Battle Frenzy
886 Trump Card
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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886 Trump Card

"Be quiet, there is a patrol outside. Be careful not to attract the Octopus people here." When the words fell, Wang Zhong and Mu Zi appeared in front of the three people, out of thin air. They obviously couldn't see through Mu Zi's stealth ability.

"Huh?!" Seeing Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, all three of them were dumbfounded, and their jaws dropped wide open.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong behaved as if nothing had happened and was busy rearranging the dead branches to cover the entrance of the cave. Then he said, "Damn it. We're finally back. This Octopus Warlock Saint is too fierce. At first I was thinking whether we should disturb him, but now it seems that we have to take it slow. We can't fight him head-on."

Mu Xi smiled and nodded in agreement, while the other three were already at a loss for words. What the f*ck did they just hear? The both of them actually escaped from the Warlock Saint. It was already a great blessing to have escaped, yet they still wanted to…

"The power of a Warlock Saint is much stronger than that of a Sword Saint. It is impossible to kill him, but this guy's perception and movements are weaker than a Sword Saint's. We still have a chance." Wang Zhong already had an idea in mind.

"This guy is more powerful than human Heavenly Souls," Mu Zi said. "And he's smart. I won't be able to fool him with the same trick again. If we see him again, we probably won't even be able to escape."

"I know. Warlock Saints has a better and deeper understanding of power." Wang Zhong was still in the midst of pondering. It was obviously unrealistic to wait for reinforcements now, but there were still so many people trapped inside. If there was a chance, Wang Zhong still wanted to rescue everyone. Additionally, Vladimir was his CHF opponent. Now that both of them had entered the Holy Land, he could be considered his fellow-townsman and his comrade. Another thing was that he liked Vladimir as a person.

Mu Zi shook his head. "I can't bring people with me if I use my life-saving technique. Ham Sausage can't do it either. It needs a long time to recover."

Wang Zhong nodded, and he was making a count of the resources at hand. "I feel that the Sword Saint I killed is a very important person. That's why the Warlock Saint wants to capture me alive. If I'm right, there might be a chance for us. I have an idea. I'll be the bait to lead the Warlock Saint away while you guys save everyone. We just need to plan this more carefully."

Not only Napier, even Hyde and Noraba were absolutely stunned. As outsiders, they could not bear such kindness. "Wang Zhong. We appreciate it, but it's too dangerous. We already can't thank you enough for what you've done for us. Let's go back to get reinforcements. As for the others… we'll leave it to Heaven to decide."

Hyde sighed. It was not that he didn't want to save his people. It would be dumb to try to do the impossible. Only by being alive could he avenge them.

"Wang Zhong, calm down. Scarlet and Oscar told me to watch you. They were afraid that you would be too reckless. You won't have such good luck every time!" Even Napier, who usually wore a smile, turned serious. Wang Zhong was far from a lone ranger; he was responsible for the survival of the entire Wanderlust Team.

Noraba exhaled deeply and said, "Everyone, I'm sorry. Wang Zhong, you guys should leave. I'm going to try again on my own. Vladimir is my elder brother. We have sworn to die on the same day, so I can't leave him. I can only pay you back in my next life."

The atmosphere suddenly grew heavy, and Napier didn't continue to speak. He understood the relationship between Noraba and Vladimir. This feeling of being helpless truly didn't feel good.

Wang Zhong smiled. "My proposal just now is not acting on impulse. If I activate my Speed Circuit, it is very difficult for this Warlock Saint to kill me. Of course, I will not fight him head-on. If I use the terrain properly, I have a chance of escaping. My own resistance to flames is also very high. As long as I don't try to take him on, I still have a 60-70% chance of escaping. It's just that I won't be able to stall him for long, so you guys have to act fast. However, even without the Warlock Saint, the guards in the fortress aren't easy targets."

"Wang Zhong, stop joking. Even if everything goes according to plan, can we rescue such a large group of people?" Napier shook his head. He was not afraid of death, but the Mo Family's training allowed him to keep a clear head.

Hyde suppressed his excitement as he knew that Napier was right. "We know that for the situation inside, except for a few brothers who are severely injured, the others are still mobile. This is not a problem. We are not that weak. It's just that even if the Warlock Saint is led away by you, what do we do about the Octopus people and the griffin legions in the city?"

"In general, my plan goes like this. The first step is for me to lead the Warlock Saint away," said Wang Zhong as he looked at Noraba and Hyde. "Don't worry, I still have a few tricks up my sleeve to escape. In the second step, Mu Zi will cover Napier to bomb them with the horse cannon to contain them from the front. Napier, you just have to keep shooting at them and leave the rest to Mu Zi. As long as the city gate takes fire, the people in the city will definitely come out. As for how many people we can save, it's down to you guys."

Noraba and Hyde looked at each other. Their gratitude could no longer be described in words. "If I can't even do this, I'm a sissy. But, Wang Zhong, don't push yourself too hard!"

"Wang Zhong, no matter what happens, I and the rest of my people will be eternally grateful to you. We'll follow your lead!"

Wang Zhong smiled and waved his hand. "Before that, you two must learn how to activate the Soul Circuits. This is a technique I created to increase the use of our Soul Power."

Hyde and Noraba stared at each other in confusion. How would last-minute practice help them?

Napier smiled. "This is a great creation that can change the landscape of the Holy Land. Wang Zhong's Soul Circuits. You will understand after listening."

Soul Circuits? This was truly a novel concept. Both of them were experts during the Casted Soul Stage. After entering the Heroic Soul Stage, they obviously felt that their skills and techniques were subject to various restrictions. However, they had heard from their elders that this was the normal state of the Heroic Soul Stage, so they didn't think much about it. Anyway, everyone else was the same. Who would have tried to solve this problem? But ever since the Holy Battle started, almost all Holy Disciples had experienced the discomfort of being a Heroic Soul.

Heroic Soul soldiers were considered to be at the same level as Great Swordsmen and Great Warlocks of the Mizobudapi World, but the other party was completely free of the shortcomings humans had: for example, the slow operation of Soul Power and the inability to control it properly. Countless elites from the big exploration teams had already suffered huge losses in successive missions. Now, they could maintain a 3:1 win-loss rate in the missions. However, they were all core Heroic Soul Stage elites in the Holy City and they were also equipped with various high-end weapons, while their opponents were just ordinary soldiers that were a common sight in the Mizobudapi World. If they happened to actually meet the elites of the Mizobudapi World, they would definitely be greatly disadvantaged. The fundamental reason was humans had sufficient Soul Power but insufficient control over it.

Wang Zhong only taught them the Speed Circuit. Not only were they surprised by the explosive speed of this technique, they also realized the meaning of this Soul Power Circuit. This had most definitely solved the problem that had plagued human Heroic Souls for centuries! It was not that no one in human history tried to solve this problem in the past, but none were successful. It might also be related to the orthodox thinking of human cultivation. Currently, the focus for humans was still on how to advance to the Heavenly Soul Stage. However, this was not reason enough for everyone to ignore this problem for hundreds of years.

For Wang Zhong to be able to do this, it was truly…

The two listened very carefully and took it very seriously. Actually, it was not difficult to master the Speed Circuit. It was the simplest and most basic technique among the three major Circuits. Previously, Grai took only half a night to master it. Neither Hyde nor Noraba were the kind of old-fashioned people who weren't flexible; thus, it was relatively easy for them to accept new ideas. After spending a day or so, the two of them were able to form a model of the Speed Circuit in their bodies. Although they were not very skilled yet, it would definitely be very useful for this rescue operation.

The more they understood about the Speed Circuit, the more they respected Wang Zhong. To be able to create a cultivation system like this, he seemed like those great men who only existed in history. As for the fact that Wang Zhong was willing to teach them the Speed Circuit, they were not that surprised anymore. From the moment they saw him, every decision made by Wang Zhong was crushing the worldview of Hyde and Noraba. Dimensional people were actually very meticulous and sharp. Hyde could tell that the reason why Wang Zhong saved them was not to get anything in return, but because they were worthy to be saved by him as they were comrades-in-arms.

The two spent an entire day familiarizing themselves with the Speed Circuit. Since they had already confirmed their plan, they could not afford to rush into it. This was the only chance everyone would get. This was the most dangerous for Wang Zhong, so immediately after he made his decision, he began to meditate. He needed to be well prepared for this battle with the Warlock Saint.

To be precise, he had to figure out how to run, and it was not as easy as how he made it sound. He had a few tricks up his sleeve, but did that mean the Warlock Saint didn't? The only thing he could make use of was that the other party wanted to catch him alive. However, after he disappeared, the other party had continuously released wide-range attacks, indicating that this Warlock Saint had a bad temper. If he couldn't catch him alive, he wouldn't mind a dead Wang Zhong either.

In his Soul Sea, Simba was rambling non-stop, trying to persuade Wang Zhong to change his mind.

"Lao Wang. You have to chill. You can't do this. Why don't you ever listen to me? That Warlock Saint is seriously very powerful. He is not only strong. Your level is a far cry from his. The previous time was a fluke as the other party underestimated you. This time you won't have such good luck again. You will be giving yourself up for nothing!"

Wang Zhong ignored him completely.

"Lao Wang, I have your interests at heart. Think about Scarlet. Do you want her to become a widow?"

Wang Zhong ignored him again.

"Fine. What I meant was, haven't I always been good to you? Lao Wang, I'm still young, and I haven't got a chance to date goddess Lan Daier yet. How could you do this to me?"

Wang Zhong finally looked at the scaredy Simba, who was clearly full of energy. "Then you should think about how to help me run away. Otherwise, we will die together."

Speaking of helping Wang Zhong find a way to run away, Simba suddenly appeared a little twitchy, and the hesitant expression on his face was so obvious that it could be seen by a blind man.

Wang Zhong knew Simba like the back of his palm, and his eyes lit up. "You really have a way! Simba, you haven't been honest enough recently!"

Frankly speaking, Wang Zhong still had a few tricks up his sleeve, but after careful calculations, he felt that the success rate was not high enough. He felt like he needed a backup plan.

"No!" Simba immediately grew alert and placed his hands behind his back. "I think the only way is to not provoke him!"

"Haha, do you think this is my first day knowing you? What good stuff are you hiding? Hurry up and take it out. We're linked to each other. It won't do you any good if I'm dead!" Wang Zhong began to observe Simba's miniature body in an attempt to find out what he was hiding.

"I'm not hiding anything! Lao Wang, listen to me. Just don't go!" Simba flipped his trouser pockets. Although his hands were fast enough, Wang Zhong could see the guilty look on his face.

"Okay, I believe you." Wang Zhong sighed and began to speak with a sincere tone. "It seems that I have to figure it out myself. This time, I'll probably end up dead after provoking the Warlock Saint. Simba, thank you for everything. If I die, sigh…"

"…Dude… Why are you saying such things…" Simba instantly fell into his trap. This was his weakness. Although he knew that Wang Zhong was getting craftier, he couldn't help but fall for his tricks. "Haiz! Why is it so difficult for me to experience love?"

Wang Zhong was rather confused by him. What had this got to do with love? He was about to ask for details when Simba stretched out his hand, and the Fate Roulette was in it.

It had been almost two years since he saw the Fate Roulette. The first time, Simba used it to get a 'judgment' for Wang Zhong's Soul Sea, and the second time, Wang Zhong used it to save Barran. Since then, he hadn't taken it out. The Fate Roulette was in a non-accumulated state. During the CHF, Wang Zhong saw Simba fiddling with it, and it appeared dull and gray in color. But now, it was radiating with a bright light. It had obviously been recharged and was now filled with energy.

Wang Zhong was pleasantly surprised. "This… Where did the energy come from? I thought it was broken."

"The Fate Roulette is an object related to one's fate. It transforms with its bearer. The OP was practically useless, and the CHF had little effect, but you have entered the Holy Land for quite some time, and your last battle with the Sword Saint has recharged it fully. Although you are reckless most of the time and you never listen to my advice, a fool's bolt may sometimes hit the mark," said Simba proudly.

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    《Battle Frenzy》