Battle Frenzy
859 The Strong Make the Rules
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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859 The Strong Make the Rules

"This is for Sharmie."

The entire audience grew silent and was stunned by what had happened. Wang Zhong's entire body was radiating with a murderous intent, and it was suffocating for others. Then, a sneer slowly appeared at the corner of his mouth. "This one is for Mario. Die!"

Dominating Constitution — 3rd Drive!

At this moment, his feet seemed to weigh as much as a mountain. With a stomp of his feet, the ground instantly cracked.


Even a Tyrant's head was not indestructible. With the sound of bones cracking and flesh exploding, Hale's head exploded like a rotten watermelon inside the dent on the ground!

Red and white substances splattered everywhere. His brain matter began to converge into a stinky and terrifying pool of blood, and it began flowing along the cracks in the ground. It was absolutely terrifying!

Drip, drip, drip…

It was the sound of blood dripping. It was rather soft, but it was clear and audible in this supposedly noisy bar. Everyone's mouths fell wide open, and they could not believe what had just happened.

The captain of a level-four exploration team, the powerful Captain Hale of the Oceanic Beasts, was killed just like that? Was—was he dead? His head was in such a messed-up state that even the Holy Saint Teacher wouldn't be able to save him.

The still atmosphere remained for about four or five seconds before the members of the Oceanic Beasts regained their senses.


"Did he—he just kill our captain?"

"Kill this motherf*cker!"

This was definitely a disgrace to them. He actually killed their captain in front of around twenty to thirty team members! However, the problem was that even though everyone was shouting at the top of their lungs, no one dared to make a move.

Wang Zhong turned back to look at them, and his gaze swept across their faces. With that cold and icy stare, his killing intent grew. This obviously did not bode well for them. Everyone who met his gaze felt as though they were being stared at by a terrifying, prehistoric, and murderous beast. It was like he was choosing his next prey!


Instantly, everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Those that were holding their weapons and preparing to attack… suddenly froze in their tracks in that instant. Not to mention attacking, no one dared to even blink!

No one was really stupid enough to make the first move. Just now, they only reacted in a moment of anger, but as long as one had a brain… Who was Hale? He was the leader of Oceanic Beasts. Although he wasn't the most powerful Holy Disciple, he was definitely considered an elite among them. Recently, he had been upgraded to a Dimensional Marauder after completing several major missions. He definitely had a lot of battle experience. It could be said that Hale could hold his own against most Holy Disciples, except for those who were truly extremely powerful, but just now, he was killed within seconds…

It was probably around ten seconds. As a Tyrant, his body was definitely tough, but it took only two stomps for him to be killed. Even his head was trampled into a rotten watermelon. He was beaten to death!

How strong was this guy? Make a move? How could they? They were all small fry.

Seeing that everyone else's anger fuse was extinguished in an instant, no one dared to speak, or even move. Everyone just froze.

At this time, around eight people rushed into the bar one after another.

Honestly speaking, the people of the Wanderlust Team had really tried their best… Although it was only a short distance of one or two miles, the entire team was already out of breath. All of them had tried to run here at top speed, as though they were in a battle. When they first arrived, they saw a large group of people trying to poke their heads into the bar to take a look at what was happening, but they did not hear any scuffling sounds.

The entire Wanderlust Team's hearts instantly skipped a beat. Although they had confidence in Wang Zhong's strength, the members of Oceanic Beasts were still a force to be reckoned with. What's more was that Hale loved to keep up appearances; thus, he would definitely have twenty people or so around him. Was it possible that Wang Zhong had been beaten up by all of them? Everyone grew worried and pushed their way through the crowd. However, they were greeted by a shocking sight.

All the people who were not involved had retreated into a corner, avoiding Wang Zhong as though he was the plague god, and the 20 Oceanic Beasts members remained still, as though they had been frozen. At the same time, big beads of sweat were rolling down their faces. As for Wang Zhong, he stood in the middle of the pub with his arm folded, and there was someone under his feet, that was… Wait!

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The one being stepped on was obviously Hale. The cloak on his back was too eye-catching. Sharmie would recognize it even if it had been burnt. It's just… What about his head? There were pools of red and white brain matter splattered to the ground. What was this?!

The entire Wanderlust Team's mouth fell wide open. They had originally thought that even if Wang Zhong was reckless, he would at most pick a fight with Hale to appease Sharmie's anger. Even though it was a serious offense to pick a fight in the army base, there was a reason to explain his actions. If Scarlet lent a hand, the matter would probably blow over… but he killed him directly!

A few more dazed faces were added to the scene, and everyone remained silent. Eventually, it was Sharmie who killed the silence.

Seeing Hale's body, her eyes instantly turned red. It was a kind of red that could not be described with words. Immediately following that, she jumped at him, picked up a knife, and began to stab that fat corpse wildly.

Obvious holes could now be seen on his corpse, and blood splattered everywhere. Everything became a bloody mess, but Sharmie didn't stop at that. It was as though she had gone mad; she was laughing and crying at the same time while she stabbed him furiously. It seemed that she was determined to cut him into minced meat.

Several members of the Oceanic Beasts probably wanted to stop her. It was already embarrassing enough that their captain was killed in front of him. How could they allow their captain to be chopped into minced meat? However, as a figure flashed before their eyes, all three members who were about to rush forward fell to the ground, panting heavily, and none of the people present saw how they were stopped.

Everyone in the bar watched in silence as Sharmie continued to scream and shout. The only other sound that could be heard was the sound of her knife stabbing that lump of fat.

Witnessing her crazy state, even the spectators who were not involved seemed to be affected. Their feelings were stirred. Whatever happened to Sharmie and Mario was no secret in the 56th District of the Exploration Team Department. Hale had mentioned it to many people during his boasting process. When most people heard about this kind of thing, whether they were as despicable as Hale or whether they despised him, they only focused on the matter. No one truly cared about that Heroic Soul newcomer or that girl who was almost raped. For these Holy Disciples, the weak were only fit to be supporting characters for the strong.

It was only until now that everyone realized how pitiful this supporting character was. How much hate did she have for Hale for her to lash out like that?

Sharmie seemed to have no intention of stopping, but the knife was already blunt. This was just a fruit knife she had taken from the bar table. The sharp point of the knife was already dented, and Hale… He didn't even slightly resemble a humanoid; his entire body has already been chopped up into a pile of meat.

Wang Zhong's gaze remained cold while he reached out and patted Sharmie's shoulder. "Look around and tell me who else is involved. We'll get them all," said Wang Zhong, softly.

His voice was extremely gentle, but his killing intent was overbearing, as though all the people present were lambs to be slaughtered. However, no one dared to make a sound.

With that, Sharmie finally stopped. Looking at the mutilated corpse in front of her, all her anger and hatred seemed to have dissipated, leaving her nothing but emptiness. She remained dazed for a few seconds before she finally fell to the ground on her knees and began to cry.

She got her revenge. She didn't expect this day to come so fast, but it was all for nothing. Mario was gone, and he would never come back. Why was this happening to her?

The surrounding people naturally remained silent. Even if they had a heart made of stone, they couldn't remain unaffected. The people of the Wanderlust Team had already begun to sniff. Small Eyes and Feng's eyes had also turned red.

"Make way! Make way!"

Thud thud thud thud…

Footsteps could be heard from outside the bar. "We are the guards on duty. Those that are not involved in this make way!"

Instantly, Oscar's expression changed. They were really fast…

When Oscar first knew that Wang Zhong was going to start a fight, he had already thought of several ways to deal with the guards, but he did not expect that Wang Zhong would directly kill someone… Wang Zhong was truly too impulsive. But to be honest, Oscar felt relieved at this moment. Previously, he was unable to kill Hale because he did not have the ability to do so. Since Wang Zhong managed to do it, the consequences didn't matter anymore. The Wanderlust Team would face them together with Wang Zhong.

The law enforcement guard was responsible for law and order in the Exploration Team Department camp, and they had a considerable amount of authority. As such, the spectators outside the door quickly made way for them. A 20-member squad wearing Moratu silver armor marched orderly into the bar. At this time, the situation in the bar was as clear as day.

The leading captain was Cyrille, who was also the captain of a small team in the Phantom Squadron. He looked more than forty years old and appeared to have survived lots of hardships, making him appear mature and reliable. Although he had not been able to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage, he was Captain Morad's most-trusted right-hand man. He and the other two small-team captains from the Phantom Squadron would take turns to take charge of the Exploration Team Department's security.

For more than a month, his job had been relatively easy, and there were no incidents that needed to involve him. It was definitely unexpected that the first incident was a huge one. The captain of a level-four exploration team was actually chopped into minced meat in the bar, and it happened in front of about twenty to thirty team members.

The woman with blood on her hands appeared very weak; thus, Cyrille looked past her directly. He locked his eyes on the man standing in the center of the room. He was young but appeared to have a pair of sharp eyes. Seeing the fearful stares on the faces of the Oceanic Beasts members, that young man was probably the killer.

"Everyone who isn't involved in this, disperse! Everyone in the room is not allowed to leave!" With a few words, Cyrille took control of the situation. The 20 members of the law-enforcement guard separated the people who were inside and outside the bar, and around seven of them surrounded Wang Zhong and Sharmie.

At his level of authority, he could not directly handle a case which involved the death of a level-four exploration team's captain; thus, he immediately reported it to his commanding officer. "Great Teacher Sophia, a murder has just occurred in the Wilson-Johnson Bar in District 56. The situation is serious, and you need to come and take a look."

Buzz buzz…

With the law enforcement team in the bar, the fear of being at Wang Zhong's mercy was finally gone. Many people were whispering. Cyrille didn't make a move because he wasn't confident that he could handle Wang Zhong. Having reached a certain level, he definitely had the ability to judge one's level of power.

After waiting for about ten minutes, an aircraft landed outside the door. Great Teacher Sophia had arrived, and beside her was Scarlet and her senior brother, Bolton.

When they were still on the aircraft, Scarlet already couldn't wait to go into the bar. Her face was filled with obvious worry. She was right next to her teacher when Captain Cyrille called her teacher's Skylink. Although she was surprised by the news of Hale's death, it was the mention of Wang Zhong's name which made her nervous.

Wang Zhong was the murderer.

Wang Zhong! He wasn't dead, and he was back. Although he was now thought to be a murderer, everything didn't matter as long as he was alive.

Scarlet was both nervous and excited. She had a feeling that Wang Zhong did really come back, but if she didn't see it with her own eyes, she wouldn't be able to put her heart at ease.

Sure enough, as soon as she walked into the bar, she saw Oscar and a bunch of people from the Wanderlust Team. Who was the person surrounded by the law-enforcement members in the center of the bar? Who else could it be if it wasn't Wang Zhong? Scarlet was so excited that she wanted to run over immediately, but her teacher was still there. Additionally, the bloody stench, as well as the morbid scene, instantly brought her back to reality. Finally, she realized that something very serious had happened. Did Wang Zhong kill someone in the Holy City Army base?

"What's going on?" asked Sophia as she frowned. The bar was permeated with the smell of alcohol, and together with the stench of blood, it was utterly revolting.

Captain Cyrille immediately came forward. He already had a good idea of what had happened. "This man is Wang Zhong, a member of the Wanderlust Team. It was he who broke into the bar and threw the first punch. He's the one who killed Captain Hale."

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    《Battle Frenzy》