul Power, the sword would also have to be their foundation. When it came to close-combat fights, Sword Saints never had to fear any creatures.

The sword angle was very cunning and as fast as lightning. There was almost no noise, no dazzling light, and it appeared to be a simple attack, yet it could appear out of thin air and was full of Sword Intent. It was like a dense spider web, and it instantly trapped the dashing shadows from all directions, leaving no room to escape!

Wang Zhong could instantly sense the sealing force and the murderous intentions in this Sword Intent. It even exceeded the notions of power. He could hear thunder among the silence. This was not a problem of whether he would be able to escape any harm; this simple attack, already on another level, was a fatal threat, yet Wang Zhong was extremely excited under this pressure.

He did not have any complex thoughts or clear objectives. His instincts spurred him on. But suddenly, his entire body started to tremble.


Wang Zhong was just in front of him. Heinrich felt the ground shake. He slashed his sword and missed.

Zoom Shadow — Butterfly Steps!

Although he was weaker by a whole level, with his experience and outlook, Wang Zhong was not afraid. Although Heinrich's sword was stronger — to the point that Wang Zhong would feel a chill when thinking about it — no matter how strong this attack was, it would be useless if it missed.

In the face of life and death, the technique that had been stuck at the Casted Soul Stage finally returned after connecting the circuit!

The king had returned!

Simba was shocked! Wang Zhong was really brave to test this out during a battle of life and death. Furthermore, he ventured on a path that no one had ever succeeded in. Even if he had the confidence, he shouldn't be trying that out now, right?! This was just too rash. Luckily, he had succeeded.

Simba simply criticized and roasted him silently, but Heinrich was about to vomit blood!

He understood human soldiers. During their Heavenly Soul Stage, they would definitely be able to put up a fight. Furthermore, they were unusually strong physically. But those who were in the Heroic Soul Stage were all rubbish. They excessively chased strength at this stage. Many of them were eager for instant success, hoping to reach the peak. They were comparable to the Heavenly Soul Stage, but they would not be able to control a situation because they were simply too slow in attacking. In an actual fight, they could not match up against the Great Swordsmen among the Mizobudapi people. But the human in front of him had completely overturned his understanding of humans.

The tremble and re-tuning were not just because of his speed. He used his speed and skills to distort the rules! Even he would find it difficult to carry this out when he was at his peak. There were simply too many things involved. It was just too complex! But a mere Heroic Soul had done it spontaneously without much effort. What kind of monster had he run into?!

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    《Battle Frenzy》