Battle Frenzy
867 Two-Faced
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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867 Two-Faced

Earth. A tranquil bar.

A rare beauty visited Ugly Boss's bar. She was voluptuous, attracting the attention of most of the men in the bar. The men were already salivating at the sight of her and wolf-whistling at her. However, her sights were only set on Ugly Boss. Well, Ugly Boss was a wealthy man. These days, money could get one almost everything, especially in such a poor district.

"Look at that ass. It would definitely feel awesome to fuck that!"

"Ugly Boss is definitely going to enjoy himself."

"Damn, her boobs! She can probably last me a year!"

"Do you even have the money? This woman definitely doesn't come cheap."

Ugly Boss was definitely mesmerized by this beautiful woman. He squeezed several rolls of money between her boobs, held her hand, and hurriedly led her into a small dark room. As the door closed, envy and jealousy clearly grew rampant. Wolf-whistles and complaints could be heard from outside the door.

However, in the small dark room, the situation was a far cry from what the people outside had imagined.

Two wine glasses clinked gently.

"It's a pleasure working with you," said the lady.

"Haha, same here." Ma Dong raised his glass and took a sip while he scrutinized the woman in front of him. "Give me a few years, and I'll bury the Zhao Family!"

Unexpectedly, his plans had gone smoothly recently. Of course, it was because of the support from the force Milami was working for.

Milami had removed her disguise, and her dress choice made her appear even bustier and sexier than usual. Her slender legs were almost fully exposed, and her low-cut dress seemed incapable of holding in her boobs. It was as though they were bursting out of her dress, forming a huge cleavage. In the past, if Milami dressed this way, it would have been enough to make Ma Dong go crazy, nosebleed over her, and plead with her to satisfy his needs. However, at this time, he had to focus on other things.

"Don't you find it strange? Why do you think the two families still can't find a single Assassin member after being sabotaged so many times by you guys?"

Recently, Assassin had been really busy, and as a result, the Zhao Family and Gui Family had suffered terrible losses. Not only had they been robbed at several underground black markets, many semi-important and higher-up members had also been assassinated. This was understandable for the Zhao Family, but not for the Gui Family. The Gui Family was the first-ever family of assassins to be founded, yet they couldn't deal with the Assassins. The two great families were already enraged long ago, but they just couldn't get a hold of their opponents; thus, they couldn't fight back.

Ma Dong smiled and replied, "Of course it's because we're too well-hidden. Don't try to take credit for it. If the Kaiser Empire really had such great power, you wouldn't have a need for me."

Assassin had formed an alliance with the Kaiser's Dandelion, and Milami was the liaison between them. However, Ma Dong's judgment was still rather accurate. Kaiser's so-called Dandelions were more about intelligence infiltration than a combat force. The sabotages carried out by Assassin against the two big families were based on the various information obtained from Milami, but if she were to say that the Dandelions had the ability to help them cover their tracks, Ma Dong would not believe it.

"Haha, I didn't say that the credit was mine." Milami smiled and said, "Have you never thought about it? Even I can find you, the Zhao and Gui families have been operating in the Federation for so many years. Do you think that they really couldn't find you if no one was lending you a hand? Although you guys spent many years coming up with this backup arrangement, Assassin really isn't that strong yet. Otherwise, it would be Assassin, instead of the Zhao Family or Gui Family, on the 10 Great Families list."

The Milami today was no longer who she used to be; gone was her innocence. In the last few exchanges of information, Ma Dong had gained a lot, and his understanding of Milami had also changed. There was usually a reason for whatever she said, and these were definitely not just some groundless claims.

"You mean, there are people helping us within the Federation?"

Since it was not Assassin's own strength or the Kaiser' Dandelions, there was definitely a third party involved.

"Guess." Milami swirled the red wine in her glass, spreading the wine's flavor and color within the glass.

Ma Dong paused for a while and began to ponder over it. It was not that he had not thought of this, but there was no evidence to support it. Now that he was in a vulnerable position, he inevitably developed a little unrealistic optimism. Besides, Assassin's operations had been going smoothly for the past six months, but now that Milami had confirmed the situation, there was no doubt about it anymore. Also, it wouldn't be difficult to sort out the relations and associations inside this now that he knew about it.

In the Federation, there seemed to be only two forces who had the motive and ability to cause trouble for the Zhao Family and Gui Family. They were the Mo Family and the Stuart Clan, but the Mo Family was never one to interfere in matters of the world, and it was even more impossible for them to intervene in the internal conflicts of the 10 Great Families for Assassin. Their family motto and guidelines stated that they could only play the role of bystanders and recorders, and members of the Mo Family had been strictly adhering to them since the Dark Ages. This was also the biggest reason for their success up till now. As such, there was only one possibility left, Carolyn from the Stuart Clan. In name, she was still undergoing training as an heir to take over the family, but because of her outstanding performance in the past two years, the higher-ups in the Stuart Clan had been giving her more power and authority, allowing her to gradually take over the reins of leadership for the clan.

The Stuart Clan definitely had what it took to intervene, and naturally, their motive was very simple. It was definitely not because she was Wang Zhong's old flame, and Ma Dong was not so naive as to believe that. The Stuart Clan obviously wanted to use Assassin to check and balance as well as to weaken the Zhao and Gui families. Both of them, on their own, were manageable, but if they were to work together, they would still pose a possible threat to the Stuart Clan.

In the seemingly distant past, when he was still studying, he felt that the world belonged to men, but it seemed that it might not be true after all.

After pondering over it for a long time, he still did not speak his mind. Instead, Ma Dong scrutinized the woman in front of him. He could no longer understand what she was thinking. When Milami saved him previously, he could still see a hint of the old Milami, but now, she had become a stranger to him. Was she also in contact with Carolyn? Was she working under the Stuart Clan? Otherwise, why would she remind him of this?

"Who do you work for exactly?"

"For myself, to stay alive." Milami laughed in a self-deprecating manner and said, "Since I have already sold someone out once, it doesn't hurt to do it a second time. Whether I'm working for Solomon or Carolyn, I'm just doing it for myself. I'll give you a reminder by the way. Don't assume that Carolyn still cares for Wang Zhong. She definitely does not. She secretly supports you currently only because you can help her weaken the Zhao and Gui Family alliance, but when you no longer have any value, you will be cast away, or even obliterated. This is the current landscape."

"Since you're working for her, you shouldn't remind me about these things. This only makes me distrust you more!" said Ma Dong in a husky voice, as he looked at his wine glass.

The room grew silent. Both of them had tons of things that they wanted to talk to each other about, but there weren't many that could be discussed.

After a long while, Milami's began to speak slowly. "Do you even trust me? Haha, maybe I'm too bored. In this world, I often find myself alone, with no one to speak to. Have you ever felt this way? Only a handful of people know that you were originally called Ma Dong, just like how no one knows that my name is Milami."

Ma Dong sighed, but his face remained emotionless as usual. He then stood up and said, "I have never felt that way. See you next time."

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    《Battle Frenzy》