Battle Frenzy
857 Kill the Sword Saint!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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857 Kill the Sword Saint!

But there was no time for Heinrich to continue thinking. The enemy had approached him, so he had to attack!

The broken antennae on the top of his head, which had been drooping over the past few days, started to glimmer. Wang Zhong could advance fine under the pressure of death, but Heinrich was not someone to be trifled with. He was absolutely made for combat. Even if he was forced, he would never look at a lowly human Heroic Soul as an equal. Pride and conceit seeped through his bones, but now, he could feel the threat of life and death. He had been rash over the past few days and had landed himself in this situation.

It was as if his shadow, which constantly flickered, could not be touched. The Nebula Sacred Sword instantly started to move. Like its halo, it appeared in the sky and started to attack! This was a feeling that came from a Sword Saint's mastery of space. He did not even look at the sword; his instincts led the sword, which allowed him to break through the limits of vision.

Star-breaking Slash!

But this important attack fell through.

An upward curl appeared at the corner of Wang Zhong's mouth. It was time to showcase a wave of techniques and show the country-bumpkin octopuses what a human soldier was!

Wang Zhong appeared around Heinrich in all directions, moving like a shadow. Even in the face of Heinrich's wild attacks, Wang Zhong did not seem to be afraid at all.

Heinrich's Nebula Sacred Sword kept missing. His expression turned darker and darker. His enemy was just beside him, but a Sword Saint who specialized in close combat could not even hit him! Losing his left arm had affected him badly, causing his attacks to be disjointed, but this was not an excuse that a dignified Sword Saint could make while facing a lowly human.

When he combined his Zoom Shadow with Shadow Dance, it was as if the King of Assassins, Wang Zhong, was born! These steps caused Heinrich to grow increasingly frustrated. If this went on, he would be done for!

Violent energy exploded when he started to attack Wang Zhong, who could not be touched at all. He raised his Sacred Sword to strike… but suddenly, he collapsed, due to the wounds that he had been suppressing over the past few days. Blood flowed from the wounds, with his physical strength rapidly declining. He lost control of his condition, but he did not care now. His enemy was becoming stronger and stronger. If this continued, he would definitely die! He could only…


Man and Sword Become One!

Electricity suddenly surrounded him. A dignified Sword Saint was forced to use this method to fight a human Heroic Soul with all he had! But before he could fully display his last resort, a fierce assault came from his left.

He still used this brainless method!

Wang Zhong was still the old Wang Zhong, and as long as he was able to cut off the aura for a moment with the help of the clown mask, Wang Zhong could instantly break through!

Dominating Constitution — 3rd Drive!


Wang Zhong felt that his punch had the force of 30,000 Grassos. It was so strong that even he could not believe it. If Oscar and the rest saw this, their eyeballs would probably pop out. This was the combat power of 10 team leaders of large exploration teams! Among all the Heroic Souls in the Holy Land, only a few Dimensional Devourers that had awakened their combat essence would be able to do this.

Under normal circumstances, when hit by 30,000 Grassos, Heinrich would not even feel any pain. But now, he felt a dull pain in his chest. His body tilted to one side, accompanied by intense pain. The power that he had been gathering was scattered by the blow.

The accumulation of 'Man and Sword Become One' had instantly dispersed. He endured the intense pain, stretched out his hand, and waved. The Nebula Sacred Sword drew a dazzling line in the air, but his enemy was already behind him.

Dominating Constitution — Leaning Landslide!

A terrifying collision occurred that sent Heinrich flying. Then, he hit the ground in a flash as fast as lightning!

Even a Sword Saint would lose their balance and sense of direction when they were sent flying into the sky. However, the clear threat to his life allowed him to quickly become clear-headed, but his enemy reacted even quicker. The shadow seemed to be everywhere, giving Heinrich no time to dodge. He unconsciously tilted his head. He was still feeling out and adapting to his enemy's attacks that were a measly 30,000 Grassos. It was not very powerful. He should be able to bear it for a bit longer. As long as he could endure, he would definitely be able to break through this 'Shadow Dance'!

This was his natural reaction, but in the next second, he regretted it.

It seemed like the fierce attack was just for show. The moving shadows in the air were just an effect of Shadow Dance. His enemy's goal was not him. It was the sword in his hands!

Two iron-vice-like hands clamored from beneath. They took the opportunity when the distracted Heinrich tilted his head to clamp his wrists. The force on his finger joints caused his left hand to fracture badly. His joints had been dislocated. Although they were instantly put back into place by the Sword Saint's strong and pervasive Soul Power, the sword in his hands fell when his joints were dislocated. His enemy grabbed the sword!


This meant 'no' in the language of the Mizobudapi people.

Heinrich's eyes were bloodshot. He roared wildly in anger, but it was useless. Not only did his enemy seize his sword very quickly, his following actions were even faster. Wang Zhong's leg came into contact with Heinrich, sending Heinrich, who had already lost his balance, flying.

The soldiers in Mizobudapi all had titles that involved swords — Swordsman, Great Swordsman, Sword Saint, Sword God. It could be seen that in this civilization, especially to their soldiers, swords were like their lives… No, they were even greater than their lives. Swords were proof of their glory!


Heinrich brutally landed on the ground. The explosion of his anger allowed him to find his balance in the air. Landing on the ground with his hands was not too cruel, but his face had turned purplish-red.

Wang Zhong had obtained his enemy's longsword! It seemed ordinary, but Wang Zhong immediately had a different feeling.

It was difficult to describe a good sword well. It was not its sharpness or other factors. But what hadn't Wang Zhong seen in this world? While the soul tools that the most-prominent Great Masters in the Holy Land had created were gone, he, at least, had seen a most expensive soul tool on sale that was a true treasure.

The sword was like a wooden coffin that had a spirit in it. This was the feeling it gave Wang Zhong. His thoughts could even connect and communicate with the sword. It seemed to have sensed Wang Zhong's intentions and probing, and a dim nebula ray started to shine from the sword.

An agreement!

Heinrich, who was so angry that he turned purplish-red, was completely dumbfounded when he saw this scene.

His anger stemmed from humiliation. To a Sword Saint, when his sword was alive, he would be alive. When his sword was dead, he would be dead. But to his shock, the Nebula Sacred Sword was reacting in Wang Zhong's hand. This was not an ordinary sword; it was a treasure that had been passed down in the Sword Faction for countless years. It even had its own sword soul and consciousness. When it landed in the hands of someone it did not acknowledge, it would not show its true abilities. Even Heinrich was accepted by the Nebula Sacred Sword only because of his bloodline. Now, a mere human from an alien race…! How was this possible?!

Wang Zhong did not know all this, and he would not have cared even if he did. He simply believed in relying on one's own strength.

It was still very difficult to break through Heinrich's almost-broken defenses. Wang Zhong suddenly turned very tough, causing his enemy to be caught unaware. If he allowed his enemy, with the strength of a Sword Saint, to get a hold of him, it would spell death for Wang Zhong. This enemy had even shown that he could quickly adapt to his attacking pattern.

Thus, seizing the sword was a necessary part of his plan; this was the key to resolving the fight. Without his sword, his enemy was like a tiger whose teeth had been pulled out. With Heinrich's current condition, it was no longer possible for him to kill Wang Zhong with one strike.

There was murderous intent in Wang Zhong's eyes. The closer he was to the moment of success, the calmer he became, to the point of the ridiculous.

There was no brashness or complacency. He advanced with Ghostly Steps combined with Zoom Shadow. Although it did not match up to the Shadow Dance previously, his altered techniques had reached a frightening level.

Heinrich was about to go crazy. Not only had his sword been taken away, but when he looked at the shadows of his enemy, he felt that his high level of awareness could not even pinpoint the real culprit! Simply said, he felt that he had lost the ability to fight back.

This fellow had an endless stream of tactics. He could not even figure out this pattern. For a Sword Saint, they would be able to figure out low-leveled techniques with just one look. But this monster changed his tactics every single time. It was ever-changing!


This was Wang Zhong's chance. He had a sword in his hand and controlled the situation. He had completely mastered his Circuits, and with the three Circuits as his foundation, he combined them with the Soul Core at the center. This was all due to his own abilities.

This was a kind of endowment. If he could do it, he could do it. If he had mastered it, he had mastered it.

The sword was in his hand, and it was as if it had become a part of his body. He activated the Shadow Dance technique and used his assassination skills. The sword was slightly long, but Wang Zhong did not seem to feel this. He would not have been able to link up with it at the Casted Soul Stage, but not at the Heroic Soul Stage!

This sword had a soul that matched with Wang Zhong's soul, even seeming to have understood Wang Zhong. The precious sword then let out a loud and marvelous tinkle. Heinrich, who was dazzled, fell into despair.

Not only was he defeated in terms of strength, but his soul was also in despair. The Nebula Sacred Sword felt that Wang Zhong was more suitable as its owner. It was an actual integration, unlike Heinrich's forced attempt.

There was only the despair of the Sword Saint and Wang Zhong's Soul Dance…

Zoom Shadow — kill!


At that moment, Wang Zhong was completely immersed in the beauty of the Soul Power Circuits and the combination of his combat techniques. It was a marvelous fusion. Everything was very natural and smooth, even the sword in his hand. Every single action, breath, and even flow of Soul Power was very smooth. The time was right!


Hidden amongst the countless dazzling illusions, a ray of light flashed.

There was silence.

The sword had landed.

The divine sword was thirsty for blood and let out a buzzing noise. On the other hand, the Sword Saint, who thought that he was the best in the world, was completely frozen. His eyes were filled with unparalleled terror. His mouth was wide open, but he could not say anything. His neck had been sliced. His head slowly rolled off. The cut was as even as a water surface.

To Heinrich, he had made a dedication to the divine sword that he did not undertake: he was a sacrifice to it.

When his enemy's collapse, Wang Zhong feebly sat on the ground. The sword had sliced through his enemy. Wang Zhong panted heavily, his heartbeat only hastening at this moment.

God, he had actually done it. He had defeated a Sword Saint, a Heavenly Saint. He had actually done it!

Wang Zhong, who was usually very cheerful, could not help but look up at the sky and give a long, mournful cry. He expressed all his pent-up emotions to his heart's content. Since he entered the Holy Land, he had suppressed his emotions and changed his own patterns. Most importantly, he had always been disconnected from the system of the Holy Land and trained himself in an unconventional manner. The results of this battle proved everything.

He could not help but stretch out his hand and pinch it. He looked at his own fist. After he relaxed as much as he could, he felt that his clenched right hand was rather tired. But the various things that had happened during the fight linked together, and his field of vision reached a peak. He was suddenly enlightened!

During the Casted Soul Stage, his control of his body exceeded the strength of his Soul Power. Thus, he could control his Soul Power with ease, using it to his heart's content. Everything had made sense.

But when he entered the Heroic Soul Stage, the strength of his Soul Power exceeded what his body could bear, and it became difficult to control his Soul Power. He would work towards returning to his natural state, but it was all very confusing.

Now, he had built a completely new system with the Soul Circuits. He had broken through a barrier that blocked those at the Heroic Soul Stage. He was now enlightened.

Along the path of training, although the Heroic Soul Stage was a minor stage, it formed an important connection between the stages. However, Wang Zhong had found his own path!

Simba returned to his original form. He sat on Wang Zhong's face and intentionally shook his buttocks. If there was cake, Simba would not mind giving him a free slice.

While soaking in delight, Wang Zhong slapped Simba away. Simba had not fully snapped back from the frightening and intense fight. Wang Zhong seemed to have won very easily, but Simba was probably the only one who knew how dangerous it was in reality. As for Wang Zhong, did he have any sense of danger?

"Lao Wang, we need to talk!" Simba was fearful. "Could you not play with your life in the future? Can you promise me? You only have one life. Do you think you're a cat?"

Wang Zhong did not care about him as he vomited. Then, he looked at the sky and laughed out loud.

The enlightening third stage. He knew that not only had his Soul Power Circuit become a functional skill, it had even become a system! An actual system that a Heroic Soul had created. There was no other of its kind!

He had opened up a path that belonged to him. This was extremely pleasing, and he felt very carefree!

The events that happened after the CHF had made him change significantly. Many people might not have understood the reason why he lay low in the Holy Land. After all, he had the strength. Why not display this strength to obtain even more resources?

It was because he knew that even if he was in the Holy City, he would not be safe. Although the 10 Great Families were simply someone else's lackeys, it would still be very easy for them to kill him. He was simply an ordinary person who was new to the area; he should not show off too much. Were the lessons from the events after the CHF not enough? Once the 10 Great Families felt threatened by him, it could only mean death for him! He was not strong enough to defend himself.

It was just like what Uncle Zhang had said: in the Holy City, those who did not have enough strength should not show off. This was especially true if you still had personal enemies. You were just asking for death.

He thought that he would be able to escape from hiding only when he reached the Heavenly Soul Stage. But now, Wang Zhong felt different. He had established a system of Circuits. Not only did he have the strength, he also had the capital. To the Holy Land, he was no longer dispensable!

"Hey, hey, hey." Simba flew back and forth in front of Wang Zhong. Wang Zhong paid no attention to him. Was he mad? He was laughing to himself. "Did you hear what I said? I said, you cannot play with your life like this! You have people to take care of—"

"Stop being so long-winded." Wang Zhong flung him away. He could not stop laughing. It was as if he had finally gotten rid of the fury in his chest. "My fate is in my own hands!"

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    《Battle Frenzy》