Battle Frenzy
872 Worlds Apar
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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872 Worlds Apar

"Alright!" Mu Zi's eyes sparkled with excitement. In fact, the thing he didn't like most was loneliness. Wang Zhong was his best friend, and he had absolute trust in him. "Do we leave now?"

"There's no need to hurry." Wang Zhong smiled and said, "We can stay for a few more days. We rarely get time off."

Scarlet had already applied for a 10-day leave of absence from her teacher, and both of them were definitely not in a hurry to leave. As such, they spent a few more days in Katchirda.

In addition to openly showing their affection for each other daily, Wang Zhong also informed Mu Zi about how things worked in the Holy Land. He talked about the system of cultivation, the distribution of major forces, lifestyle habits, hidden rules, racial discrimination, racial pros and cons, the social hierarchy, human geography, etc., in detail. Whatever he thought of, he would share it with Mu Zi, and Scarlet would add on from the side.

Many of the things Wang Zhong mentioned were foreign to Mu Zi or unheard of by him, but his ability to absorb and understand things was very powerful. He would definitely remember everything Wang Zhong mentioned and even understood everything. He could even link things together. He was just a kid who had almost zero experience even in the ordinary world, yet he could understand the complicated structure of the Holy City at such a fast speed.

Of course, Gong Yi and Sister Hong did not grow idle. Although the progress of Katchirda City was already on track, everyone's goal was not just to build a paradise for enjoyment in the desert. Whether it was Gong Yi, Sister Hong, Reynolds, etc., or Wang Zhong, Ma Dong, and the Federation, all of them were linked, and those links were impossible to remove. Most of all, they sought vengeance. There was no doubt that many things in the Holy Land could bring about reformation for Earth.

However, even with powerful forces backing Solomon, it was only by donating one hundred thousand troops that he got noticed by the higher-ups in the Holy Land. What did Wang Zhong have? Simply put, Wang Zhong was not qualified to ask for anything in the Holy Land, but this would not prevent him from doing other things.

Things such as resources and technology.

For common technologies of the Holy City, such as construction, alchemy, wards, etc., as long as they were not the core technologies of the Holy City, they were allowed to be used by the public, and there were no restrictions on learning and teaching them, provided that one could afford it. In addition, not to mention the Tutankhamun desert where resources were scarce, even for the Federation where they were abundant, their resources were nothing compared to what was available in the Holy Land. In fact, many things that were scarce and important on Earth were sold at very cheap prices in the Holy City. As long as one had enough money, almost anything could be bought. The reason why the Federation and the 10 Great Families could retain their status and power back on Earth was because of the Holy Land. Even their advanced technologies were learned from the Holy Land. Of course, if they could do it, Wang Zhong could too.

After a two-day discussion with Gong Yi, Gong Yi listed some of the most urgently needed items that Wang Zhong would be able to purchase for them: for example, space crystals that could store items, basic knowledge about alchemy and wards, and a handful of different materials and resources that were not very valuable in the Holy Land but could not be found on Earth. His list was a few pages long. Wang Zhong did a rough estimation and realized that he would have to kill many Sword Saints to be able to afford so many supplies. Furthermore, his estimations were based on the already-slashed prices during wartime. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, Wang Zhong felt that even the rich Lan Daier would not be able to afford such a huge demand for resources. Fortunately, the list marked out whether the items were primary or secondary ones. There was an urgent need for some items, whereas the others could be supplied at a later date. In any case, Wang Zhong would have to slog his guts out for money and military merit points to support this force they were trying to build.

This Holy Battle was an opportunity for the Empire and Solomon, but the same was true for himself and this newly rising city that would never sleep in the desert.

A 10-day holiday might seem long, but in the eyes of Scarlet and Wang Zhong, it was truly just a blink of an eye. Although they were attached to and couldn't bear to leave this place, their comrades were still waiting for them on the battlefield. It was time to leave.

Only two people came, yet three people left this place.

The Holy City had a transmission channel leading to the Mizobudapi World, but not for Earth. Under the name of the Wanderlust Team, Wang Zhong had bought Pioneering Orders to return to Earth from the Holy City. With them, he returned to the Holy City directly from Katchirda with Mu Zi.

Mu Zi was an expert in establishing a transmission channel himself. Although he would always partially rely on the Life and Death Coffin, his own accomplishments in this regard were definitely considerably high. He was extremely surprised by the stable transmission channel formed by the Pioneering Orders. He had already found something that piqued his interest on his first day in the Holy City.

"This transmission channel is very interesting. It seemed like a leap through space. It's so much better compared to the Empire's outdated methods of forcing the use of space theory to travel through the dark world. Even… Wang Zhong, do you have more of this? Could you let me try this a few more times? I think this will definitely help to boost my control over the Life and Death Coffin, in terms of space manipulation."

"Haha, why do you need to try it out again? There are books explaining the theory in the Holy City Library. The method to build a transmission channel is not a top-secret skill in the Holy City. If you're interested, I'll help you get a few books that will explain how transmission channels work, as well as the leap theory."

"Really? Oh my god, such precious knowledge and technology! It turns out that…" Mu Zi exclaimed loudly. He finally realized that the Empire being impoverished and backward truly limited his imagination. If this technology was available in the Empire, the owner of it would probably try desperately to keep it to himself.

"Slowly get used to it. There are many things here that you will never be able to imagine."

"Okay!" Mu Zi was thrilled.

"I think Mu Zi is very suitable to be a wards master," Scarlet said. After all, those who liked to build transmission channels seemed to have inseparable relationships with wards masters.

Mu Zi was also a little interested in that. He had witnessed the power of human wards masters more than once in the Fifth Dimension. They were obviously very weak in terms of combat power, but they could achieve so many things that the strong could not through complex wards. "If I get a chance, I would like to learn about it!"

No one would prefer loneliness by nature. As for Mu Zi, he was frightened into it by his life experiences. However, Wang Zhong's words showed him another possibility, and Aiolos also said that he needed to see the world.

For the 10 days that Wang Zhong left, no major incidents had occurred on the northern battlefield. This was normal, as the base was located in a relatively desolate and remote place in the Mizobudapi World. The military had chosen a relatively stable and conservative method to gain ground. As such, their progress was naturally slow. The Holy City had also temporarily stopped providing them with reinforcements, mainly because the reinforcements were needed on the southern battlefield. It was said that there had been numerous internal conflicts between the different platoons, and at least two or three large-scale battles involving tens of thousands of troops had occurred over there. Additionally, there were also countless small-scale battles on-going; thus, significant manpower losses were happening rapidly.

Currently, the transmission array established on the northern side basically focused on transporting materials and resources. Due to this, Wang Zhong, Scarlet, and Mu Zi were actually transported to the battlefield with a pile of goods. It was not that they had been targeted on purpose but because Wang Zhong had requested this personally, even actively asking for it. When they arrived in the morning, there were only three of them, and he felt that there was no need to make the personnel open another channel just for them. The military might have been willing to give them preferential treatment, but he felt that he should still try to cut down on wasting resources whenever possible. Although the cargo transmission channel was rather uncomfortable, it was only a matter of seconds for them to reach the battlefield.

It was just that their slightly conspicuous transmission immediately attracted the attention of many people. After the Wanderlust Team got granted the right to recruit new members, Wang Zhong immediately returned to the Holy City, and many teams knew about it. While they grew green with envy, they also looked forward to watching a 'show'. Everyone knew that the Wanderlust Team only consisted of a handful of people and that those who had the ability to fight had already come over. The rest were either garbage Holy Disciples who had not reached the peak of the Heroic Soul Stage even after many years or newcomers with low combat power. Also, Wang Zhong didn't even know anyone else in the Holy City. Who else could he recruit?

Well, it seemed like he f*cking recruited a "blackie"!

Some people who were jealous of the Wanderlust Team and unhappy with Wang Zhong burst out laughing when they caught wind of this. Frankly speaking, most people were unhappy with the Wanderlust Team and 90% of them felt that Wang Zhong had picked up someone else's kill. Additionally, they too felt that the Great Teacher had shown nepotism for him, so they were not convinced of his ability. Including those who were jealous, there were many people who were looking forward to the Wanderlust Team's downfall.

Once the hierarchical system of human beings was established, various kinds of discrimination were inevitable, and this had been the case for mankind since ancient times. This was already the case during the glorious era when humans were only separated into various countries, let alone after entering the Dark Ages that made it possible for human beings to become a God with eternal life, coexisting with heaven and earth!

The hierarchy in the Holy City was much clearer and stricter than the one in the glorious era. Aside from the strength of the individual, bloodlines and lineage mattered. People from the Federation were obviously favored over other humans. The Holy Saint Teacher was from the Federation, and most of the members of the Patriarch Society, who were in power in the Holy City, were all originally from the Federation. Even for the Society, one's lineage had to be considered as well. Among the people from the Federation, members of the 10 Great Families were actually not worthy of assuming leadership roles. There were older and nobler lineages, but they had not set foot on Earth since a long time ago, leaving the 10 Great Families to throw their weight around on Earth. But in general, there were some members of the 10 Great Families who were part of the new rising forces of the Holy Land. These people were born with an advantage above all others. Generally speaking, their political status would be higher, and they were born to be trusted and favored by the higher-ups…

After the people from the Federation, would be the dimensional people. They were born and raised in the Holy City and were actually more loyal to the Holy City than the 10 Great Families. It was only their lineage that made it harder for them to garner respect, as compared to those who came from the 10 Great Families. After all, their ancestors were all servants who followed their masters to the Holy City. It was said that no curse words were needed to swear at dimensional people. One merely needed to look at them contemptuously and call them "descendants of servants". They would definitely be furious and attempt to fight the person. To them, this was a stain on their lives.

Going down, it would be the people from the Kaiser Empire, who had just recently made their name. Thanks to Solomon's efforts, initially considered nobodies, they managed to gain a foothold in the Holy City, and their momentum was going strong. If this Holy Battle went smoothly and the follow-up performance of Kaiser's troops was stable, they might directly take over the dimensional people's position and move up to the second level of the hierarchy.

Going further down, it would be the natives from Earth: the different races, slaves and so on. As for the black people from Tutankhamun… Honestly, they seemed worse than aliens and natives. Wasn't it said that people of the Tutankhamun Empire would kneel and lick the boot of anyone from the Federation?

How could someone like that actually come to the Holy Land? Not to mention participate in the Holy Battle? What's more was that he had been recruited by Wang Zhong? The guy who had suddenly become the captain of the Wanderlust team and traveled back to Earth with special privileges to recruit more members for his team?

Many people couldn't help but laugh out loud, especially after seeing that coffin on that guy's back! Did he prepare his own coffin in advance for this Holy Battle? What a weirdo!

After Wang Zhong's verdict was released, there were many people who were extremely annoyed but dared not provoke Wang Zhong. Now, these people finally regained a little sense of superiority. Naturally, no one dared to directly say this stuff to Wang Zhong's face, but the gossip revolving around what he did had risen to a new high. Recruiting black people had since become a new buzzword in the Exploration Team Department.

However, this obviously did not include the Wanderlust Team.

Among them, Small Eyes, Oscar, Feng, and Asher had all seen Mu Zi before. More than that, he was Oscar's life-saving benefactor. At that time, he was already on the brink of death in the tree-demon forest, yet Mu Zi saved his life effortlessly, without leaving any sequelae. His ability was definitely out of reach for the Wanderlust Team, and they took him for a god.

He was definitely a god-like existence! Not to mention Mu Zi, even his dog could have wiped out their entire team on its own at that time! He had a 7th rank dimensional creature as a pet and even often played fetch with it. Who else could do that?!

"Mu—Mumumu Zi!" Asher was so agitated that he began to stutter.

Oscar and the others were completely bewildered. They didn't expect that the person Wang Zhong brought back was Mu Zi.

Wang Zhong smiled and said, "From now on, all of us will be on the same team. If you guys behave like this, Mu Zi will become shy."

"Same team?!" Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Everyone knew that Wang Zhong went to look for help, but they never would have thought that Wang Zhong would bring back such a god-like existence. At first, they assumed that Wang Zhong only invited Mu Zi to help out temporarily in one of his great plans, but it seemed that Mu Zi was going to stay permanently?

"Of course!" replied Wang Zhong, with a smile. "Mu Zi will stay here with us from now on, at least until the Holy Battle is over."

"Yeah!" Instantly, the entire team jumped in joy. Not to mention Mu Zi's pet which had terrifying combat power, Mu Zi himself was bound to be a powerful fighter. Just his healing ability alone, as shown when he saved Oscar, could ensure the entire team's survival!

After everyone calmed down, Wang Zhong asked everyone about their progress of mastering the Soul Power Circuits over the past 10 days.

The results were rather satisfactory. On one hand, the practice of the Soul Power Circuits wasn't that complicated. Previously, Grai only took half a night to fully understand it. There were three different Circuits. Even Asher, who wasn't as talented as the others in the Wanderlust Team, could already form one type of Soul Power Circuit in his body. The first thing everyone tried to learn was the Power Circuit as it could improve both their offensive and defensive abilities and was the most practical. Once formed in the body, it was almost equivalent to turning on 'invincible mode' for a short period of time, increasing their power by at least 30-50%.

It was just that this new combat mode was still a little difficult for Oscar and the others to grasp. On the other hand, their speed of forming the Soul Power Circuits was a little slow; this was because they were already used to the brainless combat mode used by Heroic Souls, and they couldn't get used to this sudden change. It was just like getting a right-hander to write with his left hand. It would still be possible to do so, but it would take a lot more time, and it would definitely be very awkward in the meanwhile. But what about getting a child to do that? If the child was to use his left hand to write from young, then there wouldn't be a learning barrier at all, and things would be different.

As such, the two newcomers gained the most and made the most progress among all of them.

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    《Battle Frenzy》