Battle Frenzy
883 Warlock Sain
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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883 Warlock Sain

Mu Zi's invisibility was no longer effective, and the shadow ghost that followed closely behind them continued to scream loudly. Its scream was like a sound wave, a natural barrier breaker. As its sound waves passed through them, one could get a clear view of their body outlines, which was equivalent to total exposure. Additionally, this thing was extremely cunning. It would tail them but stay far away from them, using sound waves to expose their tracks. Wang Zhong tried to turn around to kill it several times, but it would disappear into the darkness and run away at top speed. The stealth ability of this thing was definitely on par with Mu Zi's. Even with Wang Zhong Mind's Eye ability, it was impossible to spot it unless it was at a near distance.

Originally, it was possible to sneak back into the sewers silently, but this delay made it impossible. In the street ahead, countless hasty footsteps could be heard, and a large group of tauren guards poured into the street, blocking their path.

"Charge!" The entrance to the sewer was at the end of the alley. They had no choice but to fight their way through.

Ham Sausage was the fastest. He leaped forward first and exuded the aura of a level-seven dimensional creature. In a battle against the weak, pressure coercion was the most cost-effective method.

However, those barbaric soldiers, who were nearly three meters tall, were wearing heavy armor. Additionally, with the help of their formation, they seemed united as one and exuded a magnificent military aura, which was evenly matched with that of Ham Sausage.

As such, they were not afraid of the terrifying aura of this level-seven dimensional creature. There were even several Octopus Warlocks following behind them. This was a complete attack squad. Ham Sausage immediately spewed a ball of hellfire and charged forward to open up a path for them. However, he was blocked by a round arc-shaped shield condensed by the combined forces of a few Warlocks. Immediately after that, those tauren soldiers charged at them, each holding their own shield. A level-seven creature like Ham Sausage was considered rather powerful, so it would be a piece of cake to handle a few tauren soldiers. However, the formation of the enemies combined with the arcane arc-shaped shield was really terrifying. When all of them charged at once, they actually managed to send Ham Sausage flying backward.

Unless one had reached the level of a Sacred Teacher, one wouldn't be able to withstand the power of the battle formation. Even if a Heavenly Soul went up against this, it was highly possible that he would be killed by this seemingly endless army.

"Argh!" Hyde and Noraba were out for blood now. Since they fell short of success at the last stage, both of them planned to go down fighting. All of a sudden, both of them released a huge wave of Soul Power. They had yet to fully recover, and countless blood patches instantly began to appear on their bandages. "We'll hold them off. Wang Zhong, Mu Zi, you guys can run faster than us. Fall back if you get the chance! Don't come on your own anymore. Go back to request for backup!"

However, before they could sacrifice themselves, there was already a terrifying force coming from behind them.

"Move!" Wang Zhong shouted in a deep voice, and a fiery phoenix flew from his palms.

Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven!

The roaring phoenix had a long flaming tail feather which pulled a streak of fire across this alley and charged forward fiercely with an extraordinary momentum.

The tauren guards stayed in formation, and the arc-shaped energy shield that had just withstood Ham Sausage's hellfire transformed instantly and became crystal clear, appearing like a huge ice-crystal shield. The energy form of the shield actually turned into ice in an instant. As the fiery phoenix blasted into the shield, the ice-crystal arc-shaped shield trembled, and the entire tauren battle formation was hindered from advancing, but the phoenix was resisted as well. The ice shield did not provide the fiery phoenix with any combustible energy, so its energy actually got offset. However, immediately after the fiery phoenix disappeared, a well-concealed golden light revealed itself.

Laforgue's Heroic Crosswheel Slash!


Instantly, the area in front of them became a bloody mess. The seven or eight taurens who were at the front were chopped into two directly at their waists. The slash of the round crosswheel was too fast, and it had been hidden within the fiery phoenix. At the same time when 'Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven' offset the energy of the shield, the Heroic Crosswheel Slash took the chance to break their formation.

Their complete formation was broken in an instant, and soon, it was chaos for the taurens. They began screaming and roaring, and before they could get back into formation, the two 'killing gods' rushed in like how tigers would charge into a flock of sheep.

Mu Zi's body began radiating with gray energy. Strictly speaking, Mu Zi should be considered a Warlock. He was good at various techniques regarding manipulating life and death, but this did not mean that he was not good at melee combat. Wang Zhong had once tried carrying his Life and Death Coffin, but its weight alone was no less than a few thousand pounds. It was extremely heavy, and even if one had great strength, it would be difficult for one to wield such a thing. Even Mu Zi relied on his unique connection with the Life and Death Coffin to use it.

At this time, the Life and Death Coffin on his back was like a huge weapon. A single blow from his coffin was like being hit by a huge hammer, and even the taurens who were born with divine power couldn't resist this terrifying blow. The already messy formation could no longer put up a fight against Mu Zi, and the taurens in Mu Zi's way were all knocked down, clearing out an entire path for the rest.

Wang Zhong, who was following closely behind him, was like the God of Death reaping their souls. This was not an arena fight; he had to kill his enemies the fastest and easiest way if he wanted to survive. As he wielded Heinrich's divine sword, only glints and flashes of steel could be seen. Wherever the sword touched, death would follow. This divine sword was indeed extremely sharp, and Wang Zhong secretly rejoiced that he had this thing in his hand; otherwise, it would be really difficult to get rid of these taurens, who had extraordinary defense techniques, so smoothly.

Noraba and Hyde, who were ready to sacrifice themselves, were absolutely dumbfounded. How strong were their combat powers? Before they were captured, Hyde had fought these tauren soldiers before. Although most of them only had the standard similar to ordinary Heroic Souls, with their inborn divine power, heavy armor, and their extremely tough fighting styles, their overall combat power was a force to be reckoned with. Previously, merely five tauren squadrons, which consisted of about a hundred of them, were able to break the battle formations of the Seekers. What's more was that the Seekers had deployed three mini-teams, consisting of 60 people each. Even with a ratio of about 2:1, they failed to escape. But what did he just see? Wang Zhong and Mu Zi could directly destroy a tauren formation, which consisted of more than twenty people. What's more was that the whole battle took less than ten seconds. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes… This was simply unimaginable. Even their team captain might not be able to do it.

"Stop dreaming. Let's go!" shouted Wang Zhong from the front.

At this moment, this squadron of 30-40 taurens had been scattered, and more than half of them were injured or dead. Although the taurens were brave and skilled in warfare, they could not help but shudder in the face of this 'killing god' who killed people like he was chopping melons or vegetables. As they screamed wildly for backup, they retreated backward, emptying out a large area ahead of them. They didn't have to worry at all as this was the Shadow Moon Fortress. Reinforcements were on their way, and the gates were also heavily guarded by soldiers at this time. They knew that these people couldn't suddenly sprout wings and fly off.

They didn't have wings, but the 'wings' of the Shadow Moon Fortress had already arrived. It only took a moment for a flying legion composed of a dozen griffins to fly over here. Probably because they saw how the tauren formation was destroyed by Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, they were a little fearful. They merely hovered and spied on them from the skies and sounded warning sirens, instead of directly plunging down to attack. Now, there was more than one shadow ghost around them, and they constantly shot sound waves at them, rendering Mu Zi's invisibility ability useless. As such, the enemies in the sky saw them clearly by virtue of having a high-altitude advantage.

"Wang Zhong!" Everyone grew worried. It was most likely that the other party had yet to find out how they entered the city. That sewer entrance could not be exposed. After all, this place belonged to the other party. Based on the other party's understanding of the Shadow Moon Fortress, if they happened to see them run into the sewers, they would most probably immediately send troops to guard the exit of the moat outside the city and then send another batch of soldiers to pursue them in the sewers.

"It's alright. Follow me!" Wang Zhong took the lead to charge forward and suddenly released several Heroic Crosswheel Slashes towards the air, one after another.

The Heroic Crosswheel Slash was released at top speed, but due to the far distance and the agility of the griffins and their riders, they managed to evade the attacks. They were about to mock Wang Zhong, but they realized that the golden crosswheel had turned around and came back at them. His Heroic Crosswheel Slash was extremely maneuverable, but to control four or five at the same time from such a far distance, that was the maximum limit he could do.

The situation in the skies grew chaotic. The aim of releasing his Heroic Crosswheel Slashes was not to kill his enemies, but more of obstructing their sight. His crosswheel slashes flew back and forth wildly in the skies, attacking their enemies non-stop, and leaving countless interweaving golden trajectories in mid-air. One of the griffin riders was flying too low and did not have enough space to avoid the attacks and ended up getting hit. The griffin wailed in pain and fell from the air, making the others fly higher by several tens of meters for fear of getting hit.

At this time, they had entered the alley of the sewer entrance, and the enemies in the air were almost out of his attack range. Based on Wang Zhong's estimation, this distance was just right. Although the riders could see the overall situation, it was certainly impossible for them to see what they were doing exactly. Suddenly, he gave up control over his Crosswheel Slashes and released two fiery phoenixes, one from each hand.

Phoenix Rises to Ninth Heaven! But instead of attacking them, his attacks were aimed at the bungalows on both sides of the alley. At the same time, Wang Zhong shouted, "Mu Zi!"

Mu Zi had lifted up his coffin long ago, and he immediately smashed it into the houses upon Wang Zhong's signal. The Life and Death Coffin was extremely powerful. If Mu Zi wanted to destroy the houses, he definitely could do it at top speed.

The surrounding houses collapsed after suffering a blow each from Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, and dust instantly engulfed their surroundings, shielding them from their enemies' sight. Noraba and Hyde kicked the manhole cover open, and everyone hopped in single-file under the cover of the dust. At the same time, a dark figure and a flaming figure charged out from the dust and ran towards two different directions of the city.

It was the Headless Knight and Salamander who had been sleeping after being injured by the Sword Saint previously. After such a long time, they had long reverted back to their original states. At this time, Wang Zhong did not expect them to help kill their enemies. The only thing they had to do was to divert their enemies' attention to give them sufficient time to escape.

Through their soul connections, Wang Zhong could feel that both Salamander and the Headless Knight were currently being attacked by their enemies. Clearly, there had been a surge of reinforcements in that alley, and they were now chasing and blocking both Soul Guards.

"Should we hide in the sewers for a while?" Noraba and Hyde asked at the same time. According to the reversal method, the most dangerous place was the safest place. The other party would definitely be furious after getting harrassed. If they couldn't find the culprits in the city, they might expand the search area. If so, the city would be empty, and it would be a good opportunity to save everyone.

"No." Wang Zhong shook his head. As he led the others through the sewers, he explained himself. "The two Soul Guards will not be able to stall our enemies' army for long. Our enemies will definitely realize what we did, and they will focus on searching the alley we disappeared in. Although the alley is currently in ruins, the Shadow Moon Fortress's guards can definitely clean it out in minutes, and they will definitely find the sewer entrance. We not only have to go. We have to go fast!"

"There are guards on the city walls, and now there must be eyes everywhere. If we leave through the moat, we will most likely be spotted."

"Did you forget we still have Mu Zi? There are no shadow ghosts in the moat," Wang Zhong said with a smile. "At least not now."

Both of them instantly recalled Mu Zi's ability. As the shadow ghost had been on their tail for so long, they almost forgot about Mu Zi's invisibility ability.

"It's a pity that our plan failed." Hyde sighed to himself. "After our enemies carry out a thorough investigation, we probably can't use the same sewer trick again."

Wang Zhong also felt that it was a pity. It would be nice if he had been more cautious at that time. If he had been more careful, he could have discovered the shadow ghost in advance with his Mind's Eye. However, there was no use in regretting it now. "Let's get out of here first."

The four of them ran all the way without stopping, dived into the moat from the sewer, and finally came out of the moat. Now, Mu Zi's Life and Death aura was concealing them from their enemies.

From a distance, they could see that the entire fortress was now lit up and was filled with noise, breaking the night tranquility. There were many flying guards in the air, and the security around the city wall's had been tightened, but their main search was still concentrated in the fortress. It seemed that they had yet to consider the possibility of them escaping through the sewer.

The four of them exchanged glances at each other and didn't dare to waste a single second. With Mu Zi covering for them, everyone ran towards the cave where Napier was. They truly felt lucky to have escaped with their lives, especially Hyde and Noraba. They actually managed to escape the place where so many other soldiers were lost, twice.

Hyde knew that Wang Zhong had saved his life once again.

However, before the four of them could catch a breath, an overwhelming pressure suddenly shrouded from the top, as though an eagle was staring at four conceited little chicks.

The terrifying coercion felt like a big rock had directly dropped on everyone's heart. They were done for.

A Warlock Saint!

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    《Battle Frenzy》