Battle Frenzy
880 Lao Wang Taking a Huge Risk Once Again
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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880 Lao Wang Taking a Huge Risk Once Again

"That's definitely impossible," Wang Zhong said resolutely. "Even if the higher-ups decide to rescue people, they will never allow a Great Teacher to come alone. That would be mobilizing a mainstay force of the Holy City Army. Now, especially after what happened in the southern battlefield, it is impossible for any Great Teacher to act alone before the real war begins. Frankly speaking, I think the Holy Land's estimation of the Octopus people's strength is wrong."

Hyde and Noraba's originally pale faces were now as white as a sheet. Wang Zhong was speaking the truth, and Hyde knew it. The possibility of the base being willing to send a large army to rescue them was very small, and even if they were really willing to do so, like Wang Zhong said, the army wouldn't be able to save anyone at all. The remaining people in the fortress were not going to last that long. Although there were still 70-80 people left after being in captivity for more than a month, most of them were already on the verge of death and would most likely die within a few days. The most important thing was that once the guards realized that they were gone, only God knew what was going to happen.

"Does that mean…" Hyde choked on his words, and his hope was gone in an instant. Napier, who was next to him, sighed and patted him on the shoulder.

However, Wang Zhong smiled and said, "You don't have to be so pessimistic. You still have us. We'll do it."

Other than Mu Zi, the other three in the cave were instantly taken aback. Hyde and Noraba were too stunned to respond, but Napier immediately replied, "Boss, the mission we got was to investigate the situation. It's already a miracle that we saved two of them. You want to go back? Isn't it too great a risk… Let me clarify. I'm definitely not afraid of death. I will definitely back you up if you want to. If it's really possible to save them, it's okay to take a risk, but there's a Warlock Saint in there, and it's a heavily guarded fortress. Don't you think we are just throwing our lives away if we do this?"

A Warlock Saint. That was an even more terrifying existence than a Sword Saint. Frankly speaking, human understanding of Soul Power was actually very limited, not to mention their understanding of natural forces. Humans even divided them into special categories. In the Casted Soul Stage, they would call it abilities; it would roughly be classified as five different elemental attributes. When they reached the Heroic Soul Stage, they would further confound and categorize it together with Dharma Idols. Their basic concept had already been blurred. In fact, the five elements were just the basics in this huge category. The scope of natural forces could be expanded very broadly. Humans could not even understand the most basic ones and were still in the midst of understanding it. The worst thing was that they didn't even have a clear concept. In this field, humans were worlds apart from the Mizobudapi civilization.

For a powerful Warlock Saint, his attack power alone would be equivalent to that of three Sword Saints, and his understanding of elements would be higher.

The eyes of Hyde and Noraba, which had just lit up, instantly dimmed again. The Warlock Saint was like an insurmountable mountain, cutting off any possibility of a successful rescue. What's more was that Napier's words also reminded them of the reality. Wang Zhong and the other two had already taken a great risk to rescue them. Even if Hyde really wanted to save his comrades, he couldn't let Wang Zhong and the two of them sacrifice their lives for nothing.

Wang Zhong just smiled and said, "We'll definitely be taking a huge risk, but we do it all the time, especially in this Holy Battle. I think it's worth it as long as there is a meaning behind the risk. Besides, we do not necessarily have zero chance of succeeding. Also, we don't have to fight the Warlock Saint head-on. We can definitely find a way to sneak in. You guys just need to tell us where the prisoners are being held in the fortress."

He spoke without the slightest hesitation or the slightest reluctance. Hyde was visibly moved. It was not only because of Wang Zhong's confidence but also because he mentioned "as long as there was a meaning behind the risk". Wang Zhong was clearly aware of the danger of sneaking in as well as how powerful a Warlock Saint was, but he was still willing to take the risk.

Hyde slowly stood up. He was about to kneel down in front of Wang Zhong when Wang Zhong quickly grabbed onto him. "Hyde, what are you doing? We are comrades-in-arms, and we ought to save them!"

Although the dimensional people were low-key, they were proud people in their bones; thus, they stayed within their group and rarely welcomed outsiders.

"Wang Zhong." Hyde's voice was a little hoarse. "Whether we manage to save them or not, you are the benefactor of the dimensional people and our brother!"

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…

At this moment, warning bells began to sound in the distance. It came from the direction of Shadow Moon Fortress, and Napier checked out the situation from the cave entrance using the telescope.

"It seems like they finally realized that you guys have been rescued. Ha. Their response is really slow," said Napier as he laughed. When Wang Zhong said that he wanted to rescue the others, although Napier complained on the surface, he agreed with Wang Zhong deep down. This was indeed Wang Zhong's style. "They have sent out an air patrol, and they are now circling around the fortress."

"Let's get some dry dead branches to block the cave entrance. Mu Zi, you have to cover us with your death aura. Let's take a day's rest in this cave. Hyde, you spent a relatively long time in the fortress. If you know the terrain, layout, et cetera, of the fortress, try to recall them. We'll start making preparations today, and we'll leave tomorrow night!"

At the command post of the Kaiser Corps, Solomon was fiddling with a Mizobudapi silver dagger. This was an arcane weapon, and now it was part of Solomon's collection. This silver material was very strange. It was similar to the silver found on Earth, but it seemed to be of higher quality. Ever since he got to the Mizobudapi World, Solomon paid special attention to the study of the world itself. The basic conclusion was that there was some commonality in intelligent life, and there were some similarities with worlds that had life. However, the Mizobudapi people were better than humans.

The Holy Land was the only advantage humans had over the Mizobudapi people.

The Kaiser Corps was becoming stronger day by day. More and more elites were applying to join them, and they had just formed the 10th mini-team. Now, the team no longer needed Kai and Enoch to personally lead teams on missions. They only needed to be responsible for coordination and liaison with the teams, and they would only be dispatched when the teams needed backup.

"Young Master, I have news!"

Little Beard rushed into the barracks as usual, with his eyes sparkling in excitement. He then bowed to Solomon and said, "Wang Zhong did kill the Sword Saint himself."

"Details." Solomon put down his arcane dagger and looked at him.

"Yes, Young Master. Wang Zhong must have created a new combat technique that can increase the combat effectiveness of Heroic Soul soldiers. If you can get it, you can change the current landscape of the Holy Land." Little Beard was very excited as he had always been attracted to intelligence. He was so keen on sharing the news that he didn't even notice Xiao Wu had intentionally spread her legs.

The seriousness of Little Beard bored Xiao Wu, and she closed her legs immediately. She then jumped up, face filled with curiosity, and asked loudly, "Really? He's that good?"

"It doesn't matter if you don't believe me, but the info from the Dandelion has never been wrong."

Solomon looked at Little Beard's serious face and smiled. "Very well, if it can be popularized, this will become my biggest bargaining chip with the Holy Land. God Bless Kaiser!"

However, Little Beard's face changed slightly. "Young Master, there is a small problem. Our spy, the boy Grai, was actually a little hesitant. I'm worried that spending too long in the Federation has changed him. Do you want to…"

Immediately after that, Enoch, who was working on a document at the side, suddenly raised his head and said, "No, Grai is my brother. I believe in him. Both of us were saved by Young Master, we have a bloody feud with the Federation. He will never betray Young Master!"

Back then, Enoch and Grai survived the same hellish training camp together.

Little Beard shrugged and just laughed without saying anything. The Dandelions were made up of a variety of people, and there was no lack of naive people like Enoch. Of course, Enoch was Solomon's weapon, and he was the brain.

Solomon gestured at Enoch to not take it to heart and spoke emotionlessly, "We'll know soon."

His grasp and understanding of human nature had always been the source of Solomon's confidence. It had even exceeded his combat strength.

At the same time, in the central area of the Holy Land camp, in an exquisite barracks, Carolyn was pondering over the way to break out of the situation. Others did it only for survival or advancement in rank, but her sights were set higher than that. From the beginning, she was not meant to be a front-line soldier.

The Stuart Family had tactfully discovered that the world's landscape had entered a period of turmoil. They had to seize this opportunity; otherwise, even with their foundation, they would be in danger. In fact, they had both internal and external troubles. They had to grasp the dynamics of the Holy Land and gain profits from taking risks. Solomon's 100,000 additional troops had put a lot of pressure on the Federation, but within the 10 Great Families, they were pushing the responsibility to each other. None of them were stupid enough to contribute manpower, and all of them wanted to retain their power.

Carolyn had some ideas to break out of this situation, and soon there would be news. She was prepared to scheme and plot to get her way.

"Young Master, the head of the Gui Family has requested to speak with you."

Carolyn gave a slight pause and smiled, "Transfer him over."

"Yes, Young Master."

With the transfer of the communication signal, Carolyn's Skylink flashed slightly, and the head of the Gui Family appeared in front of her, exuding a sense of oppression. This was a special characteristic of the Gui Family. They were proud and liked to make a showy display of their ability, especially when they wanted to accuse someone of something.

However, Carolyn didn't plan to go according to the other party's rhythm. She immediately revealed a sweet smile.

"Grandpa Gui Mi! Why are you looking for me? Ah, how do you maintain your youth? You seem to be getting younger!" Carolyn said coquettishly.

"Hahaha, what a sweet mouth you've got. You haven't changed at all!" Gui Mi had to talk to Carolyn according to the tone she had set, and a smile appeared on his originally cold face. Their age gap was too wide, so he couldn't be too rigid. As such, his old tricks seemed to be rendered useless. Carolyn was also sharp enough to handle him.

"Girl, I've watched you grow up. Let's put aside Gui Hao's matter as that kid was the one who was too incompetent. But you actually helped the Assassins! How could you help outsiders? That's really going overboard!"

Carolyn smiled a little and replied, "Grandpa Gui Mi, you think too highly of me. My cultivation in the Holy Land was already too overwhelming for me. What's more is that we are in a Holy Battle now. I've only recently learned about what happened in your family. I don't know where you got your information from, but someone must have deliberately slandered me! The informants on my side have determined that the Kaiser Empire is the one behind this. Their intentions are known to everyone. You must not be fooled."

Carolyn's words were half-truths, but in fact, everyone understood what was going on. Generally, the interests of the 10 Great Families were still one. As long as they remained on good terms on the surface, there would not be any real boundaries between them, and the situations would still be reversible. The thing that mattered most was actually the kind of benefits they could get from each other.

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    《Battle Frenzy》