Battle Frenzy
885 “Meteor Shower“
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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885 “Meteor Shower“

Suddenly, a little girl appeared and intercepted the arcane power ball in mid-air.

Wang Zhong felt his soul tremble. It was truly a little sad. Alice, who was powerful enough to defend against Aiolos in the secret realm, was downgraded into a Soul Guard by his own hands and had been reduced to something that could only withstand one strike. However, it was also because the opponents he had been going up against were all too powerful. Alice, who only recovered after so many days, was injured once again. However, he felt that her injuries were slightly lighter this time, as compared to the time when she went up against the Sword Saint. It was probably because the Warlock Saint didn't want to accidentally kill him and reduced the power of his attacks.

Wang Zhong did not hesitate or think about anything else. He had to run, run with all his might!

Then, Mu Zi began to run strangely, using the same technique he used in the Decapitation Canyon when he traveled between life and death. He appeared to be taking a stroll, but his speed was extremely fast.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong instantly activated three major Circuits at the same time: Zoom Shadow Circuit, Domination Constitution Circuit, and Light Spirit Circuit! It was as though his entire body was reborn in an instant, and his speed accelerated. As he rushed forward, he was like a flying missile, with extraordinary explosive power.

The instantaneous acceleration of the two made the Warlock Saint slightly stunned. He had seen fast runners before, but he had never seen rookies running so fast. Within a blink of an eye, they had already rushed out of his attack range.

Ha… Sauron's lips curled slightly, and he sped up. Although the way he flew in the air looked cool, the speed was not that fast, and it was not comparable to the full speed of a Sword Saint on the ground. On the other hand, the two of them were as fast as the wind. Gradually, Sauron realized that he was not able to catch up with them and grew slightly annoyed. However, it was obviously impossible for them to get rid of him as well. As such, the distance of about a hundred meters was constantly maintained between both parties. The power and realm of Warlock Saints were much higher than that of Sword Saints, but speed and stamina were not their forte.

Pillars of fire began to rise from the ground. Although the Warlock Saint was not willing to launch a large-scale attack, he kept at the petty tricks. Although the two of them constantly avoided the hot pillars, the high temperature was truly unbearable, making Mu Zi feel parched. The other party was not in a hurry. Although he couldn't catch up with them for the time being, he had many other ways to 'play' with these two rats.

Wang Zhong was okay, but he put on a good show for the Warlock Saint and pretended that he couldn't take it anymore. In fact, his resistance to fire was strong enough for him to not be affected. Since the other party was unaware of this fact, he seemed to have reduced the power of those fire pillars to prevent himself from accidentally killing Wang Zhong.

"We can't go on like this. Mu Zi, you can't take it any longer. Leave me. Go and meet Napier and the rest first."

"You can't escape on your own either." Mu Zi gritted his teeth and suddenly said, "I have an idea!"

All his Soul Power suddenly surged violently, and he poked his hands into the Life and Death Coffin. With that, a gray mist immediately escaped from the coffin, engulfing the surroundings, and blocking the other party's sight.

"What a childish trick!" Sauron shrugged it off. It seemed that those two rats had run out of ideas. His divine sense could instantly encompass the entire area and see through his stealth ability. How difficult would it be to see through this mist?

Several balls of fire suddenly exploded in the mist, dispersing the mist instantly as the flames ravaged. However, the two humans who were supposed to be in the mist had vanished.

They not only disappeared from Sauron's line of sight; his divine sense could also no longer sense their presence, stunning him. He had seen the stealth ability of the other party. Although it was extraordinary, it was only at the level of a Heroic Soul, and he could see through it immediately, but what did he just experience…?

Sauron instantly flew nearer to the ground and enveloped the surroundings, up to a thousand kilometers, with his divine sense, but he still got nothing. They seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

At the same time, Mu Zi and Wang Zhong had sunk tens of meters underground with the Life and Death Coffin. There was no lack of magical artifacts, but there was never one like the Life and Death Coffin. At that moment, the hard ground seemed to have transformed into a waterhole, instantly pulling them underground.

Both of them did not even dare to take a breath while they were underground. Mu Zi had used this trick to escape a Heavenly Soul's pursuit before, but he wasn't sure if the same trick was going to work this time. He wouldn't be able to maintain this kind of concealment for long. If the other party continued to camp at the same spot, they were still going to meet their end.

At this time, sounds could be heard coming from the woods in the distance, and the Warlock Saint's expression turned cold. They were too naive if they thought they could escape!

He chased the direction of the sound immediately. Obviously, the Warlock didn't expect these two guys to remain where they were. After the Warlock Saint left, Wang Zhong and Mu Zi both heaved a long sigh of relief, but they dared not stay longer. However, both of them did not attempt to run out. Instead, they ran towards the direction of the fortress.

Sure enough, they heard a loud, angry roar from the sky after a while. The Sword Saint who had been diverted by several indigenous birds was enraged. Soon after, streaks of fire rained down, seemingly covering the entire earth. The place where Wang Zhong and Mu Zi hid previously was currently in the process of being reduced to a wasteland with every step the Warlock Saint took. The ground instantly burned in a sea of fire, and boundless tumbling energy was being transmitted. Even though they were a few miles away, Wang Zhong and Mu Zi could feel his terrifying aura, and the whole area seemed to have been overturned by him.

The destructive power of an enraged Warlock Saint was truly terrifying.

Wang Zhong and Mu Zi went back to the bottom of the moat and hid there temporarily. Nobody would be able to detect them except the Warlock Saint, and shadow ghosts did not like water. This was the common trait of creatures with half-energy bodies.

Several griffin legions were already circling the skies to search for them. Fortunately, these soldiers were too afraid of the remnants from the Warlock Saint's previous attack, so they waited until the Sword Saint ran off to chase Wang Zhong and Mu Zi before they dared to expand the search range. With that, Hyde and Noraba had sufficient time to run into a safe range.

Now, both of them had returned to the cave. Napier had camouflaged the entrance using some dead branches, and Mu Zi had also left some Life and Death Aura to conceal the hole. As such, they didn't have to worry about being found for the time being.

Napier had been using the telescope to observe the Shadow Moon Fortress; thus, there was no need for Noraba and Hyde to say anything. Napier had witnessed the whole process of the terrifying Warlock Saint chasing after them, and he instantly lost all hope.

It was not that he didn't trust Wang Zhong and Mu Zi. It was just that the power of a Warlock Saint was truly too great. Why were Warlock Saints ranked the same as Sword Saints? They were more like Gods!

Noraba and Hyde looked to the ground, clearly depressed.

Originally, there was absolutely no need for Wang Zhong and the others to carry out a rescue operation. The mission they received was only to explore the Shadow Moon Fortress and obtain information, but because of them, Wang Zhong and Mu Zi had to put themselves in danger. In the end, in order to cover the two of them, they led the Warlock Saint away…

That was a Warlock Saint, highly revered by the Mizobudapi people and an existence even more powerful than a Sword Saint. They were even capable of winning against Great Teachers in one-to-one combat… There was no way of escaping. What's more was that they had just heard a loud roar from the far west. That explosive energy was capable of destroying heaven and earth. Even though they were tens of miles away, they could feel it, which added to their despair and fear.

No matter how strong Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were, the possibility of surviving such an attack was too small.

Wang Zhong and Mu Zi had sacrificed themselves to save them.

Noraba truly felt like slapping himself. He and Hyde were too blinded by the desire to save their people. Both of them were familiar with the Shadow Moon Fortress, and they should have known from the beginning that rescuing everyone was an impossible task. Yet, they still dragged Wang Zhong and Mu Zi through the mud. Noraba felt responsible for their deaths; he killed his benefactors.

"I'll go back and check out the situation!" Hyde couldn't sit still, especially after the violent energy explosion that just happened in the distance.

"Don't throw away your life for nothing! Both Wang Zhong and Mu Zi are not ordinary people. They won't die so easily." Napier put on a composed front, but frankly, he wasn't that sure either. On the one hand, he had a deep admiration for Wang Zhong and Mu Zi and had absolute confidence in their abilities. Previously when Wang Zhong encountered the Sword Saint at the Black Boulder Energy Cave, didn't everyone think that Wang Zhong was dead? But in the end, he was not only okay, he even brought back the body of the Sword Saint!

However, Napier's heart was still beating furiously. After all, this time, their opponent was a Warlock Saint! Legend had it that one Warlock Saint was equivalent to three Sword Saints! Also, the entire Wanderlust Team knew the details of how Wang Zhong killed that Sword Saint. If it wasn't for Kenso's Stink Bomb that sort of took away half the Sword Saint's life, Wang Zhong would not have been able to successfully kill the Sword Saint. However, good luck wouldn't be present all the time.

However, Noraba was an impatient man. He couldn't stop rubbing his hands and pacing around in the small cave. Finally, he couldn't bear it anymore and said, "I have to know if they are dead or alive. I'll check out the explosion site. You guys can wait for me until midnight. If I don't return with them by then, you guys need to return to the base!"

"I'll go with you!" Hyde also stood up. Anything would be better than sitting here and doing nothing. He was the one who proposed a rescue operation. Not only did he fail to save his people, he implicated Wang Zhong and Mu Zi. He truly felt bad. If he had known this would happen, he should have insisted on stalling the Warlock Saint with Noraba. As long as they could create a chance for Wang Zhong and Mu Zi to escape, he didn't mind giving his life. That would be much better than carrying this guilt for his entire lifetime.

"Enough, the both of you!" Napier finally couldn't help but get angry. "Just now the Warlock Saint released several wide-range arcane spells. What does this mean? It probably means that he might have lost Wang Zhong and Mu Zi. Now we can only wait… It's useless for you guys to go. Instead, you guys will throw away your lives for nothing! Wang Zhong and Mu Zi sacrificed their lives for you guys. Your lives don't belong to yourselves!"

Initially, Noraba and Hyde were already ready to go out of the cave, but their expressions darkened when they heard what Napier said.

It was easy to die. The real difficulty laid in staying alive, cherishing the sacrifice of Wang Zhong and Mu Zi.

"F*ck…" Noraba gritted his teeth, and all the veins on his head popped out. "Damn this f*ucked up Warlock Saint. Is there a problem with his brain? Why didn't he chase the two of us? We are obviously easier targets!"

"Haha, just because he didn't chase you means that he has a brain problem?" A voice suddenly came from the cave entrance, startling the three of them. Had they been found by the Octopus patrol guards? Just now, everyone was too agitated, and no one paid attention to the situation outside the cave.

The three of them immediately gathered their Soul Power, and Hyde asked in a low voice, "Who is it?"

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    《Battle Frenzy》