Battle Frenzy
870 I“m Not A Pet!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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870 I“m Not A Pet!

It was obvious that Sister Hong had put quite a lot of effort into this. This room was meticulously furnished, and red could be seen everywhere, symbolizing a joyous occasion. Even the bed was red, like a bridal chamber.

In tradition, new couples often had to be covered in and surrounded by the color red, and that was not without cause. It symbolized a girl's virginity and represented pure love. Scarlet certainly understood this; even though she had already mentally prepared herself for this and was even sort of looking forward to it, but when she truly arrived in the room, her heartbeat began to accelerate uncontrollably.

She was nervous, happy, shy, and even a little fearful. She was afraid that she would be too clueless to best cater to her lover's needs, and this made her feel a little breathless. Her legs seemed to have turned to jelly as well, and she couldn't walk in the room by herself. She was truly at a loss.

However, she suddenly felt a pair of firm strong hands at her waist, and she was lifted off the ground. Now, she was resting on a pair of strong arms, bridal-style. Immediately following that, a pair of lips crashed into hers.

Wang Zhong's warm breath had a hint of alcohol, and his voice was gentle but steady. He smiled with a hint of dominance.

"I'm sorry and thank you. We will be together forever!" In fact, that bit of alcohol was nothing to Wang Zhong, but for this special evening, he was prepared to let loose fully.

Scarlet had truly sacrificed a lot to have come through. Even though Wang Zhong's words seemed random and incoherent, Scarlet's eyes turned red from hearing them, but she also revealed a rare lovely smile. The relationship between them was not considered love at first sight, and there had been many complications, but one thing was clear — they knew they couldn't do without each other.

"Kiss me!" yelled Scarlet as she suddenly grew more daring. Her arms were tightly wrapped around Wang Zhong's neck when she felt wind caressing her skin. Still carrying her, Wang Zhong had begun to stride towards the bed, where mysteries and adventure awaited them. He then put her down gently.

His masculine lips made contact with her lips, and his slightly rough but extremely slim fingers began to work across her body. An itchy sensation lingered following his touch.

His masculine body was well-proportioned and toned, just like a wild leopard that was full of vigor. He was once only in her sights and out of her reach, but now, he was right by her side and within her grasp. His body was pressed tightly against her, and there was fiery heat and passion ignited between them. There was no barrier between them as their souls fused into one; it was like an interaction between yin and yang…

Scarlet finally got rid of her shyness. Milami once said that every woman was a natural expert in bed. The only difference was whether the other party could open your mind and soul.

Scarlet's heart was definitely bared to Wang Zhong. It seemed that she didn't need anyone to teach her how to act in this kind of situation. She responded to his advances — using all her strength and imagination to cater to both their needs — and tried many new things that she usually couldn't even bear to think of.

The sturdy big bed creaked loudly, accompanied by a man's heavy breathing and a woman's soft moaning. They became inseparable as they bared their bodies and souls to each other. The entire night was filled with passion as they immersed in the intoxicating sense of enjoyment. Love was definitely in the air.

Scarlet finally understood what Milami meant by ***. In the past, when she heard Milami describe these seemingly inappropriate and confusing details, Scarlet found it amusing but was puzzled as well.

Wasn't it just moving their bodies a few times? Wasn't it just an hour of exercise? Although ordinary people might not be able to take it, she simply couldn't imagine two Heroic Soul Soldiers — with physiques far more superior than ordinary people — sweating after exercising for only an hour or two. The only possible explanation was that Milami and Ma Dong were too weak. This was definitely not how normal Heroic Souls should perform.

Now, she finally understood why. It was definitely not a matter of whether one was weak.

The sheets were now drenched in sweat, but both of them were reluctant to leave each other. They didn't even want to stand up to wipe their bodies.

Their fingers were interlocked, and their palms were clasped together tightly. Scarlet's body was already curled up as her face remained plastered to Wang Zhong's chest. Her whole body was a little sore, and her private part was hurting a little. However, this small amount of pain was basically nothing to a Heroic Soul soldier. The more overwhelming feeling she got was a kind of pleasurable feeling, as though she was floating amongst clouds.

Scarlet didn't dare to move. As she recalled her brazen gestures just now, she was embarrassed, and her cheeks were red hot. She could only remain still while she laid sideways; it seemed that only this kind of tranquility could slightly relieve the shyness she felt.

The moonlight was bright and clear. Initially, Wang Zhong was breathing heavily, and his chest was moving up and down constantly. However, now, everything had gone silent, and Scarlet could hear his initially strong heartbeat return to normal.

Wang Zhong seemed quiet. Was he asleep?

Only after a long while did Scarlet dare to sneak a peek at Wang Zhong, but she immediately saw two huge eyes staring back at her.

"Ah!" She was startled. "You liar, you pretended to be asleep."

"I just wanted to see when you would dare to look at me," Wang Zhong responded with a smile.

"You're so bad!" Scarlet couldn't help but chuckle. She tried to reach out to pound his chest lightly, but Wang Zhong grabbed her hand.

"Tell me more about yourself." Wang Zhong fluffed his pillow and lied down in a comfortable posture, holding Scarlet in his arms. Honestly, before this, his entire mind was on cultivation. He indeed had emotional bonds, but he really didn't think that the kind of 'bliss' Ma Dong talked about was a big deal… Now, Captain Wang realized that he was the one with a superficial understanding.

Now that he had completed the transformation into a true man, Wang Zhong's emotional intelligence seemed to have improved, and he could better understand what Scarlet's sacrifice and dedication to him signified. He was the luckiest man alive. He must have done countless good deeds in his previous life to be in Scarlet's favor.

No matter how many difficulties she encountered, Scarlet never ever complained to Wang Zhong about them. She would take it upon herself to resolve her own problems. It was her choice to come to the Holy Land. No matter what would happen — even if she lost her life in the process or even if Wang Zhong did not choose her in the end — she would not regret her choice. She was very clear about how she was going to lead her own life.

Frankly speaking, when Wang Zhong confessed to Scarlet in the camp, one-third of the reason was because he was affected by Sharmie's words; one-third was because he was touched by Scarlet's devotion to him, and only the remaining one-third was because of attraction to her. Scarlet was indeed not Wang Zhong's cup of tea in the beginning. She was far too quiet, and they were too acquainted with each other. She was not like a soulmate to him then, but now, everything was completely different, and all his memories with her were ignited.

Scarlet replied with a smile, "Usually, I would help my teacher to deal with the processing of documents. That's all. You already know all this."

"There's still so much I don't know about you. Like, how did you manage to condense your Dharma Idol in the Blessed Lands, and what did you experience during your special training, and more. You haven't told me anything about these." Wang Zhong gently stroked Scarlet's fair body. It was only now that he realized his own stupidity. How many hardships did Scarlet have to endure?

Condensing his Dharma Idol wasn't easy, and Scarlet was originally the weakest of all, yet she could wield such strong power today. How could it have been easy for her?

Scarlet laid her head comfortably on Wang Zhong's chest and said, "That would be a long story!"

"It doesn't matter how long it is. I still want to know about your stuff."

It didn't matter how big or how trivial her experiences were. It was just talking about her entire life. She talked about the academy, the CHF, her grandfather, her parents, and her experiences in life, including the fond memories of both of them. It was only until now that Wang Zhong knew why the Black Rose's windows next door were always open. It was not to make things easier for Ma Dong when he peeped at them.

She then continued on about her rank advancement, and finally arrived at the topic of what happened in the Dimensional Blessed Lands…

That was an ice world that could even freeze one's neurons. It represented the lowest temperature possible: absolute zero. Her family members and loved ones gave her the motivation to hold out in the darkness, and lastly, it was a beautiful and holy lady who had saved her from the brink of death.

With that, Scarlet even began to create an ice sculpture of the lady. Ice crystals appeared in the palm of her hand, condensing into an ice sculpture. The lady's face and posture were deeply embedded into her mind. Unfortunately, her ice sculpting ability wasn't good enough, and she was unable to portray the spirit of her. The facial features of the sculpture were very similar to the original, but it was ordinary. She could never manage to capture the unique charm and the holy aura of the lady that day.

"I know she wasn't a figment of my imagination. Without her, I would have died in the Dimensional Blessed Lands." Scarlet's voice was calm, but Wang Zhong's grip on her grew tighter. He would not allow any harm to come to Scarlet in the future!

However, when Wang Zhong saw the ice sculpture, he was stunned.

"You know her?" Scarlet noticed Wang Zhong's strange reaction and grew curious.

Wang Zhong didn't answer. He stared at it for a long while before he exhaled deeply. "It's Aunt Shea!"

"Who is she?"

Wang Zhong was a little unsure about how he should answer her. This sudden news was too shocking to him, and he couldn't even recover fully from the shock. The facial features of the ice sculpture in Scarlet's hands were exactly the same as Aunt Shea's, the woman who had taken care of him for more than ten years. But how was this possible?!

Wang Zhong only recovered from the shock after a long while. "Aunt Shea is my adoptive mother, and my adoptive father is Wang Zhanfeng. I'm very thankful they were kind enough to adopt me."

Was this really impossible? Was it just a coincidence? The answer would most likely be no.

In the past, he had never suspected anything, but now that he thought about it, the story his adoptive parents told him was actually very problematic.

They claimed to work in a meat-processing factory, but he had never smelled or seen any trace of raw meat on them when they returned home. They were always so clean, unlike Uncle Li next door who slaughtered pigs in a factory.

His family lived in the most ordinary residential building in Tianjing and lived on the most common salary, but Wang Zhong clearly remembered that he had spent three years in the intensive care unit of a hospital, from when he was five years old till eight. Recalling the equipment of the hospital and comparing its standard to the Tianjing Central Hospital (which Ma Dong paid a huge amount of money to get Barran inside), the difference was tremendous. It was like comparing a luxury villa to a dilapidated hut. Even the Stuarts' private luxury hospital that he had later stayed in after he was injured in the CHF was a far cry from the advanced ICU of his childhood!

If he had come from an ordinary family, would his adoptive parents have had the ability to send him to such an advanced hospital? Not to mention residing there for three years?

It would be naive to assume that the hospital was being charitable. Not to mention the current Federation, since the Dark Ages, mankind had never been charitable!

Also, ever since Wang Zhong enrolled in Tianjing Academy, Aunt Shea and Uncle Wang went on a trip… Was it even a trip? What kind of trip could make them not come back home for several years? After Wang Zhong earned enough money, he got Ma Dong to buy a big house for them in the central city area, and he heard that no one had lived there even until now. Furthermore, he couldn't contact them via the Skylink at all! Who would behave like that on a trip? If it weren't for the occasional messages that they would leave in the Skylink to let Wang Zhong know that they were safe, Wang Zhong would think that something bad had happened to them during their trip.

"Huh? Aunt Shea is so powerful? Don't tell me she's an expert Heavenly Soul. Didn't people say that Heavenly Souls couldn't enter the Dimensional Blessed Lands?" Scarlet next to him was as surprised as Wang Zhong. Of course, she knew about Wang Zhong's adoptive parents, but she only had superficial knowledge of them. She heard that they were ordinary workers working in a meat-processing factory, but now it clearly seemed that they were not. It was no wonder she felt a sense of familiarity at first sight of the lady in the ice world. Was it because of Wang Zhong? Did she see her mother-in-law in advance?

Scarlet suddenly felt nervous and quickly tried to recall her actions. She was indeed an embarrassing sight at that time. Did she leave a bad impression on her mother-in-law?

"Actually, I'm not very sure either, but I'm sure of one thing — you are destined to be mine!" Even from the beginning, Wang Zhong did not feel that he was an ordinary person. Based on his extraordinary encounters, how could he be ordinary? There was also Simba; where did Simba come from? He couldn't have appeared out of nowhere. Ever since he came into contact with Salamander, Wang Zhong had his doubts about whether Simba was a Soul Guard. For this, he had to see Uncle Wang and Aunt Shea. The fact that they didn't want to meet him showed that now was not the right time to do so.

"They must have their own reasons for not coming back. Maybe they will come to me when it's time to meet."

Scarlet nodded gently as she stroked Wang Zhong's chest. "I will always be with you until then."

"What are you talking about? You must stay with me even after that."

"My bad." Scarlet stuck out her tongue. With a smile, she said, "Yeah, we won't be alone anymore in the future."

Wang Zhong nodded. He was really used to being alone in the past, and he never thought that being together with Scarlet could bring both of them so much happiness. He was truly an idiot to have made Scarlet suffer so much on her own.

Although Wang Zhong had pettily sealed his Soul Sea yesterday, didn't allow Simba to immerse in the beauty of the bridal room, and only let him out in the morning outside their room, Simba was still very happy. "HOHO. This is great. Lao Wang, you finally won't try to snatch my goddess away!"

Simba didn't have to specially try and find out Wang Zhong's feelings. Just by looking at how Wang Zhong looked at Scarlet, it was obvious that he only had eyes for her, and there was no room for anyone else.

"Will you die if you don't speak?" Wang Zhong glared at him and then looked at Scarlet apologetically.

However, Scarlet didn't seem to mind. She already knew that Wang Zhong was popular among ladies. The fact that her besties, Laura and Sharmie, also liked him was no secret. It would not be strange if there was suddenly another person who was interested in him. She only cared about the fact that she was Wang Zhong's final choice, and this was enough for her.

Scarlet smiled slightly, then she turned her attention to Simba. "What an interesting clown. Wang Zhong, is he your pet?"

"Ahhhhh!" Simba was depressed. Why did everyone think he was Wang Zhong's pet upon the sight of him every single time? It was the same with Mu Zi, Aiolos, and now Scarlet! Did he really look like a pet? There was probably a problem with these people's tastes!

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