Battle Frenzy
866 Backstab
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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866 Backstab

Sighing, Enoch stopped eating for five seconds, expressing regret and sympathy. He could still remember the time he lost to Wang Zhong, and he still wanted another chance to fight him. Of course, a five-second pause was enough. Compared to a dead person, his greasy trotters were more important to him. He truly couldn't have enough of this Federation food.

"Kai, what do you think?" Solomon smiled and looked at Kai. Kai was always the one who understood him best. The Dandelion plan was initiated by both of them, and Kai had been in charge of infiltrating the Federation over the years. The Empire's detailed understanding of the Holy Land and various preparations made in advance were actually based on information obtained through the Dandelions, and they were pervasive. Of course, the Dandelions alone were not enough. They had planted seeds everywhere in the Federation. One example was Milami, but she was only one of them. Furthermore, she was already the second generation of seeds.

"I have also heard about this, but he was only reported to be missing. I think we can wait and see," said Kai, respectfully.

Solomon nodded. It would be a pity if Wang Zhong died so soon. Solomon thought of him as a worthy opponent; it would be a waste if he was eliminated halfway. "We have already spent so much energy and time on him. It doesn't hurt to wait a while longer."

Xiao Wu chimed in, "Teacher, you are living your life too cautiously and carefully. Anyway, our main goal is just to gain a foothold in the Holy Land. We're already almost there, and we no longer need others. As long as we show enough strength, we will definitely get recognition from the Holy Land!" She was filled with confidence. Compared to the people of the Federation who were immersed in enjoyment, the Kaiser Empire had been working hard to rise to prominence, and in this particular generation, they had countless geniuses with astonishing ability. The Top 10 Dandelions were geniuses scouted from the Three Great Empires. Most of them were from the Kaiser Empire, but some were from the Tutankhamun and Amazon empires. As long as they were talented and were willing to stay true to Solomon to help him realize his dream, they could get anything they wanted. Naturally, those who couldn't stay loyal were all dead. The Top 10 Dandelions were specially selected from thousands of people. Their talents, determination, and emotional intelligence were all extraordinary. In fact, every single one of them would be able to hold their own.

"The Holy Land is unreliable. We are merely using each other. There is no harm in having more trump cards," said Kai emotionlessly. With his character, he certainly would not allow this kind of slack attitude, but Solomon did not believe in suppressing anyone's personality. To him, results were the most important. As long as the mission could be completed beautifully, nothing else mattered.

Lolly stared back begrudgingly, chewed hard on her gum, and blew a huge bubble.

As he was speaking, someone walked in hastily from outside the door. There were only a few people in the entire Kaiser Corps who could directly enter Solomon's barracks without knocking.

The visitor was a rather short man with a beard. He walked with his hands behind his back and always had a wretched smile plastered on his face, seeming to always be up to no good. His perverted eyes darted left and right and paused on Xiao Wu's bare thighs for a good three to five seconds before he raised his eyebrows contentedly. However, Xiao Wu didn't seem to care as she continued to openly place her long and fair legs on the table. It was almost as if he could see the color of her panties if he bent down slightly.

However, Little Beard eventually didn't dare to do so. After all, he had to control his lechery at the right times. Solomon was right in front of him, and he had come to report some serious matters. That little girl was truly messing him up.

"Young Master, I've contacted them, and they're very interested!" He spoke excitedly.

As one of the Top 10 Dandelions, he was not only good at combat; he was even better at communicating with various creatures, as well as understanding what others were thinking and resonating with them. He was an indispensable and important part of the intelligence spying department of the Dandelion plan. Some people were naturally handsome and beautiful, which made it easy for them to attract attention and gain favorable impressions. Some had the appearance of a true and honest person, so they could do undercover work. However, this man was different. His looks made it easy for him to be overlooked by others, making it easier for him to do things. It was human nature to judge people by appearance. However, some people might pay special attention to those who appeared true and honest because the more a person looked like that, the more likely there would be a problem with the person. On the other hand, no one would bother to take notice of a person who looked sneaky and dishonest in the first place.

A smile appeared on Solomon's face. Before he could ask for details, Xiao Wu's Skylink suddenly rang.

Kai frowned, but before he could chide her, Xiao Wu's expression changed slightly. She seemed a little surprised and seemed to be in disbelief. "Huh? That Wang Zhong guy didn't die! — And he killed a Sword Saint!"


Rich expressions instantly appeared across everyone's faces. He killed a Sword Saint. How difficult was that? Among all of them, Kai had the most knowledge in this field. As a Heavenly Soul, he didn't even manage to kill one, yet Wang Zhong did it? A Heroic Soul? Whether it was by luck or by chance, it was still unbelievable.

Xiao Wu jumped off the table and placed her Skylink on the table for everyone to see. There were photos of the Sword Saint's body and information about the matter.

Little Beard also leaned over to get a closer look. When he saw the photo of the body, the curiosity and surprise on his face were instantly replaced by shock and astonishment. "This Octopus man is definitely of royal blood!"

"Why do you think so?"

"Look at the way he's dressed. Although gold is the standard color a Sword Saint should wear, only royals would have a phoenix engraved on their armor, no matter what shape it was. The Octopus people are very particular in this regard. There will never be anyone who would disregard this rule." The wretched look on Little Beard's face had disappeared, and replacing it was a shrewd and astute look.

Kai, who was at the side, nodded. "There wasn't a phoenix engraved on the armor of the one that escaped yesterday."

"Also, he looks extremely young… To have reached the level of Sword Saint at such a young age, he must have been extremely talented and had loads of resources at his disposal for his path of cultivation. He might even be a young prince!"

Xiao Wu's eyes widened. "Dude! The Octopus people all look the same to me. Is there even a difference? How do you know if he's young or old?"

People sometimes said that women with big boobs had pea-sized brains, but Xiao Wu's boobs didn't seem to be big at all. Little Beard frowned and asked, "Did he pick up someone's kill, or did he really fight this guy?" This was actually the most important thing.

"Isn't that obvious? It must have been an oversight on someone's part, and he managed to pick up that person's kill. He's just a Heroic Soul."

However, Solomon waved his hand, beckoning him not to speak. He closed his eyes and grew deep in thought. The room instantly grew silent for a moment, and only the sound of Solomon lightly tapping the Skylink could be heard.

"It seems like our prayers have been answered." He finally opened his eyes with a smile on his face, as though he had made a decision.

"We have just established this connection with them. We have to give them a welcome gift." Solomon spoke to Little Beard with a smile, "Give this news to them and see how they react. If he really is a royal, they would give us some good things in return, according to the Octopus people's rules."

Only three people among Earth's younger generation were qualified to compete with him, and they were Carolyn, Mo Wen, and Wang Zhong. The first two had excellent combat strength and powerful families to back them. Carolyn was not to be underestimated. An ambitious woman was definitely more terrifying than a man, and a woman's ability to keep up pretenses was also matchless. Compared to Mo Wen, although Wang Zhong had many flaws, he had the power to connect with others and rally people behind him, as well as terrifying special attributes. Kai had advised Solomon to take Wang Zhong out, but Solomon wanted to see if Wang Zhong had what it took to challenge him.

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    《Battle Frenzy》