Battle Frenzy
864 Sharing the Circuits
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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864 Sharing the Circuits

"Wang Zhong, Oscar is not acting on impulse. We agree with him. Even if we go down fighting one day, we also believe that our captain will avenge us. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility one should shoulder. Please do not decline!" said Feng in all seriousness.

With that, all the others also began to speak up. "Lao Wang, stop hesitating."

"Exactly. Won't it be awkward for our captain to retract his words?

Under the gaze of everyone's expectant eyes, Wang Zhong eventually agreed to it.

"Okay, I'll need your advice from time to time, Captain." Wang Zhong held out his hand with a smile.

"It's former captain to you!" Oscar laughed, and they shook hands.

In fact, when Wang Zhong returned this time, he already had some ideas of his own. The incident which involved Sharmie and Mario had especially exposed some problems in the team. The overall combat strength of the Wanderlust Team was still too weak, and it was not only because they had too few people. This time, having spent around 50,000 Holy Coins and military merit points seemingly solved many problems for them, but in fact, the problems still existed. Feng wasn't good at combat, and except for Oscar, Grai, and Small Eyes, the three with considerably strong combat power, the others really couldn't make it. During missions, not to mention making use of everyone's strength, they even had to get their mainstay forces to protect the rest, and this was very detrimental to the advancement of the team.

As Wang Zhong assumed his new position, he immediately started to carry out his plan. The next day, Small Eyes suggested that the team should quickly take up several major missions to gain some Holy Coins and military achievements, but she was directly rejected by Wang Zhong.

"The progress of the Holy City Army seems to be stable at present. There should be no major battles recently. We will not accept any small missions."

"Huh?" Everyone's eyes widened. "What will we be doing then?"

Wang Zhong smiled and said, "We'll focus on cultivation… and a brand new combat system."

"A new combat system?"

"Soul Power Circuits."

"Uh… What's that?" Everyone grew confused.

Although Grai had already explained to the rest in detail about how he and Wang Zhong went to the Black Boulder Energy Cave, he would definitely not say anything about the Soul Circuits without Wang Zhong's permission, not even to their closest friends. This was the most basic way one should act. As such, everyone naturally knew nothing about this.

"The advantage of the Heroic Soul Stage is that we have a huge amount of Soul Power, but the disadvantage is that it's difficult for us to control it because of too much Soul Power, unlike in the Casted Soul Stage."

"The so-called Soul Power Circuit is a method which makes it easier for us to control the Soul Power in our bodies. It meticulizes the huge amount of Soul Power we have as well as formulates and simplifies complex Soul Power operations, such as…"

Wang Zhong introduced the concept of the Soul Power Circuits one by one to everyone, but the process was totally different from when he taught Grai as not everyone had the same understanding ability as Grai. Wang Zhong was already as detailed as possible, but even though everyone in the team was rather talented, many of them couldn't understand what he was saying.

"Are these… considered Soul Power runes?" asked Feng, as she was a rune expert.

"You can understand it this way, but because of the limitations of the Soul Power control in the body, the Soul Power Circuits cannot bend or turn freely like a rune. It often goes in straight lines."

"It feels a bit like a Soul Domination Ability. They are all formed in the body directly through the control of Soul Power."

"They are not the same. The Soul Domination Ability…"

There were too many questions, and everyone had different opinions. Wang Zhong answered them one by one. Some questions were idiotic, but Wang Zhong felt that the perspective of certain questions was quite interesting, and so he pondered deeply over them. This was just the beginning; when everyone was more familiar with it, there might be more interesting questions raised. Wang Zhong began to feel that teaching wasn't just imparting knowledge and answering questions, it also seemed to be of great benefit to oneself. The birth of a particular style often was not because of a single person. The creator, of course, would have completed the main framework for it, but many others should also get credit for helping out with the details and improvements on it.

No matter how good the theory was, it would not be as impactful as practice. Grai was actually an odd one, with his inconceivable ability to understand. Napier grew deep in thought, while the others couldn't seem to break out from the Holy City's system. Naturally, Wang Zhong had to give a demonstration, to give everyone a clear understanding. This was something that could change the combat strength of Heroic Souls, a great reformation!

A Power Circuit shone brightly on Wang Zhong's body, and with a few simple superpositions, his Dominating Constitution was activated. It was like he was injected with a whole lot of adrenaline. There was such a potion in the Holy Land which could achieve similar effects, but it was usually only used in life-and-death situations, and the side effects were obvious. However, Wang Zhong's was just a technique. None of them were amateurs, and they could immediately feel a big difference.

''This—this is the Soul Power Circuit?"

"How is this possible? How can a runic array emanate from the body?" This was truly a huge shock to Feng's mindset and beliefs. As a Holy Disciple grew more powerful in the Holy City, they would be sort of brainwashed into thinking that the shortcomings of the Heroic Soul Stage could never be overcome, but now, a rookie had done it.

"Captain, are you the reincarnation of the Holy Saint Teacher?"

Wang Zhong smiled and stopped everyone from exaggeratedly praising him. "The biggest effect of the Circuits is to improve your utilization of Soul Power. Simply speaking, we can transform the Soul Sea from simple Soul Power Storage into a highly efficient engine. What I demonstrated just now is just the basic effect of the Power Circuit, and I call it the Dominating Constitution. It can increase the strength of your Soul Power attack and your defense. Of course, the time taken for you to activate it is also much shorter. If you familiarize yourself with it, you can achieve the effect of increasing your Soul Power attack to about fifteen thousand Grassos, but you can also add on some combat techniques to it, like this."

Wang Zhong launched his 3rd Drive technique, and immediately reached about thirty thousand Grassos of Soul Power. The things around him became messy, but the thing that became the messiest was everyone's world view. It was completely reformed, and everyone was in disbelief. They saw not only strength but also an opportunity for them to leap from being the lower-class of the Holy Land to elites.

As for Wang Zhong, if he was lucky, he could even make history. Of course, this set of theories had to be feasible with no sequelae.

His single punch could produce about 30,000 Grassos of Soul Power. If one could achieve around 20,000-30,000 Grassos, one was definitely a peak Heroic Soul, and most of them would use their Soul Domination Ability to deal such high damage. However, the Dominating Constitution effect formed by this Power Circuit could achieve that directly.

What was even more frightening was that there was no gap! No pause! No preparation time!

This was the most shocking effect of the Soul Power Circuit system. If this could be achieved, let alone 30,000 Grassos, even if they could only manage an average peak effect of 15,000 Grassos, it would be enough to thrash most of the Heroic Souls in the Holy City.

"In my system, the direction of cultivation doesn't matter. The essence of it is the usage of Soul Power."

Everyone else continued to go crazy over it, but to be honest, after all that, everyone realized how selfless Wang Zhong was! What kind of expert in the Holy City didn't have their own secret trump card? If someone was to find out, the expert would not think twice about killing in order to keep his secret. How could there be someone like Wang Zhong, one who directly shared his with everyone?

"Wang Zhong, you are about to create a new sect!" Feng was the first to recover from that huge shock and realized the greater significance of the Soul Power Circuits. Regardless of the final result, Wang Zhong's talents and ability had far exceeded theirs.

Everyone else laughed. "Then we'll call ourselves the Wanderlust Sect!"

"Shouldn't it be the Circuit Sect?"

"That's so outdated. Why would we have the word sect in our name?!" said Small Eyes loudly. "We'll call ourselves Return!"

"Return what?"

"Just Return, one word! How cool is that!"

Wang Zhong really didn't know whether to laugh or cry after hearing their nonsense. Establishing his own power and influence in the Holy City was an important starting point for his revenge on the Gui and Zhao family, but now everything had yet to be confirmed, and he himself had yet to think so far. If he could only practice it by himself and if his technique was not able to gain widespread popularity, it would not achieve sufficient impact for the Holy Land to pay attention to him because there was no lack of geniuses there. However, if he could improve the Holy Land's combat power as a whole, according to the rules of the Holy Land, they would definitely reward him handsomely. Of course, the real key to the Circuits was the Soul Core. The Dominating Constitution and Zoom Shadow could only be considered the foundation. The more complex Circuits required the Soul Core as the axis, and this was his biggest secret. At the same time, this was easy to master, because the establishment process of the Soul Core could definitely be achieved by even the most ordinary people.

"Okay, okay, you guys can continue this great discussion after dinner." Wang Zhong had already taught them the basics of the Circuit System. "I will probably leave for a while to go back to Earth. With the recruitment order, I can find some new recruits to help us. I hope everyone can use this time to build the model of the Circuit System in your Soul Seas. When I'm away, you guys can ask Grai if you have any further questions."

"You're going back to Earth to find people to help us?" Napier was excited, and he asked, "Captain, do you need an errand boy? Bring me along. We can practice on the road anyway."

Before he could finish speaking, the others next to him glared at him angrily, but Napier could not make anything of it. "Why are you guys doing this…"

"Ahem, I heard Scarlet had already put in a request for her leave of absence."

"Huh?" Napier didn't have a clue what was going on.

Small Eyes then slammed the table violently. "Dummy. They are using this 'business trip' to go for a honeymoon. Are you trying to be a third wheel?!"

Napier finally realized what was going on and pulled a long face. He was a bachelor who had never been in love, so he was not to blame for his insensitivity.

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    《Battle Frenzy》