Battle Frenzy
884 Final Destination
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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884 Final Destination

While Wang Zhong and others were at the juncture of life and death, Ma Dong's luck seemed to have turned for the better. To be precise, he had been very lucky recently.

Back on Earth.

Ma Dong rushed into the secret chamber excitedly. When he saw Milami, he grabbed her arm a little impatiently and said happily, "Mimi, I just received some great news. This time, as long as we do it right, if we are successful, we will definitely give the Zhao Family an unprecedented blow!"

"Oh, really? Is the information credible?"

"I'm 90% sure, you can rest assured. The news came from…" Halfway through, Ma Dong suddenly paused. He stared into Milami's eyes and asked, "Mimi? Are you upset?"

"No, I'm just worried about you."

"Relax, this time, we are really going to succeed. After dealing this heavy blow to the Zhao Family, I will have completed my revenge. I have no plans to kill the entire Zhao and Gui families. I still know my limitations. Let's go to Tutankhamun after this, where we can live freely. We'll ignore the Federation and the Empire. In fact, I've never been ambitious. I just want to live happily. I felt the same in the past, and I have never changed. Let bygones be bygones. We'll start over again!"

Milami stared blankly at Ma Dong, who was in a good mood. Clearly, Ma Dong truly received great news. If it was a day ago, she would be happy for him, but now…

"Mimi? What are you thinking?"

Milami smiled and kissed Ma Dong, "I was just thinking, how many children will we have?"

"How many? However many you want!" said Ma Dong as he hugged Milami. Having been through so much, he really thought it through. Instead of living in the past, it was better to look to the future. Emily was also done. After this matter was settled, she ought to get her own life back.

"Hush!" Milami continued to kiss Ma Dong, and their salivas mixed together. It didn't take long for Ma Dong to fully immerse himself in the kiss.

As a result, he did not see Milami gently shaking off some powder from her nails.

Today, she came to take his life. Her superiors were done with Ma Dong, without a doubt. Assassin no longer had any value to them.

Even if she didn't hear what Ma Dong just said, she knew deep down in her heart that Ma Dong had never changed. Although his mouth was always unforgiving, he was actually a tender-hearted fool.

However, was she any different?

"Mimi, why do I feel a little dizzy… You…" Ma Dong couldn't believe it; he actually fell for her tricks twice.

Ma Dong slumped down on Milami.

"In the future, don't trust others so easily again," said Milami with emotion. However, Ma Dong could no longer hear her words. He fell to the ground softly, totally unconscious.

She put some inconspicuous-looking clothes on him and put a new mask on his face. She looked carefully at his face several times before she carried him out of the base via the secret pathway. There was already a car waiting outside this base.

After watching the car drive away, Milami returned to the underground base again. She opened the bottle of wine that Ma Dong had treasured for a long time and began to drink slowly. She did not plan to cry, but tears fell uncontrollably. With that, she poured fuel all over the ground and sat on the sofa. This was the place Ma Dong liked to pin her down on…

Flames began to engulf the entire place.

She was born in flames, so she had to die in flames. Although she had no power over her own fate, at least she could choose her final destination.


Wang Zhong and the others stopped in their tracks. For one to exude such a powerful coercion, there was only one possibility. Mu Zi's stealth ability was not a deception in the visual sense. Instead, it depended on the other party's level. It would be extremely useful if he used it against someone weaker than him, but in front of an expert who was another level above him, his ability would truly become useless.

At the moment when they felt the pressure, the four of them sensed a pair of huge and terrifying eyes staring at each of them at the same time, seeing through their concealment. They then looked up in surprise together and saw an Octopus man, who was wearing a golden robe, flying down from the castle towards them, but he was seemingly walking on air.

He appeared extremely noble, and there was a gentle air current supporting his legs, allowing him to walk on air effortlessly. The golden robe on his body was dazzling and eye-catching, making him look like a god. With just a single glance, Mu Zi's concealment technique was rendered useless. He was expressionless, and when he looked at the four of them, it was as though he was looking at four lowly and insignificant creatures.

All of them had long heard about the combat power of a Warlock Saint. It was said that they had the power of about three Sword Saints. However, on the day of the landing battle, none of them managed to catch a glimpse of a Warlock Saint. Now that they had seen it with their own eyes, especially Wang Zhong, they understood. It was definitely not an exaggeration!

In the next second, everyone was utterly convinced.

With a slight lift of the Warlock Saint's palm, countless elements began gathering in the air in an instant. That kind of vast and mighty aura radiating from him was like heavenly power. Above everyone, within a radius of hundreds of meters, a fiery cloud exuding a terrifying force was condensed within seconds. As that terrifying cloud grew bigger, it seemed as though it was the end of the world.

The threat brought by this mighty power was completely different from that of a Sword Saint, who would most definitely wield a sword. Feeling the terrifying energy in the fiery cloud, even Mu Zi and Wang Zhong weren't certain if they could survive the attack. Also, the attack range was too large. A radius of hundreds of meters was instantly shrouded with this coercion. As the Warlock Saint locked on to their position, it felt as though the cloud would instantly fall on them if they dared to take another step.

At that moment, the four of them seemed to have been utterly stunned. It was like they couldn't even run. However, before everyone could respond, the fiery cloud disappeared in the next instant.

Wang Zhong felt that a strange expression flashed on the Warlock Saint's face, as though he was staring at himself…

It seemed that the Mizobudapi wanted to capture him alive?

Wang Zhong instantly thought of the wanted poster he saw in the city.

Everyone was stunned once again, but the Warlock Saint in the air did not grow idle. As the fiery cloud dissipated, he blasted a spiral beam of light downwards at the same time.

The spiral beam of light traveled at top speed, as though it was a shooting star, and it hit Ham Sausage instantly. Ham Sausage was a legitimate level-7 creature. According to human standards, it could be considered a Heavenly Soul Expert, and its defense power was rather amazing. However, a single blow from this Warlock Saint could make Ham Sausage yelp in pain. Its majestic body seemed as though it had been struck by lightning, and a bout of terrifying energy engulfed its body. Instantly, he was reduced to the size of a 'Ham Sausage'.

A second ago, he had just condensed a fiery cloud, yet he could switch into an arcane attack in the next instant. What's more was that the power of this arcane attack was so terrifying that Ham Sausage couldn't even hold out against one hit.

Mu Zi wasted no time in keeping it away.

At the same time, Wang Zhong shouted, "We'll split up! You guys need to find Napier!"

Since the other party wanted to capture him alive, that was everyone's chance to escape. The Warlock Saint was bound to focus all his attention on Wang Zhong, so whoever was with him would be in danger. If they split up, as long as he could stall the Warlock Saint for a short while, the others would have a chance to escape since the flying legions in the city had yet to come out here.

Although this was a great misfortune, it could be worse. The guards on the city walls had clearly realized that their lord had stepped in to take care of those despicable intruders. The griffin legion in the skies was heading towards this direction, but no one dared to join the battlefield. They merely hovered near the fortress and cheered for the Warlock Saint from a far distance. On the one hand, since a Warlock Saint had stepped in, those sneaky, despicable humans wouldn't be able to escape, but on the other hand, with a single elemental spell, the Warlock Saint would kill thousands in one go. The sudden appearance of the red cloud not only surprised Wang Zhong and the others but also frightened the defenders in the fortress. Who dared to step forward?

The situation was delicate, and the opportunity was fleeting. Noraba and Hyde did not dare to hesitate and subconsciously ran straight ahead after heeding Wang Zhong's words. At the same time, Wang Zhong sprinted to the left, toward the wild moor outside the city. However, Mu Zi, who was supposed to leave with Grai and Hyde, followed him.

"Let's stay together." As Mu Zi ran forward wildly, he did not forget to turn his head and grin at Wang Zhong. Mu Zi would always stand by him in such situations.

Sure enough, the Warlock Saint didn't even bother to look at Noraba and Hyde. To him, those two were no different from livestock. He only had eyes for Wang Zhong, and his eyes were sparkling with excitement.

Sauron was a crazy Warlock who had a mixed reputation in the Mizobudapi World. This was because he was too absorbed in learning about the soul and conducting live experiments. Legend had it that he even experimented on his own people, but there had been no conclusive evidence. As such, Sauron was ecstatic at the appearance of humans. They were the perfect test subjects as they had extremely compatible souls. They could evolve from a low-level civilization to a high-level civilization in a short span of time; thus, that was enough to prove the quality of their souls. It had to be noted that even if 10 Holy Lands were given to a bunch of idiots, it would be useless to them.

Experimenting was a luxurious thing. As a great and powerful Warlock obsessed with the essence of the soul, he often had to worry about resources. Originally, he wanted to destroy these lowly creatures that caused a disturbance to himself, but he truly didn't expect to see this human teenager. Sauron recognized him with a single glance. This human named Wang Zhong was now the number one wanted criminal in the Mizobudapi Word. The order was issued by the royal family, and it was said that this human had killed the young master of the Sword Faction, Heinrich, who was also an important member of the royal family's younger generation. The royal family had offered a huge reward for this human's capture. As long as he could capture this human and hand him over to the royal family, Sauron estimated that the huge reward would not only be enough to pay for his own experiments but also make him become an extremely wealthy man.

The most important thing was that he couldn't believe that such a weak creature could defeat the young master of the Sword Faction. His soul would definitely be delicious and interesting.

As a great Warlock, he had seen too many beautiful bodies, but he rarely got to see interesting souls. Once discovered, he definitely would not allow the person to escape!


Sauron chuckled, he didn't even care about the two weaklings that had just slipped away. No matter what they did in the city just now, he couldn't care less. Compared to the value of this little guy called Wang Zhong, let alone a little damage, even the entire Shadow Moon Fortress was nothing to Sauron.

A large-scale killing technique was definitely not feasible as that guy would become worthless if he was dead. He lifted his feet lightly and glanced at his palm. With that, he threw an arcane power ball, which he had deliberately reduced the power of, directly into Wang Zhong's back to stop him from running.

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    《Battle Frenzy》